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My name is Lucy Weasley, and I hate you. I don't know you, and I don't care about you, but I hate you.

Why do I hate you, dear reader, a person I have never met? Well, I hate you because you are so, so much better than me. You are better than I could ever hope to be, even if you are, say, a convicted criminal.

I bet you don't believe that, huh? Well, I am such a bad person because I hurt a puppy's heart. Yes, I broke a loyal dog's heart. How did I manage that, you ask?

Well, it was simple, really. Lysander Scamander was my best friend, ever since I was born. And he's so innocent, yet unfailingly loyal, that he reminds me of a puppy. It took me two hours to explain to him what I meant when I said that Molly had begun to sleep with guys more.

Exactly. How could I break his little heart? My only defense is that as much as I love him, a girl can only listen to talk about nargles and wrackspruts for so long. I just told him to leave me alone, and he looked so dejected. Darn it, why does he have to be so sad and puppy-ish looking.

I mean, if he was like Lily's boyfriend, his brother, Lorcan, I wouldn't have this trouble. Lily often tells Lorcan to bugger off, but he gets that she just needs a bit of alone time. Yet Lysander can't manage this simple thought. Argh.

I mean, I love him and all, but sometimes enough is enough. So now I have to apologize.


"Lucy, I don't talk to mean people. We've been over this time and time again."

"But Ly—"

"No, Luce. It's over."

Until that point I hadn't considered the fact that maybe Lysander wouldn't want my apology. I was a mean little girl, and apparently I had gone back to it. Maybe, to Lysander, I was more of a problem than a friend.

Merlin, I hate myself.

"Lucy," Lily says, "it'll be fine. Lorc knows Lysander better than anyone, and he says he'll come around."

"Maybe," I say, but I'm not convinced. Lorcan doesn't know Ly better than anyone, I do. And my Lysander senses are telling me that this won't get any better.

Three days later, I try again. Lysander manages to get away the second I get close. I forgot how good he was at avoiding people.

What have I done? Merlin, what have I done?

I never even considered that if I said to go away, he might take me literally and not come back. But now I'm afraid I take Molly's title from her. I truly am Queen Bitch of the family.

I knew Lysander was innocent like a puppy! Damn, damn, damn, how could I do this to him? I am such a hoe!

"Lucy, what's going on?" I look up at Hugo.

"Hugo! Great to see you! Have you seen Lysander?"

"He was going to the Ravenclaw common room, I think. Why? You always seem connected at the hip."

Hugo is blind.

"Thanks, cuz, you rock!"

I begin to sprint towards our common room, hoping Hugo was telling the truth. I bumped into someone significantly taller than me.

"Going somewhere?" Lysander. His voice always soothes me. And his touch always made me feel tingles in… several places.

But… Ly is holding me, and I don't feel the tingles. I look up. Damn identical twins.

"Sorry, Lorc, have to go, bye!"

I leave Lorcan staring after me bewildered, and in the crowed hallway near the stairs that lead to the Ravenclaw common room, I see Lysander.

I run up, and don't even bother with words. I grab his shirt, and push him up against the wall.

"Luce?" he asks, staring at me, his brown, puppy like eyes wide with something I can't identify.

"Damn it, Ly," I say, and I crush my lips to his.

"That was… certainly unexpected, Luce," he manages to say.

"Darn right it was, Lysander Scamander."

"Luce, why?"

"Look, Ly, I'm sorry, I was in a bad mood, and I didn't want to deal with anything. I won't let it happen again."