Ok I'm back with another chapter for this story! Lately I've really wanted to make a fanfic crossover between Toriko and some other series, but I feel the need to update this story first. It's been some time and I've made quite a few stories since then. Hope this'll make up for the wait! Plesase enjoy!

Assassins and Cowards

It had been quite an interesting time for Kiria at Yokai Academy. When he had first heard the news about this Monkey D. Luffy's power, he thought it was nothing more than a fluke. But during his time observing them, he was pleasantly surprised to see his true strength, and the strength of his friends, especially Zoro. They surpassed even Moka, an S-class Vampire, in power. He even got a front row seat to their battle with Midou. Not that it could be called a fight really, more like a beat down. They were strong, and for some reason their numbers were growing. How and from where they came, they did not know, but Anti-Thesis feared that Mikogami was gathering a powerful force to him. At any rate, they needed to do everything within their power to stop him. But now, instead of the direct route, they were going to go with an alternate means of attack.

The Monstrel walked through the school infirmary with a bit of a skip in his step. He was sent to meet with one of their undercover agents, who had been keeping an eye on Tsukune during his stay in the infirmary.

"Alright young man, you take care now! Don't push yourself too hard!" he heard a voice ahead. A student ran out of the office with a nod in thanks before leaving. Out walked one of the school nurses, sporting a classic dress and apron. She was smiling at first, until her eyes fell upon Kiria. A dark frown graced her features, and she motioned for him to come in. Kiria smiled and walked into her office, taking a seat at one of the stools.

"What a nice office you have here, Mako~! The student's seem to like you." Kiria pointed out, offering a small smirk.

"Cut the crap, Kiria. What are you here for?" Mako spat, eyeing him with great annoyance. "Have the higher ups decided what they wanted done to the Newspaper club?"

"They have actually." Kiria declared, never losing his smirk as he leaned back in his chair. "They want you to handle the situation. Destroy them from the inside, make them turn on each other."

"It'll be easy to get Tsukune and one of his weaker friends, but it won't be so easy with Strawhat Luffy." Mako relented, crossing her arms over her chest. "Even if Tsukune is under my control, we'd have to catch them off guard, and it would be hard to keep my control long enough for something like that to happen."

"It seems we'll have to cause the situation to arise instead." Kiria shrugged, but quickly shifted his head out of the way as a long bladed finger attempted to stab him. "Oi oi… what was that for?"

"Don't give me that bullshit." She hissed, a dark gleam in her eyes. "You're not here to help, you're here to eliminate me if I fail, isn't that right?"

"So dark~! No need to be so distrusting Mako." Kiria said raising his hands. "We've got to work together in this. They're quite strong as you know, and it would be wise not to underestimate them."

"Just stay out of it!" Mako growled, withdrawing her finger. "I'll handle this mess of the Newspaper club. I'll kill them all!"

"So scary~! At least she hasn't turned to her full ugly self." Kiria mused, chuckling as he watched her saunter out the room.

While most of the Strawhat pirates had settled into the idea of this monster school of Yokai Academy, a certain long nosed sniper was still adjusting a bit. He didn't know what to make of the Newspaper club, and was still a little baffled by the idea of so many new crew members. Usually it was only a person at a time, not so many at once. But that was the last thing on his mind. He was still freaking out about the fact that this was, indeed, a school for monsters.

As he walked the halls of the school, he found it a bit hard to believe at times that every single student was in fact a monster. It made him confused and afraid.

"At any moment one of these guys could jump out and attack me!" Usopp thought fearfully, visibly shivering. He was supposed to be with Chopper, but the little reindeer ran off to get some supplies from his room. He was instead told to meet him in the club room where he, Yukari and Usopp would pay a visit to Tsukune. It was his last day in the infirmary, and so to assure he was moved along a little faster, Chopper decided to try several medications to help.

"Damn it Chopper, why couldn't you have just taken me with you?!" Usopp mentally complained, nearly jumping every time someone got close. Thankfully he was close to the club room if memory serves. And he had nowhere near Zoro's sense of direction.

"Hello there, sir! Are you lost?" A kind student asked, making Usopp turn to them in appreciation.

