Im almost certain im the first one to do a H.O.T.D and a RE crossover. Anyway enjoy!

BAM! "Gotcha!" Hirano screamed excitedly. Die, die my darlings! Embrace my bullets! He absolutely loved his AR-10. Such range…such power…. They were practically asking to die. "Would you stop messing around already? We need to go! Hirano? HIRANO?" Saya asked, clearly annoyed. "WH-what? Oh I'm sorry. Just, y'know, clearing the road for us." He said nervously.

"Would you two stop making out already, and get in the damn car?" Takashi asked. A big blush erupted on saya's face. Hirano imagined them making out. Soon my saya…soon….They ran down, and got into the jeep. "Glad we could find another jeep." Saeko said.

"Yes, as am I, Saeko" Shizuka replied. "Alright, let's move!" Rei instructed. Shizuka nodded, and then began driving. They're not people anymore… she thought. Then she proceeded to mow them down. Zero barked excitedly. "Hush, zero." Arisu told the dog. Zero whimpered, then went next to arisu. "How many times have we nearly died! No one's coming to rescue us! We should find someplace to hold out!" saya said. Takashi shook his head. "No, they're coming. Someone's gotta help us. They can't just leave us here."


"Holy shit! Look at the city! They're everywhere!" Kevin yelled over the helicopters engine. "Then it's our job to stop it…" a figure said. He sat down, looking over what was once called Tokyo. Now it was hell. This is worse than the raccoon city incident… he thought. "Captain…if we don't make it…" The rookie said. "No. we'll make it…I've been through some tough shit like this. If you follow my orders, alpha squad will make it." He assured the rookie; and himself. "The LZ is just up ahead!" the pilot said. "thanks." The captain replied. "Alright alpha squad, let's lock and load!" he yelled. "Our mission is to rescue any survivors until the clean-up crew can help us out! Is that clear?" he asked sternly.

"Sir, Yes sir!" they replied. I can't lose anymore partners…

Suddenly a bright light turned the night into morning. "What's that!" Alice screamed. She was answered when the helicopter started spinning out of control.




"HELP!" The rookie screamed. The captain turned around to see him hanging. "HELP ME!" he screamed again. The captain stretched his hand out, griping one of his hands as he let go. Then he pulled him up. "Thanks Chris."

The former S.T.A.R.S. member grinned. "You're buying me a drink when we get back!" Then they held on tightly to the metal bars on the sides of the helicopter. "BRACE FOR IMPACT!" Chris screamed as the helicopter hit the ground.


"What the fuck was that?" Takashi Yelled as the jeep stopped. "I can't get it to start again!" Shizuka shrieked. They started to swarm around the jeep. "Oh no…. It was an HEMP!"

"A what?"

"Don't you idiots know anything? A nuclear bomb detonated hundreds of miles above the Earth's surface is known as a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) device. Effects of a HEMP device depend on a very large number of factors, including the altitude of the detonation, energy yield, gamma ray output, interactions with the Earth's magnetic field, and electromagnetic shielding of targets. So basically, our electronics, go bye bye." She said smartly.

"Wait…Do you hear that?" Hirano whispered. A loud beeping noise was coming from outside. Hirano opened the top hatch, and saw something coming closer. "Wait a minute! Get down!" he closed the hatch and braced for impact. "What did you see?" arisu asked. "I saw a U.S. Army Bell UH-1D Iroquois! The U.S is here, but the HEMP took them down. They're out of control!" as if on cue, the helicopter crashed right in front of them. One of the propellers spun off and hit the jeep, causing it to flip. Hirano grabbed arisu to protect her from damage, and held her close. The jeep did a 180 before finally coming to a stop. "Anyone *Cough* hurt?" takashi asked.

"I'm fine." Saeko said.

"Nothing but a bruise" Rei replied.

"Im okay." Shizuka said.

"That was complete bullshit." Saya said.

"Were fine!" Hirano and Arisu said at the same time. Zero barked in agreement. "I'm guessing we better go and see if there are any survivors." Rei pointed out. Takashi nodded in agreement, and opened the door.


Chris coughed, then said "Sound off!"

"I'm here!" Alice yelled

"FUCK!" The rookie said.

"That was….FUCKING AWESOME!" Jake said

"ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?" Crystal screamed.

Chris looked around for the pilot. He found him sprawled over the 2 pilot seats. A piece of glass stuck out of his windpipe. "Jesus…. Alright everyone. Get as much equipment-" he was cut off by the sound of banging on one of the doors. He looked outside to see a bloody man in a blue suit banging on the door.

"Holy shit…." Alice began.


The man in the suit fell down, bullet hole in his head. Chris put away his Samurai Edge. "Let's move people!" they snapped back into reality, and nodded, grabbing guns and first aid sprays. Chris kicked the door and it opened, revealing 3 zombies. He quickly laid them to rest. "Follow me!" he said, and ran for what appeared to be, a coffee shop.


"Look!" Arisu pointed out. 5 adults began running towards the 'Clean coffee café'. "Follow them!" Takashi yelled. Then he ran, dodging the inhuman beings. He heard gunshots behind him. The adults had made it into the café and had shut the door. Moments later, Takashi knocked. "OPEN THE DOOR!" he screamed.

"OH SHIT, THEY TALK!" someone screamed.

"NO DUMBASS, WERE HUMAN! LET US IN!" Hirano and the other caught up. They heard mumbling, then the door clicked. Takashi opened it and ran inside motioning the other to hurry up. A Huge scream pierced the air. Rei was being attacked by a zombie. It grabbed her, others closing in. Hirano took aim, and was about to shoot, until the zombies head exploded. He looked back, seeing one of the adults taking his kill. Rei panicked, then quickly ran inside. Seiko locked the door.

"You, help me!" a man pointed to takashi behind a table. He nodded, and then helped him lift the table and put it in front of the door, creating a barricade. "Names chris redfield. That's Alice, Jake, crystal, and Brandon, but everyone calls him 'The rookie'" he jerked a thumb behind him. "Uh, hi. Im Takashi, this is Rei, Seiko, Hirano, Saya, Shizuka, Arisu, and Zero." Takashi pointed out.

He raised an eyebrow. "Psycho huh?" he chuckled. "Don't become one"

"I'm afraid you have my name mixed up with the 'crazy' noun. My name is Japanese." Seiko explained. He pulled out his gun and reloaded a fresh magazine into it. Hirano had an orgasm.


"It's a Samurai Edge. It's custom made. I had it back when I was still a S.T.A.R.S. member. Kept it. It just has too many memories. Anyway, were the BSAA. We were told to bring survivors back if we could. Looks like we're in need of rescuing now… let's sit tight until it clears up out there."

They nodded in agreement. Chris had told them to rest up, he would keep watch. Hirano offered to as well. "You don't have to, Y'know. I have been through some shit like this before." He said, everyone looking at him.

"You mean this has happened before?" Shizuka asked, frightened.

And so he went on to explain the raccoon city incident.

This is my first crossover. Feedback would be appreciated. Thank you. Hope you enjoyed.

To be continued.