Hi again, everyone! I've been working on this for the past couple weeks. It's going to be longer than one chapter for once! :D Anyway, the pairing is Yukio x Rin, and there will be yaoi in chapter two, hence the rating. This chapter is a little short, but I have chapter two started, and it's this length and only about a third of the way done. I will also mention: for all you yaoi lovers, "Crimson Spell," which I mention in here, is an amazing yaoi manga, and you should all go read it.

I'm done talking now. Enjoy~!

"Nii-san, I'm confiscating all your manga until you pass the upcoming exam!" Yukio said loudly, while gathering up all of Rin's books and putting them in a trunk. Rin was trying desperately to stop him, but Yukio's rage was too vicious, and he was pushed away. Rin's recent grades were abominable, and Yukio attributed this to too much manga.

Yukio locked the trunk and turned to Rin angrily. "Nii-san, why don't you understand? If you don't prove you can be a good exorcist, you'll be killed."

It had been about a week and a half since Yukio had confiscated Rin's manga, and the elder of the two hated to admit it, but his grades had started to improve.

Yukio had gone out on a mission that morning, and Rin had grown bored of studying for the day. He had learned enough, so what was the harm in having some fun? He looked around the room. He could go down to the kitchen and cook, but there was no one here to eat his food, and where was the fun in that? If only he had his manga, he could read something...

His eyes wandered to Yukio's side of the room. Come to think of it... Yukio liked reading manga too... right? Rin nodded, determined. He stood up and walked over to Yukio's desk and opened up the drawers curiously. Inside, he found the infamous stash of spare glasses, replacement parts for guns, a stack of binders which proved to be records of his perfect school work since junior high. Rin sighed, feeling defeated, until he pulled open the bottom drawer of the desk. Inside, he saw some very nicely kept books, neatly stacked in a way that befitted Yukio. Rin pulled out a few. "hmmm... 'Black Butler' 'Bakuman,' 'Junjou Romantica'... wait what?" with the exception of a few, all these mangas appeared to be romancy type things.

Rin grabbed the book that looked least dangerous, "Black Butler." He read through the volumes that Yukio had, and when he finished them, he vowed to start reading the volumes as he could find them. Still bored, and believing there was no danger of his brother coming home yet, Rin pulled out another manga, one that looked fairly similar to the other. Something called "the Crimson Spell." Rin opened it and, completely captivated by the battle on the first few pages, he turned the page. The story calmed down a bit, and Rin was excited to see where Havi and Vald would go on their journey. Quickly, though, the pages got darker, and he turned the page again to see an image he wished he could unsee.

His face flushed bright red and he threw the book the the floor, scrambling away from it. After a moment, he shook his head and crawled back over to pick the book up again. He could hardly believe what he had seen... Perhaps he was hallucinating? Yeah, that must be it, why would the calm and studious Yukio have something like that in the first place? Rin refused to think about the possibilities, and opened the book again, flipping through until he saw that one page. He was shocked to see that his brain wasn't messing with him.


Rin looked up in horror as he heard the door open, the book still open to that page. "Nii-san, I'm ba-" Yukio froze when he saw what Rin was holding. "Wh-wh-where did you find that?" He ran Forward and gathered up all his books, frantically holding them agains his chest. He was breathing heavily, and had picked up more books than he could carry. One fell to the ground, and Rin picked it up, Yukio frozen in fear. "I'll tie you up, kiss you, and fuck you!" the cover proclaimed brightly.

Rin blushed as Yukio shakily placed his armload of books on the desk and took it from Rin., avoiding his eyes. "s-sorry..." Yukio said, turning away and re orginizing his books.

"Ne, Yukio..." Rin looked up at his brother's wide back. "You're not... gay, are you?" He cringed a little, afraid of having his brother's wrath rain down upon him. Yukio's going to admit he likes Shiemi, has no interest in guys, and it will all go back to normal! He told himself frantically.

Yukio lowered his head, his entire neck red, and spoke quietly. "I... I am..." he turned without looking at Rin and ran out of the room, abandoning his pile of manga on the desk.

Thank you for reading, everyone! And please look forward to chapter two!