"Ah no, I'm okay. Thanks for the-YAH!" The sniper immediately freaked out, backing against a wall. The student who had shown concern was stretching their neck out from their body, somewhat similar to how Luffy could, but this was much creepier to Usopp. The student blinked in question, tilting his head.

"Is something wrong?"

"N-n-no! I was j-just surprised by h-how… close you were! I thought you were a bit farther away!" Usopp quickly lied, starting to shuffle away. "S-sorry for the shocker, I've gotta go now! I've suddenly got stay-away-from-creepy-monsters disease!" He declared before taking off in a gust, quick as lightning. The student watched as he was gone in a heartbeat, clueless to the reason Usopp ran away.

"That was scary…" Usopp huffed out, panting as he relaxed once he stopped running. "This place is just full of weird people."

"Boo!" someone said behind him, pushing him in the back. Usopp immediately squealed, holding his arms up in surrender.

"I surrender, don't eat me!"

"Wow, you really are a big coward!" A young voice said behind him, starting to giggle hysterically. Usopp sweat dropped before turning around and seeing the young witch Yukari Sendo laughing at his expense.

"Oh it's you, thank god." Usopp sighed in relief, relaxing at the sight of the small witch. "Hey, don't laugh at me!"

"Chopper said you were a big scaredy cat, I didn't think it was this bad desu!" Yukari teased further, making a tick mark grow on the sniper's head.

"Oi oi, don't tease me, little girl! You are unaware of the presence you stand in! I have more than eight thousand followers! I am the brave warrior of the sea who challenged the world itself! I am Captain Usopp!" Usopp proclaimed confidently, pounding a hand against his chest proudly. Yukari stared up at him for a moment before breaking out in laughter.

"You make me look like an amateur compared to your lies!" Yukari giggled out, making Usopp fall in shock.

"Hey, no reason to be so blunt about it…" Usopp muttered out, rubbing his head as he sat up.

"Oh good, you're both here!" Chopper said as he approached them from behind, carrying a small bag of supplies. "I thought I might have taken too long, sorry about that."

"You're fine Chopper-kun! I just got here as well!" Yukari answered cheerfully, smiling at the tiny doctor.

"Why'd you have to make me walk this place alone?!" Usopp groaned in annoyance, grabbing Chopper by the fur and shaking him. "This place is creepy!"

"No it's not! You're just a big coward!" Yukari pointed out with her tongue sticking out.

"Quiet you! How would you like to be thrown into some random world full of crazy monsters trying to kill you?!" Usopp retorted sourly, crocodile tears pouring from his eyes.

"Wow, it's almost sad to see how afraid he is." Yukari said with a sweat drop.

"That's just Usopp, don't mind him. He's really cool when it counts!" Chopper declared with a small smile.

"You're both horrible people…" Usopp whined quietly, sinking to the floor in defeat.

"So is anyone else coming, or is it just us?" Yukari asked curiously.

"Well Luffy and Zoro said they were helping Moka with get something ready for Tsukune tomorrow but she might come by a bit later, and Kurumu is busy taking tutorial classes, and Sanji is getting ready for tomorrow's class." Chopper announced, counting off each activity their friends were involved in on his hoof.

"What about that club president guy though?" Usopp asked thoughtfully.

"Gin? What about him, he's the enemy of all women!" Yukari proclaimed with an annoyed head turn.

"What did he do to earn that title?" Usopp asked with a sweat drop.

"Something about being a pervert I think." Chopper shrugged, having missed the first time they had fought against the werewolf.

"Anyways let's go! Tsukune is waiting for us!" The young witch declared brightly, pulling Chopper by his small hoof.

"Ok, no need to pull so hard!" Chopper laughed as he ran alongside Yukari. Usopp watched them for a moment before flinching and running after the two. "Hey, don't leave me behind now!"

The undercover assassin, Mako Yukumaru, continued under her guise as the nice and gentle nurse. Her plan was going to be easy: walk in to Tsukune's room, control his mind and make him fight Strawhat Luffy. He would most likely fail, but it would also possibly bring division between the friends as a group. From what she had gathered, they were very fond of each other, something that made the assassin sick to her stomach. I'll use their pathetic notion of friendship against them, and turn them all into my chess pieces. Once that is done, nothing will stop me from killing Monkey D. Luffy.

