Chapter 80 Date Night

Harry tried to pay attention in his History of Magic class, something he had been trying to do since he had come to realize that there was still so much about his world he did not know. But the Ghost professor was still as monotone as ever, and Harry found himself distracted, fidgeting in his seat, lost in thought. It was Friday and once class ended, Harry would meet Severus for there date.

He wondered if they would really do everything Severus had listed when he had asked Harry to go out with him. Though he would be disappointed if they ended up skipping the dancing part. Harry had danced before at the Yule Ball during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but he hadn't had much fun since everyone's eyes had been upon him and the other champions, he had worried the whole time that he would step on Parvati's feet or cause them to fall. But learning to dance with Severus in private was completely different. It was a reason to get close to the man.

Sure, learning the art of the sword was like dancing, Harry had come to realize that on his own, but it was a dance with distance. But actual dancing, leaning into each other, resting his head on his shoulder, spinning around the floor as one until finally leaning in for a kiss like he had seen in the muggle movies that his Aunt watched…. Harry felt himself blush.

"Harry! Class is over, mate." Ron said, nudging Harry in the ribs.

"Wh-what? Oh, sorry."

"Honestly, You really should pay better attention in class Harry." Hermione said as she gathered her notes and books into her bag, "Are you alright? You look kind of flushed. Is it your scar?"

"No, I'm fine, really. My scar hasn't bothered me since last week…"

"That's good then. Ron and I are going to go visit Hagrid, want to come? We really haven't had much of a chance to go see him this year."

Harry shoved his books into his bag and stood up, "Not tonight. I already have plans. Maybe we can all go tomorrow to see him."

Hermione and Ron exchanged looks, "Plans with Professor Snape?" Ron asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"No reason, he just seemed like he was in a good mood today. Only took five points from Gryffindor." Hermione said.

"And it's still feels strange sometimes to have you making plans with Snape, and having Malfoy hanging out with us all the time." Ron sighed.

Harry shrugged, "Things change. Though there are some things I wish had stayed the same."

"We all do." Hermione said, patting her friend on the shoulder, "You should get going if you don't want to make him wait for you."

Harry grinned at her and followed his two friends out of the classroom.

Stepping through the portrait of Salazar Slytherin, Harry found no sign of Severus. He walked across the room and peered into the bedroom, the room looked just like he had left it when he left for breakfast that morning. It seemed strange; Severus's last class that day had gotten out two hours before Harry's. But then again, they hadn't talked about when they would have their date that evening. Harry had just assumed it would be directly after classes.

Shrugging to himself, Harry stepped into the bathroom to freshen himself up a bit. Peering into the mirror reveled that he still had some dirt on his face and in his hair from Care of Magical creatures class, one of the few classes he had that was sticking to the normal curriculum. Sighing, he stripped out of his school uniform and stepped into the shower, cleaning himself quickly.

As Harry dried himself and wrapped the towel around his waist, he contemplated on if he should take the time to attempt to tame his hair. Then he remembered when he had been getting himself ready for the Yule Ball that he had gotten his comb stuck in his hair and ended up breaking it when Ron had helped pry it back out. Letting his hair stay as it normally did, Harry walked into the bedroom and opened his wardrobe.

After spending what he felt was too much time choosing what to wear, Harry finally pulled on a pair of black slacks and a plain, but nice, off-white shirt that Severus had bought him.

Severus still hadn't returned yet and Harry felt his stomach twist as he sat in his chair near the fireplace to wait. What was taking Severus so long? He was sure the man hadn't forgotten, he had seemed just as excited for the date as Harry felt. Perhaps Severus had a lot more work to do than normal. Maybe a potion blew up in his last class, or he had to give someone detention…. Or maybe he had run into Aunt Petunia again? Harry wouldn't put it past his mother's sister to give the Potions master a hard time now that she knew that he was close to Harry.

