~Chapter Three~

Harry glared up at the house before him. The glass house was open, bright, and everything he despised. Plants decorated the area surrounding the home though the forest did well to keep everything hidden. The entire scene merely caused a negative reaction within him. Knowing it belonged to Carlisle and his beloved family didn't make it any more appealing.

He'd arrived that morning making sure to pick a time where the children would be at school and Carlisle at work. However instead of travelling directly to the house he'd wandered around town in search of answers. The town's people were more than happy to help him with every question he asked. Within two hours he knew everything to people did.

The Cullen's were both well liked in the community and envied. They were rich, beautiful, and held power. Something about them had everyone feeling envy. Harry knew it was because of their vampirism that caused several of those talents so he wasn't as envious of the group.

Carlisle was a doctor and handled everyone he healed with great care and dedication. Esme worked from home designing interior rooms for houses. Edward was a loner though currently dating a mortal named Bella also the sheriff's daughter. Jasper and Alice were dating. Rosalie and Emmett were dating. All in all they seemed like the perfect little family. Except they didn't know what Harry knew about them.

It was easy to see the flaws in these beautiful people. Bella was Edward's singer. She was lucky he hadn't torn her apart. To date her was foolish but Harry didn't care for that. Their relationship was what drew the attention of others. With what he heard of Bella's luck they probably had attracted the attention of Aro and his wonderful group of psychopaths. Everything Carlisle needed finally fell into place though he would need Carlisle to confirm his findings.

That was how Harry found himself before the Cullen house. He needed answers and this was the only way to prove it though what he desperately wanted to do was return to London. The weather might have been the similar but nothing could compare the company.

Regardless, Harry walked into the house with nothing more than a book in his hand and an air that screamed impudence. Within these glass walls he could tell a vampire crept around. However he couldn't bring himself to care. If they desired his aid then everything would be done his way.

The door, though locked, clicked open upon his approach startling the vampire inside. Harry smirked. He'd always wanted to startle a vampire as they were notorious for being unshakable. Walking inside he took note of everything. Mementos of their lives lay in every corner. Some appeared to belong to Carlisle and Esme while most belonged to their children. No mortal had a hope of understanding why certain objects belonged. Harry, instead of introducing himself, merely moved into the lounge room.

Collapsing on the sofa, he took time to note that the vampire hadn't moved an inch since he'd entered. Harry smirked knowing Carlisle likely hadn't mentioned certain particulars about him. Boy where they going to be in for a shock when the rest of the bunch returned. He couldn't wait to see their faces.

He cracked open the book and started to read allowing the words to sooth away the frustration he felt being here. It wasn't that he disliked America. The scenery and tourist attractions were something to be marvelled over however they held little interest for him. Beside the fact, the Cullen's rarely left America when possible. Harry enjoyed being away from them, away from the burning resentment he felt every time he heard of them. However it wasn't meant to be when Carlisle asked for it.

Harry was glad that Carlisle hadn't ordered him. If there was one thing he could never forgive it was that. Mind wandering, Harry couldn't help but let it. The book wasn't going anywhere.

Just as he began to relax he heard it. Cars raced towards the house signalling that his time of thought was over. The tension in his body returned. He was about to meet everyone. Esme had avoided him for most of the day and now that was at an end. The group would finally be introduced to him. Harry smirked. Wouldn't they be in for a surprise?


Edward wasn't certain what he expected when he returned home. After dropping Bella off at home, he'd left immediately though he had known she'd wanted to know more. His thoughts had been far from her however. Harleigh was an enigma. Carlisle had practically avoided thought of the person for as long as they'd been family. How he'd managed that with Edward's gift, he wasn't sure.

He caught up to his siblings in record time. None of their thoughts revealed they were surprised. All were too focused on Harleigh. Together they flew out of their cars and into the lounge to find their mysterious figure. All felt disbelief.

