After Veruca destroyed the terrifying octopus creature, a hole opened up in the wall. Veruca, who was still a giant moth, flew into the hole. When Veruca came out of the hole, she found herself on the outside of the House of Illusions. The hole appeared to be a way out. Veruca began to climb out of her moth skin, back to normal. Veruca breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I sure am glad to be out of there." She ran away from the House of Illusions. "I am surprised to see you made it out of the House of Illusions alive." the Scottish lady said, standing in front of Veruca keeping her from running any further. "Why are you helping me? I thought you were my enemy. You were the one who put the curse on me in the first place." Veruca said. "Now, I am helping you get rid of the curse." Veruca suddenly remembered what she did that made the Scottish lady put the curse on her. She was very rude to the Scottish lady. "I'm sorry I was so rude to you when you tried to sell me your flowers. I shouldn't of called them ugly, even though I thought they were." Veruca said. The Scottish lady smiled. "I am glad to hear you apologize finally. Your apology has made The Mist weaker than it used to be. But it is not broken yet. Somebody is making The Mist more powerful. It is not me, but it is somebody else." the lady said. "Who is it?" Veruca asked. "It is the old lady." the Scottish lady replied. Veruca got worried. "That's impossible. I destroyed her." Veruca said. "You might of destroyed her in your dreams, but in the real world she is still alive. You must return to the real world and stop her." the Scottish lady said in a hurry. "How?" Veruca asked quickly. "Wake up." the Scottish lady said before she was pulled into the ground by some tentacles which mysteriously emerged from the ground. Veruca saw a door appear in front of her. Veruca curiously walked towards the door and slowly opened it. There was complete darkness behind the door. Veruca walked into the darkness.

Veruca finally woke up from her dreams and found herself back in the cab she was taking to Scotland. Veruca looked out the window and saw that it was getting dark outside. "Did you sleep well?" the cab driver asked Veruca nicely. Veruca remembered the dream she had. She even remembered the old lady with the octopus body she destroyed. She knew everything that happened in the dream was real. She heard the Scottish lady in her head saying, "The old lady was your enemy when you were three years old. She used to abuse you when you were at a nursery school. She is the one keeping The Mist alive. She is at a train station, which leads to Scotland. Get out of the cab and take the train." Veruca put her head next to the cab driver's head. "Stop the cab!" Veruca exclaimed. The cab driver stopped the cab. Even though Veruca didn't answer the cab driver's question, she jumped out of the cab.

Veruca used a map, which she stole from somebody to get to the train station. The station was crowded with people. She thought that it was going to be hard to find the old lady. She pushed pass some of the people, looking for the lady. Five minutes later, she began to get thirsty. She took a break on finding the old lady, and went to go find a vending machine to get something to drink. The problem was that she didn't know where the vending machine was. She decided to ask somebody where it is. She spotted a lady with familiar large glasses. She decided to ask her where the vending machine is. She walked up to the lady. She tapped on the lady's shoulder and she turned around. The lady gasped. "VERUCA!" the lady exclaimed. It was Veruca's homeroom teacher. Veruca finally recognized her and said,"Sorry to bother you. I thought you might know where the vending machine is." Veruca's teacher sighed and said, "I'm sorry, but I do not know where it is. But she does." Veruca's teacher pointed to an old lady just 10 feet away from Veruca. Veruca was surprised to see that it was the old lady that's keeping The Mist alive. Veruca forgot about her thirst and ran quickly towards the old lady. She was stopped by a large rock which she tripped over. She banged her head on the hurt bad. Veruca moaned as she got up. She rubbed her aching head and opened her eyes. Everything was blurry at first, but not anymore after a few seconds. The old lady was gone. Veruca started to panic and started running around, trying to find her. She finally spotted the old lady boarding one of the trains. She started running towards the train. All of the people climbed onto the train and the train conductor was closing the doors. "WAIT!" Veruca yelled. It was too late. The doors closed and the train was already starting. Veruca finally made it to the moving train and started trying to keep up with it. She ran up to the doors and started knocking on them. The train conductor couldn't notice her. Veruca had to do something else. She jumped and grabbed on to the doors. She was hanging on to them as the train moved. She started yanking on the doors to open them. Unfortunately, that didn't work either. She had another idea. She started climbing on the top of the train. She found another entrance to the inside of the train. Veruca bent down and opened it. She jumped into the train. She startled some of the passengers. They were all staring at her, like she was gonna hurt them. "ALRIGHT! EVERYBODY LISTEN TO ME! HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN AN OLD LADY ON HERE?" Veruca yelled, trying to make sure everybody can here her. The old lady got up from one of the seats and said, "Are you referring to me?" Veruca angrily walked up to her. The lady seemed confused. "You! Do you remember me? My name is Veruca Salt! You used to abuse me when I was three. You worked at a nursery school I used to go to!" Veruca exclaimed angrily. The lady suddenly remembered her and said, "I know we've been some sworn enemies lately, but-" the old lady didn't get to finish her sentence when she was interrupted by Veruca, who said," You will pay! Because of you, my life is going to fall apart! I will not let that happen. I destroyed you in my dreams, and now it's time to destroy you in real life!" Everybody was gaping at Veruca and the old lady. The old lady seemed angry at Veruca's rudeness. "Excuse me ladies. Please remain seated while the train is moving." the train conductor commanded. "QUIET!" Veruca yelled furiously at the train conductor. He seemed shocked. " You will not keep this madness up. After I destroy you, I will be able to destroy The Mist in my dreams, which will be even weaker than ever." Veruca said confidently. The old lady was furious. "You are very rude. You deserve to have The Mist casted upon you." the old lady said. Veruca was glad to see that the old lady knew what she was talking about. "LADIES! SIT DOWN!" the train conductor commanded angrily. "NEVER!" Veruca yelled at the train conductor confidently and furiously. "If you ladies don't sit down, you two might get hurt." the train conductor explained. The old lady smiled menacingly. "There's only one girl who is going to get hurt." the old lady said. She bent down so she can make direct eye contact with Veruca. "Look into my eyes." she whispered to Veruca. Veruca didn't want to look into the old lady's eyes, but she had a strange feeling that she had to. Veruca stared into the old lady's eyes. She heard the old lady's voice in her head saying, "You don't understand. It is too late. You couldn't defeat The Mist, and now it is permanently attached to your life. Give up." Veruca wasn't afraid. "Never." Veruca said aloud. The old lady's voice in her head kept repeating the words, "Give up." Veruca's confidence slowly started to fade away. Veruca started to feel weak. The old lady lifted the weak Veruca and stuffed her through the entrance she jumped in to get into the train. Veruca was on top of the train again. Veruca's weakness was slowly starting to go away. She saw the old lady climb out of the entrance and get to the top of the train. Veruca's vision was very blurry. The old lady ran over to Veruca and grabbed her. Veruca started screaming and kicking. The lady ran to the front edge of the train and tossed Veruca off of it. Veruca landed on the track, banging her head severely. Veruca moaned while lying on the track. She stood up, feeling dizzy. Veruca's last words were, "What happened?" before she was hit by the train.

A/N: Thank you for reading this thirteenth chapter of The Mist. I know what you are thinking. You think that Veruca was killed when she got hit by the train. Please stay tuned for the next chapter, and you will see if Veruca got killed or not. Keep your fingers crossed. You will see what happens next.