Birthday Bits – Jan 9 – Emma

A/n: Sorry it's late...but here ya go, Emma...I'm so excited to have you as a reader and friend!

HET - Edward/Bella (Characters from my fic, A Measure of Time)


I watched my wife sashay around the room as she prepared to get into bed...she didn't know I was still awake or even that I watched her.

But, damn, she was a hot piece of ass, even after five kids.

Her tits were nice and firm, her belly was soft and round and her hips were the perfect fit to spread her legs around my waist.

Damn, my cock got even harder as I continued my voyerustic journey over my wife's nude body.

I wrapped my hand around my shaft just as she turned towards the bed and her eyes met mine.

"See something you like?" She said in a laugh as she quirked a brow at me.

I gave my dick a long stroke and smirked, "You know I do, baby."

She stalked towards the foot of the bed, "You need some help with that little situation?" She licked her lips and eyed my hand as it continued to stroke my hard as steel cock.

"There's nothing little about situation and you damn well know it." I said as I flicked my dick a few times.

She laughed and crawled up the bed between my legs, "No, there is definitely nothing little about that big, bulging piece of flesh in your hand."

I spread my legs slightly as she moved to lie down between them and slowly moved a hand up my thigh while the other covered my hand.

"Now, why don't you lie back and I'll take care of this for you?" She said in that deep, musky voice that she used when she was turned on.

"Gladly." I said as I propped my back up against the pillows so that I could watch as her tongue slid out of her mouth and around the tip of my cock.

I hissed as she ran her tongue through my slit and saw her smirk up at me. Her eyes were dark and wild and I knew that I was in for a nice, long blow job as well as a few hours of deep dick diving into that pussy of hers.

She watched me watching her as she opened her mouth and slid it over my shaft before her lips closed around it and she sucked her way back up towards the tip. All the while her tongue wrapped around it over and over as she started to bob her head up and down with each sucking stroke.

Fuck, my wife knew how to service my stick.

"Fuck, baby..." I moaned when my tip hit the back of her throat.

I knew a few more of those hits and I'd explode deep in my mouth and that wasn't what I wanted. She moaned and it vibrated around my entire cock.

"Slide that pussy up here and let me fuck you." I growled as her eyes flicked with lust at the same time.

Her mouth sucked hard as she pulled up the shaft and let it fall from her mouth.

"I thought you'd never ask." Bella's voice was laiden with desire as she crawled up my body and lined up her pussy with my straining penis.

She sat up on her knees and positioned the tip right at her entrance as my hands settled on her hips. My fingers dug into her skin as she lowered herself down on to me.

"Fuck..." I moaned as she replied, "Damn, baby..."

Skin on skin as we held eye contact while she leaned over, her taut nipples brushed my chest as her lips met mine. She slowly began to rock back and forth on my dick and we both hummed into the others mouths.

Bella rose up and pulled me almost all the way out of her before she slammed back down onto me as I filled her completely, again.

Over and over she repeated those motions as my hands cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. This earned me a loud, low moan with her head thrown back in ecstacy.

She was beautiful and she was all mine.

I quickly pushed her over so that I was now on top of her and we were still connected. "Hold on to that headboard because I'm about to fuck you so hard you won't be walking tomorrow." I informed her as I pulled her legs up over my shoulders.

We both whimpered at the new depth this position afforded us.

"Damn Bella, so slick and tight around me...just the way I like it." I said as I pulled my dick out only to leave the tip at her entrance. I slowly slid it in and pulled it right back out as she whined at my teasing her.

"More, Edward...fuck, fill me up baby. I need your cock." Her voice pled at me.

"As you wish," I said and gripped her hips tight as I slammed back into her. I knew that I had hit that sweet spot of hers when her back arched up off the bed that only served to push me deeper inside of her.

I plowed into her over and over again, a small sheen of sweat broke out on my forehead as I listened to the sound of our skin slap against each other.

"Cum, baby...let it go." I managed to say when I knew that she was close.

I gripped her clit between my thumb and forefinger just as she yelled my name. Her walls clamped down on me and yanked my own orgasm right out of me.

"Fuck, Bella..." I managed to say as I felt my dick pulse two, three, four more times.

I was a hot sweaty mess and collapsed on top fo her.

"I love you, Edward Cullen." She said breathily.

"I love you too, Mrs. Cullen." I said as I moved over to pull her into my arms.

"Happy Birthday, baby." I said as I kissed her forehead.