A smell caught his attention, ripping him from his thoughts: smoke, the smell of something burning. It was not the normal smell of the logs burning in the fireplace, it was an unpleasant smell that made Harry leap to his feet and follow it to Severus' private potions lab. Black smoke greeted him when he opened the door. Coughing, he used his wand to blow the smoke from the room.

Looking around the room, Harry could hardly keep from laughing. Part of the room had been transformed into a kitchen, and Severus stood looking stunned and red-faced with a cookbook in one hand, and a pot with some unknown burnt contents smoking in the other.

"Harry," Severus Blushed.

"Severus… Do you know how to cook?"

"I assumed it wasn't so different from potions making."

Harry chuckled, "Trust me, if the two were that similar, I'd be one of your best students. Here, let me take over here. You look like you need a shower."

"You can cook?"

"Yeah, My Aunt would have me cook all the meals when there wasn't any guests coming over or I wasn't in trouble. I had to learn quickly to cook well, if it didn't taste good I was punished."

Severus didn't press the subject and allowed Harry to take over the job of preparing dinner. After Severus left to shower, Harry took inventory of the food and spices that were still usable and got to work.

The last thing Severus had expected to do when he had set to making dinner for his date with Harry was to set anything on fire. He had been so sure that cooking and Potions were similar and he'd have no problems. Yet he had succeeded in burning everything beyond recognition. And what's worse? Harry had seen it. It bothered him to realize how embarrassed he felt when he saw Harry in the doorway laughing.

He climbed into the shower and sighed, the warm water hitting his body. The date hadn't started yet and already things weren't turning out as he had planned. The question was, Did Harry mind having to take over making dinner? He had said he always did the cooking for the Dursleys, it was possible that having to cook for Severus were bringing back bad memories. Would it ruin the boy's mood for the date? Severus hadn't thought of that when he had left the chore to his Bond-mate. He had been fed up with cooking, and embarrassed that Harry had seen, so he was quick to leave.

Severus got out of the shower and quickly dressed, combed and tied his hair back. He walked out of the bedroom, stopping mid-stride. Harry had not only finished preparing the meal, but had also set a table for dinner. The table Harry normally sat at when he did his homework or was working on translating Slytherin's books of light had been moved in front of the fireplace and had been fitted with a green tablecloth. Candles had been placed in the center of the table in a simple yet elegant arrangement. The table had been set with the silver and fine china, two daggers at either place glittered in the light from both the candles and the fireplace.

The door to the potions lab opened and Harry walked into the room carrying two plates of food. The boy smiled when he saw Severus, "I hope I set everything up properly."

Severus nodded, "I hadn't expected you to do this."

"I had time wile the food cooked."

"I'm sorry you had to do the cooking."

Harry shrugged, "I enjoy it sometimes. I hope you like roast duck. There wasn't much left to work from so Dobby brought me some ingredients from the kitchen."

"You had time to roast a duck? How long was I in the shower?"

"I… used a spell I saw Mrs. Weasley use once to speed up the cooking process. I just hope it worked. I never cooked with magic before." Harry admitted as he set the plates of food down on either side of the table.

Severus sat down, "I'm sure it turned out fine."

Harry smiled, his cheeks turning pink as he sat down across from him. He looked down at the silver. It was obvious that Harry was still uncomfortable with the idea of using a dagger to eat, but it seemed that he wanted to try it. Perhaps the boy wanted to impress Severus by eating the proper way, rather than going strait to the muggle fork that sat next to the jeweled dagger on the crisp white napkin next to his plate.

Severus thought about grabbing his own fork to show Harry that he wasn't obligated to eat properly. He didn't care how Harry ate, and it was a private dinner. But Severus himself had never used a fork before and he could only assume that he should hold it like a spoon, wile using a knife to cut the meat smaller so that the small prongs of the fork could hold it. The process seemed overly complicated for the simple task of eating. Giving up the idea, he reached for his dagger, "You can use the fork, Harry, and you should know that it doesn't make me uncomfortable."

