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1. I know it may sound mean and that the animals parents would be sad but that's that way the food chain is…..err….circle of life

Chapter 1

Ichigo stretched like he always did, letting his butt lift into the air and putting his arms out in front of him and digging his claws into the ground. He yawned and looked around to make sure no one saw him. Once he knew that he was alone he let his ears pop up from his head and moved them around, along with his tail.

Ichigo was a neko hybrid. His hair was orange and was spiked but fell a little longer in the back so that it was just touching his shoulder's, he wasn't the most tallest person that he had been around, only about 5'9". His ears and tail matched his hair the only difference was that there were darker orange streaks running down them.

Ichigo loved to hang out with his friends once then had all woken up to the sun shining on them but sadly one incident left them separated. You see Ichigo and his friends were in a small pack of tigers that lived in a far off forest that not many people dared to go into due to the fact that they believed it was haunted, but it never was. It was on that one fateful day that the pack was split up, some dying and others were escaping. A group of hunters ventured into the forest to find food because they were running low and no longer wanted to just eat fish they had caught from the stream, but because of this Ichigo was left alone with no one with him.

Ichigo sighed as he stood up and listen for the sound of running water and headed in the same direction.

Grimmjow yawned and stretched as he crawled out of his tent and looked around at the camp site. It wasn't big but it also wasn't small, but it was made up of tents that had been moved around into small circles around fire pits. Grimmjow's ears twitched in irritation it had been a couple of days since his group of panthers and other wandering hybrids had anything decent to eat and most of the time the older ones would give their food to the younger ones. He sighed as the sun hit his back and warmed him up.

"Yo guys time to get up" he called out to the rest of the camp.

"But what if we don't want to get up?"

"Then no food for you and you'll have no bath" Grimmjow said with a smirk on his face, even though they were panthers they loved their baths.

"Fine" grumbled Jake as he got up, he was never one for the mornings. Seth who was beside him laughed as he helped his friend up.

"Alright we're running low on food again so we'll need a group of people to go find some" Grimmjow stated seeing how he was the leader of the small pack.

"I'll go" came from many people.

Grimmjow smiled at the people who had volunteered to go. Jake a smaller one from the group, but it didn't matter for size with him he was still a good fighter and Seth. Both of them came into the pack even though they were tigers, Grimmjow found them hurt and took them in and told them to leave when they wanted to but for three weeks they never left. Nnoitra, Ulquiorra and Szayel also joined them, all of these five men were Grimmjow's closest friends and most trusted to get the job done. As Grimmjow watched them leave he called back to the rest of his pack to clean up and move out. The pack never stayed in one spot for too long because they were worried that one brave soul would stumble upon them and Grimmjow was just fearful for the young ones.

Ichigo paused for a second from licking his hand were he had hurt it, and let his ears twitch around trying to pick up any sounds. After a few minutes of nothing being found he stood up and walked away from the spot he sat, feeling on edge. Ichigo leaned over the ledge of the stream to get a drink of water when he heard a noise again. Ichigo was getting annoyed by the fourth time he had heard a noise he tried to ignore it but for some reason it never went away. Ichigo stood up and looked around and saw a bush moving. Walking over to it he saw long brown ears and a fluffy tail.

"You know that can be very annoying" he said with an annoyed voice.

"I'm sorry is my eating bothering you?" a girl responded and poked her head up out of the bush.

"Yes it kind of is"

"Oops well anyway my name is Rukia and I'm a rabbit if u hadn't already guessed" she said as she stood up and put a hand out.

"I'm a tiger and you know that but you're willing to let me shake your hand?"

"Honey you don't look all that bad" Ichigo stared at her then to her hand.


"So Ichigo where is the rest of your pack or are you lost?"

"My pack was never that big about fifteen in total but some hunters came and my pack was the one that was found. Almost seven people died and the rest got away but I ended but on my own" Ichigo mumbled what happen and why he was alone. He didn't want to think on how many of his family and friends had died considering only eight got away. Rukia sensed this, but she pushed on.

"What about trying to find anyone?"

"It's been a few weeks now and I haven't found anyone or even a trace to them. I even tried going back to the site that we had rested at but found only dead bodies and no trails" Ichigo sighed and brushed a hand through his hair trying to look like nothing was wrong.

"I'm sorry I-" Rukia was cut off by someone yelling.

"Rukia! Get away from him" yelled a man with black hair.

"But brother-"

"Don't get behind me" said Rukia's brother as he ran in front of her.

"Brother stop he's a friend"

"How can you be friends with a tiger? He's probably playing you on so that he can eat you later" said another man with red hair as he came out of the bushes.

"Ichigo this is my brother Byakuya and his boyfriend Renji" She gestured to the black haired man then the red.

"Don't tell the pussy cat our names!" yelled Renji.

"What harm will come from it?" she yelled back at him.

"He'll be able to toy with us as he eats us!"

"What the hell! I said he was a friend"

"Enough you two!" yelled Byakuya at the both of them but his eyes never left Ichigo's.

"This is stupid" mumbled Ichigo, "I'm out of here. See ya" he said as he turned and waved a hand over his shoulder.

"Wait Ichigo where will you go? And how will you eat?" asked Rukia in a pained voice as she pushed past her friend and brother.

"Don't worry I'll be fine" he said without stopping, but Rukia pulled on his arm.

"What do you mean Rukia he has a pack to get back to now let go of him" sneered Byakuya.

"No hunters attacked his pack they went from fifteen to eight, but Ichigo can't find any of them and he's alone" said Rukia glaring at her brother.

"So? Why should we care them must have been weak if their numbers got hurt that bad. Maybe that's why their numbers were down so low-" Renji never finished because next thing he knew he was pinned to a tree.

"Don't you dear talk about my pack like that in front of me again. My pack is rare and we had very many old and young within our group, that's why the numbers were cut down so low. If people didn't hunt us for pets then we'd be fine" Ichigo sneered at Renji.

"Fu…fuck….y.…" he spat back

"Maybe I should eat you I have been hungry for a while. My pack hadn't been able to get food that good because we couldn't move that much" Ichigo smiled evilly, Renji gulped, Rukia was shocked and Byakuya looked pissed. "But then again I was never one for bunnies anyway" Ichigo let him go, turned on his heal and left.

'How dear he say those things about my pack he will rue the day he said those things' Ichigo stopped and sigh. He had gotten pretty far away from the rabbits, but he really never was one for rabbit meat. Hell all of his meat had to be cooked he couldn't eat it raw just thinking about it made his stomach turn. 'I did like the girl though and it would have been nice to have someone to talk to'

It was true that Ichigo's pack was rare, not because of their fur colour or shape or size, it was because that even the males could give birth not all of them though, also their personalities. Ichigo's pack would have been protective of their owners and would have died to keep them safe. That is if any of them had been taken captive and then sold as a pet. Ichigo hated the ideal but kept quiet about because he had found out that he could give birth. If anyone had found out then he would have been jumped at any moment of the day and he'd have to fight the person off, then again the elders would have gotten mad at him for not thinking about how he should use the 'gift' to restore their race.

Ichigo came onto a clearing. The grass was tall, taller than his knees. He crouched down as he came upon a group of deer. Ichigo didn't was to kill one but he needed the food and the fact that it was a real animal made it a less of a bother to him(1). Ichigo scouted out a small young dear that had been hurt recently due to the cut on its leg and that it couldn't walk on it. He crouched closer to the ground now disappearing into the grass and crawled forward. Once Ichigo was close enough he pounced.