Hey guys I'm back from the dead. Okay so I have been off the grid for a while one because the forums been weird and two I had time what so freaking ever to post this. But I did promise you guys a new story and I've kept my promise. So kick off your shoes, grab an ice cold soda and enjoy my story as it has action, adventure, and romance. Here is The Birthday Mission.

Chapter 1- Forgotten

Skipping happily down the hall, Sasha headed toward her and her master, Obi-wan's apartment. Sasha had all the reason in the galaxy to be happy as tomorrow was a big day for her. She was so excited for the party Padme and Satine were throwing for her.

Sasha entered the apartment to see her mentor sitting on his meditation pad, meditating. Sasha came over and sat on the couch, waiting to talk to him. Obi-wan could sense his padawan's excitement through their bond. He smiled.

"What are you so excited about?" he asked eyes still closed.

Sasha chuckled. "Don't say you forgot?"

"Of course I didn't," Obi-wan said smiling.

"Good," she then stood. "I'm going to go do my homework." She headed into her room, door closing behind her.

Obi-wan opened his eyes and looked very puzzled. What did I forget now!

Recently, Obi-wan had sub stained a head concussion on his latest mission and was forgetting everything. But what did he forget this time?

He bit his lip and thought about who he could ask about this. Suddenly a light flicked on in his mind. Cayden!

Cayden came walking out of the Archives, a stack of books in his arms. He was heading back to his apartment to continue studying, when he heard his name being called. He stopped walking and turned to see Master Kenobi.

"Hello, Master Kenobi," Cayden said.

"Cayden, what is Sasha all excited about?" Obi-wan asked. "I forgot… or I feel like I should know."

"Ha, that's a funny one," Cayden said as he started walking again. "Pretending you forgot. Ha! If you really forgot, Sasha would peel your hyd."

Obi-wan stared wide eyed. He didn't know how to reply to that, because the padawan was right. Sasha would skin him alive if she knew he forgot.

He slowly made his way back, trying to figure out what everyone but he seemed to know. He entered the apartment and headed straight to his room. He opened up the drawer in his nightstand and pulled out a planner. He scanned through to today then flipped the page and gasped as he read it.

Tomorrow- Sasha's 19th Birthday

That is what he forgot.

Oh no, Obi so much in trouble, but will he tell Sasha? Hmmmmmmm…that shall soon be revealed.