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Kurt smiles tightly at the prep team. He'd woken early with very little sleep the night before, only to be rushed inside the Remake Center, surrounded by peacekeepers. He was greeted immediately by two very flamboyant people, wearing outlandish outfits. They seem to be the epitome of the capitol Kurt thinks as he's pulled happily by the two into a room. They smile at him merrily, and clap their hands together as though they have a new pet to play with.

"Hi I'm Chandler!" greets one, holding out a delicate hand. Kurt looks from it, to the guy's face, arching an eyebrow. Chandler lowers his hand, slightly, glancing at his counterpart. "And I'm Unique." greets the other, smile not dwindling, completely unfazed by Kurt's lack of warmth.

They get straight to the point, chattering back and forth as they command Kurt to strip. Kurt looks down at his body, suddenly self-conscious. The two prep artists look at him expectantly, and finally Kurt pulls off his simple shirt and pants, revealing a pale, toned body.

He ends up taking three different baths, soaking his skin in special oils and soaps that make his skin silky soft and his hair cleaner than it's ever been before.

"You're lucky we don't have to wax you." comments Chandler as he plucks Kurt's eyebrows, "Your skin is so sensitive you would have looked like a plucked chicken."

Unique nods, "Do you moisturize?"

She's rubbing a cool green cream onto his face, making his skin feel healthy and young.

"I try to stay clean and keep grease of my face, but no I don't do anything else."

"Well you are naturally gorgeous!" exclaims Chandler, making Kurt blush.

"Mmm, too bad Holly told us not to make any alterations. Some tasteful tattoos around your cheekbones…" murmurs Unique, looking wistful, "Oh, well you're about done now."

A few minutes later the prep team leave and Kurt is ashamed that he almost misses their presence. They're two of the happiest people he's ever met and even if he despises the way they come by that happiness it did lighten his mood. Kurt scowls to himself. He hates that he finds it hard to hate them. The thing is that they're all the same too. Kurt, forever terrified of the autonomous machines that are the people of his district, realizes that everyone in the Capitol are just as uniform. All of them fight so hard to be, well, unique and stand out, but when everyone's is special, no one is. At least they're happy he thinks morosely.

"Hi I'm Holly Holiday." greets a simply dressed blond woman, striding into the room. Kurt's not sure what he expected. Chandler had been wearing glasses made entirely of some sort of green gem, with a pointy hat covered in feathers. Unique was wearing an outfit made entirely of fur and silk. Holly on the other hand is wearing a simple black outfit with a leather jacket. She has on black eyeliner as well which goes off her eye lids and reaches back towards her hair line, but compliments her facial shape. The effect is stunning. Kurt likes her immediately.

"Are you my stylist?" Kurt asks, though the answer seems fairly obvious.

"I thought you'd never ask." She says, sitting down across from him, although she sits in the chair backwards.

"Turn around." She says, motioning her finger in a circle. By this time Kurt has gotten used to standing naked in front of people, so he turns slowly on the spot, allowing Holly to check him out.

She smiles kindly and tells him to put his robe back on.

"Let's have a chat." She says, leading him out of the sterile white room and into a plush sitting room. There are cushions on the floor and she sits down on one next to a low table heaping with food.

"You eat and I'll talk." She states. Kurt cautiously sits down across from her, not sure what to expect. The food however, calls to him, so he grabs some and starts stuffing his mouth. There's no reason he shouldn't try to put on a few extra pounds before the games.

"You need to get sponsors." Holly points out, not wasting any time. "To be frank with you, I doubt that will happen through your training score, so the opening ceremony is your best chance."

Kurt nods, appreciating that what she said is probably true. It's a little hard to concentrate however as his mouth is filled with some sort of chicken with a delicious crunchy skin that tastes slightly of lemon. Given the chance he would probably marry it.

"I'm the only designer this year for District 6 and I want you and Tina to enter with a bang."

Kurt continues nodding, getting a little apprehensive. The costumes worn by each tribute are meant to reflect the industry in each district. 6 is transportation so they're often dressed as train conductors. One year the tributes were wearing gears strung together to cover the kids' private areas. The effect wasn't a particularly good one.

"I want to focus on the materials used to make the locomotives, not the trains themselves."

Kurt swallows. I'll be wearing steel underwear for sure.

An hour later he's dressed and Holly allows him to look in the mirror. The effect is stunning. He's wearing a well cut suit that looks like It's made of bronze. If he weren't moving you'd swear he couldn't but the cloth moves easily, running smoothly under his fingers as he strokes the sleeve. It looks like he's wearing sheets of metal that have been crafted to look like clothes that fit him perfectly.