"I know." He said, picking up the dagger and turning it over in his hand, "But I think I should start using daggers, Hermione mentioned that because I am…. Who I am, I may end up attending more formal dinners than I care to admit. It would be nice to not have to worry if they put out forks or not."

"I hadn't thought of that, but it is highly likely." Severus agreed, "Shall I teach you now?"

"No," Harry shook his head, "I know how to, its just a matter of getting comfortable with eating with a dagger and getting to the point where I no longer worry about cutting myself, just point out to me if I do something wrong."

"Alright, but you can switch to the fork at any time."

Harry smiled and slowly stabbed the hunk of roast duck that sat on his plate.

Severus followed Harry's lead and started to eat. It had been quite a long time since he had last had duck, and the taste almost made him gasp, "Harry, this is delicious." The bird seemed to melt in his mouth.

Harry grinned, "Are you sure it's not dry?"

"Dry? That would be the last word I would use to describe it."

"Uncle Vernon always would complain that it's dry."

"Well, the man has no taste." Severus assured his Bond-mate, "This is some of the best duck I have ever had."

Harry smiled again and they continued to eat in silence for a wile. Severus wanted to start a conversation but didn't know what to start talking about. The ideas that did pop into his head seemed inappropriate for a date, or he found he didn't want to bring it up in fear of sounding stupid. His sudden shyness alarmed him. Certainly he didn't care about what Harry would think of him if he suddenly started talking about work, or Harry's schooling…. No, that wasn't right, he did care, and he knew he cared what Harry thought of him more than anyone else.

"There is something I have wanted to ask you, Severus." Harry said suddenly, pulling Severus out of his thoughts and ending the silence between them.


"We have been doing a lot of research the past few days… Hermione, Ron, Draco, and I…. and we read that a forced slumber could be taken over by another forced slumber of a different type…"

"This is true, for the most part." Severus nodded, not knowing where the comment was headed. The way Gryffindor's think often confused him, "But the new spell must be stronger than the first."

"What about potions?"

"The same."

"The Spell Voldemort used; though he cast it on the world, how powerful is the spell itself?"

"The spell he used is a medium level spell. He probably chose it simply because he didn't think that you would be able to counter it like you did. He assumed that it would affect everyone else, and he would have nothing to worry about."

"And the Drought of the Living Death? It is a higher level?"

Severus frowned, "It is true, the potion could be used on the muggles and then we could awaken them the same as we awoke Lupin from the potion's affects." He admitted, knowing where the boy's mind had gone, "But Harry, The potion is not ever kept in large quantities. There is not much use for it most of the time. Hospitals keep just enough in stock for small scale emergencies. The potion takes a good number of rare magical ingredients, which makes it expensive to make. And not to mention the time it takes to brew… The Muggles would awaken before the potion is nearly half completed."

"Oh." Harry sighed, "I should have known it wouldn't be that easy."

"If it had been that easy we would have started brewing it soon after starting to collect Muggles."

"I know…"

"Everyone is looking for a way to wake the Muggles. But right now it looks like we just have to wait it out. It's just the most realistic solution at the moment."

"And… Voldemort, has there still been no sign of him?"

"None… Unless, is your scar…?"

"No, nothing, and it kind of worries me."

Severus's confusion flooded his face, "Don't you only feel your scar hurt when he is extremely happy or angry?"

"Normally, yes."

"Well, if you have felt nothing, it means he hasn't found out that his plan didn't work."

"And that he hasn't yet assumed that it has." Harry pointed out, "So what is he up to that he hasn't found out either way yet? Is there another part to his secret that we don't know about?"

Silence fell between them again. Severus didn't know how to respond. It would be wrong to tell Harry not to worry about it, because if he was right, Harry would feel responsible for Voldemort's actions again. But he didn't want to let Harry worry about everything like he did.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bring up such things this evening." Harry sighed, looking down at his plate of half-eaten food.

Severus reached across the table and gave Harry's hand a small squeeze, "It's on everyone's mind."

