One very late night, on the roads of Ponyville, Lyra and her friend Bon Bon were driving these roads in their car while singing a song together:

"Well, you wake up in the mornin',

You hear the work bell ring,

And they march you to the table to see the same old thing.

Ain't no food upon the table, and no carrot up in the pantry.

But you better not complain, colt,

You get in trouble with the pony.

Let the Midnight Special shine a light on me,

Let the Midnight Special shine a light on me,

Let the Midnight Special shine a light on me,

Let the Midnight Special shine a everlovin' light on me."

However the cassette breaks. So the two look at at eachother. Bon Bon then says, "Hey I got a idea to make this ride interesting!" And so Bon Bon switches off the car's headlights and drives in the dark. Bon Bon then says, "By driving in the dark it would make the ride very scary, it's like playing "Chicken".

Lyra then says, "Hey hey hey! That's very dangerous! I know something much safer, how about we sing television theme songs and try to get the right answer, I'll go first!" And so Lyra sings,

"Doo doo, doo doo, something's wrong with that kid! Doo doo, doo doo, his head don't work it never did!"

Bon Bon then says, "Oh oh I know, it's "Kevin Spencer"! And shame on you for watching that! I'll go next." So Bon Bon then sings a song that sounds like a guitar riff. Lyra then answers, "I know that one, it's "Beavis and Butt-Hoof"! And shame on YOU for watching that!"

Then Lyra sings a familiar theme that goes, "Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo". Bon Bon then blurts out, "I know, it's "The Twilight Sparkle Zone"! That show scared me when I was a little filly, like the one where Twilight Sparkle survived doomsday and all she wanted was to read books, but then her glasses broke and so she couldn't read and she failed to realize she didn't need glasses to read." Lyra then says, "Oh you think that's scary, what about the time Twilight Sparkle was going inside the spaceship of the Kanamits only for Pinkie Pie to discover that the book "To Serve Pony" was a cookbook and pretty much we know what Twilight's fate is going to be on the Kanamit's planet." Bon Bon then says, "Well what about the time Sweetie Belle was obsessed with money until she turned into a coin purse like monster called "Kanegon?" Lyra then tells her, "Ummm Bon Bon, that wasn;t a episode of "The Twilight Sparkle Zone", it was a episode of the Japanese series "Ultra Q-tie Mark"."

After a moment of silence, Lyra just blurts out, "Hey... do you want to see something really scary?" Bon Bon then says, "Sure, show me!" Then Lyra says, "No you have to park the car first, we can't do it on the road. And so as Bon Bon tries to find a place to park Lyra then says, "Ok, this is going to be really really scary now." Bon Bon then says, "Ok I trust you, on look there's a spot!"

And so Bon Bon parks the car and then she looks at Lyra and says with a smile, "Scare me!" Lyra just smiles and asks, "Ready?" Bon Bon nods as she turns her face away.

Bon Bon then asks, "What are you doing Lyra?"

Then Lyra turns around and her face is shapeshifted into that of Discord who just shouts, "SUPRISE!"

Bon Bon then screams in terror as no one witnesses this strange sight.

Then the scene cuts to the stars where Spike the Dragon shows up in a fancy black suit with a lollipop in his mouth and speaks the narraration as the theme plays.

"You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension:

a dimension of sound, (A Image of Fluttershy appears as she says, "Yay.")

a dimension of sight, (Pinkie Pie's eye makes swirls)

a dimension of mind. (Twilight Sparkle's head appears with "E=MC2" on her eyes)

You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. (Derpy Hooves is flying around and a clock flies by)

You've just crossed over into the Twilight Sparkle Zone..."