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Chapter 78 From the Darkness

The Darkness pressed against Harry's eyes, making him wonder if he had somehow gone blind until he looked downwards at his feet. The glowing leylines that stretched out over and within the earth glowed faintly in the unnatural darkness. It was the darkness surrounding him engulfed any light that may have normally cast it away. Harry could barely see the path he stood upon, he could feel nothing, hear nothing, and he was unsure if he was moving forward with the strides of his legs or simply standing still. Direction had abandoned him, the ravens were no longer on his shoulders whispering to him the world's secrets. Alone, he began to panic, why had he come here? Why did he not listen to the Ravens? They had never stirred him wrong in the months that they had appeared to him.

He paused, focusing only on his thoughts, Voldemort. Voldemort had done some terrible secret… a spell. Harry's mind pressed harder to focus on that fact and it all had come flooding back. Everyone in Hogwarts had fallen, no, not just Hogwarts, Britian… no the Earth. Harry's eyes widened, Voldemort had cursed the entire world and Harry had come here to save everyone. He remembered two groups, one seemed to be easy to awaken… but the others, what had happened to them? Had he saved them? He couldn't remember. The Ravens had told him he couldn't. And why couldn't he? Had he not been able to save the first group of souls he had sensed falling? Had the Ravens meant that he simply was not strong enough? Had he run out of strength and power? Sadness took him as he realized he no longer could sense those he hadn't saved yet. He had failed them. "I'm sorry…" he sobbed before he noticed that he could not hear his voice. Alarmed, he clutched at his throat. He needed to get out of this darkness, it now frightened him, it was bitter.

Shaking, Harry took off running, not knowing if he was heading in the right direction or even moving at all. Nothing was familiar. Nothing called to him. Not even his own magic was guiding him. Tears welled up and fell from his green eyes and his mouth desperately formed the silent words "Help! Please help me!" over and over as he ran, fear building and inundating his mind and heart. Harry's footing slipped and he fell. He knew he was falling because the Leyline he had been on was getting further away from him.

Despair gripped him, He should just give up. He had done all he could, saved all he could. Voldemort had been right in a way. Kings die for their people. But it was not his people who killed him. It was Voldemort. Voldemort had won. But what if Voldemort had been affected by his own spell? Had Harry also saved him? No matter how he looked at it, he felt as if Voldemort now was free to destroy the world in his twisted way of saving it. Harry could no longer stop him. He was no longer alive. His mind then turned to other things, if he was dead, would he see his parents again? Would they be proud of him? Would they be disappointed? Did he even have the right to stand before them?

A bright glint caught his eye and he twisted his body as he fell—or floated, He still did not know if he was moving or not. A green and red cloud floated towards him, warming the space around him and bringing comfort. Harry's heart calmed and he reached out to touch the cloud that seemed familiar. His fingers made contact and the cloud expanded, engulfing Harry. Then his body jerked and he felt himself being pulled…. Somewhere. He could only assume it was out of the Darkness. The Ravens had reappeared on his shoulders and began to whisper to him once again, "It's time. You have done all you can here, its time."

"Home?" Harry asked, pleased that he could again hear his own voice.

One of the Ravens seemed to nod at him, "It's time."

Severus clutched Harry's hand silently as he watched Albus and Poppy work on bringing his Bond-mate back. Dumbledore pressed Harry's heart stone over the boy's heart with his wand, muttering spells under his breath. For once the sight of Harry's bear chest did not excite him, it worried him. His Bond-mate had gotten so pale and lifeless. If it weren't for the fact that the boy's chest was weakly raising and falling, he'd think Harry had died.

He had been so excited when he had gotten the idea of using the Heartstone to lead Harry back to him, but it was taking too long. Nearly a week too long, and Albus looked exhausted, not wanting to pull out from searching for Harry. Severus had tried taking over for the man, but even after his magic had replenished itself, he found his hands would shake too much to do much good. He looked down at his Bond-mate's pale face and stroked his cheek again, "It's time to wake up, Harry, time to come back to us." He whispered, urging his words to help fish Harry out of whatever place his mind was in. His long potion-stained fingertips touched something wet, tears, Harry was silently crying.

Severus leapt to his feet, "It's working." He gasped out, "He's… crying."

