Birthday Bits Jan 22- Heather

A/n: Happy Birthday, Heather! I'm so happy that I've gotten to know you and your friendship means the world to me. I hope you had an amazing birthday!

SLASH - Edward/Jasper (Taken from the characters in my fic, Just More)


I watched as Jasper stripped out of his clothes to get into the shower.

"Need some help washing your hair?" I asked from the doorway. He turned and gave me that sexy, sideways grin.

"Why yes, I think I do." His voice was playful and loaded with sex.

"Good," I said as I stepped into the bathroom and pulled my t-shirt over my head.

I felt his eyes on me the whole time I underdressed as I watched his cock grow in my view from the mirror.

Once I was naked I turned and wrapped my arms around him, "I missed you today, baby."

My lips softly met his as I felt his arms pulled me tighter against him as both of our cocks touched in between us.

He moaned as my tongue twirled around his and I pushed his back against the shower door.

"Fuck, Edward..." he said breathily when our lips parted for air.

"Get in the shower, Jasper...I need you" I demanded as he pulled the shower door open and stepped backwards into the streaming water.

"Come and get me baby, I'm all yours." He taunted me as I stepped in and closed the glass door behind me.

I turned him around so that his back was against my chest and pushed his body forward under the shower head of warm water. My hands started at his shoulders as my lips attached to his neck and began to nip the skin.

My hands took their time to reacquaint themselves with his delicious skin as I felt the muscles in his long, lean arms that were slightly rounded with muscle. They tensed beneath my touch and he moaned from my lips that now tasted his earlobe.

"Fuck, Edward..." He whimpered as my hands worked their way down his rib cage to his hips where that deep v set my fingers on fire.

My tongue ran through the shell of his ear as I whispered, "I can't wait to fuck you, baby..." and I felt him shutter at the words.

I held back my laugh at the way I knew how to arouse him and make him putty in my hands. I loved my boy and his body was definitely my playground.

My hands worked their way around his hips to the small patch of curls that hid that magnificent cock of his. One hand tugged and pulled the hairs while the other slid up and down his shaft before my palm wrapped around his hardened member and pulled it upwards.

"Oh yes...oh God..." he murmured and pushed his ass back against my cock that strained to nestle in between his luscious ass cheeks.

"You like that hand wrapped around your cock?" I questioned in a whisper as my lips began to kiss his jawline.

"Fuck, you know I do baby." He replied and turned his head so that our lips could touch.

Once his tongue hit mine I slowly turned him around to face me, the water falling down on us both and I pushed his back to the wall while my hand continued to stroke his cock.

It only a few seconds for his hand to find it's own way to my shaft and began to mimic my own actions.

Our moans and growls echoed off the shower walls as our actions sped up with the heat of our own passion.

I grabbed the lube off the shelf and began to apply some to my fingers, "Turn around Jasper, I need you." I said as his eyes met mine and showed me all the love he held for me while he did as I asked.

Once he had his body in position, I spread his cheeks and ran a long finger up and down his crack before I pushed a finger gently against his pink hole. The lube helped it slide in easily and he groaned as I pulled out and added another finger. I kept up my actions until I knew that was ready for me.

He leaned forward with his hands spread on the tiles, his ass out and back as I put the tip of my cock at his entrance and slowly pushed into him.

", I love the feel of you wrapped around me." I said as I continued to push a little deeper.

A few more thrusts in and out and I was able to finally push all the way in as he pushed back against me.

" full." He moaned and began to rock forward and then back as I started to thrust in and out. I loved the feel of him in this position and the fact that I loved him more than my own life didn't help to quell my desire to claim him.

I wrapped my hands around his hips and set a steady pace while I watched my dick slide in and out of him.

"I love you, Jasper." I said into his ear as I leaned forward and kissed the side of his neck.

He turned his face towards mine, "I love you too, Edward."

I felt the tightening in my abdomen and knew that it wouldn't take much for me to explode with my desire. I ran my hand down and began to stroke Jasper's cock.

"So close baby." I whispered...and he moaned, "Me too."

Just as I felt his shaft swell and then explode I pulled back and grabbed both of his hips and felt the first stream of cum shoot from my cock, deep inside of Jasper.

We were both struggling to breath as my arms wrapped around him as my forehead rested on his shoulder.

"Now that's what I call a perfect end to a long day." He said over his shoulder and I couldn't contain my laugh that time.

"I completely agree." I replied just before I kissed him long and deep.