Chapter 1: Mortal Enemies

It was a cold evening and everyone all around the warehouse was on edge. Word that the vampire nest closest to them was going to attack had reached them and they were busy preparing themselves. There had been talk of how they would deal with it. Their leader clearly said that there were to be no mindless transformations. These beasts had many names. Some called them the beasts of the night, others called them Lycans. They, however, prefered to be called by their more primitive name, werewolves.

Their leader was Alfred, the most notorious and vicious werewolf around. He knew, though, that even he could lose himself if he transformed without thinking. In order to be able to think and not go on a mindless killing spree, werewolves needed to have a clear mind and unhindered by emotions, lest they take over. And that is exactly what Alfred was afraid would happen. Two years ago, he had to kill a couple of his own pack because they had gone feral. That, with the threat of a vampire attack is enough to put any one of them on edge.

Vampires and werewolves have been enemies since both races came into existance. Neither would attempt friendly relations with the other. All they knew about the other is that they needed to die. The nest of vampire that was going to attack was lead by the equally notorious Gilbert, a German.

Alfred sat at his desk, a slab of raw meat lying there, and hoped to drown some of his worries away by relaxing. He was too tense, however, to be able to even think about relaxing. He still had his brother, Matthew to take care of. His brother was basically what one could call the runt of the litter. While he was by no means small (though he might be petite) he was never able to transform into a full werewolf. He got part way through the change, up to where he had claws, sharper teeth, and stronger senses, but he never got any farther.

Both brothers were full blood werewolves. In other words, they were born from werewolves. No one had ever heard of a full bred Lycan not completely transforming so Matthew got picked on a lot. Alfred was always there to chase those people away and protect him from any kind of attack. Now, since the vampires were practically on their doorstep, Alfred needed to make sure that Matthew were stay as far away as possible. He travelled from his small office to Matthew's room and knocked on the door softly.

"Matthew?" Alfred opened the door and found his brother lying on his bed clutching his stuffed bear for dear life. The older blonde was the only one who knew of his twin's love for the stuffed toy and would be for as long as he could help it. If anyone of the other werewolves knew of this fact, there would be no reason for the other werewolves to not torment him for the rest of his life.

Alfred laid his hand on Matthew's arm. "Matthew, you need to..."

"I need to get out of here... I know." Matthew remained in the same position, not looking up to meet his brother's gaze.

"Well come on. Get up and go."

Matthew turned his head and buried it into his pillow, mumbling something that Alfred couldn't understand.

"Matthew, you know I could hear a word of that."

The younger heaved a long sigh and turned ever so slightly so his mouth was no longer being muffled, and spoke again. "I said, I can fight too..."

Alfred almost laughed when he heard that sentence. "No you can't, Mattie. Now get up and go!"

A deep rumble and shouting was heard. Alfred panicked. He grabbed Matthew by the arm and yanked him off the bed, guiding him out the door. "You better disappear fast! I don't want to hear that my brother's been killed."

The younger blonde obediantly ran in the opposite direction as Alfred ran to the scene of the battle. As he arrived he took note that no one had fully transformed into a werewolf. The most anyone did was partially change so they were stronger and slightly larger. The American sighed with relief and ran over to one of his most trusted friends, Arthur. Arthur was a few years older than Alfred and had thick eyebrows that he was constantly made fun of for. He had blonde hair as well, but while Alfred and Matthew's was more a a golden wheat, Arthur's was more sandy in color.

"Arthur, what's the situation?" Alfred called.

The Brit tore his eyes away from the battle in front of him and turned to look at his leader. "They basically blew up our front door, bloody arseholes."

Alfred nodded his head letting the other know that he was heard and ran past him to find Francis, another werewolf, fending off two vampires at the same time. Seeing him having trouble, since vampires are much faster than them, he tackled one of them to the ground and quickly swiped his elongated claws across his chest and began to gnaw on his neck. He got off of the dead vampire, blood dripping from his mouth and hands. He was beyond angry right now. He wanted to find Gilbert and rip out his throat.

