"So there was no reason included in Chuck's text?" I asked for the third time.

"No," Dean said with a sigh. I leaned in-between the seats.

"Dean, I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry."

"And I need coffee."

"I think you've built up a resistance to caffeine, you need too much to get by," Sam said shaking him head.

"So?" I asked. I sank back into my seat and looked out the window. "There's the place." Dean pulled into the parking lot and I noticed Chuck on the steps of the hotel. "Hey!" I said bouncing out of the car.

"Sarah? What are you-" He noticed Sam and Dean behind me. "Why are you guys here?"

"You texted us," I said dryly.

"No I didn't," he said shaking his head. I threw up my hands and sighed.

"You texted us this address and we drove all night to get here. I think Sarah's going to die from lack of caffeine."

"Uh well come inside I guess," Chuck said leading us up the stairs. The door opened before we could get to it and a girl ran out. She stopped in front of Sam and squealed.

"Becky?" He asked confused. "It is Becky right?"

"You remembered!" She said excitedly. "You've been thinking about me too!"

"Uhm I-"

"That's ok I can't get you out of my head either! Come inside!" She walked past me and then turned to face me. "You're Sarah! Oh you're prettier than I thought you'd be…" She glanced at Sam and then back at me. "He's mine!"

I couldn't take this girl seriously with that funny way she talked and I burst out laughing. She grabbed Sam's arm and led him into the hotel.

"I'm sorry about this, guys…" Chuck said following us in.

"Sorry about what?" Dean asked.

I looked around the room and saw guys dressed in clothing almost identical to what Sam and Dean were wearing right now. "Oh my gosh. This is great!" I laughed again and Dean glared at me.

"Hey Dean!" Some guy dressed like Dean called. He gave Dean and thumbs up and kept walking.

"What was that?" Dean asked confused.

"It was you!" Becky said excitedly.

"No. I'm me," Dean said.

I looked around and realized that the room wasn't just full of Sams and Deans but of wendingos and vampires and just about every other kind of creature ever. Then I noticed a girl with a blonde wig and a leather jacket with her back towards me. "Oh bitch no." I tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around. "Please tell me you're Ruby."

"Of course! Who else would I be? Your Ruby costume is spot on, I love you're jacket! And is your hair actually real?" She reached out to touch my hair and I batted her hand away.

"Yes it's real! And I am not Ruby!" I said offended. "Do not compare me to the hag from hell!"

"If you aren't Ruby then who are you?" She asked confused.

"I'm Sarah Carter!"

"Oh! From the newest book. I can see it now. I don't know, I always imagined Sarah a little more girly! I mean the book talked about how much she loves fashion right? Hmm, if you're planning on entering the costume contest, I would say go for Ruby, you'd be a shoe in."

I turned around to see Dean laughing his head off. "I hate you," I said to him. I stomped off in the other direction and he followed me. "I don't look like Sarah? I am Sarah. All you stupid posers, and…and…I look like Ruby?! Someone please shoot me now!" I mumbled. Becky ran up behind us pulling Sam with her.

"Don't you guys just love it?" She asked.

"Not particularly," I said. She glared at me before turning back to face Sam and Dean.

"It's a Supernatural convention! The first one ever!"

"Oh yay!" I said sarcastically.

"Come on you two, it's time for the Q&A!" She ushered the Winchesters into the main ballroom leaving me behind. I followed them and we stood in the back of the room.

"Hi…um…nice to see you all…" Chuck said awkwardly stepping on stage. "Well…uh I guess..questions?" Every hand in the room shot up. "Um you," he gestured randomly.

"Hi, I was just wondering, how did you come up with the idea for Supernatural in the first place?"

Chuck shifted back a forth. "Um. It just came to me…next? You in the white dress…no uh the other Woman in White…yeah you."

"I was just wondering why you thought it was a good idea to throw in a new love interest for Dean at the end of that last book. He's better off single, and of all the girls you could stick him with why Sarah?" She asked. I scoffed.

"I um I don't know. Dean and Sarah just seemed to work together…"

"And what about Sam's feelings for Sarah?" The 'Woman in White' asked.

"His what?" Becky and I asked at the same time before glaring at each other.

"Uhm I don't know. Maybe that will be addressed in a later book or…yeah," Chuck said awkwardly.

"This isn't going to turn into some love triangle like Twilight is it?" some guy dressed like a scarecrow asked.

"I-I don't know…Any other questions?"

"When are you going to write another book?" Someone else yelled.

"Oh! That's the good news. Thanks to a wealthy Scandinavian investor I'm going to be getting another book out to all of you very soon."

Everyone in the room except for me, the Winchesters and Chuck started jumping around screaming excitedly. "Oh lord…" I mumbled.