She struggled to keep a straight face as she mentally cackled, playing the scene of a blood bath out in her mind. Just the thought of the pain and death was starting to turn her on, but she fought the urge to act on such feelings. She had to first take Tsukune as her pawn, and once that was done, the rest would fall into place.

She opened the door to the office where Tsukune was staying, finding him sitting up in his bed. Tsukune turned to her and offered a small smile.

"Hello Mako-sensei!" He greeted cheerfully, a slight annoyance rising up in the assassin to see how happy he seemed.

"Hello Tsukune-san! How are you feeling today? You look better than ever!" Mako asked, feigning kindness as she hid her hand behind her back. Her index finger extended into a long needle like point, and a small bit of fluid dripped from its tip.

"Very good, actually! I feel like I could leave today if that'd be alright." Tsukune declared full of hope. He outstretched his shoulders and arms to loosen them up. Mako felt a small bead of sweat slide down her cheek, knowing that she was now out of time. She feigned a smile and walked next to his bed.

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that Aono-san." Mako declared, making the young brunette turn to her in question. "I'm afraid that Anti-thesis has other plans for you. Please kill the boy named Monkey D. Luffy for us."

"What do you…?" Tsukune muttered, Mako's words hit Tsukune like a ton of bricks, making him turn stiff as he felt his fight or flight reaction taking place. He knew he wasn't strong enough to fight any monster, and so the best he could do is get out of there before anything else.

"I need to go for a walk…." Tsukune muttered, trying to excuse himself despite the situation. He threw his feet out of the bed and tried to run for the window. He didn't make it far though, and was soon incapacitated by her long needle like finger piercing the wall in front of him.

"Sorry Aono-san, but that's not an option." She sang lightly, withdrawing her finger before quickly stabbing him in the neck. Tsukune gurgled out incoherent sounds, his eyes going wide and dark.

"Don't worry, you'll live. I just need to inject my thoughts into your mind. Destroy the little 'friendship' you all share." Mako proclaimed, a slightly lewd expression crossing her face. "The pain and suffering you'll cause will be amazing~!"

Mako chuckled darkly as a faint blush crossed her face. She became so lost in her thoughts that she did not notice the door open behind her, and walked in Yukari, Chopper and Usopp. The young witch jumped inside with her arms spread out and getting ready to jump on the bed.

"Tsukune, we came to check up on you!" Yukari announced happily, skipping to the bed. She blinked as it was empty and she caught sight of Mako at the side. Usopp and Chopper's eyes widened like plates as they saw her injecting his neck, and Yukari trembled in fear.

"Tsukune!" Yukari shouted. In seconds, Usopp brought out Green Kabuto and Chopper grew into his Heavy Point.

"What are you doing to Tsukune?!" Chopper growled, taking a step closer. Mako glanced back at them and smiled darkly.

"Oh good, now I can have multiple pieces on my side." The assassin cackled, turning to the three and holding Tsukune's limp body in front of her. Chopper and Usopp got ready to attack, but stopped when Mako held the brunette up threateningly. "Ah ah, don't move. My finger might just slip and pierce his throat."

"Tsukune!" Yukari whined, looking at Chopper and Usopp. "Please, don't!" She pleaded, making the two stop in their tracks. Usopp and Chopper glanced at each other hopelessly, unsure what to do.

"That's good, take a step back now." Mako warned them, raising her monstrel arm in Tsukune's neck.

"You better not hurt him…" Chopper growled, listening to her demands alongside Usopp. The sniper narrowed his eyes, trying to find an opening. He had to hit her just right, so that when she would fall back her hand would not jerk deeper into Tsukune's neck. It was a good thing he carried Kabuto around with him at all times. He wouldn't walk this school without it after all.

"Lower your… pathetic sling shot." Mako laughed, having never seen anyone use such a weapon in her life. That set something off in Usopp and he growled. "I'll show you pathetic…" Usopp hissed, preparing his shot. Before Mako could react, the sniper launched his attack.

Hissatsu: Butterfly Meteor!

In a blinding flash, an explosion erupted in Mako's face, making her shriek in pain. She dropped Tsukune down, her hand thankfully falling away as planned from his neck. Yukari rushed in with Chopper, grabbing Tsukune and carrying him off.

"Yosh, let's run now!" Usopp declared with a thumb up, turning around and running at top speed.

