Rating: G
Warnings: mpreg
Word Count: 793
Disclaimer: Characters belong to JK Rowling, no profit was made from this.
Notes: Written for prompt #18 at harrydracompreg, beauty and style during pregnancy. I have too much to do already, stop making such awesome prompts that fit into my little universe I'm creating. First part is Not Quite a Mistake, followed by Standards.
Summary: Harry should of known Draco would see his pregnancy as an opportunity once the shock wore off.


Harry sighed heavily as he opened the door to the home he shared with his husband, intent on collapsing in the first comfy spot he found and not moving until Draco forced him. He'd had an exceptionally frustrating day at the Ministry, the Department of Muggle Relations had decided to install televisions in the break rooms and none of the purebloods had understood what they were or why they had to not destroy them. Apparently someone, most likely Ron, had spread a rumor that they were devices used to spy on the employees and somehow Harry had gotten roped into limiting the amount of destruction that seemed to have spread through the building. Sometimes he swore that he worked with a bunch of over reactive children. His desire to relax was immediately halted by the stacks of boxes in the entrance hall.

"Draco?" Harry called cautiously, peering at a tower of nondescript packages.

"Yes?" came the answer from upstairs.

"What are all these packages?"

"Oh!" Draco's voice took on an excited edge and Harry heard him hurrying from where ever he was towards the entrance hall, "I went shopping!"

Harry groaned slightly, idly wondering just how bad the dent in their bank account was. If Draco was storing his purchases in the entrance hall rather than where ever he intended to place them then he must have bought quite a bit. Cautiously he flipped open one of the boxes, his eyebrows rising at the sheer number of stuffed animals he saw within.

"Aren't they perfect?" Draco asked as he glided into the entrance hall, "Our baby will love them."

"Draco..." Harry said, gazing at his husband hopelessly, "You're not even three months along, we don't have to get the baby things yet. We don't even know their gender yet."

"It is that attitude that will result in a shoddy nursery and subpar parenting," Draco sniffed, "My child will have the best of everything and I will spend as much time as I have to make sure that we've forgotten nothing. We can always buy more things when we find out whether they're a boy or a girl."

Harry couldn't hold back a groan. "Draco, why is everything out here? How much did you spend this time?"

"Oh, not too much," the blond said dismissively, coming up to wrap his arms around Harry's neck, "It just looks like a lot because I can't put it in the nursery until I've converted the guest room. This is all of it. Besides, my wardrobe cost more."

"Wardrobe?" Harry gasped, rearing back to look at his husband, "Is that a new robe?"

"Of course it is," Draco huffed, "Did you honestly expect me to wear my normal clothes through my pregnancy? I replaced everything with the latest wizard maternity wear. All my robes are now self adjusting, they'll grow with me and make sure I always look my best, even when I'm bloated and fat because you forgot to use the contraception charms on me."

"Draco," Harry said, his voice turning hard, "How much did you spend?"

"You're so cute when you think I've bankrupted us," the blond cooed, kissing Harry on the nose, "Your eye does this adorable little twitching thing and you get so pink. Pansy sent most of it and I didn't replace my entire wardrobe, I only spent around a hundred galleons in all."

Sighing heavily, Harry took his husband into his arms and laid his forehead against the blonde's. "You're in a good mood today, you have to be considering you're trying to give me a heart attack."

"Mm," Draco hummed, "I had tea with Pansy, she enlightened me to some wonderful facts."

"Oh?" Harry questioned, drawing back and leading the bond into the sitting room.

"Did you know that being pregnant means I get special treatments at the spa? There is so much out there for an expecting wizard, so many wonderful indulgences I'd never heard about before."

Harry couldn't suppress a groan as Draco started going into just how many wondrous opportunities were now open to him, mentally adding up how much they would all cost.