Chapter 15: The Bug Challenge

Everyone walked to the cafeteria.

The first thing that came to mind was my old elementary school in Saffron. I can still smell the delicious tater tots on every Wednesday. There was a rule in my old elementary school for tater tots day. Of course it wasn't a school rule, but a rule developed by us kids. On tater tots day, after you have been served, go directly to your table, sit down, put any types of toppings that you like, and quickly eat your tater tots. This was because the bigger kids would always, without fail, go by every table and steal other children's tater tots. I have seen this tragic event right before my eyes. Rodger was a victim of the tater tots thieves almost every Wednesday until one day he came to his senses and followed the rule. The rule was to prevent theft of your food.

Walking next to me was Wynn, Silk, Euro, and Saz. Together, with Kasumi, we would have our first Team Battle Breakers Lunch. That made me smile a bit.

As of right now, Kasumi was nowhere to be found, so she is really not in the team as of right now. But when we do, we will invite her. She is sure to be on the lunch line.

The smell of freshly made pizza filled me, as if an aura of exotic cheese and sauce surrounded me. I soon noticed that I had left the group far being me as I speed walked to the short line. This Pizza looks way better than the regular Pizza shops around Saffron. The way that the cheese and the crust bounded amazed my eyes.

There was also salad and rice that were being served other than the pizza. This school is so cool.

"Mezuki…" I heard someone call.

I didn't respond. My only wish is for the four people in front of me to hurry up getting their meals so I can fulfill my desires of devouring the Pizza.

"Hey Mezuki!" The voice called again. "Earth to Mezuki!"

I finally turned to see that it was Mathew.

"Are you still messed up?" I know what he means. It was about what had happened yesterday on the field. How I fell and had that strange vision.

I took a short breathe and wiped off the drool coming from my mouth. "Yea, I'm fine. Sorry that we couldn't finish our battle."

He smiled, "It is okay. I would have won anyway. Since the match was interrupted, I cannot really count that as a win. It sucks that even if I did win, it would not have gone in the student records because Tyranitar is not considered a ground type Pokémon. It is good that you are a rock trainer; you can do more than I can with a Tyranitar. But don't worry too much; I have strong ground types up my sleeve."

"Whatever you say Mathew, Jagen already had the advantage." I jokingly said.

"How about the next time we battle seriously, it will be at the Goldenrod City's Team Tournament?"
"Do you have a team already?" I asked, wondering if everyone came up with a team.

"Ah, I don't think you know me that well anymore friend. I am part of team Nightshift; who are last year's champions." He bragged. "I hope that we can face each other in the tournament, just make sure that your team is not eliminated before then."

I smiled as we separated. Apparently, Mathew prefers taking salad instead of the Pizza. I remember from when we were kids that he never liked Pizza. That's too bad, it's his lost. I took a tray and picked out two slices of Pizza. On the other side of the Cafeteria was the refreshment section; where drinks were served. There was water, all different types of soda, lemonade, coffee, juice, milk, and they even had hot chocolate. I served myself a cup of juice.

I turned around and saw that the cafeteria was full of students; it seems that the entire school's students are in this room at the same time. Even though it took me awhile, I found an empty table. Turning back to the line, I still saw that the crew was still getting their food. I waited until they were all done. When they were, we gathered together at the empty table. We sat down.

Within three minutes, I finished my meal.

"Wow Mezuki," Euro said, "even though you are a serious person, you can eat like a Snorlax."

We all laughed. It was true though. I always eat not only my pizza, but also spare ribs fast.

"I guess so." I agreed.

"So boss, what it the plan for this weekend?" Saz said, coming up with a more important topic.

I guess he is referring to me. "Well, like we said earlier, I was thinking about battling each other to see what we are all capable of. And maybe, head to the mountains to the north of the school to see if there are any Pokémon we can catch. Maybe at the ending of the weekend, we can go to the department store and look around. What do you guys think about that?" That was all I can think of at this time.

It seemed that everyone agreed with the plan. Wonder if they really think I am fit for this leader position they all made me.

Before I forget, "Wynn, congrats on winning your battle last period. The way you handle your Pokémon even though of the size difference makes you a great trainer and a great asset to when the tournament finally arrives."

"Yea, good job win." Euro said.

"Great battling Wynn." Saz continued.

Wynn blushed, "Thanks guys. But hey, you all are the lucky few that don't have to lose against me in this school."

We laughed at her confidence. That is what we need on this team… confidence. I won't say it, but we have a very low chance at winning in the tournament. Especially if a lot of seniors apply to it. We are just freshmen. Compared to the upperclassmen, we are nothing in skill and power.

"Hey you, the weird looking one," Someone came to us. I remember seeing him in the dorm selection, so he is a freshman. He was referring to Silk I guess. "You're a bug type trainer according to your vest. Come battle me. I want to prove that I am the best bug type trainer in the school."

Silk did not say a word.

This seemed to upset the kid. "What are you, scared of me? Don't be a coward like the rest of the Suicune dorm." He was from the Shaymin dorm.

Wynn stood up, "hey, who you calling cowards?" She looked at him straight in the eye. "We can take on anybody in the school." She turned to Silk. "Come on Silk; prove to this punk that nobody messes with team battle breakers."

Silk stood up and we all moved to the field. A bunch of students followed us and made a circle around Silk and this boy.

"Can I get someone to judge this battle so it can go down in history on how I became top bug trainer?"

Mr. Seizon came into the circle. So when students have lunch, teachers do as well?

"Do not worry, I am here." He stood in between the two trainers. "Since lunch is already halfway over, this will be a one on one Pokémon battle. Trainers, call out your partners."

"Go Silk, beat this punk!" Saz shouted. Jordan reminded me of Brad in some way. Maybe because he believes he is better than everyone else.

Silk took out a Pokéball. "Beedrill, go…" He summoned his smaller than average Beedrill. By the looks of it, Silk's heart is not in the battle right now. This might go bad.

Jordan laughed. "What the heck is that? That cannot really be considered an actual Beedrill. It is the size of a Kakuna. Go, Mothim!"

Mothim has four tan-colored wings, two large and two small, with orange circles adorning them. The wings split to three at the tip of the larger wings and splits in two at the tips of the smaller wings. Mothim has a black head, with orange eyes and two red and gray antennae above his head. Mothim's body is also black with a patch of orange on the underside and his legs are gray. He also has a small black tail that splits into two.

Mothim is a bigger Pokémon than Beedrill, when comparing size. I only hope that Silk can battle well.

"Do this Silk. The reputation of the Battle Breakers is on your back." Euro said, "Embarrass him!"

Now we watch as Silk battles this trainer for dominance in the bug type.

You can do this… Silk…

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