His words caught the attention of the others in the room and soon he was flanked by Sirius and Remus as they too looked in hope at the trails of salty water running down the boy's face and into his messy hair. Sirius smiled and gave Severus an approving pat on the shoulder, "I was starting to think your idea was utterly ridiculous." He admitted.

Severus gave a small smile, not wanting to admit he had been about to give up hope as well. He looked up at Poppy as she started scanning Harry again and her deepening frown made him stiffen, "Poppy?"

"His brain-waves seem to be going…. Haywire. He should be calming…"

Harry's body started shaking and thrashed around violently, his mouth opened in a silent scream before in a rough, dry voice he started blaring "Help! Please help me!"

Startled, Severus didn't know what to do. He fought the urge to push Albus aside so that he could comfort Harry, but looking around, Albus seemed like the only person who knew what to do. The old man's eyes were focused, his lips pressed together in a thin line as he continued his work. Then there was silence, and Harry's body relaxed once again. Moments later Albus released the spell and allowed himself to collapse in the chair behind him. He looked up at the others in the room who stared at him questionably, and gave them all a small smile and a nod of his head.

Poppy did a few quick scans and sighed in relief, "Both his magical core and his brain waves appear to be normal, though drained. He is simply asleep."

"Thank Merlin." Severus muttered, sitting back down, overcome with relief.

"Now you all need sleep." Poppy said after a moment, off to bed with all four of you." She shooed.

"I do not intend to leave his side." Severus said.

"Then you can stay as long as you sleep." She sighed, too tired herself to fight. She had spent every waking moment making rounds of the Muggles sleeping in the castle then coming to make scans of Harry to make sure his condition hadn't worsened. She shoved a potion into his hands, "And I expect you to drink that as proof." The rest of you, out, go to bed. You too Albus…. especially you. You look like the walking dead."

Albus yawned, "I won't fight you, Poppy."

Sirius and Remus opened the door and paused before leaving, "I expect you to wake us if he wakes." Sirius said.

"I will only do such a think if I think you have gotten enough sleep by then! If he wakes he'll be here when you awaken later."

"But Harry has been unconscious for a week!" Sirius objected.

"And you have all been awake for a week." Poppy countered, her hands on her hips.


"Naps don't count! Out. Get some proper sleep."

"But I feel fine."

"Sirius," Remus took a hold of the man's arm, "We all need proper rest. Think of how Harry would feel if he awoke to see us all looking like we'll drop like flies at any second.

Sirius sighed, "Fine, But I get to be the first to prank the fat boy when he wakes up."

Remus laughed softly as he lead his mate out of the room, followed shortly by Albus. Poppy turned to Severus and crossed her arms, glaring at him.

Severus sighed and gulped down the sleeping potion in his hands. "Thank you, Poppy." He said as the potion started taking effect, working with his already sleepy body.

Poppy looked satisfied and left, closing the door behind her. Severus fell asleep gently holding Harry's hand.

Harry woke up to a splitting headache and an aching body. Groaning, He opened his eyes and sat up. Looking around him he found himself in a private room in the Hospital wing, Bright morning sunlight streaming through the single window. He looked down at himself, staring at the glove on his left hand, wondering briefly as to what it was, then he looked at the man holding his right. Harry smiled, using his gloved hand to push the locks of messy black hair out of his Bond-mate's face. He didn't stir, but Harry was surprised when the sleeping man had responded to his touch by muttering Harry's name. Harry smiled and thought about leaning forward to kiss the man's cheek, but decided against it when his body objected with pain when he started to move.

The door opened slowly and Anna Granger walked in and smiled wide at him, "Harry! So good to see you awake at last!"

"Mrs. Granger?" Harry was confused, "What are you…?"

The kind Muggle laughed, "You saved me, Harry. And I'm here to help save others."

Harry frowned, not knowing what she was talking about.

"Harry," The woman walked around to Harry's side and sat in one of the empty chairs, "He attacked us all, the world, I mean. And you saved us, You woke everyone who had even the slightest magic. However, the Muggles can not be awoken, they need to just wake up on there own."

"But, you are a Muggle… Hermione is a Muggle born…"

Anna smiled, "That's what I thought too. It turns out that my husband and I are squibs. We have a magical core, though we can not use magic. So you were able to wake us. The others will be asleep for two months if I remember correctly."