"Why don't we finish her-" Yukari started, but was quickly pulled along by Chopper.

"We don't have time for that, let's find everyone else and get to safety!" Chopper declared, shifting to his full reindeer form and carrying both Tsukune and Yukari. The young witch was left little room to argue, nodding in agreement before turning her attention to Tsukune.

"Tsukune, are you okay?" Yukari asked hopefully, shaking him lightly. He didn't respond, his eyes closed and his breathing quiet.

"Is he doing alright?" Chopper asked, glancing back at Yukari from the side.

"He's breathing but… I don't know what's wrong with him." Yukari said, frowning in worry. She looked up to see that they were catching up to Usopp who didn't stop running to acknowledge them. "He can really run, huh?" Yukari asked with a sweat drop.

"Hah! Did you see that? My expert sniping saved the day yet again! Another great tale to be added to the collection of the great Captain Uso-"

"Graaagh!" The three heard from behind them, sending shivers down Usopp's spine as they all skidded to a halt. "I was going to control you all as my pieces, but I think I'll kill you long nose!"

"D-do you think she means me?" Usopp whimpered, pointing to himself. They covered their ears as they started to hear a loud screeching noise sound through the halls. "What the hell is this?!"

Yukari flinched at the horrible screech, but once it stopped she raised her head in question. "What was that supposed to… Tsukune?" She stuttered in surprise, seeing the brunette push off Chopper's back.

"Oh Tsukune, you're okay!" Chopper shouted happily. Usopp raised a brow to look at the hunched over boy, his eyes shaded by his hair.

"Hey Tsukune, you should get back on top of Chopper, we need to get-" Usopp began, but was stopped when Tsukune started to grab his neck and pushed him onto the ground. "Wh-what are you…" Usopp struggled out, but couldn't finish as Tsukune started to try and strangle him. Usopp grabbed his arms, surprised by the amount of strength he possessed.

"Tsukune stop! What are you doing?!" Yukari shouted desperately, grabbing his arms alongside Chopper and attempting to pull him off. At first his hold was firm, and he was immovable for a time. Usopp chocked out a cough and swung hard, punching Tsukune in the jaw. It knocked him off balance, and Chopper took this chance and shifted into his Heavy Point and bear hugged Tsukune.

"What's wrong with you Tsukune? Snap out of it!" Chopper pleaded, his strength proving too much for Tsukune as he kept a strong hold on him.

"What the hell was that? He tried to kill me!" Usopp coughed out, feeling his neck. The doors around them swung open, making them nearly jump out of their skin. Several people walked out of each room, their expressions blank and their eyes almost dead.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Usopp screamed in fear, pulling up Kabuto and aiming at the other people.

"They're all under some kind of hypnosis like Tsukune! It's probably what she was injecting into his neck!" Yukari explained, raising her wand defensively. "We have to get out of here!"

"What about Tsukune? Is there a way to help him?" Chopper asked fearfully, staying behind Yukari and Usopp as he attempted to keep the struggling boy from breaking free.

"We don't have time to figure it out! Knock him out and let's make a run for it!" Usopp advised them, drawing back the strings of his slingshot.

Hissatsu: Smoke Star!

Before the hypnotized bystanders were too close, a cloud of smoke covered the three from sight. Usopp took this chance to guide the tree, his keen eyes able to make out the shapes of those around him.

"Come on, this way! Don't let go of Tsukune!" Usopp ordered, waving for the two to follow him. Yukari and Chopper nodded, quickly following after the sniper as he pushed through the mind controlled students and staff. He was able to find a way through that had the least amount of them, making it easier for the three to charge through.

"There's the exit!" Usopp proclaimed, dashing faster to try and make it before the zombie-like students could catch them. He skidded to a halt as several doors swung open near the exit, and more of the mind controlled student's walked out. Chopper and Usopp screamed in fear before quickly turning around.

"Through this door!" Usopp said quickly, charging through the closest office to the three. He prepared Kabuto in case there were some waiting for them inside, but was thankful to find it empty. He quickly ran across the room to the bed and started pushing it to the door.

"Help me barricade it Yukari!" Usopp shouted, pushing the bed against the door. Yukari nodded and quickly searched the room for any big objects she could find. From outside, the students started to pound on the door, almost knocking Usopp back. The sniper recovered and quickly pushed back against the bed, trying to keep it locked.