The teen resting on the couch certainly wasn't what they had expected. However that wasn't what disturbed Edward the most. This teen had a beating heart. The sound echoed around the quiet room causing them all to tense. Yet a second later puzzlement entered their mind. They couldn't smell his blood. They could smell scents wafting from him, most from London and a few from town, but that was it.

Edward racked his eyes over the teen. Harleigh had the darkest hair he'd ever seen. It was like a moonless night. Yet his eyes were by far more exquisite. They were an emerald green so bright one could almost mistake them for precious gems. No one could say Harleigh was unremarkable. Yet that didn't answer a rather large question.

How was a mortal teen supposed to aid them?

He wasn't particularly brawny and they didn't need him for any intelligence, after all vampires were highly intelligent. This kid couldn't help them in any way that they needed. Similar thoughts echoed around him. His siblings didn't see the appeal that had Carlisle calling for this child to aid them. Nothing could help them especially not a mortal child.

Then he heard Esme.

"He just appeared out of nowhere. I didn't hear a sound and the door was locked but it clicked open upon his approach. He waltzed in like he owned the place not caring that someone could have been home. There is something about him that isn't human and Carlisle knows what it is."

Her thoughts streamed to him, continuing along the same line. Esme believed something was strange about this ordinary child. Edward couldn't see it but it he had been normal then Alice would have been able to see him in a vision. His mother was right. There was something about this child that was strange and he couldn't wait to find out what it was.


Harry said nothing as Carlisle's "children" returned home. Each raced into the room to catch a glimpse of him before rushing towards their mother. Obviously he wasn't what they expected but something was keeping them from speaking that aloud. He smirked. Their mother was more than likely giving details about his arrival. He continued allowing his mind to wander book open before him.

They held little interest to him. Carlisle was the only person he was here to see. No one else mattered. The thoughts left a bitter taste in his mouth. He knew what Carlisle was attempting here but it wouldn't work. He didn't want to be a part of their family especially when he as the eldest "child". Nothing could make him forget that.

Another car sped towards them. Being in the middle of the forest he knew it wasn't likely for it to be anyone else. Harry tensed. This was it. The group of vampires shuffled around in the corridor waiting for a signal from Carlisle. None of them wanted to be in the room with him alone.

The engine ceased and the door snapped shut. Harry blinked refusing to move from his lounging spot on the couch. The front door opened.

Carlisle looked every bit the man he remembered. Tall, blonde, and pale, nothing had changed within the vampire. Even the kindness that radiated sickeningly from him refused to be culled. Though the clothing had changed with the times, nothing from the man's past could be seen in his appearance. This vampire was every bit the one that had left him behind.

"Harleigh," the utter relief in Carlisle's voice was astounding.

Harry stood, dropping the book on the couch and walking towards Carlisle. His black slacks stood out against everything within the room. The green of his shirt matched bright eyes radiating with passion.

"Carlisle, it has been a while."

The words came out with a neutral tone he'd perfected over the years. Yet it did little to quench Carlisle's emotions. Carlisle hugged Harry close. Unused to the contact Harry tensed though it was ignored by Carlisle.

Relief flooded Carlisle. Knowing Harleigh would be there couldn't compare to actually seeing him. It had been over a hundred years after all, a hundred years and he was to blame for it. Now however he had a chance to fix things. Harleigh wouldn't have returned if he didn't want to fix things even subconsciously.

Turning, he motioned towards the door.

"Harleigh, this is the rest of our family, Esme, my wife, and our children, Edward, Rosalie, Emmet, Jasper, and Alice."

Harry knew introducing them was a major step for Carlisle. Hearing the word "our" wasn't something he had expected so suddenly. It wasn't fair. The vampire wanted to unite his past with his present yet Harry couldn't have cared. Carlisle had sent him away even when he'd promised that he'd never do such a thing. Then he had exchanged him with an amassed vampire family. He couldn't help the resentment that flooded him.

