Chapter 6: Old Friends

Gilbert sat in his room, baring his fangs in anger. He was angry at the damned werewolves, angry at the other vampires for putting Matthew in the fighting ring, but most of all, he was angry at himself. He was the reason the shy, blonde werewolf was fighting for his life. He had planned, for a long time, to capture Matthew and now he was dying. Only a select few knew about that plan and only one knew the reason. The albino loved him and the only other person who knew was Ludwig.

Ludwig had tried to convince him that loving the enemy was a bad idea, but Gilbert didn't listen. He took the young blonde anyway and in doing so, he had made a mistake. Alfred, the leader of his enemy and brother to the one he kidnapped was now going to kill him for killing his brother. Of course the young werewolf wasn't dead yet, but the vampires taking care of him said that things weren't looking too well for him.

The albino gripped his hair in frustration and punched the nearest wall, almost hyperventilating. Burying his face in his hands, he took a deep breath and stood up, leaving the bedroom, grabbing a dark cloak on his way out. Donning the cloak he pulled up the hood and left the nest, making his way to the warehouse where the wolves lived.

He walked straight up to the building, not even trying to mask his presense. He was quickly spotted and aimed at with a crossbow. "Halt! State your purpose!" Yelled the werewolf, his voice thick with a British accent.

Without lifting his hood, he replied, "I'm here to speak with your leader."

The wolf sniffed the air before scoffing mockingly. "Why does a vampire want an audience with my leader?"

Gilbert looked up and lowered the hood, his expession solemn. "I think he'll want to see me."

The other's eyes widened as he saw who it was and he immediately ran inside, looking for Alfred. He ran straight to the man's room, throwing open the door without so much as a knock. "Alfred!"

Ivan and Alfred shot upright, in high alert, though still looking as though they had just woken up. "What is it, Arthur?" Alfred asked quickly, reaching for his glasses.

"The vampire leader wants to see you!" Arthur relayed, breathless.

Alfred shot out of the bed and dressed quickly, Ivan following close behind. He ran from the room, fury evident in his features. Ivan and Arthur exchanged worried glances, afraid that their beloved leader would snap and fully turn. The American stomped out of the warehouse and towards the albino. "How dare you show your face!" He grabbed Gilbert by the collar of his cloak, growling.

"Alfred, stop this!" Arthur yelled running up behind him.

Gilbert smirked a bit. "Go on, doggy. Listen to your master," He said in a sickeningly sweet voice.

The blonde growled again before shoving him roughly and letting go. "Why the fuck are you here?"

"I need to talk with you in private."

"And why can't we talk here?"

Gilbert narrowed his eyes. "Do you want to see your bruder again, or not?"

Alfred clamped his mouth shut at the question and scowled at him, waiting for him to continue. A smirk of victory grew on the vampire's face. "Such a good dog."

"Knock off the talking down to me and tell me what you wanted."

"Fine." The smile disappeared off the albino's face and was replaced with a look of dispair. "I have a problem."

Alfred scoffed. "And why should I care?"

"Because the problem is your burder."

A frown appeared on the blonde's face. "What?"

"Your bruder is sick." Gilbert repeated, adding to what he said.

Just then, Alfred tackled him, angry tears filling his eyes. "What did you do to him!?" A low growl emitted from his throat as he slowly changed. His face slowly elongated, forming a muzzle and the tips ot his fingers turned into claws, which began to dig into Gilbert's arms. The albino grimaced, the claws breaking his skin. Alfred breathed heavily, his saliva dripping down from his mouth. Two pairs of strong arms wrapped themselves around the nearly fully changed werewolf and pulled him away.

Arthur brought his hand down on Alfred's cheek, slapping him hard. The transformation halted and slowly reversed. "Alfred! Get ahold of yourself!" The Brit paused for a moment, taking a deep breath as he tried to keep the tears down. "I don't want to put you down like I did you father."

Gilbert grit his teeth and sat up. "I knew I should've eaten before leaving..."

"So you are weak?" A smirk grew on Ivan's face. "Fredka, I could kill him now."

"No can do, big guy." Gilbert said calmly. "If I'm not back in time, your beloved leader's brother dies."

When the bluff left the albino's mouth, Alfred froze, his eyes wide. His breath hitched in fear at the statement and he quickly looked at Ivan. "Leave him be..."

Ivan frowned and backed off, narrowing his eyes a bit. "Not even a bite?"

"No Ivan. Please get our... "guest" a slab of raw meat. Perhaps he can drain it of what little blood it has left."

Ivan growled a bit and went back inside, wanting depserately to rip out the vampire's throat. Arthur stood there for a moment before giving Alfred a knowing look and following Ivan back inside their home.

"You have an impatient boyfriend... Do you not give him enough sex, or do you give him too much?" Gilbert asked, a cocky smirk playing on his lips.

Alfred flashed a warning glare at the vampire and growled. "I would watch it is I were you. I am providing food for an enemy."

"An old friend."

"Don't push it Gilbert. You know those days are long over. We're sworn enemies..."

"Are you sure about that? I sensed some hesitation when you attacked me."

"Hesitation? I assure you I wasn't, nor will I hesitate to protect my brother... he's the most important thing in my life. And if there was any hesitation... it had nothing to do with past relationships with former friends."

"Keep telling yourself that. Does the big guy know about your friendship with a vampire?" Gilbert looked to the building, watching Ivan and Arthur come back out with the bloodiest slab of meat they could find. The albino's stomach growled as he sniffed the air hungrily, smelling the sweet scent of blood. His mouth watered desperately as he walked towards the wolves and to his dinner. Arthur and Ivan tossed the large bit of meat in his direction, watching him quickly lick the surface of the slab, shivering in delight over the taste.

