Hey There my lovelies! I am SUPER honored that so many of you guys and gals have reviewed my story! No, really, I'm blushing! I actually thought a lot of people would criticize my writing, but you all totally love it! Thanks ya guys! As maybe Harley would say! Anyways, a lot of you have messaged me about a specific date of publishing What is Love 2: A Crazy Engagement. And, I will tell you the date will be somewhere in late July. I know, so far! But pretty pretty please, bear with me. I just got out of school a week ago, and in August I will be on vacation. But don't worry, I will update too while I'm on vacation. Hopefully, there'll be Wifi around. I'm working on the chapters now and trying to make them as long as I can since most of you prefer longer chapters. I promise you, the wait will be worth it! I'm not going to be that type of author that promises you something and doesn't come through with it, NEVER! :)

So until then, XOXO- Brittany!

P.S.-Did any of you guys see the Avengers? I'm a total DC freak, but my brother got me hooked with Marvel now. Awesome movie in my opinion. Heard they're making a JLA movie soon! And make sure to see The Dark Knight Rises in July! WHOOO! I heard they're selling tickets for the midnight show already, I so got to check that out!