"Just go away already!" Usopp whined, mustering all his strength into pushing the bed. Yukari failed to find anything useful and looked around frantically.

"I've got an idea!" Yukari suddenly shouted, raising her wand. "Wash pans, go!"

"Wash what now?" Usopp asked until his head was smashed down by the yellow tin can Yukari was fond of summoning. It started to rain the random object out of nowhere, and covered the door, and Usopp's upper body.

"Oops… sorry about that Usopp." Yukari apologized with a sweat drop.

"What are you trying to kill me?" Usopp growled, popping out of the burial.

"Hey guys, Tsukune's asleep!" Chopper declared, grabbing their attention. Yukari ran over as Chopper eased him down to the floor.

"Do you think he'll come back to himself?" Usopp asked frightfully, crossing his arms as he relaxed against the wall.

"I don't know. I've never dealt with something like this before…" Yukari muttered, tears welling up in her eyes. Chopper frowned and held her hand, shaking his head. Suddenly, Tsukune started to stir in his sleep, making the three recoil in fear.

"Is he still mind controlled?" Usopp asked fearfully, raising his slingshot. Chopper held Tsukune down by his arms just in case, afraid the boy might attack them again. Tsukune started to slowly open his eyes, groaning in pain.

"Wh-what happened?" He asked quietly, looking at the three above him. "Chopper? Yukari? Usopp? What's going on?"

"Oh Tsukune you're back!" Yukari shouted happily, taking the brunette into a hug. Chopper sighed in relief before releasing his arms.

"I was afraid that you were still being controlled." Chopper explained, taking a seat.

"Hey guys, we can't relax now! We've still got a hoard of zombies on the other side!" Usopp whisper yelled, the hypnotized students still banging on the door. "How do we get out of here?"

"What's going on? What are you guys talking about? I don't remember a thing…" Tsukune groaned, massaging the part of this neck where he was injected.

"Some crazy nurse lady was trying to mind control you desu!" Yukari proclaimed, frowning as she examined his neck. "I think she was trying to get you to attack everyone! We have to be careful though, she's controlling a bunch of other students!"

"What do we do?" Tsukune asked, lifting himself to one knee up.

"We could try jumping out the window maybe…" Chopper suggested, but that was shot down as he realized the window's were far too small for any of them to fit.

"Maybe we should try charging through with your horn point?" Yukari asked, making Chopper deflate.

"Sorry, I forgot to bring my rumble balls. I can't change into any of my fighting forms."

"What?! How could you forget something so important?! We need more power!" Usopp complained, shaking the reindeer in aggravation.

"I'm sorry!" Chopper cried, his eyes turning to swirls. Usopp soon stopped as the banging suddenly ceased, the halls becoming quiet again. The four looked at each other in question, but dared not to make a sound. Suddenly the sound of pointed heels hitting the ground and approaching the room could be heard, making the small group tense up in fear.

"Are you all hiding in there?" The heard Mako sing slightly, a dark underlying tone to her words. "Come out of there, or I will come in~."

"Not a chance lady! Wait until my eight thousand men show up and wreak this place apart!" Usopp threatened lamely, keeping his Kabuto pointed at the door. Mako merely cackled at his words.

"You're not only a coward but a liar as well. I should have expected as much." Mako pointed out.

"Wow, she seems to know you very well Usopp…" Chopper muttered, making the sniper face fault. Without warning, the door was suddenly pierced through by a long monstrel bladed finger, attempting to slash those behind it.

"Shit, what is that?!" Usopp cried, falling on his back as he narrowly dodged it. Chopper covered Yukari with his Heavy Point body, curling up on the ground while Tsukune yelped as he covered his head. The long bladed finger continued to swipe through the room randomly, slightly scratching Usopp on the arm and once hitting Chopper in the back. Both yelped in pain but struggled to keep their mouths shut, trying to keep her from finding her target. After a few moments of hitting nothing but air, she stopped in her attempt to kill them, and again it was quiet.

"I should let you all know something: I have your friend Moka out here with me." Mako declared, chuckling darkly. Immediately Tsukune tensed, sitting up and rushing to his feet.

"Don't lie! Moka wasn't here!" Usopp growled, grabbing Tsukune's arm before he did anything rash.