Harry gave him a small smile, "I know, we can't save everyone, but we're saving all we can. Even Draco Malfoy has pointed that out to me. But I wish I could do more."

"We will continue to try to find a way to wake them faster." Severus assured Harry.

Harry's green eyes shifted away from Severus before snapping back to hold his gaze, "I'm sorry."

Severus sighed, "You really don't have to apologize, Harry."

"I feel I do. Here we are having a nice dinner and I start talking about depressing things."

"Our date does not change everything else that is happening in the world, Harry, and you are in the center of it all. I'd be worried if you had never brought it up with me."


Silence fell between them again. The night wasn't turning out to be the way that Severus had imagined it to. True, this was his first real date, but he had imagined that over dinner they would talk more and get to know each other better by doing so. But so far they had only talked about Harry's cooking and about what was on everyone's mind. Maybe he should have gotten some advice from a Gryffindor. Not Sirius Black, of course, he didn't want to think of the man's reaction to the idea of Harry going on a date with him. True they were getting along better but Severus wasn't sure how Sirius would react to the news, or what the man might assume was Severus' motives for the end of the night. Remus would have been a better choice. The former werewolf would have answered his questions, and maybe dinner would be going smoother than it was.


"So-" At the same moment Severus and Harry started to speak.

"Sorry." They both said, urging the other to speak first.

"Y-you first." Harry said, his cheeks growing pink in the candlelight.

"No, you go ahead… I wasn't going to say anything important."

"Neither was I." Harry admitted.

"I see." Severus said feeling disappointed.

Silence fell again, but Harry was faster to interrupt it, "So how were classes?"

Severus stared at Harry for a moment, stunned by the sudden question.

Harry looked away, blushing, "I-I meant teaching…. or potions, or…."

Severus gave a small chuckle, "Teaching isn't as difficult as being a student, but just as frustrating. Though it has been a while sense a student blew up my classroom. How are yours?"

Harry slipped the last bite of food off his dagger and into his mouth, pleased with himself for his performance of using the traditional way of eating. Severus had only corrected him once on his posture while using the dagger.

Conversation had started out slow, but over the course of the meal they both seemed to relax and speak more openly, getting to know each other better. Though Harry was still embarrassed that he, in desperation to break the awkward silence between them, had asked Severus a question that Hermione would often ask him and Ron casually. Asking about Classes seemed natural, until he realized that the man he had asked had not been a student for years. But the question had amused Severus, and succeeded in killing the silence for the rest of the meal.

Harry watched Severus as he finished his meal and smiled across the table, "Are you finished eating?"

Harry nodded, "Yeah."

Severus took out his wand and flicked it over the table, banishing the dirty plates and silver. He then proceeded to use his wand to clear an area of the room, moving the furniture to the walls.

Harry realized what was happening when Snape pointed his wand at the old phonograph that Severus usually kept in the library. As soft classical music filled the room Severus held his hand out to Harry, "Do you still wish to learn to dance?"

Harry grinned and took the man's hand, "I've been looking forward to it."

Severus smiled and led Harry to the center of the room.

"Will you be leading? You are taller."

"Normally between two men the taller man leads," Severus nodded, "But if you want to lead, I won't stop you."

Harry shook his head, "I didn't even lead during the Yule Ball, Parvati steered me in a small circle the whole time. And we only danced for one song."

Severus seemed amused by Harry's confession, "She did a good job of hiding it."

"You were watching?"

"Everyone was watching, Harry."

Severus gently placed his hand on Harry's hip, and Harry, not knowing exactly what to do mimicked how he remembered Parvati had placed her hands. Severus said nothing so Harry assumed he had guessed right.

"This is a fairly simple waltz, but quite popular. It's also a step up from how you danced at the Yule Ball two years ago."

"I'll try not to step on your feet."

Severus led Harry slowly through the steps of the waltz a few times before speeding up to match the music. Harry stared down at his feet, memorizing how to move.

Severus lifted Harry's chin, "Memorize the feel of the movement, like you do when I teach you the art of the sword."

