It's the last chapter! Surprise at the end!


Two days later…

When they returned home, a couple days ago, Sasha and Obi-wan were sent to the healers. An hour later, Sasha was released, but Obi-wan weren't until today. However as the days went by, Sasha and Cayden caught up on their studies, and every evening Sasha would go visit Obi-wan when he was still cooped up in the medical center. But last night, Obi-wan had mentioned to her that he had a surprise for that he would give her today. Now she and Cayden were heading to the surprise.

Cayden drove the speeder into the senate apartments, heading for one in particular. He pulled up and parked on the landing platform of the building where Padme lived.

"Why are we at Senator Amidala's?" Sasha asked climbing out.

"Master Skywalker told me she need help moving in a heavy box," Cayden said getting out too. "He couldn't be here to help, so he asked us."

"Oh," Sasha said sounding just a tad disappointed.

Cayden gave her a reassuring smile and they headed to the lift. The lift took them up to Padme's apartment. The doors opened and they entered the apartment.

"Surprise!" a group of voices said as they rounded the corner.

Sasha was caught completely off guard, and couldn't help but smile. Obi-wan, standing in the front of the small group consisting of Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Satine, walked toward her.

"Happy late birthday my padawan," he said smiling.

Tears came to her eyes, and Obi-wan pulled her into his arms, giving her a hug. Sasha pulled away and wiped the tears.

"Let's sit," Padme said. "There is pie and tea."

Everyone walked over to the couches, three on one, three on the other, and Sasha in what Ahsoka called the "birthday chair". Padme cut up the pie and passed it out. Satine poured the tea and passed it out. The group enjoyed their refreshments while laughing and telling funny stories.

When everyone was done, Obi-wan grabbed a stack of presents that were behind the couch and carried them over to Sasha. She took the gifts and set them on the floor at her feet then grabbed the heaviest of them all. It was from Taren and Halla. Sasha opened it to find two very different genres of books.

"What did you get?" Ahsoka asked.

"A fantasy fiction book and a mythological book," Sasha said.

The others seemed to nod in agreement that they sounded like a good read. Sasha set down the books down next to the chair then picked up the next large gift. She opened it and gasped. It was a picture in a frame of her parents. They were standing by one of the lakes of Naboo. Her father was wearing a white shirt under a black leather jacket with a pair of dark blue pants, his hair neatly sorted to the side. Her mother was in a green summer dress, her hair falling onto her shoulders going to the middle of her torso, and she looked at be pregnant in the image.

"What is it?" Satine asked.

"It's my parents," Sasha said a twinge of sadness in her voice.

"May we see?" she asked.

Sasha handed the picture to Obi-wan, one the couch to her left, and he, Satine, and Cayden looked at the image.

"You look just like your mother," Satine said as Obi-wan handed the image to Anakin for the others to see.

"She's beautiful," Ahsoka said.

"He's handsome," Padme said as she handed it back to Sasha.

Sasha nodded and set the picture down. The box it was in fell off her lap and a piece of paper fell out. Sasha picked it up and opened it. It was a letter. Sasha read it out loud.

"Dear Sasha,

Happy Birthday! I want to start off by first saying that I am once again sorry for what I had said to you back that weekend you were here for Halla and Taren's wedding. I know you already forgave me, but I want to apologize again.

Anyway, when I heard your birthday was coming up, I remembered I had this picture of your parents. Your father gave it to me four months after your mother discovered she was pregnant with you. I hid it in my old photo albums for safe keeping. Now I want you to have it. Farewell.

From , Zina."

Everyone mumbled at that while Sasha picked up the next gift.

"This one is from me," Obi-wan said.

Sasha smiled and opened the book. Her eyes widened at the sight.

"You made me a new lightsaber?" She asked amazed.

"Yep,' he said. 'Try it out."

Sasha stood and walked to an open area in the room. She activated it and was amazed by the color of the blade.

"It's beautiful," she said.

She spun it around to get used to it. When she was done, she switched out the sabers on her belt and placed her old on the floor.

"Thank you, it's perfect."

Obi-wan smiled.

Finally, it was the last gift. Sasha was about to open it when Obi-wan spoke up.

"Before you open it," he handed her a note. "Read this."

And she did.

"Birthday speech

Happy Birthday, Sash! What I'm about to give you is an item I was given after I saved you only 16 years ago. When your parents were brought to the morgue at the medical center, your mother had a necklace that survived the fire that was around her neck. I thought they might want you to have it, so I personally cleaned it and fixed it just to give it to you today. But if you don't get it on your 16th but later, it probably means I forgot and found it later or I have sadly passed due to a mission or an accident. Ignore that last sentence if I'm still alive. Happy Birthday, Sash. I love you, kid. Fill it will your loved ones.

Love your awesome master, Zane."

Tears were in Sasha's eyes as she set down the letter down and opened the little draw string bag. She pulled out a locket with her initials, or her mother's, engraved in the front. She opened it and a holographic image of her parents with her in their arms. She then switched to the next one of her and Zane on her 14th birthday. Tears fell down her cheeks and she tried to wipe them away, but they wouldn't go.

She closed the locket and walked to the balcony. Cayden followed. Anakin and Padme decided to clean up, and Obi and Satine helped them. They were cleaning for games, which Sasha guessed Padme had. She stood leaning against the balcony rail looking at the locket.

"Can I see it?" Cayden asked.

Sasha handed it to him. Cayden came around behind her to put the necklace on her. Once he latched it, he returned to her side and looked at her.

"It looks beautiful on you," he said.

She blushed and looked down at the locket. He took her hand and held it. They smiled at each other before turning to watch the sun set. This was the perfect ending to the weirdest, but most perfect birthday ever.

The End.

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Book 7: The Academy

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