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Chapter 3: Emotion Identified

"There. I did it..." Kashino exhaled loudly. Staring at his cell, his mind whirled, thinking about what he'd just done. "I actually replied..."


Bleep! Ichigo heard the familiar tone coming from her dresser top, notifying her of an incoming text. She scrambled to grab it, her heart racing rapidly. A box appeared on the screen, saying, 'New text from Kashino Makoto'.

He replied! Ichigo's hands grew clammy as beads of sweat trickled down her face. What did he text me? she wondered while tapping the message icon to read.


I do realize you sent that text to me by accident. I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to know of its content, but I still read the whole thing anyway. Sorry.

Ichigo moaned as she flopped on her bed, still clutching the phone. He read every single word... Well, why wouldn't he? Oh well, at least he knows that I didn't mean to send it to him... She glanced at the rest of the message.

I just wanted to apologize again for the way I behaved at cooking practice. I guess I didn't think about your feelings first, as usual. Sorry for being a jerk sometimes; I really mean it. That's just a part of my personality - getting easily angered. But you seem to be one of the few people that accept this part of me, and I appreciate that.

Ichigo smiled at Kashino's thoughtfulness. Of course I accept you, Kashino. You may be infuriating at times, but I know you're really kind and soft deep inside your heart.

Lately, I've been feeling a little weird too. There's just this bursting sensation that tingles in my soul whenever you're around. Your actions make me a bit jittery; your words leave me dumbfounded. Just the thought of you makes even me, the Great Kashino, spaced out.

Ichigo almost snorted when she read the 'Great Kashino' part, but when she reread the paragraph, she realized her affect on Kashino. Wait, he feels nervous when I am around him? That's what his presence does to ME...

Clearly, our descriptions of our inner thoughts aren't too different from each other. I can't quite identify what you're feeling, or what I sensing also.

I can't say everything I want here; it has to be said in person, so this isn't the total message. Please meet me at the lake ASAP. Thanks.


Adrenaline pumped inside Ichigo after she finished reading. Suddenly feeling energized by Kashino's request, she jumped up and grabbed her coat, throwing it on. Then she hurriedly slipped into her boots and ran out the dorm, rushing towards the lake at a fast pace.

I wonder what Kashino wants to tell me...


Kashino leaned against a tree, deep in thought.

Why did that narcissist send the text to himself, anyway? He must have had a reason for that... The blond began typing on his cellphone:

Hey, why did you even send that text to yourself?

After pressing 'send', he waited for a few seconds before Hanabusa replied:

For future purposes.

Kashino typed once more:

What does that mean?

Hanabusa's reply was:

Possible blackmail, if necessary.

Kashino was furious now, about to type Hanabusa a long message of anger. However, the narcissist sent yet another text:

Don't worry, I won't use it. I was just joking, jeez. You take everything too seriously. I even deleted that message after I read it over one more time.

Kashino texted:

Well, you'd better be serious. I'll check your phone later for proof. See ya.

Hanabusa immediately sent another text:

Wait, where are you? Andou and I are still practicing with the Spirits. Are you with Ichigo-chan?

Something inside Kashino went off, and he angrily answered:

NO. In fact, I'm busy right now, so I've got to go. I promise I'll go back as soon as I can. Bye.

Locking the cellphone screen, Kashino sighed heavily. Man, why does that guy always want to involve himself into my personal matters? Seriously... I need privacy...

He stuffed the phone back into his pocket, gazing at the tranquil scene before him. I may not be with Amano right now, but I will be... soon...


Ichigo saw the blond in the distance, staring at the surface of the frozen lake. She trotted even faster towards him, her heart thudding furiously.

As she got closer to him, she accidentally slipped on the layer of ice beneath the snow. "AIEEE!" she yelped as she fell to the ground right in front of Kashino.

"Jeez, you are really..." Kashino sighed wistfully as he reached out his hand towards the brunette. "...klutzy, as usual..."

Ichigo tilted her head up to stare at the red-faced blond, his outstretched hand trembling a bit. She felt her own cheeks burn as she clasped her hand onto his.

