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Grimmjow ran ahead of his group being the faster one. He jumped in to air and dropped kick the man that ran to him. He spun on the back of his heal and kicked another man in the stomach. Nnoitra came up beside him and slashed out with his daggers. While the two of them took the stronger ones the others that came up behind them took out the weaker ones.

Grimmjow kicked a door down and pushed through the people that stood there looking around the room for two people. Ichigo and Aizen. Nnoitra took over the room in a flash as bodies dropped to the ground.

Tesra and Mila Rose lead the others back into the forest and back to their camp to wait of the others.

Nel pushed through the men that blocked her, and her group's way. Szayel taped her shoulder and cover his nose and mouth with has hand. Nel looked back to see the others doing so as well. Szayel through the knock out gas into the middle of the crowd. He and Nel jumped back holding their breath waiting for the smoke to clear.

Ulquiorra held Orihime's hand as they passed through with ease. Taking down who ever got in their way.

Kenpachi lead the group of hybrid that came from the cages happily demolishing the mansion as they ran through it.

"Yay Kenny's happy" called the little girl with pink hair.

Four hours before the invasion (sorry if the time is wacked up)

Aizen looked up from his spot on the bed and licked his lips. Ichigo looked wonderful underneath him. Even though he was fighting him and begging for him to stop but other then that Aizen loved it.

Ichigo couldn't cry anymore. No more tears came down his face, it was like he was dried up. Ichigo pushed weakly on Aizen's chest. He was tired and sore.

Aizen smiled down at Ichigo before he flipped him over and pressed him down into the bed. Ichigo squirmed he didn't what this anymore. He had retreated giving up the beatings because at least there he had someone to talk to. Ichigo let Aizen push him down until he felt something brush his neck.

"NO!" Ichigo shoved against Aizen.

"You're mine Ichigo"

Aizen went to bite down onto Ichigo's neck but he was moving around too much. Aizen growled in warning but Ichigo didn't stop. He only wanted Grimmjow. Aizen pulled back and glared down at Ichigo. Ichigo squirmed even more until pain shot through his head. He turned and looked up at Aizen with watery eyes of which he thought had dried up. Aizen had punched Ichigo in the back of his head.

Ichigo pulled his hands up to protect his head and curled up as much as he could. Aizen hit him repeatedly. Over and over Ichigo had sharp pains cursing through his body were Aizen's fists connected with his body.

"Why? Why won't you mate with me?" Aizen's fist connected with his head again and Ichigo saw stars.

Once Aizen was done, Ichigo was black and blue.

"That's it" Aizen stood up and got dressed. "Kokuto!"

"Yes sir?" Kokuto opened the door and looked in.

"Take Ichigo outside and chain him up. He will stay out there with no food until he learns who his master is"

"Yes Aizen"

Kokuto walked over to Ichigo as Aizen left. Pulling a pair of pants onto him and lifting him up. Ichigo didn't fight he hurt too much and there was no point.

Ichigo laid on the ground. His ear's drooped to the side of his head and his tail was switch at his side. His lifted his head from his hands when footsteps came closer. It was just one of Aizen's guards walking around. Ichigo put his head back down and sighed. Ichigo rolled over so that he was on his back. Sure being chained up sucked and it was hot out but Ichigo loved the heat on his back and he was away from Aizen.

The commotion didn't start until a few minutes after. The guards started running all over the place yelling at each other to get ready for a fight. Ichigo sat up and moved to sit on his knees with his hands on the ground in front of him. His head snapped side to side. He heard talk of a large group of people running around and trashing the place. So Ichigo did one of the things he wanted to do for a while.

"GRIMMJOW!" Ichigo called out to his soon to be mate.

Grimmjow ran forward. His group had split up so that they can cover more ground outside. He made a sharp turn to the right to avoid the guards that were on his tail. Literally they kept stepping on it. Grimmjow jumped onto a building that was close to him and ran on the roof. The guards were still chasing his but they were slowing down. 'Stupid humans can't run worth crap. They're so slow' Grimmjow though as he finally jumped down and lost them.

He walked around the new area that he jumped into. It was a wide open plane. There was training equipment leaning up against the walls and chains hanging off of them. There were a few hybrids that laid on the ground while their hands hung in the air as if they could no longer hold on. Grimmjow walked over to one of the hybrids. It was a bird her wings were black and hung low. Grimmjow came closer to her and pulled at the shackles that held her wrists. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. Grimmjow pulled hard on the chain and it came out of the wall.

"There's a group of hybrids running around here. If you meet them tell them I sent you to them and they'll show you a way out" she nodded and Grimmjow went to the rest letting them free.