"That's where you're wrong. She came to visit while you three ran off, and now she's my new puppet." Mako laughed darkly. Tsukune pulled from Usopp's hold, running for the door.

"Moka-chan!" He shouted in dread, peeking through the hole that Mako had made. He could see the Monstrel holding someone in her arms, and was able to identify it as Moka. She was limp in Mako's arms, who was injecting her bladed finger inside of the vampire. "Stop! Let Moka-chan go!"

"Come out of there, and we can talk about it first." Mako ordered, her long needle hand rising in threat. Tsukune started to dig away at the water pans, trying to get to the door.

"Tsukune, don't!" Usopp shouted, grabbing the brunette by the arm. "It's a trick! She just wants to lure us out and kill us!"

"I don't care! She's got Moka-chan! We have to get to her!" Tsukune retorted, continuing to dig away at the door. Usopp gulped deeply before sighing. He dropped Kabuto and looked at Chopper sadly.

"What can we do?" Usopp asked hopelessly. Chopper frowned and glanced at Yukari who was now shaking with fear herself. The reindeer sniffed away any tears or snot that might fall from his face and nodded.

"Let's go out there. We have to save Moka!" Chopper declared, standing in his large Heavy Point. "If we have to, we'll fight our way to her!"

"Don't try to get any funny ideas now." Mako warned them. "If you try anything, this pretty little vampire will die."

Immediately their hopes seemed to be lost, making Usopp shiver in fear. He had barely been at this school for more than five seconds, and already things like this were happening. He regretted coming through the portal after Luffy and the others, and wished he was anywhere else but here. He dropped Kabuto hopelessly, unsure of what to do.

"I'm going out." Tsukune announced, making the others turn to him. "I can't let Moka be hurt because of me. I'm sorry you guys, please try to escape if this goes wrong."

"W-wait a sec! It's definitely a trap! Don't go out-" Usopp protested, but it was too late as the brunette pushed the door open after clearing the bed and pans. He walked into the hall filled with the hypnotized students, who stood there like statues, waiting for orders. Mako chuckled lightly as she watched him approach slowly.

"Now the rest of you come out. And don't make any sudden moves." Mako ordered, and slowly Chopper and Yukari filed out of the room, holding hands and fearing the worst. Usopp was reluctant at first and scratched his head furiously before coming out. "Damn it!" He screamed. He was a coward, but he wouldn't let his friends face such evil alone. He grabbed his long sling shot, hoping he could still fight.

"You I will personally entertain myself with." Mako said pointing at Usopp who immediately wanted to crawl in a corner and cry. "But as for the rest of you… I think I'll kill the boy and leave the gorillaand the witch to attack the others. Catch the long nosed one for me."

"No!" Tsukune shouted, trying to get closer to Moka. He was stopped as he was suddenly overtaken by the hypnotized students, all of them starting to chomp on his body

"Tsukune!" The other three shouted, and immediately Chopper started swinging as strong as he could. He knocked away quite a few and tried to get close, but several of the students shifted into their monster forms as well, pushing him back. Yukari was grabbed and restrained quickly, unable to summon her steel cards to attack. Usopp suffered the same fate, unable to get a hold of Kabuto before he could launch an attack.

"Damn it, Tsukune!" Chopper cried, watching the boy being ripped into. Mako even launched her needle finger and stabbed him in the stomach, cackling at his pain and blushing.

"That screaming, yes yes! More~!" She sang, starting to feel herself become hot and heavy. Usopp struggled in their grips, but was able to get to his side bag.

"Shit, this is my last shot or it's all over…" He groaned, reaching into his satchel and pulled out Ginga Pachinko. He was now very thankful that he still carried it around.

Hissatsu: Blasting Cactus Star!

As quick as possible, he aimed to the roof and launched his pellet. Upon impact it exploded and released a barrage of small quills, stinging and confusing some of the hypnotized students, allowing him time to break free. He dropped Pachinko and grabbed Kabuto from the ground, grabbing one of his larger pellets. Mako was distracted now by the falling quills, covering her face. Luckily she had dropped Moka to the ground, and it gave him a clear shot. "Take this, horrible monster nurse!"

Hissatsu: Fire Bird Star!