Ivan bared his teeth finging the other repulsive in his eating habits. He watched the albino's eyes flicker towards him causing the wolf to growl in annoyance. Gilbert responded with a smirk, licking his lips and smearing them with blood before biting into the flesh and sucking out what little blood he could in that spot. Once that spot was cleared of the red liquid, he moved onto another section of the meat.

"Had enough yet?" Alfred let out an annoyed growl.

Gilbert opened his eyes, having not remembered closing them. His eyes flickered down at the slab of flesh that his teeth were still sunk into. He let out a sigh and opened his mouth, detatching himself from the food source. Blood covered his mouth and hands. "Fine, I'm done. Althought I do regret separating myself. Horse blood is quite delicious."

Alfred sneered and turned to Arthur. "Burn the meat and dispose of it. No one is to eat it. It wouldn't surprise me if Gilbert injected the venom into it."

"Aw, whats wrong? Don't you trust me?"

"No, I don't."

"Good, at least the feelings are mutual.." The vampire glanced to Ivan and Arthur, who were busy picking up the meat and taking it out back to burn it. "Now we're alone."

"Yeah." The blond's eyes shifted to Gilbert. "So why are you here?"

"Like I said. Matthew is sick. I..." He paused for a moment. "I didn't know that he couldn't eat like other werewolves."

Alfred's eyes widened. "You didn't. You... You fed him raw meat?"

"Ja," Gilbert answered, looking down." Alfred, I love him."

The blond paused for a moment, his eyes swimming with confusion. "You what? Are you serious? Vampires and werewolves are enemies, and you, a vampire, are telling me that you love my brother, a werewolf?"

"It's why I kidnapped him."

"Alfred growled. "You can't have him. Give him back!"

"Nein." Gilbert said quickly and defiantly. "I'm going to keep him. I only came here to ask how to save him."

Alfred sighed and teared up. "You have to wait it out. There is no cure."

"He's dying. He isn't getting any better."

"You son of a bitch!" Alfred crouched down and prepared to jump at him.

An explosion behind the warehouse distracted them and they both ran to the source quickly, finding the smoldering remains of the slab of meat. Ivan sat a few feet away, letting out a grunt of pain. "Arthur was no where to be found, near the center of where the explosion occurred. "Ivan! What happened?"

The large Russian coughed and looked up to his lover. "I'm not sure. One moment, we were burning the meat and the next moment, it exploded." He answered, looking around as if trying to find something. "Arthur?"

It was then that Alfred noticed his friend missing. His eyes darted around. "Arthur, answer me!"

A groan met his ears, coming from almost twenty feet away. Arthur laid on the ground, his breathing ragged and his chest burned and mangled. Alfred bolted over to the Brit and lifted his head into his lap. "Arthur? Come on, say something to me."

"Ngh..." Arthur groaned, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He gasped and wheezed, blinking rapidly to try and keep himself awake.

"Shit, Arthur, stay with me!" He trembled as he searched his chest to find anything besides the large burn. A shard of wood protuded from his chest, just below his heart. Alfred frowned and turned to Gilbert. "What did you put in that meat?"

"Nyet! It was my fault." Ivan said as if suddenly remembering, huffing a bit and still out of breath.

"What?" Alfred turned to him, his eyes shining with tears. "How is it your fault?"

"It was stupid on my part. I dropped my bottle of vodka near the fire and it was nearly full... I'm sorry." He said, his eyes wide with horror at what had happened.

Alfred closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. Turning away from Ivan and looking back at the Brit, he spoke slowly. "Ivan, go get help."

Without arguing, he nodded and quickly ran back inside, disappearing through the entrance. Alfred sighed and turned to look back at Gilbert. "Gil, I..." Alfred blinked and frowned when he saw the albino gone. "Dammit." He looked down at Arthur and stroked his cheek. "Don't you dare die on me. You're the one who keeps me grounded."


Gilbert ran home, angry that his trip didn't turn up anything useful in helping Matthew. He let out a growl as he arrived and walked into their large next with an annoyed air. Ludwig stoo next to a tall, shaggy haired blond, both in a bit of a panic, Ludwig's panic showing more. "He could've gone anywhere!"

"Ja, but I'm sure he's fine." Came the rough voice of the other man.

"Ludwig, Berwald." Gilbert frowned. "I'm right here."

Ludwig twirled around, eyes wide. "Bruder! Where were you?" He frowned a bit.

"I went to see Alfred."

"What? Do you have a death wish?" He asked in a disbelieving tone.

"I needed to know if there was a way to save out prisoner. We can't have him dying."

Berwald nodded at the answer, no hint of suspicion showing in his features, but of course there was rarely a time when he showed any emotion unless it involved showing it to Tino, his husband.

Ludwig sighed. "You should've told someone that you were going. I was worried!"

"Tell you and have my attempts at leaving stopped because you're concerned about the risk? No, I needed to make sure I had no interuptions. My attempts, however, failed. Alfred knew nothing, or if he did, he didn't want to tell me."

"We'll figure something out."

Gilbert shook his head. "He's getting weaker everyday."

Ludwig opened his mouth to give him more comfort when suddenly the man from the infirmary ran to the group, his eyes wide. "I know why he can't fully change!"

The three looked at him as though he were insane. "What?" Gilbert asked.

"The prisoner! I know why he can't eat raw meat and why he can't fully change!"

"Why?" Ludwig asked before Gilbert could, eager to know as well.

"He was born with incomplete DNA. His werewolf DNA is there, but there's a missing link. He needs vampire's blood running through his veins as well."

All movement ceased as they stared at the man, wondering whether or not to believe him. Gilbert eyed him for a long while before his finally spoke up. "Are you sure about this?"

A determined look came onto his face. "Yes, there's no doubt about it."


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