"There are others over and around that corner but be careful they aren't as nice" a lion said as Grimmjow freed him.

Grimmjow followed the way the boy had said and he was right the hybrids there were bigger and more active. Grimmjow walked over to a bear and knelt down.

"You can't make me scream" he said before laughing.

'More like the mad hybrids then stronger' Grimmjow thought

Grimmjow pulled the chains from the wall and freed the rest of the hybrids telling them the same thing as the others. Grimmjow walked on there was no sign of Ichigo. He sighed and started to run again.

Ichigo sat up and running footsteps came over to him. He expected it to be one of the people causing the ruckus but it wasn't.

"So this is where Aizen kept you" Gunjo grinned. "It's time for us to leave"

"No leave me alone. Don't come near me" Ichigo hissed as his tail puffed up and his hair stood on end.

"Don't fight me kitty" Gunjo stepped closer and Ichigo swiped at him.

Ichigo had enough. He didn't care if Aizen got pissed at him he wanted everything to end. Ichigo stood up and growled low in his throat. He was ready to take the man on. Gunjo walked closer to Ichigo and slowly circled him. He lunged. Ichigo couldn't move around much be he did dodge the attack and Gunjo ran into the wall.

With a grunt Gunjo stood back up and jumped at Ichigo again this time taking him down. Ichigo fought back, biting, scratching, punching, and kicking. Gunjo grunted as a knee connected with his gut. He had enough and pulled out a toy of his.

Ichigo laid there looking up at the gun. Aizen never allowed his men to use them he never wanted them to have any permanent damage.

"You have pushed me to no ends but sadly there was one. Now I'm going to have fun with this"

Gunjo pulled the trigger and Ichigo felt a shearing pain threw his shoulder. Gunjo was about to shoot him again but instead blue blur came at him and knocked Gunjo down.

Grimmjow slashed at the man was his nails. Ranking them threw his skin. He punched the man in the face, hitting his nose leaving blood to pour out in blobs. Grimmjow jumped back as the man swung at his face.

Ichigo was stunned. Grimmjow stood over him growling and hissing. Gunjo got up and took an offense stance. Grimmjow didn't wait for a minute or even a second before he attacked the man again. This time Grimmjow wound up on the ground after being flipped but he got on all fours in time to leap at the man and met him. Grimmjow pushed the man back. Their hands were locked together, one foot in front of the other, pushing back and forth. A hand came out of no ware and hit the man's neck. There was a unruly and sickening crack as the man fell over.

Grimmjow looked to the owner of the hand and Nnoitra smiled down at him.


"No problem" Grimmjow nodded and walked over to Ichigo.

"You ok?"

Ichigo stared at Grimmjow. 'He's here he's really here. They came for me and the others'


Ichigo threw his arms around Grimmjow's neck and cried. Grimmjow hugged him back and nuzzled his neck. Pulling back Grimmjow looked down to Ichigo before leaning down and kiss him. Ichigo melted in Grimmjow's arms it felt better then he thought it would.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Ichigo" Grimmjow whispered into his ear.

"Grimm" Ichigo murmured his name.

"Alright it's nice to see you guys back together but we need to go. Jake and Rukia have been found and are already gone" Nnoitra said pushing Grimmjow and Ichigo.

Grimmjow grabbed Ichigo's hand and they ran for it.

Aizen was thrown against the wall. Blood ran down his face and into his eyes. Kenpachi moved closer to him and kick Aizen when he didn't get up.

"This all you got? You make me laugh. You're so weak no wonder you never did your dirty work" Kenpachi stepped on Aizen pinning him to the ground while he scratched at his foot.

"Kenny we have to go soon" Yachiru called from the pillar she sat on.

"She's right everyone is heading out" Ikkaku patted his shoulder.

"Fine. Yumi start heading out as well"

"Not until your done I want to see Aizen fall lower then he has before"

Kenpachi nodded and pressed down harder. He was having fun playing with the man when they had found him. The he was happy that they were the ones that found him.

"Oi guys we're leaving now Aizen's men have this place rigged to blow. Apparently they went behind his back" Grimmjow called from the doorway panting.

"What about the tiger?" Ikkaku picked up Yachiru and walked over to Yumi.

"I'm fine" Ichigo stepped around Grimmjow and smiled.

Kenpachi wanted to stay longer but he had to get Yachiru out of here and his friends wouldn't let him live it down if he got hurt. Kenpachi turned back to Aizen and crushed his chest. He was still breathing but in wheezes. The man may have lived but he wouldn't for long.

"I hope you die slowly" Kenpachi ran over to the rest of them and they headed for the door.

The roof started to cave in on them and it blocked the exit.