Instead he was left saying, "You said you needed my help."

Carlisle sighed. He'd known Harleigh wouldn't take this as well as he'd hoped. Yet he couldn't be blamed. Harleigh after all hadn't done anything wrong in this situation. No that was all one him.

"We should take this into the dining room."

The group of vampires followed after him and Carlisle. Harry had no choice but to move with Carlisle as the vampire hadn't removed his arm from around his shoulders. Once seated, he realized everyone was staring at him. It was rather daunting considering they were all capable of tearing him apart.

Carlisle issued a low growl that had his family backing off slightly.

"Carlisle that isn't necessary." Harry chastised.

The group looked rather relieved. Obviously they hadn't seen this side of their leader yet. Bully for them. If he remained they would be seeing quite a bit more of this side to Carlisle regardless of whether or not they desired to.

Sensing his act wasn't appreciated, Carlisle sat down at the head of the table. Harry already seated to his left whilst the others scrambled around them.

"You've been in town."

It wasn't a question so Harry didn't bother answering it.

"What did you discover about our situation?"

Harry sighed. This was about to get really ugly. He laid out the truth.

"From what I could tell you all spend quite a large amount of time attempting to fit in with the people around you. You don't want the town's people to become suspicious of your actions or your age. However when Isabella Swan arrived it caused a little hitch because she is Edward's singer. He can't be near her because with every turn she tempts him to drink. Regardless they have begun a relationship. I'm assuming that isn't the only reason vampires have become interested in her?"

The vampires were rather speechless. Harry smirked. Once again he had managed to get one up on the rather stoic group. He felt he deserved a badge of some kind.

"That is entirely accurate." Carlisle replied before anyone could begin questioning how he knew. "However Bella also has a rather unique ability that had manifested even as she is still human."

Harry frowned. Gifts within humans weren't that easy to come by. Certainly she wasn't a witch but that didn't mean there wasn't some latent gene that wouldn't manifest later in life.

"She can block Edward's ability to her read her mind. This is also what Aro is the most determined to obtain. The Volturri crave her ability. It is something that might be great once she if she is turned."

"What do you mean if, Carlisle?" Edward snarled.

"Please, if you're going to be a love sick puppy instead of a vampire leave." Harry deadpanned.

He wasn't interested in hearing the love tale with such a dramatic twist. He could easily see that everyone else was fed up with it as well though they still desired to support them. Edward on the other hand stood and stormed out. Harry rolled his eyes. How old was he meant to be again? Turning towards Carlisle he asked,

"What is it that you want me to do Carlisle?"

Carlisle sat forward refusing to take his eyes off Harleigh.

"There is an army of newborns that are after Bella. A few years ago we ran into a group of vampires. One of them took a liking to Bella's scent. We destroyed him however his mate is after revenge. Victoria created the newborn army and is going to use them to attack Bella. If they gain any more numbers they will attract the attention of the Volturri then Aro will come and attempt to turn Bella without our consent. We can't have the army harming our livelihood in such a way."

Harry wasn't certain how this newborn army was a large problem. Yes they were vampires but they hadn't attacked anyone. As far as he could tell Victoria was only using them to keep the Cullen's preoccupied whist she continued plotting. For vampires they weren't very savvy in their own ways of life. However they had finally reached the main point to this little gathering.

"You want me to help you with a newborn army?" Harry sighed. "How many do you know of?"

"There are at least a dozen." Jasper spoke up.

That however didn't help at all. A dozen vampires could mean anything really. He knew nothing about whether they were capable of amazing gifts like the Cullen's. He knew nothing about their capabilities as people in general. They could all be math genii for all Harry was aware.

"Do you have any actual figures?" Harry asked.

They all shook their head. No one had been within the warehouse in which Victoria was keeping her newborns locked up.

"I'll just have to take a little trip to see them then."