Harry flushed and met Severus' gaze. As green eyes met black, Severus took the opportunity to step in closer to Harry. The sudden closeness of having Severus so pressed against him sent warm shivers of excitement running up and down Harry's body and his heart leapt. He let Severus spin him to the music around the room a few times before relaxing completely, trusting his body to go through the steps correctly. He rested his head against Severus' shoulder, allowing his body to press even closer to Severus.

Harry barely noticed when the song ended and the next began. He did however notice when the phonograph began to click, signifying the end of the album. He couldn't help but feel disappointed when Severus pulled away and turned off the phonograph.

"You learned fast." Severus said in a voice that seemed pleased.

"It's late." Harry said, spotting the clock, "I didn't realize we were dancing for so long."

"The night is still young."

"But it's after curfew." Harry pointed out.

"After curfew is the best time for a walk in the moonlight."

"Are you telling me to break a rule?" Harry grinned.

"Tonight only." Severus said, letting his teaching tone back into his voice, "Besides, You'll be with me."

Harry helped Severus levitate everything back to its proper place before the two of them stepped through the portrait of Salazar Slytherin.

The spring night air felt cool against Harry's face as he followed his Bond-mate out of the castle. A mist clung to the lake and shores surrounding it causing the reflection of the moon and stars on its dark surface diffuse gently on the calm waters.

Harry looked up from the gentle ripples to meet Severus' gaze. The man looked incredibly gentle surrounded by the mist from the lake. He could no longer deny that Severus was handsome, or that he was attracted to him. The hot feelings that Harry had felt many times before wile with Severus came flooding back, with it the urge to get closer to the man, to touch him. Images of his dreams with the faceless man flickered through his mind, only the man had a face this time—Severus'. What would Severus do if Harry suddenly stepped forward and kissed him? Would he be rejected? They had kissed before, but Severus had always been the one to establish the action. Even the time Harry had kissed him at the Ministry for the reporters it had been Severus who had purposed the idea. And hadn't he said he would kiss Harry goodnight at the end of the date if he wanted it? Why didn't Slytherins come with instruction manuals?

"The Squid is out." Severus said pausing along the shoreline and pointing across the water to the silhouetted arms of the giant creature reached out of the water, giving the scene a surreal look. The Giant Squid seemed to be closer to the shore then Harry had ever seen it. Normally it stayed in the center of the lake where the depth of the water was deepest.

Harry moved closer to Severus and slowly reached out and slipped his hand into Severus' large warm hand. Severus stiffened beside him and looked down at there hands then up at Harry. Harry continued to watch the squid, fully aware of Severus. He fought the urge to drop Severus' hand as he felt the man's gaze. If Severus didn't want to hold his hand, he would have to be the one to let go. But Severus relaxed and moved even closer to Harry, giving his hand a squeeze without letting go. Harry exhaled, had he been holding his breath?

"Thank you for tonight." Harry said, breaking the silence between them, "This is nice."

Severus paused before answering, "Yeah, It is nice."

Harry frowned, "Were you not expecting it to be?"

"I was hoping it would be nice. I didn't know what it would be like."

"Because it's with me?" harry asked, ready to drop Severus' hand.

"No, because it's a date."

"But you have dated before… Andre was one…."

Severus shook his head, "I was seeing him, I never dated him. There is a difference."

"Oh." Harry's eyes widened as he realized what Severus was implying. Jealousy and glee began to mix within him. "So I'm your first date?" it pleased him to know that he has taken at least one of Severus' first… something. The man had after all taken many of his firsts, and had claim to others.

Severus gave a small smile and nodded, "You are the first person I have ever wanted to have a date with."

Harry turned to face Severus and slowly began to stretch upwards, he didn't care, he wanted to kiss him, Severus' words made him feel like he needed to. His lips ached and his body felt numb. Severus seemed to sense it as he began to lean in closer to Harry, to kiss him.

