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Chapter One



It had been seventy years since I had left my second home of Forks, Washington, but as we rounded the bend there stood the same sign that I had welcomed me to my father's hometown so many years ago. I looked to Edward as he drove down the street into the city limits. He tightened his grip on my hand that he had been holding since we had gotten off the plane in Seattle. The past seventy years had passed quicker than what I had imagined it would. It had took me several decades to understand the things that my husband had told me before my transformation about the concepts of time with immortals. As a human, I had always focused on growing older, being older than my Edward, which for eternally, in age, I would always be eighteen and he seventeen, never mind that now I was nearly eighty-eight and he almost two centuries. He and our family had asked my opinion on where we should go when the time had came that we needed to move again. I had been thinking of home, the place where Edward and I had met and became a family with our children, Renesmee and Masen. It didn't take long for me to suggest that we go back to Forks.

I knew Forks was going to be different than I had remembered, or so I had thought. The quaint little town nestled in the Olympic Peninsula had barely changed in the sixty plus years since we left. We had stayed as long as we could so that Charlie, my father, could spend time with Nessie and Masen, and so that I could continue to have a piece of my human life. But time had passed and it was getting obvious that we had to move on. Carlisle, Edward's father, my father, couldn't pass for thirty-something much longer. They had been nearing the need to leave even when I had arrived in Forks. Our forever unchanging, un-aging bodies made it impossible to stay any one place for too long. Charlie had still come to visit us when we moved and he never asked for explanation until…My mind went back to the last days of my father's life. I had so much wanted to save him, to keep him with me forever, but I knew that was not the life he had wanted. It had only been hours before he ceased to exist that he had finally asked me. Bella, it has been thirty years of need to know basis…I think its time that you told me the truth…so that I can leave you and know that you will be okay.

It had been hard for me to tell my father what I had become, not because of shame for I loved being an immortal, I had embraced it, but because of my fear that it would upset him. I had been wrong. My father was quite pleased to know his daughter would be living forever, happily in love with her husband and blessed with her children. I had wondered many times would he have believed me if I had told him the truth and he did. After witnessing Jacob phasing all those years ago and the obvious change in my appearance to were I favored my Cullen family more so than my human family, Charlie believed. My father passed away nearly forty years ago and I still miss him everyday. Perhaps coming home to Forks would let me have a little bit of Charlie in my life again.

Edward, myself, and our entire family had sit down and discussed the idea of moving to Forks. We had been so many places, moving every four years or so, and we all loved and missed Forks. Esme had to be the most excited, next to me, to return home. She missed the house that she had worked so hard on and missed the general easiness of living in Forks. Forks was one of the few places we could live and go about day to day business as normal people. As humans. Carlisle was able to get a new position at the hospital and started almost immediately so he and Esme had went back to Forks several weeks ago to prepare for everyone's arrival. Jasper and Alice followed them within a few days, with Emmett and Rosalie not far behind. Edward and I had taken the longest because of the children. Renesmee and Masen, along with Jacob, did not want to return. Renesmee and Jacob had gotten married a decade after we had left Forks and had settled down, with Jacob surprising all of us becoming a physician himself. Carlisle and Edward had tutored him and he had done well with opening a practice for himself and taking care of Renesmee as well as their child, Emma. Jacob had aged maybe ten years in the last seventy and Renesmee was frozen in a seventeen year old body. Edward and I had wanted Renesmee and Jacob to come along with us, but they refused. We reluctantly agreed but only if they promised to visit often. This would be the first time in her entire life that Edward and I would be away from our daughter.

Masen was unsure of whether to return or not from the first time we had mentioned returning to Forks. His memories of Forks were limited as he didn't spend as much time there as the rest of us and it did not hold the meaning as it had for all of us. Masen was attending university and did not want to leave until his degree would finish in six months. Edward and I had pleaded for him to join us, but he too, did not want to come immediately. We gave in to our son and let him make his choice to stay as well, however, when he finished school, he would be joining us and that made our leaving so much easier as well as knowing that Edward and I would be alone, truly alone with little responsibilities, for the first time in over seventy years.

Edward slowed the car and I begin to recognize where he was taking me. We pulled in front of the house. Charlie and my house. I had been Charlie's only biological child and he had gained two stepchildren, Seth and Leah, when he had married Sue, but still, there truly was nobody to leave the home to. He of course left it to me in his will, but it had not been lived in our touched after Sue had passed away a short year after Charlie. I had asked Leah and Seth both if they wanted to move in, but they were happier being in La Push. Seth had aged about like Jacob, very minimal. Seth enjoyed phasing and had never stopped so therefore he would live young until he chose to stop. Leah had stopped phasing after a decade after we immortals left and resumed a normal human life, even having children, but sadly, human life as opposed to wolf life does not last as long. Seth and Sam were the only two wolves left in La Push that I knew personally knew. Sam and Carlisle had discussed our return and what would become of the Quileutes when we returned. Sam had maintained that our treaty was still in effect and that Jacob was still in a wolf and that everything would remain as it had when we had left. There was a possibility that more of the young boys in La Push would begin phasing upon our return but Sam had agreed that it was something we would all have to accept. As a result of Sam and his stories of the past, our coven was no longer viewed as the enemy.