Carlisle looked like he was about to argue the idea but a glare from Harry kept his mouth shut. This wasn't a time for him to attempt anything like that. Harry was willing to help this time but he wasn't about to mend bridges in a day.

"How is a scrawny little human meant to help?" Rosalie snarled.

She was getting sick of humans getting a better name than vampires. First it had been Bella then it was this Harleigh who appeared as rude as they came. Enough was enough!

Harry on the other and was tired of prissy vampires. With a wave of his hand Rosalie smashed into the ceiling remaining in place. Alice gasped having not expected or seen that while Jasper tensed. Emmett bounced between amazed and concerned. Esme was concerned. Carlisle looked worried but made no move to aid and Edward was laughing upstairs.

Standing, Harry walked towards her.

"If you'd been paying attention then you would have noticed I'm not human." He snarled.

Regardless of the fact he wasn't a vampire didn't make the sound any less menacing. Rosalie crashed to the floor attempting to pick her up with as much dignity as she could muster.

"I'm a witch." Harry smirked. "I'll be by tomorrow with a few more of my belongings."

With a turn he disappeared. The vampires stood in silence.

"Well that went well…" Jasper muttered. Edward was still laughing.


Grimmauld Place rose before Harry as he apparated. Without any suggested movement, the door swung open and closed behind him. Once inside he sighed. Things couldn't get any more complicated than they were now. Ignoring anyone that attempted to gain his attention he wandered up to his room, collapsing on the bed with defeat.

He couldn't believe he'd accepted the job Carlisle had given him. He should have said request but it wasn't really. This was far from a request. Carlisle wanted Harry in the family once again. He knew today had been a trial run.

Though the Cullen's had been cautious they hadn't seemed antagonistic which Carlisle was pleased about. No instead he fought with Edward and Rosalie like they were siblings and the others had watched uncertain as to how they should react. Carlisle had gotten exactly what he wanted out of this endeavour and Harry had walked directly into it.

Groaning he rolled over. He remembered clearly what had happened the first time he had met Carlisle. It certainly hadn't ended well for either of them…

Harleigh could only stare in shock as the man pulled books from the shelves. The books had been passed down to them yet they had never even opened the box they had arrived in, knowing the previous owner was rather eccentric. Personally, he hadn't even known they existed until a group started accusing his family of witchcraft.

The group had raided their home with only a rumour and they had been discovered packed away in a dusty box hidden amongst old possessions. Of course then this man appeared took one look at them all and made a decision. The books went with him as did Harleig. His family on the other hand were taken to another location. However much he missed them he thanked whatever deity was watching that they weren't tied to the floor of this basement with him.

The chains cut into his skin making it difficult to sleep on the cold floor. Chains made breathing difficult. Yet it didn't matter to this man. Harleigh had been kept locked in this basement for a week before the son arrived. Living in such situations wasn't pleasant.

When his captor found what he was looking for he turned towards Harleigh a sadistic gleam in his eye. From this angle he saw the son flinch. Obviously this was the first time his father was showing this side of him to his son. It wasn't the first time Harleigh had seen it from the man however so he kept from flinching.

Harleigh and Carlisle watched as the man eagerly snatched a piece of chalk from the shelves and started drawing circles and lines around Harleigh. If he drew a line incorrectly he would erase it and start again. Chained to the ground Harleigh could do little to change his fate however he kept his eye upon the son. If there was anyone that would aid him it was the son. However the fear he could see in the depths of his eyes caused him to tear up. Carlisle, this young man, wouldn't save him if it meant endangering him. He was bound to his fate.

Once the circle was done the father began chanting from the book. The frown on Carlisle's face revealed he didn't understand their meaning. Harleigh on the other hand could and began to weep. This wouldn't end well for him if the man had set everything up accordingly.

"Carlisle, I need your blood."

The chanting had ceased. The words chaining Harleigh to the bond as much as the chains wrapped around him were. Harleigh knew this man wanted a reason to condemn his "kind" even if some had never practiced before. No one could help who their ancestors were yet it didn't seem to matter to this man.