"Wow." He murmurs. His face also looks different. He has metallic eyeliner and shadow that brings out the different colors in his eyes and his lips shimmer with gold specks. His hair is also streaked with metallic shades. It's dazzling.

Holly grins, admiring her work. "Yes this will do nicely."

Blaine grits his teeth as Sebastian rips the last patch of hair from his chest. It tingles then stings, just like the rest of his body. Blaine has never waxed before and he hopes he never will again. Then he rolls his eyes to himself because hey, he's never going to think about this kind of thing ever again. He looks down at his smooth torso and tries to imagine it ripped open. Blood smeared over his body and his life seeping out through fatal wounds.

"Hey hot stuff, go take another bath."

Blaine looks at Sebastian for a moment before walking into the next room and sinking down into the huge bathtub. His head sinks down into the suds and it stings his eyes but it's better than keeping it above where Sebastian is staring at him. His gaze has been making him uncomfortable for the entire morning of preparing for the opening ceremony. The other members of his prep team chatter to each other as they go about filing his nails, whitening his teeth and rubbing fancy scrubs into his skin. Then a debate starts about how much they should pluck his eyebrows. Blaine who's now sitting on the edge of the tub wrapped in a towel rubs his thumb over his eyebrow.

"What's wrong with my eyebrows?"

Sebastian smirks and walks over. "Nothing. They're sexy."

Blaine blushes and looks down.

"We'll let Sandy take it from here." says another member of the prep team. The rest nod and follow her out the door, Sebastian going last, turning to wink at Blaine as he closes the door behind him. A moment later a man with spiky pink hair saunters through the door.

"My my what have we here?" he murmurs circling the now standing Blaine like a vulture.

"It's not much to work with," He sighs pushing Blaine into a chair. "but luckily I have a fabulous outfit planned for you and Brittany."

Blaine raises one of his thick eyebrows, starring at the man in front of him. He doesn't even seem human he's so strange and foreign. He's wearing a pink suit that looks like it's made from rattlesnake skin making Blaine shudder. He was bitten by one once when he was pretty young and was almost killed. If his family hadn't had enough money for anti-venom he wouldn't have stood a chance. The stylist's skin is also tinged slightly pink and it really freaks Blaine out. This guy is very…Capitol.

Kurt glances around the room on sure where he's meant to be. Holly had told him to stand alone to look like he is self-sufficient but hadn't really given him any other instructions. He glances around as other tributes start lining up next to chariots with their mentors and stylists. Where is everyone he thinks to himself, not feeling particularly self-sufficient though he tries to keep his expression calm. Then he spots two glimmering horses and a metallic chariot that match his suit. He walks over to them casually, trying to seem like he knows what to do.


Kurt turns to see Tina standing behind him in a dress made from the same material as his. She's wearing a gear in her hair like a flower which matches the one on his lapel. He smiles at her then gets on the chariot. He then reaches back down and helps her climb up next to him.

"Do you know at we're supposed to do?" she asks him, looking around. Her eyes are remarkably tear free and Kurt wonders how on earth the Holly and her prep team had managed to reduce the puffiness from days of crying so well. Whatever it was they did seem to make Tina more confident and she is standing next to Kurt at her full height, looking ready to face the crowds.

"One your dress is stunning and two I suppose we're meant to wait for the rest of our crew."

He looks back towards the elevators, hoping to see Holly, Will, April or even Emma, but instead notices a short guy, wearing very little clothing beyond a cowboy hat. If Kurt could wolf whistle and it was a different time and also place and well he were a different person he might have whistled but instead he blushes and stares determinedly at the horses in front of him because this is so not the time or place for this. Tina gives him a weird look and is about to say something when suddenly the chariot starts moving forward, the horses seeming to know exactly where to go. Kurt gives Tina a reassuring smile and she takes his hand. It's soft and Kurt decides he might as well keep holding on, it could be good to look like he's got an ally.

When their chariot rolls smoothly out into the crowds of people there's a hush then screaming. They love the metal (or not metal) outfits. Kurt doesn't particularly want to suck up to any of these people he despises so much but Tina is smiling and waving and he's still holding her hand so he grins albeit tightly and waves at the flamboyant, loud, and raucous crowd.

I want to win

I deserve to win

Even if it means killing other people?

He waves

Even then

I just want to see my father again

Is that too much to ask?

At the expense of 23 lives?

Why not?

Because it's wrong

What even defines wrong anyway

We all have the right to make it through this

Killing to save yourself isn't wrong

Killing is always wrong

Self-defense is o.k.

So only killing people who try to kill you?

You'll die pretty quickly

His smile widens

Shut up

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