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It all started in the beginning…

The king and queen of Spain had two daughters. One was named Marina Chavez. She was delicate and prissy and all sorts of feminine. The other was named Salena Chavez, and despite her feminine raisings, was even more so a tomboy than any of the boys that lived around.


When Elizabeth Swann was just a wee girl, sailing on the ship with Captain Norrington and her father, she met Will Turner, a boy they'd rescued from a pillaging. And when she returned to her house, she was in for a rude awakening.

"Elizabeth dear, meet Salena and Marina Chavez. They're here to stay with us for a while due to some troubles in Spain," her father said gently. Salena would have none of it.

"You're not my father! You can't tell me what to do!" And with that she ran out after her parents. "Father, you can't make me stay here! I'm old enough. Let me fight in the war too!"

"Sal, I'm afraid I can't let you do that. War is dangerous. You might get hurt or even killed. Please stay here and be a good girl for us. I'm sure you'll make some new friends. Now go." Her father kissed the top of her head and sent her off.

"Tch… Little girl whining for her father? How pathetic." A young boy no older than her stood on the docks, watching the ship sail away.

"Pathetic my bonny rear end." She jumped on him, rolling on the ground in a scuffle. He had a pug face, and it was all Salena could do to stop from smashing it in.

"Ian Mercer! Stop that this instant! Let the child go." He had a solid grip in her hair. Salena looked to the voice, two other boys about the same age. They both wore disgusted looks on their faces. "You shouldn't associate with the local villager's riff-raff."

"I'm not riff-raff. My father is the king of Spain! And besides, I started it."

"Princess Chavez, Princess Chavez! Are you alright?!" Two of the dock guards separated the two.

"Please, drop the fancy title. Call me Salena. I'm not a spoiled brat like him." She pointed to the boy who had called her "riff-raff".

"Master Beckett, Master Norrington, and Master Mercer, your parents shall hear of this." One of the guards said sternly.

"Don't bother. He couldn't hurt me if he tried." She pulled out a small knife hidden in her boot. "This would have stopped him."

"Ms. Salena, you shouldn't carry that around."

"Don't call me miss. If I had been born a boy, life would have been a lot easier. But it's not, is it?"

"Young ladies shouldn't wish for such things." The boy, Beckett, she thought he was called. Salena stared at him.

"Don't make me hurt you, boy. My father taught me to swordfight, shoot a gun, and ride a horse. Anything you can do, I can do better."

Beckett stepped up to her. "There's a festival tomorrow. I think to celebrate the arrival of the two Chavez princesses in Port Royale. There'll be sword-fighting and target practice and horse racing. See if you can beat us. If you come out on top, you can join with us. If not, get lost."

"It's on, cutie." With that she ruffled his hair as she brushed past him. There was a sound of disgust as she left the three behind.

*End Flashback*

"Marina, you must stay here, really. Spain is such a savage place." Elizabeth pleaded with her friend.

"I'm sorry, Elizabeth, but I really must return. The king and queen were killed in the raids, and I'm next in line for the throne. I must go."

"Please share a little bit of good news. Tell me you're taking your sister with you. She's such a horrid beast."

"Dear Elizabeth, I'd prefer you not to call my sister a horrid beast. Whilst she is a tomboy, yes, I think I can find a good use for her back in Spain." Marina smiled at her dear friend.

"Safe travels my dear. May the skies be clear and may you have a fair wind." Marina took her and Salena's things to the ship.

"Sal! Let's go!" She called.

"Stow it, Rina," Salena said, from her place on the railing. "I'm already here."

"Must you be so rude, dear sister?" Salena quirked an eyebrow at her sister. "Are you moping because you have to leave your precious boys behind?" Salena growled in her direction. Cutler Beckett was next in line for assuming the trade of the East India Trading Company. She wanted to be with him in the ceremonies today. It was important. Beckett was to become commodore today. She looked to the edge of the ship longingly.

"Oh Beckett." Mercer came trotting down to the docks.

"Be on with yourself." He smirked in her direction.

"And what of Beckett? Will you tell him I said goodbye?" Mercer jumped onto the ship, cocking a gun to her throat.

"Beckett does not need the likes of you to be hanging around him. He does not need you. I shan't be telling him anything." Behind Sal, Marina was frozen.

"Sal." She breathed out, wringing her hands nervously. "Please, Mr. Mercer, my sister means you no harm. We do not wish to trouble you with such frivolous requests. Please leave our presences immediately." He moved the gun slightly to the side.

"Two sisters. One stone. Sounds like a fair deal to me." Salena's eyes widened as the gun went off. One of the crewmen that had been loyal to their parents lay on the deck dead. So that was how it was to be. Protection for the younger, prissy sister and none for the tough girl. She held a kerchief to her bleeding neck. Marina was screaming at the fright of near death.

"Shut up, Marina!" She grabbed the dead crewman's gun and pointed it at Mercer. "You! Get off my ship! NOW!"

"You cannot order me around!" Mercer sneered. Salena turned around and flipped open a box one of the crewmen was holding. Grabbing the crown out of the box, she turned to him and laughed.

"As the eldest queen of Spain, I can now. I order you to be off my ship! Off! Now!" She set the crown on her head sloppily as blood ran through the thin kerchief on her neck. She looked to be a bit crazed and Mercer backed away slowly. "Be off!" As she advanced, he turned, tail between his legs, and jumped overboard, swimming to shore. "Cast off, men. We've no need to stay in this horrid place anymore."