The Pack Leader

Part I

Kusama Nowaki let out a howling yawn as he stepped in the apartment and dropped his keys on a nearby countertop. The living room was empty, but mid morning light streamed in through the window, illuminating the home he shared with Hiroki. Still laden with several bags, Nowaki padded past the kitchen and immediately saw the note from Hiroki saying that he would be home that evening and there was takeout in the fridge.

A small smile spread over the tall man's face and he set the paper back on the counter and headed over to the couch, where he carefully set down his bags, along with a box-like plastic container with wiring. As he set the box down, Nowaki heard a light scuffle inside and he smiled wider, kneeling down and quietly opening the side.

The door had not been open for one second before a bundle of black and white fur raced and launched itself straight into Nowaki's lap. After several excited wet kisses, the fur ball jumped off him and raced down the hall, yipping and barking with all enthusiasm.

"Momo-chan!" Nowaki called, still grinning as the puppy barked and pattered back to him, covering his outstretched hands with frantic licks. Momo yipped excitedly again and pressed his snout close to the wooden floors, his tail waging as a new menagerie of smells flooded into his sensitive nose. Nowaki had begun to unpack the little dog's bowls and toys when he noticed Momo sniffing dangerously close to Hiroki's neatly stacked piles of research.

"No, no, no!" Nowaki trilled, quickly heading over and picking up the pup. "We don't want Hiro-san mad at you Momo-chan."

Momo wagged his tail and licked the underside of Nowaki's chin, his pink tongue lolling out of his mouth as he panted. Keeping the puppy in his arms, Nowaki walked back over to the bags he'd left on the couch and dug out a handwritten note written by Narumi Ayame, a nurse he knew at the hospital. The message contained all the items Ayame had packed for Momo as well as detailed do's and don'ts. Nowaki sat down and scanned the words, his other hand rubbing the puppy's soft head.

About a week ago, Ayame had approached her acquaintance the doctor and asked if he would be willing to baby-sit her puppy while she was out of town with friends. She had mainly asked because she'd shown Nowaki pictures previously and seen how much the man adored animals, especially baby ones. She also new how much care the man gave to all his little patients at the pediatric ward, and she was certain he was the right man for the job.

But Nowaki wasn't exactly the initial problem in the situation. It had been easy to get him on board.

Hiroki was a different story.

Nowaki slightly grimaced as he recalled his boyfriend's original proclamation when he had voiced the idea.


But never one to give up, Nowaki had pleaded and entreated with his partner, and after much persuading (and several blowjobs), Hiroki had agreed.

Under several conditions. First, it would only be for three days. Second, the "thing" would be kept in its playpen or under Nowaki's supervision for the duration of those three days. Third, Hiroki did not want to see, hear, touch, or smell it. Fourth, it was not to be on the bed or furniture. And fifth, if it so much as looked wrong as Hiroki's books or papers, it would suffer a most horrible and painful death.

Even now, Nowaki knew that Momo shouldn't be running free around the apartment, as it heightened the risks that Hiroki would flip a bitch switch. But Nowaki's gentle heart couldn't help but be overcome with squeelight at the sight of the sweet little creature.

Nowaki lifted the puppy up with both his hands and laughed as Momo's lightning wags made his entire body wiggle. The dog was only four months old, and had plenty of energy to show for it. From what Ayame had said, Momo was a mutt who'd been in a litter of abandoned puppies found on the street. However, thanks to the proactive efforts of a nearby shelter, not one of the pups had gone unadopted (and it certainly helped matters that they were freaking adorable). The puppy was probably a spaniel type, as he had a mostly black face with a white stripe going down the center. His black-patched fur was short with a few curly tufts around his feet and ears, and his white tipped black tail hadn't stopped wagging from the second he'd met the gentle doctor.

Nowaki too had been thrilled when he'd seen the puppy. Momo was so soft and happy and just plain freaking adorable that Nowaki was hard pressed not to grin at the sight of him. Momo's nose had the sweet smooshed puppy look to it, and the black eyes were bright with energy.

Setting the note and puppy stuff aside, Nowaki got up and kneeled down on the floor, watching Momo patter around and smell the floors. Nowaki reached into one of the bags and pulled out a tennis ball, tossing it between his hands. Momo immediately caught sight of the ball and his tail wagged harder as his front legs crouched down. He let out a light growl, causing Nowaki to smile.

"You wanna play Momo-chan? Go fetch!" Nowaki said, throwing the ball (carefully) down the hallway. Momo's nails skittered on the floor as he raced after it, nearly tripping over his long ears. The puppy snatched the ball and began to chew on it, making light growling sounds as he tore into his captured prey.

"Momo!" Nowaki called, patting his knees. "Bring it back boy!"

But the puppy continued to chew, completely ignoring the doctor's calls.

Nowaki sighed with a smile, laughing under his breath as he shifted off his knees.

Oh well. They had three days to get it right.

A light but disgruntled growl sounded from the hallway as Kamijou Hiroki trudged down the corridor to his apartment. The literature professor ran a rough hair through his auburn locks, growling again as his headache gave a subtle throb to his cranial nerves.

This week had been hell to say the least. Both he and Miyagi were swamped with department meetings and on top of that annual teaching assessments. The fact that Hiroki had finally torn himself from his office did not mean he intended on resting. He just wanted to at least be in the comfort of his own living room while he continued to do paperwork and grade essays.

But he could at least count on Nowaki having dinner ready and a nice hot bath.

Hiroki sighed, sliding his key into the lock. Maybe he could relax a bit after all…


Hiroki's cranial nerves exploded as he stepped into the apartment and was greeted by…

A small animal racing towards him and howling like a deranged maniac.

"Nowaki!" Hiroki yelled as the creature launched itself straight into his lower legs. Hiroki untangled himself and stumbled back, his eyebrow wrinkles a full two inches longer.

"Oh gosh, Momo! Come here boy!" Nowaki called, stepping out of the kitchen and holding his arms out. The puppy immediately abandoned Hiroki and bounded back to the doctor, grabbing a loose fold of Nowaki's jeans with his teeth and tugging.

Hiroki was still bracing himself against the front door, his eyes wide and his brow twitching with unfathomable angst.

"Nowaki…what…is THAT?" He stammered.

Nowaki laughed, picking up the dog.

"This is Momo-chan. Remember Hiro-san? We said we'd baby sit him for a nurse I know at the hospital?"

Hiroki's face didn't change.

"Was that… today?" (Though his original question was more like "Was I fucking drunk or high or stupid when you informed me of this?")

Nowaki nodded, smiling sheepishly. Momo and Hiro-san's first meeting was not going very well, but he wasn't surprised. Hey, it could be worse.

"Yep. But he'll only be with us three days." Nowaki enlightened. He gently took one of the puppy's front paws and moved it up and down like he was shaking hands.

"Look Hiro-san, isn't he cute?"

Momo barked happily in response, then took to gnawing on Nowaki's thumb with his teeth.

Hiroki watched the display with angrily twitching eyebrows, and he immediately knew that tonight was going to be anything BUT relaxing.

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