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Chapter One

This can't be. It just can't!

The words on the parchment blur as one Severus Snape stares at the letter in shock and uncontrollable fury. Only one person had the power to take the only people he loved away. Summoning everything into a bottomless trunk the young man growls in rage. His Lily had been forced away and with her words of warning ringing in his mind he shrinks his trunk and leaves his now bare quarters.

The whispering portraits do nothing to soothe the hate that twists and looms of the Potions Master. Each thundering stomp up the stairs leading to the Headmaster's office echoes through the desolate halls of Hogwarts. Memories of a time when life had been happy slip into his mind, no longer chained away through the meddling of an elderly man whose plan would become more precarious than it already was.

"But Severus, what if Albus finds us?" Lily Snape whispers fearfully as she cradles her five month son tightly in her arms.

"I'll do everything I can to keep him from you and Harry, Lily." Severus vows softly, his eyes full of concern as his pale hands gently stroke his son's small face.

Deep emerald eyes peer up at his parents as little Harry whimpers softly at the sight of an old man peering in through a nearby window in delight. Tiny fists clutch onto his father's fingers when the door slams open.

Severus shakes his head to clear the memory as he throws the gargoyle a withering glare. "Let me up, now!" He seethes not in the mood to guess the countless sweets the password could possibly be at that time.

The stone sculpture remains in place for a few seconds before moving aside as if someone had given permission. Not caring that the Headmaster knew of his fury he climbs the stairs and upon reaching the door slams it open with no guilt at the jump from the elderly man within.

"Ah Severus, my boy. What can I do for you?" Headmaster Dumbledore smiles upon the sight of the enraged Potions Master, not afraid of the magic dangerously close to breaking free and creating hell within his small office.

"How dare you take my wife and son away from me!" Severus whispers dangerously, hatred seeping in his tone as he stands rigidly in front of the man he had been led into thinking was caring.

The twinkle in the blue eyes vanishes immediately as the elder inquires, frostily, "How did you come by this, Severus?"

Severus shifts his position as he felt the old man's magic tense, preparing to attack and answers frigidly, "That is of no concern to you, sir. As of now I am no longer a professor at this school. Have fun finding yourself another Potions Master and Head of Slytherin."

"And who will protect you from the Ministry when they find out your no longer under my protection." The hidden threat pauses Severus from shutting the door to turn and face his old mentor with indifferent eyes.

"I managed three years without your protection. I'll be fine." Severus retorts before slamming the door behind him and begin heading towards the Hogwarts entrance with his black cloak billowing rather ominously in his rage.

Just as he reaches the staircases to his freedom Minerva's strict, yet concerned voice speaks up from behind him, "Severus, where are you going?"

"It's none of your business, Minerva." Severus grumbles haughtily, wanting nothing more than to get away from here and out of sight of the man he had stormed away from.

Her glare sends him glancing away in guilt as she scolds slightly, "Then why is it I found your rooms empty...why are you leaving Severus." The worry worms its way to the stoic man's heart as he finally relents.

"Albus took my wife and son away from me. I'm leaving to find my child." Severus watches as fury settles in Minerva's face.

"Then you'll need someone to keep an eye on the senile old meddler, yes?" The smirk surprises the Slytherin man who stares at her, dumbfounded.

"Slytherin would approve of that smirk, Minerva." Severus chuckles lightly at her glare before explaining, "I'll be going to an old friend in request for help...she's been trying to get me to be the potions master for her school ever since she created it."

Nodding, Minerva watches sadly as he leaves the castle. But without a word she turns towards the castle with only one thought, 'Albus, you better start running.' She takes a step forward with an evil smile twisting her face at the thought of finally getting back for what the senile man had done to the two children she called her own.

Severus slips into the Forbidden Forest with one destination in mind. His friend, Asha Redmoon. He knew she would be able to help him in his search for Harry. The memories of the green eyed child of his love for Lily steeling his heart for the long journey.

Meanwhile, in London a young boy sits in the back of a car in near boredom. His Uncle continues to rant about his perfect Dudley. With a scowl the six year old glances out the window as the car comes to a stop just outside London's most dangerous area.

"Alright, boy. Get out. If you're not here by eight tonight we're leaving you here." Vernon Dursley snarls at the thin boy who simply steps out of the car without a word of complaint.

