The Twilight Sparkle Zone

By Fyre Flye

Chapter 3: "A World of her own"

Note: I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic nor The Twilight Zone. Yes I am a Brony.

Also the REAL Lauren Faust has nothing to do with this fanfic, plus it's common fact that she never reads fanfics and we pray she never reads "Cupcakes".

Sorry for the long long wait, it's just that I have been distracted by many things like work and my new Playstation 3.

During the time of my break, me and CrossoverPrincess ACTUALLY did go on "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror", it's a example of "Hilarous in Hindsight". Yeah I was scared but still a Pinkie Promise is a Pinkie Promise. In fact the deal is if she watches the episode "A World of his Own", I would go on the ride.

I give special thanks to CrossoverPrincess for getting me to go on that ride and do this fanfic, and I also thank my cat Jack for watching episodes of the show with me.

WARNING: This chapter contains spoilers for many Twilight Zone episodes, be warned while reading this.

"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Sparkle Zone."

The setting is a lovely cottage in Ponyville and Spike in a fancy black suit and lollipop in his mouth shows up and narrates for the readers,

"This is the home of Fyre Flye, one of Equestria's most noted fanfic writers. She is currently writing a new chapter of this very story but she is having writer's block. This case of writer's block is guaranteed to catapult her to a one way trip... into the Twilight Sparkle Zone."

Fyre Flye is writing the new chapter of this very story but she has no idea what episode of "The Twilight Zone" she can retell but with the ponies in it. She checks her episode guide, various websites, even issues of "The Twilight Zone" comics.

Then she thinks to herself, "How about I imagine everypony in various twist endings of the series... hmmm... well there's Rarity, what if "Eye of the Beholder" happened to her?"

((Rarity has her head completely wrapped up in bandages after yet another plastic surgery so he can look like other Ponies. But as the doctors and nurses remove the bandages, she looks into a mirror and screams as she sees herself as her usual beautiful pony self... while everpony around her is a human. Dr. Lyra then says to her, "We're sorry Ms. Rarity but we tried everything we could."

Distraught by the failure of the procedure, Rarity runs through the hospital as the faces of everypony she runs into, the norm in this society, are human. Flat-screen television screens throughout the hospital project an image of a human Princess Celestia giving a speech calling for greater conformity.

Rarity then bumps into Spike who is still a dragon as he hugs her and says, "Not to worry Rarity, I know a village where we can be with our own kind, your "ugliness won't trouble the state, just keep in mind that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".))

Fyre Flye then responds, "Nah, too mean to Rarity... I know! Have Twilight Sparkle survive a H-bomb and try to read in a post apocalyptic world!".

((Twilight Sparkle emerges from a bank vault to find the bank demolished and everyone in it dead. Leaving the bank, she sees that Ponyville has also been destroyed, and realizes that a this is what would happen if they freed Discord, but that her being in the vault has saved her.

Twilight thinks to herself, ""It's was Discord... You Maniac! You blew it up! Ah, darn you! Gosh darn you all to Tartarus!"

Twilight then sees the ruins of the public library in the distance. Investigating, she finds that the books are still intact and readable.

Twilight contentedly sorts the books he looks forward to reading for years to come as she shouts, "Books! Books! All the books I can read! All the books I can ever want! The collected works of Starswirl the bearded... the collected works of Everlasting Imagination! The collected works of Technomaru! And the best thing is I have all the time in the world, time enough at last!"

Just as she bends down to pick up the first book, she stumbles, and her glasses fall off and shatter. In shock, she picks up the broken remains of the glasses and says, "That's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was all the time I needed...! That's not fair!"

Spike appears behind her and says to Twilight, "Twilight, you don't even wear glasses!"))

Fyre Flye rubs her chin with her hoof and then says to herself, "I got it, what if...just what if "The Monsters are due on Ponyville?"

((As Rarity is working on her latest dress, the power goes off, then she scoffs at it as she uses her magic to light candles and continue making her dress. At the same time Twilight Sparkle is reading a book but then the power goes off and then she uses her magic to light a candle and continues to read. As Pinkie is baking a cake, the power goes off but she scoffs it off and adds more logs to the oven to continue backing.

Meanwhile Fluttershy's power goes off and she runs away as she is afraid of the dark, she bumps into Applejack and says to her, "Oh sugar cube, why don't you just go to my farm with the other ponies until we figure out what happened here and wait till morning." Fluttershy then responds, "Why thank you Fluttershy, at least now I won't be scared of the dark."

