First of all, let me state that the Original story came from fellow writer NightFall00. He original story Elemental Academy gave me the idea to write this story. I am just writting a branch story. I hope all you readers that are reading this story enjoys it. Critizism is prefered.


In the Johto region, trainers from all around the world gather. These are not the usual trainers that are normally seen all around the world. These trainers specifically raise a specific type of Pokémon. They are masters of their affinity. The trainers gather at a location famous for distributing hardcore trainers into the world.

At the Pokémon Elemental Academy, trainers choose their prefered element and are taught the advantages and disadvantages of that element, and are taught how to excel in Pokémon battling.

This year, ninety-five students have been accepted into the school. At the ending of each year, seventeen seniors are titled Elite, and are giving the chance to enter the Johto region's Silver Conference. The rest are released and are sent back home.

The Elemental Academy has been around for hundreds of years and holds many secrets, some very dark secrets known to very few people. Will this year's students be able to keep up and unravel these secrets while competing with eachother to become an elite, or will they fail and dishonor the name of their families?