We walked into the hotel bar where Becky and Chuck were sipping on some colorful drinks. "Hey Chuck can we talk to you?" I asked.

"Yeah sure," he said. I glanced at Becky who was giving Sam the weirdest look which I had to assume was her version of being sexy, that girl needed some lessons.

"Ahem," Dean coughed. "Alone."

"Oh yeah. Becky do you think you could give us a minute?" Chuck asked.

She stood up and glared at me. "Sure."

"Look Chuck you have to stop publishing books about us!" Sam said.

"I have to get money somehow!" Chuck said.

"Write a book about something else, anything else. Or better yet get a real job!" I said.

"Who gave you the right to write about us anyway?" Dean asked.

"An archangel and trust me I didn't want it. But these books are all I've got to live off of. I'm not a good writer, I'm not good at anything really but this is how I make money."

There was a loud scream and we turned towards it, it was coming from outside the bar down the hall. We all ran after it. There was a maid lying on the floor and Sam helped her up. Two guys came in dressed as Sam and Dean and started trying to ask her questions.

"Excuse me," Dean said. "This is our job."

"You have to help me, I saw a ghost!" The maid said.

"What did she say?" The faux-Sam said.

"Gather around and I'll tell you the story," she said spookily.

"Ugh. Guys come on," I pulled Dean's arm and we walked into the hall.

Becky ran up smiling brightly. "The LARPing started!"

"The what?" I asked.

"Live action role playing, duh. Unfortunately it's two to a team so I guess you can't play." She made a sad face. I was getting pretty fed up with this girl.

"Do you even know what witches eat?" I asked stepping towards her trying to look as serious as possible.

"Um no?" She asked taking a step back.

"Hearts. Little human hearts of people just like you." I poked her in the chest fighting to contain my giggles.

"I-I I'm sorry!" She honestly looked afraid and that's when I lost it in yet another fit of giggles.

"Relax, I'm kidding. But you never know what I can do…" I said motioning towards her with my finger slowly, pushing her back. She squealed as her feet slid involuntarily across the floor. I laughed again and walked out of the room.

"That wasn't very nice. Really, really funny but…like I was saying, not nice," Dean said following me.

"You know me, do I typically play nice?" I sighed. "She was getting on my nerves."

We walked back into the bar with Sam trailing behind us. There was a girl dressed up as the ghost leaning against the counter and Dean was checking her out. I hit him in the arm and he turned and smiled at me. "You know you're prettier that her."

"I know, I just like hearing you say it," I said shrugging.

"I swear it was a ghost! A real ghost, not one of the actors, an actual ghost!" A guy was saying to his friend across the room.

"You must have imagined it," his friend said.

"It beat me up! I can't imagine getting beat up!"

"What do you think?" Sam asked leaning towards us.

"I don't think he's a good enough actor to make that up," Dean said.

"You two go try to talk to the hotel manager, the real one. See if he knows anything about a real ghost. I'm going to go try to get the story from that guy. He'll be more likely to talk to me," I said.

"Meet back here in twenty," Sam said.

I walked over to the guy and his friend. "Hi, I'm Sarah."

"I'm Dean," he said smiling.

I rolled my eyes. "What's your real name?"

He looked embarrassed. "Alex," he mumbled. "What's your real name?"

"Sarah is my-" I sighed and tried to think of a name that probably wasn't in the books. "Heather. Anyways nice to meet you. So that story you're telling, about the ghost…"

"This isn't part of the game," he said.

"Yeah, I know. I was just wondering what happened."

"I was upstairs and I had just shot the 'ghost' and I was about to come back down here when I saw this boy. He asked me to help him and I just thought it was part of the game you know? But then he disappeared and honestly I just thought that was some really good special effects. I turned around and this lady appeared and she picked me up slammed me into a bookcase and then she dropped me on the ground."

"That sounds…painful."

"You're telling me. It had to be a real ghost right?"

"Maybe. I'm going to look into it," I said.

"You're going to hunt a real ghost! That's-that's dangerous!" He said.

"I know that. Like I said I'm looking into it."

I turned around and walked back towards the bar. I ordered a drink while I waited. "A cosmo please."

"What no yellow-eyed cocktail? We've got witches brew hard lemonade too," the bartender said.

"Uh like I said, I'll take a cosmo."

"So you aren't part of this fan thing?"

I laughed. "No, not in the slightest." A little later Sam and Dean came in and motioned me into the hallway. "Where'd you go?" I asked.

"Up to the attic, there's definitely a ghost," Sam said.

"Yeah I talked to Alex, his story was pretty good. I figured we were on to something. What person in their right mind would put a bunch of crazy people in a haunted hotel?" I asked shaking my head.

"Someone who's asking for trouble," Dean suggested.