Meanwhile, somewhere in the hills, is a flying saucer. One alien then shouts in anger, "Dang it! Dang it! Dang it! Years of planing to get the Ponies to attack one another while we conquer the world is ruined!" Another alien then asks the first one, "How were we going to take over the world by shutting off the electricity of magical ponies anyway?"))

Fyre Flye then thinks, "I know what would be scary... what if Pinkie Pie became a "monster"?

((In a world where Ponyville is isolated from the world, Pinkie Pie makes the other Ponies of Ponyville smile and have fun... or else they will be wished into the cornfield.

After Twilight Sparkle spends hours dancing with the other Ponies, she snaps and says, "I have had it! Day after day after day after day it's a non-stop party, and it needs to stop at some point!" Pinkie Pie materializes in front of Twlight and she says to her, "You have been a bad pony and I'm gonna wish you into the cornfield!" And with that, Twilight vanishes and Fluttershy then comments with a forced smile on her face, "That was a good thing you did Pinkie Pie, a really really good thing!"

Meanwhile at the Apple Family Farm back in reality, Apple Bloom notices Twilight Sparkle falling from the sky and she lands on a pile of corn. Applejack then says to Twilight Sparkle, "Let me guess, you made Pinkie Pie really angry. I tell you, this is the 4th time this has happen this week." Twilight is confused by what was going on.))

Fyre Flye then hears a knock on the door and when she opens it, she sees Pinkie Pie with a book and shouts, "TO SERVE PONY! IT'S A COOKBOOK!" Fyre Flye then screams, "PLEASE DON'T WISH ME INTO THE CORNFIELD! AAAAHHHH! Then she slams the door and rejects the idea of such a story, she gets a idea as she states, "How about I have Rarity's sister in one of these stories?"

((Sweetie Belle is running to Zecora's hut and she says to her, "Zecora! You got to help me! I found a strange urn in the forest and I thought it had coins in it but then it wrapped me in a magical cocoon and it and this is what I became!" Sweetie Bell appears as a monster pony with a brown colored coat, a clam-shaped 'purse' head with zippered mouth, and a counter on her chest that shows how much coins are in her stomach. Sweetie Belle then continues, "And the worst part is if I don't continue to eat coins, I get weaker and weaker, please help me!"

Zecora looks at her and speaks in her usual style:

"Sweetie Belle it seems you are a victim of greed,

Now coins are what you must feed,

that urn has caused a disaster,

You have became Kanegon, the coin purse monster!"

Sweetie Belle runs around frantically as she shouts, "Oh no! What will happen to me, what if I ran out of coins, how will I earn a cutie mark?" Zecora continues:

"Do not panic child for I have a way,

To make this curse go away,

If you meet the pony you admire,

You will return to normal for I am not a liar!"

She runs off and thinks of a pony she admires and she suddenly finds herself at Dizzyland during after hours. Sweetie Belle then asks herself, "When am I gonna be tall enough to go on "The Twilight Sparkle Zone Tower of Terror"?" Then suddenly, she sees Rarity and with a worried look on her face, Rarity says to Sweetie Belle, "Oh Sweetie Belle, I was so worried about you, please come home and I shall see to it you shall return back to your normal self." Sweetie Belle's eyes widen as she says. "You mean you were worried about me, even though I'm a hideous coin eating monster?" Rarity nods and hugs her and in a golden flash, Sweetie Belle changes back into her normal pony self.

Rarity then says to Sweetie Belle, "Now that you're back to your normal self, let's go back home." Sweetie Belle then realizes something and with a look of horror she says, "Oh no! I left the urn with Apple Bloom and Scootaloo!"

And so the two ran to the tree house as fast as they can and to their horror they see Apple Bloom and Scootaloo as Kanegons. Scootaloo then says to Apple Bloom, "At least no one will call me a "chicken" anymore, can you pass me a quarter please?" Apple Bloom passes Scootaloo a quarter while she eats a couple of dimes.

Rarity faints and Sweetie Belle then comments, "Saw this coming!"))

Fyre Flye then states, "Oh no wait, that's not "Twilight Zone", that was the Japanese equivalent "Ultra Q-tie mark" as well as it's sequels, "Ultra Q-tie mark: Dark Fantasy" and "Neo Ultra Q-tie mark". Well it's better than being inspired by "The Outer Limits", "The Darkroom", "Tales from the Darkside", "Amazing Stories", and especially "Freddy's Night-mares"."