His hand is warm and comforting; it feels strong and supportive, Ichigo noticed.

Her skin's texture is so smooth and delicate... Kashino thought in awe.

He helped Ichigo up to her feet. She stared back at him, softly saying, "Thank you, Kashino."

"Sure..." Kashino replied. He looked back at her, as if waiting for something. "Um..."

"What?" Ichigo asked, confused.

"Y-you can let go of my hand now..." Kashino bit his lip, face brightly flushed.

"Huh?" Ichigo suddenly realized that she was still grasping the male's hand tightly. "Ah! I'm sorry!" She immediately released his hand from her clutch, her face beet-red.

Kashino stuffed his now-free hand into his coat pocket. Ichigo grew quiet and stared at the layer of snow beneath her feet. An awkward silence lingered in the atmosphere surrounding them.

"A-Amano..." Kashino abruptly broke the hushed moment. He stared at the brunette, his face resembling a tomato. "I need to tell you something..."

He called me by my first name... Ichigo gazed into the blond's dreamy, caramel-colored eyes. She thought she was going to drown in the intensity of his pupils. Her heart skipped a beat as he grabbed her two hands and squeezed them in his.

"I-I..." Kashino was about to die of a heart attack. Ichigo waited patiently while her legs seemed like jelly and her pulse raced at lightning speed.

"I love you... Ichigo..." Kashino blurted out those words - those four words that he'd had welled up inside of him for ages. I... I really said it, didn't I? A buzzing emotion filled up inside of him as the female smiled gently back at him. Those eyes that resembled dark, bittersweet chocolate stared back at his, sparkling with pure joy.

"Ka-Makoto... I do too!" Ichigo sputtered, face glittering with happiness. Her bright pink blush covered most of her face. Insides jittery, she continued to concentrate on the blond.

Kashino pulled Ichigo a few inches closer to him. Then, as if in a trance, he slowly leaned in on the brunette's face and turned his head slightly... Ichigo, too, copied his movements naturally...

Neither Ichigo nor Kashino had ever felt this wonderful feeling before. It was a new and refreshing sensation, bursting at the seams.

As they each felt their lips come in contact with the other's, the world around them seemed to disappear. It was just them two, alone as a couple, with no obstacles in between them. They wanted to be in each other's embrace for an eternity, not stopping for anything or anyone else.

When they finally broke apart, their glistening smiles shone on their faces. Both teens' faces needed a fire extinguisher to calm the fiery color. Still just centimeters apart, they felt as if they were in heaven, flying freely amidst the clouds.

"I-Ichigo... So we were feeling the same emotion, huh?" Kashino asked for confirmation, in a flustered manner.

"I guess so, M-Makoto... I couldn't straighten my thoughts before, but I know how I truly feel now." Ichigo stared at the blond, jubilant. Yes, now I know... This remarkable sensation that's been surging through me...

It was love all along.

"Hey," Kashino hesitated a bit, then continued, "I've been meaning to say this for some time now, but... You have the most amazing smile I've ever seen..." The chocolatier sucked in his crimson-red cheeks. Did I just say...?

Ichigo beamed widely. "...And you have the reddest blush I have ever seen!" I've never felt happier in my life...

"Sh-shush, baka!" Kashino's face burned at an even higher temperature. However, he had a wry grin on his face also. So, this is really love, huh?

"Hee, hee!" Ichigo giggled as she noticed the color of Kashino's cheeks. Yes, this warm feeling is definitely love.

"Oh, come here, you...!" Kashino cocked his head and drew the girl closer to him. This 'love thing' isn't bad at all...

Kashino wrapped Ichigo into his comforting arms, hugging her tightly. As tiny flurries began to fall from the sky, blond and brunette didn't even notice. The two weren't planning to part anytime soon. Together, they stayed there in each other's caring and warm embrace, intertwined in a special bond that was unbreakable.


Kashino and I are no longer just friends now. We're together - boyfriend and girlfriend...

...And I can blame that one click of a button.

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