The sound of water splashing barely caught either of there attention, but the feel of cold water drenching them caused them to freeze before there lips met. The feeling gone, Harry looked out towards the Squid which was retreating back to the deeper waters, splashing carelessly as it did so. Did that really happen? The whole idea seemed unbelievable to him, yet the dripping hair and clothes that clung to his and Severus' body was proof. He was at a loss for words, there was nothing he could say, and Severus wasn't speaking either.

Harry Shivered, the spring air felt much colder as it mixed with the water.

"We should head back inside and get dry clothes." Severus said after a moment.

Harry agreed and hugged himself, "It is a bit chilly."

Severus used his wand to quick-dry his and Harry's clothing so that they were not dripping though the charm did little to hide the fact that they were wet nor protected them from the chill of the spring air. Together they started back towards the castle. Harry looked around them as they walked until he spotted two figures walking towards them along the shore.

"Isn't it a bit cold yet for swimming?" Charlie grinned as he and Draco came closer, "Clothes don't do much for warmth wile swimming in cold water."

"Allowing a student out of your rooms after curfew, I see." Severus said, glancing at Draco who seemed unsure about the situation.

"I'm not the only one enjoying a night time stroll with my Bond-mate away from public eye." Charlie grinned, "We won't tell if you don't."

Harry looked up at Severus who seemed to be thinking about the situation. The man's face softened and he nodded.

"Why are you two so wet anyway?" Draco asked, obviously unable to let the question in his mind go.

"Squid." Harry muttered, unable to look at his Slytherin classmate. He didn't know how else to explain it. Every phrase his that hit his mind sounded just as stupid or embarrassing, so he stuck to one word.

Draco looked back at him with a look that did nothing to hide his confusion. Charlie on the other hand seemed to get what Harry had implied and laughed, "Well, perhaps we should take our romantic stroll elsewhere, if it's one of those nights."

"What do you mean, 'one of those nights?'" Harry asked.

"You two aren't the first ones to get splashed by the squid in the middle of the night."

"Are you talking from experience, Mr. Weasley?" Severus asked in an interested voice.

"Well, sense you can't take points from Gryffindor for it, yes. I am."

"Who were you with?" Draco suddenly demanded.

"I assure you I was not with a lover, Dragon. I snuck out to help Hagrid with a new pet."

Harry felt his body shiver violently as the breeze picked up.

"You know, you should really use a charm to dry off or go back inside before Harry freezes to death." Charlie laughed, taking Draco's hand in his and leading him away from the lake.

Severus muttered the password to the portrait of Salazar Slytherin and Harry followed him into the main room of their living quarters. The heat from the fireplace already started to stop the shivers that rippled through his body.

"You can go change first." Severus said as the portrait door closed behind them.

Grateful, Harry nodded and walked into the bedroom. Looking at the clock on Severus' bedside table he opted to grab his pajamas rather than find another outfit. Harry sighed before turning on the shower; he couldn't remember a day where he had taken so many showers. Normally he would take one, sometimes two depending on what classes he had during the day, but here he found himself taking a third shower, given this was simply just for soaking in warmth faster than sitting in front of the fire.

His shower was short, hopping out as soon as the warmth from the hot water reached his bones. He dried his hair and slipped into his pajamas before walking back out to the living room where Severus was staring into the fire.

"I'm done." He informed his Bond-mate as he sat don on the couch.

Silently, the man got up and walked into the bedroom to do the same things that Harry had done.

Harry didn't wait long before Severus came back into the living room and sat down on the other side of the couch, also in his pajamas.

"I'm sorry our walk was cut so short." The man sighed in a gentle voice.

"It's fine." Harry grinned, "It was unexpected, but that didn't stop it from being fun." He had been too shocked and cold at the time to put much thought into the situation, but wile he waited for Severus to get out of the shower, his mind couldn't help but wander to thoughts about how attractive the man had been dripping wet. The water had loosened the black ribbon that he normally tied his hair back with and locks of hair had fallen to frame his face.