As if on cue, the German's annoying laugh filled the warehouse, drawing the attention of both vampires and werewolves. Right beside him stood his brother, Ludwig. Alfred began to ponder what it might take to get the chance to kill them when out of the corner of his eye, he saw an all too familliar Italian looking towards the German brothers. A smile stretched across the blonde's lips as he noticed this, and before anyone could react, he snatched the unsuspecting vampire, encasing him in his strong arms and bit down harshly on his neck. A scream escaped the brunette's mouth and Ludwig looked in their direction. It was no secret that the Italian and the younger German were lovers, so when Ludwig saw that his boyfriend was being held hostage, his eyes got wide.

Gilbert noticed his brother's extreme uneasiness and the shuffle of his feet, letting his desire to go rescue his boyfriend be known. Gilbert smiled sinisterly in Alfred's direction and turned around, grabbing something from behind him. Immediatly the werewolf's eyes opened widen, his sense of victory vanishing in an instant.

"Kesesesese, I've got your brother." The vampire pushed Matthew to the ground harshly. The boy was trembling all over. Any remarks that the other werewolves would usually say about Matthew's weakness, died on their lips.

The initial shock wearing off, Alfred sneared and howled, while still holding on to the Italian. His nose and mouth began to elongate, claws stretching farther as fur slowly covered every inch of his body. His clothes began to tear as they were stretched to their limits. His ears slowly rose from the side of his head to the top.

At seeing this, Arthur jet from his position and raced to Alfred's side.

"Alfred, stop! You know what will happen if you tranform!"

Alfred's ear twitched and slowly he changed back, clothes now hanging loosely. He was still growling, however. That German bastard was still smiling.

"I'll tell you what," Gilbert's voice broke out. "We'll trade. You give us back Feliciano, and I'll give you back your brother. How does that sound?"

Alfred's hold on Feliciano loosened. Bad idea. Before Alfred could figure out what had happened the small vampire was snatched from his grasp by Ludwig. Since vampires were too fast, Alfred couldn't stop him before he was standing next his brother once more, carrying an unconsious Italian. Gilbert gave an laugh.

"You werewolves never learn."

All the vampires turned around and left without another word, taking Matthew with them.

"No!" Alfred yelled and tried to run after them, but found them to be long gone by the time he got outside. He cursed loudly and sank to the ground, crying. "Dammit! Dammit all!"

Arthur approached and laid his hand on his shoulder. "We'll find him."

Alfred could stop the laugh that escaped his lips. "If he's not already dead. Dammit, Arthur, you should've just let me transform."

"So what? You could rescue your brother, go feral and end up having to be killed?" Arthur was pissed now. "Honestly, Alfred, you usually think through things better then this. That's why you lead the pack."

Alfred sighed and stood from his spot on the ground and turned to Arthur. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have acted like that."

"You're right about that." Arthur agreed, then turned back to the ruins of the front of their home. "Bloody hell. We've got work to do."

Alfred nodded. "I'm going to have you direct the rebuilding. I need to retire for the evening."

Arthur sighed, knowing full well that retiring for the evening didn't mean going to bed to Alfred. It meant spending a good portion of the night at his desk sulking over his brother. Arthur left it alone, knowing that Alfred would do it no matter what was said to him.

Once Alfred was tucked safely behind desk, he lowered his head to wood and sighed. Tears sprung from his eyes. He had never had to worry about his brother like this before. Hell, he didn't even know if his Matthew was alive. He wished so badly that he could've chased them to their hide out, but that would've been suicide. They had a fortress compared to them, but that didn't stop Alfred from wishing things to be different. A creak in the floor snapped him out of his thoughts and he whirled around, ready to pounce on whoever had broke into his office.

"Why is my Fredka upset?" A Russian accent broke through the silence.

Alfred sighed. "Ivan don't scare me like that."

"You couldn't smell me? Are you that distracted?" Ivan wrapped his arms around Alfred waist and buried his face in his neck, inhaling the familiar scent. Alfred and Ivan had been mated for almost two years, so doing this was expected.

"What do you think? My brother was kidnapped." Alfred swallowed hard and looked back down at his desk.

Ivan smiled at this and tilted his lover's head upwards, capturing the smaller man's lips in his. They pulled apart and the Russian spoke. "You worry too much, Fredka. We will find Matthew and tear apart those vampire bastards, Da?"

Alfred smiled and pulled Ivan back into another kiss. "Da."


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