Then Fyre Flye hears a knock on the door and she sees Derpy Hooves with some mail and she says to her, "Hello Fyre Flye! what'cha doing?" Fyre Flye then replies, "Well I am cooking up a chapter for my homage to the greatest anthology series ever!" Derpy then adds, "I hope it's not "Freddy's Night-mares", me and Dinkie find that show way to scary!"

Fyre Flye then replies, "Oh no no no, it's "Twilight Zone" and I even have the same dictation machine used by Gregory West from the episode, "A world of his own"."

Derpy then looks at the machine and then she says to Fyre Flye, "I might be Derpy but I'm not THAT Derpy. And with that, she flies down the hallway.

Fyre Flye then says, "Oh a non-believer huh? I'll show her!" And with that she speaks into the machine and describes, "A giant red eyed elephant is standing in my hallway and won't let Derpy pass."

Derpy is about to fly to the door but then she sees a elephant standing in front of her, Derpy then smiles and says to the elephant, "Hello Mr. Elephant! Got any peanuts?"

Fyre Flye then comments, "Nuts, she's can't be scared that easily!" And with that she tosses the tape recording into the fireplace and the elephant vanishes into thin air. Hey where did Mr. Elephant go?"

Derpy flies around in confusion and accidentally crashes into a safe, dropping a envelope into the fireplace, Derpy then notices the envelope reads "Derpy Hooves". Flyre Flye looks at Derpy in horror. Derpy fades away as she says, "Uh oh! Spagetti-os!"

Fyre Flye then frantically pulls out her recorder and tries to re-describe Derpy Hooves, but then she thinks, "Hmmm, Hasbro wants me to change her name to "Ditzy Doo"... FUDGE 'EM!"

Then she starte re-describing Derpy Hooves,

"Her name is Derpy Hooves. She is a gray Pegasus with a bubbles cutie mark, she has a light yellow colored mane and tail, she is mostly recognized by her yellow eyes that are in a crosseyed "derpy" expression. And she has a silly yet lovable personallity and loves muffins."

As Fyre Flye cuts the tape recording with Derpy's descriptions and places it in a envelope with Derpy Hoove's name written on it and then from out of nowhere, Derpy Hooves materializes out of thin air and she says, "Hi again!" Fyre Flye then says, "Derpy, this has been the 13th time you've accidentally got your envelope burned, I don't even know how it got set on fire... underwater!"

Derpy Hooves then says, "I'll try to be careful next time Fyre Flye!" Then Derpy Hooves flies away while Fyre Flye goes back to writing the new chapter of this story.

Spike then appears next to the recording machine and then speaks his monologue to the readers,

"We hope you enjoyed tonight's story on The Twilight Sparkle Zone. At the same time, we want you to realize that it was, of course, purely fictional. In real life, such ridiculous nonsense could never—"

Then Fyre Flye goes to the safe and actually says to Spike, "Spike! You shouldn't say those things!"

Spike then realizes he can be seen and nervously asks, " you can see me?"

Fyre Flye then pulls out a envelope with the name "Spike Serling" on it and says to him, "Yeah I see you! See this!" Then she throws the envelope in fireplace as she continues, "How's that for ridiculous nonsense?"

Spike then says to the readers as he vanishes, "Well that's the way it goes."

Then Edna and Kimono show up at the house and Edna asks Fyre Flye, "Umm Miss Fyre Flye, can you create a new friend for us the same way you created us?"

Fyre Flye then smiles and nods as she speaks into her recorder,

"Her name is Minty. She is a mint green Earth Pony with a cutie mark that looks like three green and pink mints, she has a mane and tail colored with many shades of pink, she has pink eyes. Umm... her personallity? Minty loves crazy, silly, upside-down days. She's always coming up with new jokes to tell and fun things to do. With MINTY every day is a dizzy delight!"

As Fyre Flye cuts the tape recording with Minty's descriptions and places it in a envelope with Minty's name written on it and then from out of nowhere, Minty materializes out of thin air and she says, "Hiya everypony!"

Edna and Kimono are happy to have a new friend and then Kimono says to her friends, "Let's all go to my Karaoke place and sing our hearts out!"

As the three trot away, Edna then says, "Thank you Fyre Flye!"

Fyre Flye then smiles at a job well done and she continues writing the new chapter, the new narrarator Twilight Sparkle shows up in a fancy black suit and ends the chapter with a closing statement:

"Leaving Ms. Fyre Flye, still shy, quiet, very happy... and apparently in complete control of the Twilight Sparkle Zone."

Next Chapter: "Six Ponies in Search of an Exit" the final story of this series.