I noticed Becky staring Sam down. He followed my gaze and we both watched as she licked her hand and then blew it at him. "What the crap?" I mumbled. "I'll be right back."

I walked over to Becky who was still staring longingly at Sam. She snapped her head towards me quickly. "What do you want?"

I rolled my eyes. "Calm down." I motioned for Chuck to go away and he gave me a questioning look. "Go." He shrugged and got up and left. "Ok. So, Becky, you like Sam."

"Duh. He's my soul mate," she said all moony.

"No. Nope. That is your problem."

"What's my problem? He's my soul mate!" She snapped.

I paused, waiting to see if she was going to continue. "I'm not going to even get started down that path…point is, you need some help in the flirting department."

"I can flirt."

"No, you can't. You cling, excessively and trust me it is making everyone think you're a psychopath."


"No. Listen, you need to be cute. You aren't hideous or anything so being cute shouldn't be that hard…but you need to stop doing things like licking your hands or blowing him kisses or whatever you called that. Well blowing kisses…occasionally that's cute…Actually, we'll just stay away from that right now."

"Am I really creepy?" She asked worried.

"Yeah. No offense."

"Fix me!" She yelled. People turned to look at us and I shushed her.

"Ok to start with you have to act like you don't care. Since you've already gone so far in the opposite direction we need to work on some damage control," I said nodding thinking this up as I went.

"Playing hard to get works?" She asked.

"Uh yeah, how do you think Dean and I started dating? He called me a bitch, I called him a dick, two seconds later he was all over me. It happens." I shrugged. She was staring at me ready to hear my next advice. "Ok stop staring at me like that, it's freaking me out."

"What else should I do?"

"Hair flips are always good, and perfect the girlish giggle." She tried laughing and it sounded like a dying pig. "No, like this." I laughed and it sounded something akin to the tingling of bells and several guys looked my way and smiled.

"How do you do that?"

"You just do? Maybe it's something that just comes naturally. Maybe stay away from laughing, just smile," I told her. She nodded. "Let's try it out." I motioned to Alex and his friend. "See those guys over there? I'll chat up the dark haired one while you test your flirting on his friend ok?"

"But isn't that like cheating?" She whispered loudly.

"No. It's flirting and playing hard to get, if Sam sees you maybe he'll get jealous."

"Maybe?" She asked skeptically.

"Hey, I never said these tips will help you snag Sam but they'll definitely help." We got up and walked over to the other guys.

"Hey, Heather. Did you find anything?" Alex asked. I motioned for Becky to make her move on the friend.

"Oh I kind of got sidetracked but my friends are on it though. They went up stairs to go check it out."

"Oh good, I was worried about you going after a ghost on your own."

I laughed the tinkling bell laugh and he smiled. Why did that work so well? I have no idea but it was like a spell or something. I looked over at Becky who had just gotten Alex's friend to buy her a drink. "Becky, we ought to go."

"But I just sat down!" She said.

"We have that thing to talk about," I said pointedly.

"Oh yeah." She turned to the guy, "Maybe I'll see you around or whatever."

"We could meet for drinks later?" He asked.

"Eh I don't know I might have something else to do." She shrugged before turning back to me. We walked off and as soon as we were in the hall out of hearing distance she let out her pig-giggle.

"That was so much fun!" She squealed.

"I think you have the whole nonchalant thing down perfectly. You just need to do that more around Sam, instead of being so clingy." I looked down the hall to see Sam and Dean followed by a pair of very shooken up faux Sam and Dean. "I take it you found her?"

"Yeah and these two tagged along for the ride," Dean said shaking his head. He looked at Becky and then back at me and raised his eyebrow in that 'I thought you two didn't get along' way.

"Um Becky and I were having girl time. It was actually pretty fun, surprisingly," I said.

"Yeah Sarah and I talked to these guys and-" She started but I glared at her cutting her off. "I mean, yeah it was fun."

Dean gave me another look and I shrugged.

"So you guys are real hunters?" Fake Dean asked.

"Yes, we've been over this," Sam said.

"And ghosts are real. Is everything real? Vampires and demons and everything?" Fake Sam asked.

"Unfortunately," Sam said.

"So are witches," I said mischievously. Dean shook his head at me.

"Oh witches aren't that bad," Fake Sam said. I flicked my fingers and he went flying against the wall.

"Want to say that again?" I asked.

"Note to self, don't piss off a witch," Fake Dean mumbled.

"Well guys," Dean said patting fake Dean on the back. "Maybe we'll see you two around."

"Are you leaving? The convention just got started!" Fake Sam asked.

"Uh yeah this isn't really our scene," Sam said.

We walked towards the door and I glanced over my shoulder to see Becky, who had done a really good job of not clinging to Sam, bouncing on her heels like she was debating whether or not to jump him. Finally she just waved. "Bye, Sarah! Bye, Dean!"

