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September 15th 2005

Ziva David, walked into the NCIS building slowly, she was on a mission and nothing more. Sadly she rode the elevator. She had just come from tacking out the Hamas terrist, that the director of Mossad had ordered her to, not caring if it was his son and her brother, Ari Haswari.

She had saved and NCIS agent's life in the process. She didn't need any more hurt in her life, she had had enough of that Three years ago.


August 15th 2002

Ziva groaned and picked up her ringing cell phone.

"David" she said after looking at the ID, Mossad, her father director David

"Ziva, I need you back in Isreal, no questions asked." He said tursly

"Abba No I cannot, they haven't yet I cannot." Ziva tried to reason

"No Ziva, there will be an officer there tonight you are coming back." He said and hung up leaving no room for discussion, Ziva sighed. She dressed and began to write a note explaining why she was leaving.


"Can I help you?" a voice asked her. She looked up and saw a brown haired women and a geeky looking man.

"I am looking for Special Agent Gibbs." She said. Tossing her bag down by the desk on her right and sitting in the chair.

"He's meeting with the Director at the moment can we help you with anything?" the man asked.

"No I need Agent Gibbs."

"I'm Agent Kate Todd this is Agent Timothy McGee" the female (Kate) said.

"Ziva Mossad" She said curtly she rarly said her last name anymore manly because it hurt.

"Ziva." A new voice came from the far end of the bullpen. Ziva stood and made her way toward the owner of the voice.

"Shalom Jen" Ziva said kissing her friend on the cheek

"I want to thank you Ziva for saving my agent's life's tonight" Jenifer Shepared said. Ziva just nodded.

"Agent Gibbs Mossad requests the body of Ari Haswari be sent to Isreal" Ziva said turning to face the older agent.

"We'll arrange it" he said.

"Gibbs meet Ziva David-D" Ziva's curt glare at Jen made her stop her sentence.

"Officer Ziva" she finished. The elevator pinged and out stepped Anthony DiNozzo. Smiling and happy.

"Het McGoo, Kate, Boss and new director" he said. Ziva's head snapped to the direction of Tony

"Agent DiNozzo, this is Jenifer Shepared the new director and" Kate was cut off but Ziva

"Tony?" Ziva said taking a step closer to him. Tony looked at her and slowly smiled.

"Ziva" he held his arms for her which she sprinted into.

Ziva let herself collapse against Tony letting him take her weight and hold her. The rest of the team just stared at the pair.

"DiNozzo" Gibbs snapped "Explain" Tony looked up at his boss and team mates. Ziva turned her head and looked at them as well.

"I did not let Jen finish my name. I am Officer Ziva David-DiNozzo" Ziva said.

"is she your sister?" Tim asked which earned him a head slap from Gibbs

"No McDumb she's my wife meet her four years ago, married six months later then she was forced back to Isreal by her father a year after we were married." Tony said

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