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Part III

Morning saw Hiroki and Nowaki for a bit of weekend kitchen time, and the apartment was filled with the enticing aromas of Nowaki's cooking and Hiroki's stellar ability to work the coffee maker. A good night's sleep had the two in a peaceful mood, so peaceful in fact, that Hiroki had consented to Nowaki's idea to let Momo have a little run around while they made breakfast. Hiroki reached up into the cupboard, pulling out two matching mugs (embarrassing Christmas present from Nowaki) while he kept an eye on the little snooper, who was licking at a few crumbs that Nowaki had "accidentally" dropped on the floor.

But even still, as Hiroki filled both mugs, he couldn't help but find that the stupid dog didn't quite piss him off as much today. If anything…it was almost kind of…normal.

Strike that. Said snooper was about to break the eleventh commandment that Hiroki had worked so hard to beat into its inadequate brain: Thou shalt not put thy wet nose on thy master's rare and expensive books.

"Oy!" Hiroki barked, casting the dog a rather vicious look. The puppy immediately changed course away from the stack of books, wagging its fluffy tail apologetically.

Nowaki looked up from the stove in amazement, his bright blue eyes wide.

"Hiro-san…" He murmured, a smile beginning to curve his lips.

"What?" Hiroki muttered back, raising an eyebrow. "Are you almost done with the food?"

"Oh, yes Hiro-san." Nowaki grinned, switching off the gas. He paused though when he heard a series of light growls coming from the living room, and peaked over the counter to investigate.

Since he had gotten home so late last night, Nowaki had stripped right in the living room and left his clothes in a forgotten pile near the couch. And right now, it appeared Momo had found said pile and was having a lovely time sinking his puppy teeth into Nowaki's shirt.

"Momo!" Nowaki called. "Drop it."

The dog pretended as if he hadn't heard and even began to shake the shirt back and forth with his teeth. Nowaki set down his spatula and darted around the counter to intervene, but when Momo saw him coming he darted away, dragging the shirt with him.

"Momo!" Nowaki said, heading after him. "Give that back!"

The dog let out a light bark, clearly thinking along the opposite lines as it rounded over to the table and lost Nowaki beneath the low chairs.

"Momo, bad dog!" Nowaki called, getting down onto his hands and knees. But when Nowaki started to crawl underneath the wood frame, the puppy escaped out the other side. But he didn't get far underneath another person's sight.

A shrill whistle came from Hiroki's mouth and the dog stopped short, his ears perked up in surprise.

"Momo! DROP IT!" Hiroki snarled, pointing a finger sharply to the floor. At the severity of his tone, the puppy immediately opened his mouth and let the shirt fall to the floor, lowering his head and apologizing with a few light wags.

Nowaki stood back up, his eye wide with wonder.

"Hiro-san, that was amazing."

Hiroki snorted, turning around to hide the slight blush in his cheeks.

"It was nothing. I just know how to give a good yelling. To children and animals alike…"

"But Momo obeys you so quickly Hiro-san," Nowaki said proudly. "You must be his pack leader!"

Hiroki raised an eyebrow.

"Pack leader?"

"Mhmm." Nowaki nodded. "You see, dogs think of their families, or packs, as a hierarchy. And so they usually obey the person at the top, which is you. It's a sign of respect."

Hiroki's growly wrinkles briefly smoothed at the disclosure that the stupid lesser creature respected him, and he shifted around to grab the coffee mugs.

"Oh well, its no big deal." He muttered, trying to not let the praise go to his head. He walked over and set the two full mugs on the table, then went back for plates as Nowaki began to pour bowls of soup. But the quiet sounds of clinking and shifting were interrupted by the ringing of Nowaki's cell phone. He quickly pulled it out of the pocket of his sweats and answered.

"Hello?…Oh Narumi-san, how are you doing?"

Hiroki listened quietly as Nowaki chatted briefly with the nurse, but his brow furrowed as he noticed Nowaki's eyes widen in worry. The giant nodded and bid her goodbye, then turned to Hiroki with a somewhat sheepish gaze.



"That was Narumi-san, Momo's owner. Apparently they've been a bit delayed and won't be able to pick him up tomorrow. Is it alright if he stays till Monday?" Nowaki asked, cautiously honing in on Hiroki's reaction. But he was pleasantly surprised as Hiroki just shrugged and muttered a "whatever," heading back towards the table with plates. Nowaki beamed in silent victory at his partner and followed him to the table for their breakfast.

Hiroki's cries had simmered down to panting breaths, and Nowaki could feel their rhythm as he laid his damp cheek against Hiroki's sweaty back, closing his eyes and breathing in the raw scent of his spent lover. Their bodies were hot and drained from recent release, and neither of the men had the desire to move just yet, even though Nowaki's muscular weight was pressing the face down Hiroki firmly into the bed.

His eyes still lidded, the giant pressed his lips to Hiroki's quivering side, but as a quiet clicking caught his ear, he looked up.

"…Shit…" He murmured.

"Mmm?" Hiroki grunted, half asleep himself.

"I forgot to lock Momo's gate." Nowaki replied just as the little dog nudged open their door with his nose and padded in, wagging his tail at the sight of his hosts. Hiroki cracked open an eyelid, and gave the dog a scowl as it lifted its nose towards their sweaty sheets.

"Get out dog." Hiroki growled, but the dog didn't seem to pay him any mind. Actually, his attention was focused entirely on Nowaki, who was still stretched over the smaller man.

Seeing he had the dog's attention, Nowaki pointed to the door.

"OUT." He commanded firmly.

After one more bright-eyed glance, Momo complied, clicking back out into the living room.

Nowaki rolled off Hiroki, who sat up and raised a perturbed eyebrow.

"Why the hell didn't it obey me?" He growled. "I thought I was the bloody pack leader!"

A theory immediately surfaced in Nowaki's mind, but he hesitated before voicing it.

"Well er….Hiro-san…."


"You see…the dominant person in the pack…is uh, usually the one who…tops." He replied, giving Hiroki a petulant smile.

Hiroki's eyes darkened at the disclosure and he sat up, lifting his chin.

"Well then Kusama, it looks next time I'll just have be on the other end. After all, this pack leader is not one to be demoted."

Nowaki's blue eyes gapped at the words, and for a brief second, he almost wished that he hadn't agreed to let Momo stay two more days.

After all, Hiro-san was not one who liked to remain on the bottom.

Of the pack at least.

The End.