In a large burst of flame, a burning bird flew at the monstrel, catching Mako off guard. She had no time to dodge, and was quickly enveloped in flames. She screamed in pain as she fell back, her eyes rolling over as she fell toward the ground unconscious. The monsters around them started to come to their senses, falling to the ground unconscious. Chopper and Yukari were able to break free from their captors, looking around in question. Usopp panted as he lowered his large slingshot, falling to the ground in weariness.

"I thought we were all gonna die for a second…" Usopp whined before laughing a bit hysterically.

"I can't believe it… he did it!" Yukari cheered, smiling at Chopper who shifted to his smaller form and smiled.

"See? Usopp is an awesome hero after all!" Chopper laughed, earning an annoyed glare from the sniper.

"Hey, I'm always an amazing hero! Don't forget that!" He complained, only receiving laughter as a response. They suddenly tensed up and turned their attention back to Tsukune, who lie on the ground beaten and bitten up horribly.

"Oh no! I've gotta make sure he's okay!" Chopper shouted, rushing over to the brunette. "Check on Moka Yukari!"

"Okay!" The young witch responded, rushing to the Moka's side. Thankfully, she was beginning to stir and push herself up. Yukari held her arm and eased Moka to a sitting position against the wall.

"Are you okay desu?" Yukari asked, looking at Moka with great worry. The vampire nodded, looking around in confusion.

"What happened? How did I get here? I remember coming to visit Tsukune and…" Moka started, glancing around the halls. Moka's gaze soon fell upon Tsukune, making the pinkette gasp in shock before rushing to the brunette. "Tsukune!"

"He's lost a lot of blood… we need to move him now!" Chopper explained quickly, shifting to his Heavy Point again and getting ready to carry the human.

"Can you do anything for him Chopper?" Usopp asked worriedly, wincing at the damage done to Tsukune's body.

"I can, but we need to find someone who's a match for his blood to do a transfusion, and then I have to do surgery." Chopper explained, knowing the damage done to Tsukune was horrible. Yukari covered her mouth and sniffled sadly, heartbroken alongside Moka to see their friend in such bad damage. As Chopper got ready to leave, Moka grabbed his arm and looked up at the reindeer intensely.

"We don't have time for that. I know what to do." Moka declared, earning a questioning look from Chopper and Usopp. Moka grabbed Tsukune's hand tenderly, brushing her hand over his face. "I'm so sorry Tsukune… I never meant for you to get hurt like this while you were here…" She murmured, tears falling from her eyes. Moka used his hand to quickly pull off the Rosary, unleashing her more powerful form. The others at first flinched at the sudden change, but were given no time to wonder about it.

"This is horrible…" Inner Moka stated, looking Tsukune over. "My outer self was right, there's no time for your medical treatment. I can save him though, give him to me."

"Y-yeah, okay." Chopper stuttered, handing the brunette down to the vampire slowly. Tsukune's breathing was becoming hitched, forcing the vampire to act quickly. She bit into his neck, beginning to inject her blood inside of him.

"Hey, what are you-" Usopp complained, but stopped when Chopper raised a hand.

"She's injecting her blood into Tsukune. It has healing properties." The reindeer explained, earning a raised brow from the sniper.

"Moka-san did this the first time Tsukune was heavily injured, and it worked amazingly!" Yukari reassured him, a sad smile on the witches face. Usopp hesitated to accept such a thing, but then again this place was as unnatural to him as the Grand Line was. After some time, Moka finished injecting her blood and unlatched from his neck. She frowned sadly at Tsukune's unconscious form, and already the healing properties were going to work.

"Wow, he's healing really quick!" Usopp said in shock, watching the wounds start to disappear. Moka handed Tsukune back to Chopper, giving him a quick nod.

"He'll need rest again, but I doubt it will be here. Take him to his room. Longnose, go and let Strawhat and the others know about what has happened here." The vampire ordered, turning away from the three.

"What are you gonna do?" Usopp asked with a raised brow, watching her stomp over to Mako's burnt form. She grabbed the monstrel by the neck and growled lowly, her grip tightening as the vampire held her in the air.. Mako cringed in pain, trying to break off Moka's hold in vein. She shivered as she stared into inner Moka's red irises, fearing the possibility of death by her hand.

"I'm going to find out everything we need to know, and she's going to tell me."

To be continued…

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