I feel like im on a special substance when Im writing this fic xD Enjoy.

Goku and Vegeta finally make their way out of the gym.

Goku turns to Vegeta "So what now Vegeta?"

"What now? it's pretty obvious WHAT NOW, we go and help you catch better Pokémon".

Goku points at himself "Me? Why me? I'm not the one that has a worthless suicidal Saibamen".

Vegeta is mind blown by the hurtful comment Goku made started and decided to shrug off the discussion "Well then, let's go to an Inn and think what to do next".

Goku is staring into the vacuum of space to be brought back by the words of Vegeta"What? Well whatever, Lets go to an Inn and think what to do next".

The two Poke saiyan trainers head to the first Inn that they could find, to their luck there was one right next to the gym. After they finish paying for their room and get their key they head to the room. When they enter there are two twin size beds and a picture between them of a poorly drawn ocean. Theres also A mini fridge on the other side of the room.

Goku sniff his nose "Wow, this is one depressing room".

Vegeta walks towards the bed he will sleep in "Yeah, tell me about it".

Goku heads to the other bed " Well… Vegeta I was thinking about it and I decided to catch a new pokemon".

"Great! What are you thinking on catching? A saibamen most likely"

"Ha no, I want to catch a LEGENDARY POKEMON!"

"What? You need master balls to catch Legendary Pokémon"

" My balls are all ready legendary"

Vegeta walks towards the mini fridge to take a look inside "Since when did you buy master balls?"

"Wait, where talking about my nutsack right?"

Vegeta looks at Goku with a weird expression " … Whatever, I'm talking about a master poke ball that can catch any Pokémon in a single throw" he then take hot bottled water inside the fridge.

"How do we get our hands on one of these magical spherical poke ball?"

Vegeta sits back down on his bed with his bottle " Lucky for us I have special connection with the underground world" he says with a prideful tone.

Goku widens his eyes "WOW! you're the best!"

Vegeta smirks then buts his bottle on the ground. He takes his phone and dials a number, as the phone rings he puts its against his ear and starts waiting for someone to pick up.

Someone finally picks up " Hey mom! Its Vegeta, I just wanted to ask if you could order a master ball through Ebay and send it to the direction im about to send you". Vegeta then waits for her mom to finish speaking.

"Great! Thanks mom love you" Vegeta hangs up and looks at Goku "Pfft, like a boss".

Suddenly a box crashes through the window, both men stand up and walks toward it. Vegeta picks up the box " How did they know where we are?" . Goku redirects his attention to Vegeta and raises his shoulder not knowing the answer. When they opens the box he sees the master balls.

Vegeta talks out loud "Thanks mom!" Then notices Goku's looking at him and coughs to sharpen his voice " I mean Mafia… Thanks Mafia" he says trying to ignore Goku's glare.

"What is it?" Trying to peek inside the box.

"We have the master balls"

Goku scratches his head "Why do you like talking about my nuts?"

Vegeta sighs.

After a long night sleep both men wake up in the morning full refreshed and energized.

Goku rises from his bed stretching his arms into the air "ahh, I feel great!" he then looks through the window "It looks like a great day to catch a legendary Pokémon!"

Vegeta is putting on his saiyan armor " Yeah it is! Ok, let's look at the pokedex to know where to look for any legendary pokemon so give me your pokedex".

Goku suddenly paralyzes.

"What are you waiting for give me your pokedex"

Goku turns to Vegeta in a forgiving way "Weeeell, you see… I never upgraded my pokedex so It doesn't have a map" he then laughs in a low voice.

"What? How can you be so stupid!? What the hell man?"

"Well I was on my way to get it but you got in my way and then sidetracked me! Anyways don't you have one?"

Vegeta falls into a shock and takes a step backwards "Weeeeeell, you see… I also never got my pokedex…"

Goku suddenly falls on the ground then looks up at his friend "We are the crapiest trainers that there possibly could be".

Vegeta nods in agreement.

"Can't you get one from your underground resources or whatever?"

Vegeta laughs " The plot wouldn't let us".

"Then we would need to go to to kame house to upgrade my pokedex LIKE I WAS GANNA DO BEFORE I MET YOU!"

Vegeta crosses his arms and speaks in a low voice "Harsh dude…"

Both men get ready and make their way outside.

"Hey Goku how are we ganna get there?"

"I have a flying yellow cloud, that will get us where we need to go" He then whistles. Suddenly a yellow cloud appears before Goku. He then jumps on top of the cloud. Vegeta then follows Goku on top of the cloud " I still don't know how this cloud is able to have a solid floor, I mean its condensed water".

"Would you stop with the insulting my cloud? Geez".

They make their way to Kame house to talk to Dr. Roshi. When they arrive they jump off the cloud and walk towards the door. Goku being a cool gentlemen knocks on the door and wait for someone to respond. After a short 2 hours of waiting someone finally answers the door. To their amazement the one that answered was Roshi.

Both yell out "Master Roshi!?"

"No, Im his twin brother, Dr. Roshi. What do you want?"

Goku takes up front " I'm Goku, I'm hear to get my upgraded Pokedex"

Dr. Roshi checks his a list he has "There's only one more, you're one lucky ki-"

Suddenly a short boy interrupts Roshi " No! that will be my upgraded Pokedex!"

Suddenly from behind the house comes out Krillin "It will be mind!"

Vegeta walks up to him " To bad little boy, we got here first" he then taps his forehead with one finger.

" I will challenge anyone of you to a battle, If I win I get the Pokedex!" he then points at both of them with the utmost confidence.

Vegeta and Goku laugh as they turn their backs on Krillin and approach Dr. Roshi to get their Pokedex.

"Why don't you want to accept my challenge? I always knew you saiyans where a race of chikens"

Suddenly Vegeta stops dead on his tracks " Wait Goku"

Goku turns to Vegeta "Don't, it's not worth it lets ju-"

"I GOT THIS! He insulted our race! We can't let him get away, don't you care?"

"In all honestly no I don't"

"Non prideful low class saiyan…" Vegeta mumbles to himself "One Pokemon winner takes all!"

Krillin takes out his pokeball " I accept!"

When I finish writing this chapter and re-read it Im like "What have I just done?" xD Hope you enjoyed.