Harry looked at her in horror, "But they'll die before they awaken!"

Anna smiled again, "Wizards, Witches, and Squibs all over the world have began to collect Muggles and have been giving them medical attention, keeping them alive. We are hosting quite a number of Muggles here in this castle as well. Sadly, we could not save everyone, and we can not save everyone, but we are saving every sleeping Muggle we can. It was all Hermione's idea." The woman boasted, "And the other countries have all followed her lead once they found that you would approve."

Harry smiled gently; it was good to know that casualties would be far less than he had hoped for…. Those souls he had failed were not doomed. "What about Voldemort?"

"Everything has been silent…." The woman said after flinching, "He has not yet acted or revealed that he knows that his spell has been countered." She gave him another kind smile and gave him a hug, "How are you feeling?"

"Sore." Harry admitted, "And my head is killing me."

"I'll go get Madam Pomfrey, I'm sure she'll have a potion or spell for you." The woman disappeared through the door for a moment then was back with not just the mediwitch, but also with Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Draco, all of whom grinned at him as they gathered around his bed.

"Harry!" they all exclaimed happy to see there friend.

"Shh, you'll wake him." Harry said, nodding to Severus, "I suspect he needs the sleep."

"That he does." Madam Pomfrey stated, "The man refused to leave your side all week."

"Week?" Harry asked, "Have I been gone that long?" his question earned him sad nods from everyone.

Madam Pomfrey scanned over Harry quickly, "Well, you seem to be on your way to making a complete recovery." She said taking the red glove off his hand, "Anna said you said you had a headache?"

"And my body aches as well." Harry nodded slowly.

The woman flicked her wand and a potion floated over to her, "Drink this. Then I'd like to keep you here for a few hours to make sure you are fit enough to leave."

Harry drank the potion and smiled when he felt the pain in his body start to subside, "So, what did I miss this week? Mrs. Granger said that the Magic world is saving the Muggles?" he asked after the adults left the students alone with the sleeping Potions Master.

"Not much." Ron said, "Mostly we have been collecting Muggles and Squibs who now know that they are squibs. Most of the muggles here are related to the muggle born students. It was all 'Mione's idea. Bloody brilliant."

"And we have been making potions, and a ton of research has been the subject of every class. Classes aren't normal right now. We are all working to help the world out of this situation. And of course we have been looking for any signs of Voldemort, though none have turned up yet." Hermione said.

"Wait… Families? Is… Are the Dursleys here?"

Harry's fellow students looked at each other before Ginny answered, "Yeah, they are."

Harry smiled with relief, they might not like him, but they were his family, and he did worry about them.

"I don't know why you look so relieved!" Draco spoke up.

Harry looked at the Slytherin, "What?"

"That sort of Muggle seems to deserve the discrimination my mother and Father taught me to show Muggles and Mu—Muggleborns. If they are all the same as your Aunt that is. Nasty woman, she is. Has the nerve to treat us all like dirt, even when we are saving her fat family's life!" he spat.

Harry blinked a few times as Draco's words settled in his mind, "Aunt Petunia… is a Squib?"

"Seriously! How did you live with them? I would have cursed them long ago for treating me in such a way. She even called us all 'Freaks!' Imagine! Freaks!" Draco continued, "At least my mother and father would respect people they looked down on to their faces… well, most of the time anyway."

Harry laughed, "Just ignore her, She's always been like that."

"But the woman is just so-"

"She's my mother's sister." Harry said, "And the woman who I grew up looking at as a mother figure, even if she didn't want me."

His words seemed to halt the Slytherin's complaints, "Can we throw things at her?" he asked after a pause.

Harry and his Gryffindor friends burst into laughter, "Sure, you can throw things at her." Harry grinned, "And My Uncle Vernon and Dudley too, once they wake up. I'd suggest shoes."

Draco grinned, "You know, Gryffindors aren't that bad."

"You mean you have been married to one since February and you are just figuring this out?" Ron asked.

A soft moan interrupted the conversation between the students as Severus stirred.

"Well, I think we should all get back to helping Madam Pomfrey with her morning rounds before breakfast." Hermione smiled, "See you later Harry." She pushed the others towards the door as the Potions master sat up and rubbed the inner corners of his eyes before looking at Harry.

