A/N: okie-dokie! So, I have always loved Batman since I was a little girl. I watched it on TV and just loved it. And now that I'm a teenager, i'm totally in love with him! Cause he's hot…don't judge! :P so I've always wondered, what if Harley Quinn and Batman got together? I mean, there aren't that many stories of this pairing on here, so why not add and try? So here's chapter one of What Is Love! Enjoy!

Harley Quinn stood there in the bathroom, trying her best to heal the fresh black eye that her pudding' gave to her just today.

'But it wasn't his fault' she would think, 'it was mine! I shouldn't have bothered him.'

He was upset because every time he tried to rob a store or take someone hostage, the Batman would always show up and foil his devious plan.

Harley winced when she put the wet, damp rag on her right eye. 'I was just tryin' to make him feel better, I just wanted to help him, comfort him, give him my love.'

Harley ran her finger over the bruise. 'But, I'll never leave him, this is love, right?' she thought to herself as she took off her head mask revealing her long, wavy blonde hair cascade down past her shoulders to the middle of her back.

She stared herself in the mirror and looked into her baby blue eyes. Harley sighed and came out of the bathroom and went into her room.

This was the 4th time this month that he hit her.

Harley quickly changed into normal clothes, which included a long sleeved pink top and a black flowing skirt with black ballet flats. She pulled her hair into a ponytail leaving one side bang out to cover her black eye.

She quietly exited her room and went to the front door of their place. She looked over to see the Joker still scribbling plots on his desk.

"I'm gonna go see Ivy Mistah J wont be long puddin." She said nervously as every word she said made her flinch hoping that the Joker wouldn't hurt her again.

Luckily for herm the Joker simply grumbled something and Harley quickly exited through the door.

As Harley walked the streets of Gotham, she noticed couples young and old passing by and holding on to each other.

Harley looked away.

'Wish that could be me and my mist J.' she thought quietly.

When she reached her destination, she knocked on the large door repeatedly. Harley saw the blinds in the window move and she waved.

Locks on the door began to unlock until the door opened revealing an augured haired woman with a long green nightgown on looking angry. "Harley, what are you-."

She cut off her sentence when she saw the black bruise under the blond bang. She grabbed Harley's hand and dragged her inside and shut the door.

"Did HE do this to you?" she growled as Harley sat down on the couch. Harley nodded sadly. "I made him mad Red! It was me Ivy!" Ivy went into her kitchen and Harley could hear the noise of ice and a rip of paper towel.

Ivy then came out and sat next to her friend and gave her the ice pack. "Harley, this is the 2nd time this month!" she exclaimed. "Fourth." Harley mumbled. Ivy looked taken aback. "im going to poison him." She said venomously.

"WHY? Why do you stay with him?" she asked frustrated. Harley put the ice pack to her eye. "Because I love him." She said sadly. Poison Ivy just stared and examined the harlequin. "So, you love a man who hits you?" she asked slowly.

Harley looked at Ivy. "Listen, mistah J, he just loses his temper often and I should know this. He's a sensitive guy." Harley said. "Sensitive?" Ivy laughed.

"Oh yeah, he's sensitive! So sensitive that he has to go and gun down Gotham city one person at a time! Harley if you don't leave him, you're going to die!"

Harley's head shot towards Ivy. "Die? No, he would never KILL me! I mean yeah, hit me around but not murder me in cold blood! Geez red, I mean c'mon!"

Harley said trying not to think about her puddin' pointing a gun at her.

"Harls, you can stay here as long as you want. I have an extra bedroom and some other sheets." Ivy said getting up and going to her closet and pulling out a thin, white sheet. Harley smiled and took the sheet out of her good friend's hand.

"Thanks Ivy." She said looking down at her damp paper towel in which the ice melted in. with that, ivy led Harley to the guest bedroom and helped her put the sheets and pillows on there. "I'll give you some money tomorrow so that you can go and buy yourself some stuff." Ivy said and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Harley smiled and lay down on the bed. She couldn't get the image of the joker out of her head. The white gloved hand, the impact of the hit on her eyes.

Harley turned on her side with a tear falling out of her bruised eye onto the pillow.