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She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. The two water swords materialized in her hands. She brought up a wall of water into a dome around the Endeavor and froze it to a foot thick. "Your opponent is me, Dakota Beckett." She hissed, almost silently. She waved the others off. He charged her, sword drawn and she calmly parried the attack. (Yeah, I don't do fight scenes very well.)

"There will only be one winner here. And that will be me," he laughed off her attacks. "And archery is a peasant's…" he choked, as the arrow pierced the skin under his heart.

"Sport. Only your brother is allowed to say that to me. Apparently, it's also really good for killing people." Dakota fell the deck, writhing and squirming in pain, as he tried to dislodge the arrow.

"You're trying to kill me? How cruel of you? What about your sister?" He choked, blood falling out of his mouth.

"How cruel of you to steal my company and try to marry me off to the King of England. Here's my answer for you in the matter. No, if I'm going to marry anyone, I'm going to marry your brother."

"That dirty rat? He's nothing but a pathetic loser." Salena jumped on top of him and punched him square in the jaw, using a water infusion to break it. He howled in pain.

"Yes, and you bullied him. Just like your father did. And guess what, I don't care if I kill you, because you've tried to have me assassinated so many times that I've lost count." There was a definite fear in his eyes. Fear of death. Or fear of losing to a woman. Salena took her water sword and shortened it to a dagger. Heartlessly, she plunged it into his chest, hearing him heave out gurgling breaths as blood welled up in his mouth and spilled over. It was done. She rose from the scene and took in her crew's startled eyes. "Put him back on his ship. It's where he belongs. Take the valuables from it and sink her." The ice wall around the Endeavour fell so that the crew of the Black Pearl could see what just happened. Their mouths were hanging upon slightly. "Let this be a lesson to all of you, pirate or not. This is what happens when you cross me." She cursed him under her breath and looked to Jacob. Yes, she had just killed his brother, but she had assumed that the two weren't fond of each other either. There was barely any emotion in his eyes, only a slightest bit of relief.

"Perhaps, we misunderstood and underestimated you," Will said, fear edging into his voice.

"You misunderstand everything about me, Master Turner. You think I'm the pretty, little, snotty queen of Spain. That's my sister. And the man she married, well, he had a nice demise." Some of her crew members snickered at that. "You see, Dakota Beckett, has been terrorizing the seas for quite some time now. And maybe it doesn't apply to you, but it applies to me. The man was trying to take over my business, which as you know keeps the majority of the pirate lords out of my business. But I think I've stated that enough times. Gentlemen, ladies, please… get the pirates off of my back. What I do with the East India Trading Company is none of your business, but I can assure you that it will be profitable."

"What of Mercer?" Cutler asked softly. Said man was pointing a gun at Cutler still. Salena took a few steps forward, enough to put herself in front of him as a barrier.

"Shoot away," she murmured in an equally soft manner. Cutler tensed up.

"Why protect me? I am but a mere lord. You are queen of Spain. I do not deserve your protection."

"Perhaps not. But just as Norrington's father threatened to shoot his own horse, so I will stand by you as your best friend betrays you."

"But I'm not a horse."

"Indeed not. I have Alistair for that. There's a special circle of hell that reserved for traitors and murderers. And he is about to enter it in three… two… one." She turned her back as Jones made the squelching noise that she knew meant he was strangling the poor fool. She shuddered at the sound. Even her two guards, Haldir and Jacob averted their eyes. She had no pity for the murderers and traitors, and the lack of it made her merciless. Yet, she could not staunch the sight of a man being killed by Jones. She truly fit the definition of an enigma, a mystery. "We must go. Madame Chavez-Beckett will be mourning her loss. It is my duty as her sister to comfort her, and it is my duty to my people to restore the throne to its rightful owner. We should especially leave before the King of England finds out I'm here. I have no jurisdiction in these waters." She laughed nervously.

"But I do, milady." Cutler gave a short bow to Salena, kissing her hand. He turned to give orders to his men.

"I will not have you bow to me, Cutler. Nein. I will not have it."

"Your wish is my command, milady." She took his hand in hers.

"Call me Sal." He shook his head.

"Your wish is my command, Salena." The name rolled off his lips gracefully. Sal looked at him and sighed. He was making her fall in love all over again. A slight blush crept over her cheeks.

"Yes, but do be careful. There are warrants out for you as well." He nodded.

"I am aware of that. I will station Norrington in my absence as it appears I have been stripped of my position." Salena rolled her eyes.

"Come with me." She motioned to Beckett who followed her willingly, both Haldir and Jacob following behind.

"What are we doing?" He asked, following her in to the captain's quarters. She smiled.

"It's nice to be a queen of Spain, not having to follow that many sets of rules and regulations. Being that I'm also the Lady of the South Storm Trading Company, I have a few privileges, one of them being bypassing the King of England's approval and working directly with you." Cutler smirked.

"You want to merge the companies together." Salena grinned.

"Isn't it nice being privileged?"