I gasped as Edward put the car into park. I hadn't imagined the feelings that would ensue my body when we arrived. I missed my father and clutched every memory I had of him. My immortal memories were more vivid and more easily remembered than the ones from my human life but I remembered. "Love, I had thought you would want to come here first," Edward said but sounded as if he was questioning his decision.

I glanced out of the window of the car. I placed my hand on the door handle and let out a loud sigh. "Edward, you know me so well," I nodded. "I wanted to come here first. Its part of my father. The only part I have left."

Edward was out of the car and opening the door for me in an instant. Luckily, the location of Charlie's house had not been involved in the what little growing Forks had undergone in the last several decades. None of the neighbors around wouldn't be able to see our fast movements, not as if their human eyes would have been able to catch them anyway. I took my husband's hand as he led me toward the front door. Edward fumbled with the key that he had pulled from his pocket. Upon my father and Sue's deaths, Edward had come here and put in new locks and made sure the house was secure.

I followed my Edward into the house and continued into the living room, Edward falling back behind me, giving me a chance to take everything in. I walked around the living room and touched the photos that remained were Charlie had sat them. I had asked him when I first moved in with him to put away all of the photos that had followed my aging from a child to a teen but after I had left, he apparently had brought them back out. He had added a photo of Edward and I at our wedding as well as a picture of he with us at our wedding. On the far wall was pictures of Renesmee and Masen with a center picture of himself with his grandchildren. I looked around the room. The photo of him with my mother at their wedding was no longer displayed and had been replaced by a picture of him and Sue. I picked up the picture and placed my lips against the glass where my father stood in the picture. I missed him very much. More than I had allowed Edward and the others to know.

I headed up the staircase to check out the rest of the house. The house seemed so much of what I remembered. Very few things had changed in the home, even after I had gotten married. My father was a creature of habit and he definitely had allowed minimal changes. I came to the door, the door to my old room. Edward had came up behind me and kissed my ear. I turned to give him a weak smile. Edward knew me better than anyone and his lack of talking told me that he knew I wanted to do this with him but without talking about it. I turned the handle on the door and there we were, standing in my room. Absolutely nothing had changed. The dream catcher that Jacob had given me was still there. My old computer desk holding an ancient device that had once served its purpose in helping me to realize what Edward was, was still sitting there. The modem cord running along the wall as Charlie had place it so many years ago. I sat on the edge of my bed and saw the scrapbook of my senior year laying on the nightstand. I began glancing through it. Pictures of Mike, Jessica, Angela…all of those that I had been friends with in high school. A picture of my truck…the thing as I called it…Tyler…all of whom were gone. Or so I would imagine they were gone. I hadn't even noticed Edward had left my side until I heard the scraping at the glass on the window. I turned toward the window and saw Edward dangling in front of the ledge. I opened the window to allow him inside. I was chuckling watching him trying to get in, I guess he forgot he had installed window latches from the inside to help detour intruders. "I guess I forgot," he joined in my laughter. "I really wanted to make that look more graceful and romantic."

I wrapped my arms around his neck as I had always done when he came into my window late at night after my father had went to sleep. "Oh, my Edward, how long have you been doing that?" I said as a human memory of mine slipped in. I relaxed my shield so that Edward could hear what I was thinking, the day that Edward told me he had been watching me sleep.

Edward brought his lips to mine. "Ms. Swan," he said. His lips crushed mine and mine returned the need. "Now, remember, I might lose my control."

I began to laugh as I relived the memories in my mind, with my shield still down, so that Edward could see how painstakingly hard it had been to allow him to keep his control before my transformation. I wanted Edward many times and he had stopped from going any further. "I'm glad you were able to. Made for a much more interesting honeymoon in the end."

Edward laughed as he remembered our honeymoon. "Feathers, broken bed frames, yeah, I would think it had. Could you imagine the surprise and the way Charlie would have reacted if I had given in to you one of those many nights in this very room?" I giggled thinking of how my father would have reacted and what he might would have said if he had came into my room and feathers had been floating. Then my face fell. I was in my father's house, our house, without him. Edward heard my thoughts and my shield recoiled upon my realization of this. "I'm sorry, love."

I brought Edward's fingertips to my lips and kissed. "Its just one of the prices of immortality that I have to pay, Edward. You pay it to because you don't have your parents either."

Edward brought me close to him, my head resting on his chest. "We may not have our parents, love, but we have each other, forever." I looked into my Edward's eyes. Edward brought his arms tighter around my waist as I clung to his shirt. "Love, its almost daybreak, shall we head to see Carlisle and Esme?"

I nodded in response then spoke with a wink, "I'll race you to the car. Edward darted out of the room and I decided I would try his method of entry as my exit. I jumped from the window and watched as he locked the door and bounded to where I stood. "I win."