Harry smiled at his Bond-mate, "Good Morning, Severus."

"Harry." The man's face lit up before leaning forward to bring Harry into a hug.

"I'm sorry to worry you." Harry said, hugging back, not wanting to let go of the warmth the man gave him in that moment.

"How long have you been up?"

"Long enough for Mrs. Granger, and my friends to tell me what has happened in the past week with Muggles and Voldemort. Long enough to find out you haven't left my side all the while I was lost in that Darkness." Harry was disappointed when his Bond-mate pulled away from the embrace.


Harry shook his head, "It's hard to explain. It was dark, and quiet, cold. I guess I thought I was dead. What I don't understand is how I got out."

Severus pointed to the heartstone around his neck, "We used this to help guide you back to us.

Harry looked at him confused, "But, Heart stones don't do anything… and I didn't sense myself, I sensed you."

Harry watched as his Bond-mate looked startled, then smiled gently, pleased with what he had heard, The older man leaned forward once again and planted a kiss on Harry's lips. Harry couldn't help but smile into the kiss. His body began to react to the man's touch, he leaned in closer, snaking his arms around Severus' shoulders and stringing his fingers through his hair. His lips parted, allowing the man's tongue in to dance with his. Harry breathed in the man's intoxicating scent, sensing the magic beneath his skin. Harry's heart leapt when he felt the man's hands on his back and arms, pulling him even closer before slowly ending the kiss. But the man did not back away; he stayed close staring into Harry's eyes.

Harry felt his face flush, "Sorry." He muttered.

Severus looked perplexed, "Sorry?"

"I missed our date." Harry whispered.

Severus gave a small laugh and kissed Harry on the forehead before leaning back in his seat, "We will just have to reschedule it for this Friday then."

Petunia fumed as she sat at the "Squib" table in the large dinning hall for lunch. She had been glad when a table had been set up for the normal people who had been brought to the freakish school. She had been tricked, tricked into letting those criminals bring her and her nice normal family to this place. They had said if they didn't her beloved son and husband would die. But what have they done? Put them in a bed and left them! She had gone to see them every day and there was still no normal medical equipment to be seen. She took a bite of the tasteless food that seemed to magically appear on the table each meal. She hadn't trusted the food but her search for the kitchens had only succeeded in getting herself lost. Eventually she had to eat the food she didn't trust.

The school her disgusting nephew attended turned out to be even freakier than she had imagined it would be. The other normal people who sat around her seemed captivated by the place, everything from the floating candles and talking, moving paintings to the invisible ceiling overhead. But she knew better, she was not seduced by the freakish place. Though she did have to admit that whoever did the cleaning and laundry in the dorms she was forced to live in did know the proper way to do things. The only other plus she had found in the castle was the fact that she had not yet seen her filthy nephew yet. The longer she didn't have to see him the better. Though she did hear his name throughout the castle. But then again, there were the owls! The filthy and probably diseased birds swooping in every morning dropping mail onto the tables. How could they eat like that? It disgusted her to have them swooping overhead as she ate.

"So, what house is your kid in?" A man in a suit and a white medical jacket that sat across from her asked everyone at the table, "My daughter is in Gryffindor. Though she told me in a letter that the sorting hat had thought of putting her in Ravenclaw." He boasted.

"You must be Hermione Grainger's father. My son has written to me about all of Harry Potter's friends. He looks up to them all, but mostly Hermione. He's in Ravenclaw, and you know how Ravenclaws are, always looking for knowledge. He wrote me that she was a very smart young woman."

The man, Mr. Granger grinned, "Yes, Hermione's my pride."

"My twins both got the letter when they turned eleven last year. Linda was sorted into Hufflepuff, but Lenard was put into Gryffendor." A woman boasted, obviously proud of the fact that she had somehow spawned two freaks.

"My Fourteen year old got sorted into Slytherin, though he wrote to my wife and I not to tell anyone that we were Muggles."

Silence filled the table for a second or two, "Slytherin? Are you sure? I heard from my Daughter that Slytherins hate Muggles and Muggleborns." Said one man.

"I heard something similar from my son." Another man offered.

Petunia huffed, "Imagine! Them looking down on us? The nerve!"

The table looked at her, "And what of your child? What house is he or she in?" asked Mr. Granger.