Not sticking around to wait for the car to speed off, Harry aimlessly walks down a street not noticing at first the sign that read, Leaky Cauldron, as he walks inside. Upon hearing a man ask what he was doing here did little Harry finally realize he had wondered into the pub.

"I'm sorry, I saw the sign and thought that.." Harry trails off from his apology as he realized that most others hadn't even seen the if it didn't exist to them.

Tom looks down at the small boy in surprise. He had found his way into the wizarding world without even realizing it. With a soft chuckle he explains to Harry, "This is the Leaky Cauldron. Since you were able to enter that must mean you're a wizard. So where's your family, boy?"

Harry flinches slightly and mumbles sadly, "My parents are dead, sir." He wrings his hands together through the over sized clothing while biting his lip. His eyes cast downwards he refuses to meet the older man's eyes.

Guilty now Tom surveys the small child sadly before offering some help, "Do you wish to go inside Diagon Alley?" At the hesitant nod he motions the child behind him to follow, "Then I suggest you go to Gringotts and see if you have a vault left by your parents. Then go to the bookstore and get some books that might help you learn."

Harry nods and quietly watches as Tom taps the wall adjourning the pub. The stones shift and arrange themselves to reveal an alley full of shops and Harry could only gape in awe and shock.

"Well, go on now, lad. Head to Gringotts and then to the bookstore. I'm sure you'll find many interesting books that will peek your interest." Tom shoos him inside causing Harry to nod as the stones move back in place behind him.

Weaving his way through a tightly filled road, Harry finds himself staring up at a large white marble building in amazement at its beauty. Stepping inside to spot the tiny goblins Harry blinks owlishly before glancing hesitantly around for one that wasn't busy with something else.

"Um, hello, sir?" Harry timidly whispers as he eyes the mean looking goblin at the desk he stood before.

"Yes?" The goblin drawls somewhat rudely causing Harry to flinch in fear.

"I was told by Tom in Leaky come here in case my parent's left a vault for me." Harry manages to get out loud enough for the goblin to understand.

Nodding carefully at the easily frightened child, the goblin explains somewhat softly, "Place a drop of blood upon the parchment and if any keys you have in your possession will come to you."

Smiling shakily in relief, Harry takes the small pin and pricks his finger without a flinch. The pin vanishes as the drop of blood soaks into the parchment. When the light finally dims Harry frowns slightly at the three keys laying on top of the parchment.

"Why are there three keys, Mister?" He ventures to ask before the goblin inspects the keys' symbols within the circle with critical eyes.

"One is from your parent's trust fund. Another is from your grandfather's trust fund. The last is an ancient key to the Shadow Faey's royal family. It has been said the family went into hiding. Still these are yours now and from what I can see there are traces of magic upon them. Someone's been holding onto them."

Harry frowns lightly slightly unhappy that someone had touched what was his family's and therefore his. Not liking the thought he asks curiously, "Is there anyway for others to be unable to use my keys?"

"Just a single drop of blood on each binds them from everyone else safe fore the bank manager of your family." The goblin explains patiently and watches in surprise as Harry takes a nearby needle and lets the drops to fall on each.

A few minutes later Harry leaves the bank with a bottomless money bag filled with Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts. Happy he would be able to buy things he needed he enters the bookstore and smiles up at the owner who raises an eyebrow in amusement.

Soon the young six year old found himself pulling out several books for beginners, children's books and dictionaries for foreign languages. The owner stares owlishly before asking somewhat doubtful, "Are you sure you'll be able to use those, kid?"

Harry turns and gives a slight glare before murmuring to him, "I can understand. Reading takes practice and you can't learn by not doing anything." Placing several books on pureblood customs along with plant guides he asks politely how much it all was before handing the money over.

Spotting a store full of trunks Harry quickly scans through the many styles to pull out a dark green one with four compartments. One had been enlarged to be a one bedroom apartment complete with a kitchen, living, library, bedroom and bathroom. Slightly giddy at the wonders of magic he asked the kind owner if she knew a spell to shrink items and with a grin she taught him the charm along with another to transfigure the trunk into a locket that would never come off unless he did it. Smiling he sits down to pull out a child's potions book with bright emerald eyes. Not once did he notice the black haired man watching in shadows, black eyes gleaming with concern and determination.