"Did she just leave me out of that goodbye?" Sam asked.

"I believe she did," I said feeling proud of her.

"Wow." He reached out to open the front doors and they didn't budge. "Uh that's weird."

Dean tried pulling and nothing happened "That's really weird."

There was a scream and the lady dressed like a ghost from earlier came running out. I ran in the room followed by Sam and Dean to see a little ghost boy holding his head which was partially peeling off. "Oh ew."

"Why did you send my mommy away?" He asked stepping towards Dean.

"Maybe because she killed you and a lot of other people?"

"My mommy didn't do this," the boy said before disappearing.

"Well shit," I said.


I ran into the ballroom where Chuck was just ending a panel. "Thanks guys for-" I ran up on stage cutting him off.

"This place is haunted," I whispered. He gave me a funny look. "Like no shit, its legit haunted."

"What am I supposed to do about that?" He hissed.

"Keep these people in here. I don't care how you do it but me and guys need to take care of this."

I went out the back door and into the hall. "So we had an idea," Dean said.

"You did?" I asked worried.

"Well we can't go get our guns but…what's the one thing that kept those kids under control?"

"The ghost lady."

"Exactly," Dean said.

"But she's gone."

"But you're an actress!" Sam said.

"No. I'm not pretending to be a ghost. I don't even look anything like her! Go get that ghost girl actress from earlier. "

"I'm not dragging those people in to this; they don't know what's going on."

I sighed. "Fine."


Ten minutes later I was dressed in dusty old clothes from the attic and someone's Ruby 2.0 wig I had stolen from a makeup kit that had been left out. "Have I mentioned you make a really sexy brunette?" Dean asked.

"Go away!" I shooed him out of the room. "Boys! Come here right this instant!"

"Ms. Gore?" One of them asked appearing out of nowhere.

"You three have been causing lots of trouble and you know I can't have that!"

"We're sorry, Ms. Gore," They all mumble.

"No open the doors and windows right this instant!" I pointed towards one of the windows with a little too much passion and it shattered. A gust of wind blew through the room and my poorly secured wig slipped off. One of the boys narrowed his eyes. The other two boys frowned at me and they all stepped towards me.

"Move back Sarah!" Dean shouted as he hit the ghosts with an iron bar. They reappeared a second later and tossed Dean against the wall and I grabbed the bar and dispersed them again. They appeared behind me and pushed me forwards until I was face to face with the wall. "Dean!" I yelled. I felt a knife being slid against my head. Then it was gone and I turned quickly to see Sam standing there with a bar. I heard a scream downstairs and I assumed that someone had broken the salt line Dean had made. One of the boys appeared behind Sam and the other had his knife up to Dean's scalp. Sam whirled around and hit the ghost behind him and then lunged for Dean. Right before he hit the ghost the boy burst into flames.


After the police got there and started cleaning things up Becky walked up to me. "Thanks," she said.

"Hm? For what?" I asked.

"Well Chuck and I-"

"Oh my gosh!" I said my voice bordering on a squeal.

"I was being all cool, you know like you taught me, and he was being the hero and keeping that ghost out and then I realized that Chuck is actually really cute! So I did the hair flip and I smiled and laughed and all that and he thought it was cute!"

"I'm glad someone does," I mumbled. "What? Um, I mean good for you!"

"Do you think Sam will be ok? I mean we had chemistry but…I think me and Chuck are the real soul mates here."

"Um I think he'll get by."

"Good, you can tell him. I don't think I can bear to break his heart," Becky said sadly.


"Thanks for everything though! I'll see you around!" She gave me a hug and I awkwardly hugged her back.


I followed Sam and Dean out to the Impala. "What are you two mumbling about?" I asked.

"We have a lead on the Colt," Sam said.

"What?" I asked.

"This girl Bela gave it to Lilith or so we thought, Chuck just told us that she actually gave it to Crowley," Sam explained.

"Oh Bela huh?" I asked curiously. "Talbot?"

"You know her?" Dean asked.

"Oh yeah we went to school together years ago," I said getting into the Impala.

"But she's British."

"Yeah me too," I said nodding. Dean turned around and stared at me. "I lived there for 17 years…Then moved her, I mean I guess I kinda lost my accent but…"

"But I've known you for a year and you never thought to mention you were actually British?" Dean asked confused.

"I guess it never came up. I don't really like talking about my childhood in case you haven't noticed."

"Right." He turned around and looked at Sam. "British."

"Should I bring my accent back?" I asked in my real Manchester accent.

"I don't know if I'm supposed to be freaked out or not…it's actually kind of sexy."

"Accent it is."

"This is going to take some getting used to," Sam said.

I laughed my same little bell-like laugh and lay my head against the window headed to who knows where.