Petunia puffed out her chest in both pride and annoyance, "My son is a nice normal outstanding young man. He attends Smeltings High! My Nephew, however, attends this…school" she spat out the word as she found it hard to consider this place a school, "My Husband and I got stuck with the boy after my 'perfect' sister and her husband got themselves blown up by whatever it is this so-called school teaches its students."

The people around her exchanged a weary look, as if they weren't sure on if they should continue their stupid conversation.

"Well, what house is your Nephew in, then?" One woman asked.

Petunia huffed, "Why would I know that? I never read any of his stupid letters he sent home the first few months he was here six years ago, and I won't have him speak of such abnormal things in my house. The boy can't behave. And I know why! Bad blood!"

The people around her scooted away as she stiffly resumed eating the tasteless food on her plate. She didn't know why they had to talk of things like this now. The first few days they had talked about normal things, like what they did for a living in the normal world.

The doors opened and a group of people entered. Petunia couldn't help but turn to look at who had just entered the Hall, disrupting everyone's lunch. As she turned to look the Hall burst into defining cheers. Even the freak-obsessed normal people that sat around her leapt to their feet and joined in the cheering. She strained her neck, with cheers like that it must mean that the freaks have finally woken the normal people. She stood up, hoping to catch a glimpse of her family.

What she saw brought a scowl to her Face. Standing in the doorway was Harry Potter, looking smug as he was surrounded with other freaks like him and a tall dark man she had never seen before stood next to him. The two criminals who had fetched her and her family were behind him, beaming at the crowd, and two armored men who looked like Vikings flanked the group. They stepped in the room further and Sirius Black leaned over, whispering into Harry's ear. Harry Nodded and raised a hand, silencing the Hall.

"Please!" He said in a loud powerful voice that startled Petunia, "I haven't won the House Cup yet this year. Wait until I catch that snitch before you cheer for me. As for now, I'd rather just get to lunch. I'm starving, haven't had lunch in a week."

"You wish, Potter! That cup is Slytherin's this year." A blond boy in the group of students next to Harry said.

The room laughed and sat back in there seats, but still gave Harry smiles and comments as he passed them, walking over to a table and sitting down with the other students in red that stood with him. The adults all walked to the head table and the blond student in green sat down at a different table all together.

She scoffed at the respect her Nephew got from all the other freaks. Disgusting. Though, if the boy hadn't eaten in a week than that was good. It meant that someone in the god-forsaken castle knew how to punish the boy.

Another woman in a medical coat sat down next to Mr. Granger, giving a smile to everyone, "He awoke this morning." She announced, "I'm so glad that Harry is ok."

"He had us worried," Mr. Granger nodded, "Harry looked so close to death all week."

Petunia scoffed, glad he was ok? The boy was almost dead? Why hadn't they just let him die? It'd solve all her problems! "What's so important about him anyway? My Nephew is nothing special! Not even comparable to my Dudley."

Everyone who had heard her looked at her in horror, and one woman stood up looking like she would strike her, "Harry Potter saved our lives! If he hadn't woken us all up we'd still be asleep! And we could not help the Muggles who are still asleep! We all, every human in the world, magic or not, would be dead! He's your nephew? Where is your pride? Your support? That boy, from what I have heard from my son, has risked his life year after year to stop You-know-who from killing everyone! You should be worried for him!"

"Worried for some freak? You must be joking!" Petunia exploded, her appetite gone. She slammed her napkin down on the table before her and turned on her heel, marching out of the Dining Hall.

Petunia looked around, what way had it been to the Dorm rooms that she had to stay in? The stairs were never the same. They changed. One minuet they lead up and to the left, the next down and to the right. It was never the same way to find the stupid painting of a Fat man in the most obnoxious yellow dress she had ever seen, holding a rat of all things in his lap. The painting, like all the others she had seen could move and talk, but for him to open the door she had to say Toaster of all things! They had been told that the password had been changed so that they could remember it more easily. She sighed and chose a staircase that headed downwards.

She wandered for a wile before deciding that the painting was not this way and she turned around to find that there were no stairs to be found.

"Squib Lost? Dobby will Help Squib find her way!"

"Don't call me that you-" Petunia had turned to see the most hideous creature she had ever seen. Her scolding tone turned into a scream.