Carlisle appeared very nervous in front of them both.

"What do you need it for father?"

The man didn't look away from the book as his son slid closer obviously caring very little as to what would happen to his only son. If anything happened now it would be tied to the son and only add to the cause. Harleigh was sickened as his reply proved his thoughts accurate.

"This book says I need to force the witch to drink it."

Harleigh continued to weep. Blood was a precious resource. He remembered vaguely someone mentioning that several times over when he was young. It shouldn't be given lightly yet this man was asking for his son's blood. If he hoped to substitute his son's blood for his and hope that would connect them he was wrong. Blood was a funny tool used in rituals and this was certainly not something to be taken lightly.

The father didn't bother with reassurances as he nicked is son's palm. Blood running slowly, the man motioned for Carlisle to step forward whilst holding Harleigh's jaw open. Carlisle did as he was told and allowed the blood to dribble into the young man's mouth. As soon as he was permitted he snatched his hand from above the teen and cradled it close watching as the wound seemed to heal by itself in seconds.

Frowning, Carlisle turned towards his father only to see the man had eyes for the teen. His stomach dropped as his father lifted the blade. The blade slashed cutting Harleigh's arm and forcing him to release a cry of shock. The shock remained as instead of bleeding everywhere the blood dried and the wound closed in seconds like Carlisle's hand. Carlisle collapsed back breathing hard and eyes wide.

"What have you done to me?" Harleigh wailed.

He'd known this wasn't going to end well but he hadn't quite imagined this. His life was no longer his own. It belonged to that snivelling brat that couldn't stand up to his father when he believed in something different.

"I'm sorry… I'm so sorry!" Carlisle cringed.

How could he have permitted this to happen? Humiliation flooded Carlisle. He should have done something to help instead of standing and waiting. This wasn't what he wanted. This teen only a few years younger than him was tied to his life. His father on the other hand looked pleased with the end result if his smirk was anything to go by.

The book he had been carrying snapped shut and was carefully placed back where it belonged on the shelf. With the circle erased Carlisle wanted to rush forward and attempt to help the teen stand or at least move from the place he'd been silently sobbing over. However he knew it wouldn't be appreciated. He'd done nothing after all when he truly needed it.

His father beckoned him.

"Come Carlisle, if his family have this much witchcraft lying around their home they can only be guilty."

Carlisle twitched; his stomach swirling. Eyes still watched the crying teen.

"Father, what are you saying?"

The gleam had returned within his father's eye. Carlisle remembered the same crazy look he'd seen on desperate guilty people who were being burnt at the stake. They called out their innocence but it was ignored. His father however had his own brand of crazy.

"He may not be capable of death any longer but his family are fair game. They will be punished for their unholy preaching."

Carlisle cringed. Harleigh snapped forward the chains keeping him in place, eyes wild with desperation.

"Please… please don't! These books aren't even used by my family! They belonged to my great-grandfather. We've never touched them! Please… don't take my family from me…"

The words he uttered had little truth to them. After all he had realized what was being done to him. Carlisle's father would never believe him. There was nothing he could do, not here and certainly not chained to this floor, yet that man could do something.

"Yes… father…" Carlisle complied.

A gleam in the son's eyes made him pause but he leant forward once again searching the man for some compassion.

"Please, I beg of you… don't leave me alone!"

Yet Carlisle had still left him. He had left him on that floor all alone as his family's screams echoed down to him. The smell was difficult to ever forget and nothing had reached him until Carlisle had been turned. He'd lived in a world of nothing but misery.

Now Carlisle was asking for his help with something he cared little for. However he had agreed. He had agreed to help so that was what he would do. If anything happened between now and the end he would move through it at his own pace. Carlisle may have wanted to unite them however Harleigh wasn't about to make it easy.

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