Severus was now dry but he had not put his hair back up after drying it properly. Unable to stop himself, Harry leaned over towards Severus and pushed a lock of hair behind the man's ear. Startled by his sudden action, Harry froze and snapped his hand back away, "Sorry." He muttered, shifting his gaze away from Severus' shocked face. The man obviously hadn't expected Harry to touch him.

Harry didn't expect Severus to scold him, He had a feeling that the relationship between them had passed that. They were sharing a legitimate date night together after all. But he didn't expect the man to take the sudden intimate touch as an invitation. But that was just it, wasn't it? Harry's action had been very intimate.

As soon as Harry snapped his hand away, Severus leaned forward himself, reaching out with his large warm hand and cupped Harry's face, pulling the younger man closer to him until their lips met in a soft kiss. Harry barely heard himself give a soft moan as his lips parted and let Severus deepen the kiss. All at once Severus's smell, his taste, and the feel of his power beneath his skin overwhelmed Harry. Harry let his eyes close to better saver the passionate kiss, and he felt Severus shift closer yet. He could feel himself becoming aroused quickly, the sudden rush of blood making him pleasantly dizzy.

Harry shifted along with Severus so that he was pinned down to the couch where he could feel quite clearly that he was not the only one that had gotten hard. Harry flushed and nearly broke the kiss in a gasp. Severus ground himself against Harry, allowing a moan of pleasure to escape, the sound sending shivers down Harry's spine.

"Harry." He whispered as the kiss ended, leaving Harry to catch his breath. His voice deep and thick with emotion.

Harry looked up into Severus' dark eyes and couldn't help but to snake his arms around his Bond-mate's neck and stealing another kiss from him. Severus melted into the kiss right away, his hands exploring Harry's body. Their tongues danced as the kiss intensified, and Severus rubbed his body against Harry's which had quickly grown hot with arousal. Harry slid a hand down over Severus' chest, silently begging the man not to stop. As soon as he made the silent plea, Severus suddenly froze, and slowly pushed himself up off Harry, his black eyes holding a haunted look.

"Severus?" Harry gasped, looking at the man through hooded eyes.

"Sorry… I can't."

Can't? Can't what? Harry couldn't make sense of the words spoken to him, "Why? Why do you always pull away like that?" Harry pushed himself up and waited for an answer, "You didn't hurt me." He added after thinking that maybe the man was worried he had done something Harry wasn't ready for or didn't want, like the time Harry had found Severus taking a dagger to his Dark Mark, or the times when Severus had been angry with him, or jealous, and ended up kissing him.

"No… no it's not that, Harry." Severus sighed, gripping the Dark Mark on his arm.

"Is it Voldemort? Do you feel anything?" Harry asked, worried.

"Not… precisely. I just can't let myself loose control with you. I'm supposed to protect you."

"What do you mean?" Severus was making less and less sense.

"Harry, the Dark Mark allows Voldemort free use of my power."

Harry nodded, he knew this. The absence of Severus and all the Death Eaters at the gathering had been proof enough.

"What if he can gain use of yours too through me? I can't let that happen."

Harry felt himself pale, "Oh." He choked out. He was right. Hermione had said something about the joining of power could be a byproduct of sex, and if Voldemort already had access to Severus' power, then it could be entirely possible for him to have access to Harry's as well under those circumstances. Anger began to boil within Harry. Voldemort, it seemed, had too much control over Harry's life. He took away Harry's Parents, he caused so much death, he caused the whole wizarding world to rely on him, and now he even has a wall built within Harry's personal life. Not that Harry was sure he was ready to have sex, when he thought about it he was sure he wasn't, but when Severus kissed him like that, touched him…. Harry could hardly think and he doubted that he would be able to—or even want to stop Severus from going all the way with him.

"So now what do we do?" he asked.

Severus gave harry an amused look, "I've been meaning to look into finding a solution to breaking the bond I unknowingly made with Voldemort."


"I still have Albus' pensive. I put my memory of my joining into it to study. I just have yet to find the time."


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