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Warning: mpreg

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Harry scowled heavily at the pure white potion sitting innocently in a glass flask on the bathroom sink. It was supposed to be purple; he wanted it to be purple. For nearly four months he'd been waiting for it to change color and finally let him know that his child was on the way. Sighing, Harry upended the potion into the sink, watching the pearly liquid vanish down the drain. With one last glance at himself in the mirror the brunet left the bathroom.

"Harry?" a soft voice questioned as he entered his bedroom. Looking over at the blond hovering by the bed, Harry shook his head as his lips pulled into a tight smile. Sighing heavily, Draco approached his husband and enfolded him in a tight hug. "It'll happen," he soothed, "We just have to keep trying."

"What if I'm infertile?" Harry whispered into Draco's shoulder, "It would make sense, after everything…"

"Harry, we've both been tested; we made sure that we were able before we even started trying. Do you honestly think the Healer lied to us?"


Pushing Harry away so he could look into his eyes, Draco gave him a soft smile, a hint of a smirk sparkling in his eyes. "We just need to keep trying," he repeated, "And I for one have no problem trying right now."

Harry snorted at that, a true smile touching his lips. "Of course you don't, you always want to try," Harry sighed slightly and looked over at the bed, "I could use the comfort, but I'm really not in the mood to try right now."

"Well," Draco smirked, his hands running down Harry's chest, "We don't have to try, you could always give me a run for my money."

Smirking in response, Harry pushed his husband back onto the bed before crawling over him.


A month later Harry was back in the bathroom, a glare firmly fixed on his face as he stared at the white potion. Arms wound around his stomach as Draco embraced him from behind, his sharp chin coming to rest on Harry's shoulder. "It'll happen," the blond soothed.

"It should have happened already," Harry muttered.

Draco just pressed his lips to Harry's neck in response, lightly kissing the expanse of smooth skin. Scrunching his eyes closed against the burn of tears, Harry laid his body against the cool tile of the sink, Draco following him down to lie over his back. Taking a deep breath, Harry opened his eyes, to glare at the potion one more time only to freeze. Draco's hair was dipping into the now bright purple potion.

"Draco," Harry choked, eyes fixed on the potion.

"It's okay love," Draco soothed, "We'll try again, next time it's bound to happen."

"Draco…look," the brunet murmured.

"Hmm?" the blond hummed, glancing down at the potion. Letting loose a rather strange gurgling noise, Draco stood up straight and clutched his wet hair while staring down at the potion. "But we used the contraception charm on me!"

"Who cares?" Harry asked, beaming at his decidedly pale husband, "We're having a baby!"

"But you're supposed to have it," Draco exclaimed as he stared at Harry with wide silver eyes, "Not me! Merlin, I am not prepared for this! What if I get morning sickness? What if I get stretch marks?"

Harry snorted, "There are potions to cure that, Draco. Calm down and think of our baby. Our perfect little baby that you now get to name because you're the one carrying it."

Draco seemed to perk up considerably at that. It had been decided that whoever had to give birth got to choose the name, something that had been a bit of a sour point for the blond. "We're going to have a baby," he murmured, hands going to his stomach and rubbing reverently, "We're going to be parents!"

Harry laughed as the blond threw himself into his arms, happily hugging his husband and fantasizing about the perfect child that was only nine months away.