"There has to be another way out"

"There is" Ichigo stepped forward. "I use to come this way all the time playing with Shiro or hiding from Aizen. There should be a door around here somewhere" Ichigo ran his hand over the wall.

The 'door' opened and everyone walked through. Ichigo went first so that he could lead the way.

"Damn it's cramped in here" Ikkaku whined as his tail got caught again.

"Sorry it was much easier when I was younger but if Kenpachi can fit then I think we all can"


Kenpachi grumbled and Yachiru giggled. The door opened up to the outside in the courtyard.

"Ok the forest is to the left of us and we better hurry" Nnoitra pointed the way.

A loud explosion came from above and everyone dodged falling rubble. Grimmjow grabbed Ichigo as they fell and scrambled away. Kenpachi shoved and pushed pieces out of the way. Ikkaku and Yumi tripped over each other and Nnoitra dived to the right.

"Everyone get to the forest now!" Grimmjow yelled getting back up.

Everyone made a be-line to the trees. Nnoitra made it first turning back making sure that everyone made it out and no one was hurt. Ikkaku had Yumi knocked out in his arms and Kenpachi held Yachiru to his chest. Grimmjow held Ichigo's hand as they were the last.

Szayel looked over Jake. The boy had some bruises and cuts but whoever took care of him did a good job of healing him.

"I'm fine brother" Rukia whined as they looked over her for the third time.

"I know but I just have to make sure"

"Just let him you know how stubborn and strong headed he can be" Renji said from behind her.

"Tell us again what you learnt" Nel asked as she brought food.

"Alright. From what I know is that Aizen learnt of what Ichigo was and was mad that he had gotten away from him. He killed Ichigo's mother because she made the plan. Aizen promised her that he wouldn't touch her daughters and husband. Once Aizen found out that Shiro escaped he sent men after men to find him. One of the groups found the tigers and attacked them because the saw Ichigo, Seth, and Jake. Once they reported back Aizen commanded them to bring them to him. He wanted Ichigo to mate with him but no one thought that it would work. That's all I know I met Ichigo's family but was never told of Ichigo or Jake"

"So Aizen wanted Ichigo but you and Jake were a bonus" Harribel commented.

"Yes no one fought me or anything I was sent to the house while Jake and Ichigo had to be re-broken. So they were split up"

"Ichigo was sent to the normal hybrid housing but I was sent somewhere else because my trainers wanted to keep me by them at all times" Jake sat up from the gurney Szayel had him on.

"Well we're just waiting for a few more to come then we'll know if anyone died" Nel passed the food around.

When they had gotten back from the hybrid housing with new people, either leaving or joining the pack. Grimmjow was still out there same with Nnoitra and if they found him Ichigo. There was also the big brut Kenpachi and his three.

The rest of the pack that had to stay behind checked up one everyone that came back for injures and gave them food. Mostly everyone was sleeping now happily in the sunlight knowing that they're free.

The bushes started to rustle and some of the men took their fighting stances.

"You really need to stop your bickering. What if some people survived?"

"Then we'll beat their asses"

"Guys you'll wake Yachiru up and that's bad"

"Ok even I know not to wake her up and I wasn't there for that long"

Nel squealed and ran over to the bush shoving the guys to the ground on her way.


"Damn Nel get off"

Laugher bubbled up from everyone in the camp as a very pissed off panther came into view.

"Fine" pouted Nel.

"Is Ichigo with you?" Shiro asked as he ran over with Seth and Jake.

"Jake get back to bed!" Yelled Szayel from the medical tent.

"Bite me!"

"Did you find him or not?"

"God that was close there was an explosion and the building started to fall all around us. I thought we would die" Ikkaku spoke before Grimmjow got the chance.

"I know really it was hard just to find a way out once the roof cave in" Nnoitra cut Grimmjow off and smiled.

"I even thought we would have a hard time but on the plus side I took care of Aizen" Kenpachi said handing off Yachiru.

"I don't give a shit about that crap I want to know about Ich!" Shiro screamed and grabbed Grimmjow's top.

Grimmjow looked away from everyone's faces. No one said a thing but Shiro broke the silence.

"He didn't make it?" Shiro let go of Grimmjow and his ears fell.

"I didn't say that"

"But you didn't say he lived" Shiro yelled at his face.

"God if you looked were I was looking you'd see Ichigo sitting in the bloody fucking tree"

Shiro gasped and whipped his head to the direction Grimmjow had been looking at and there was a smiling Ichigo.

"Ich you bastard!" he cried as he ran over to him.

Ichigo laughed and jumped down to be hugged by Shiro.

"Grimm you're mean" Grimmjow walked over and put his arms around Ichigo.


Ichigo laughed and leaned back into him.

Time skip ~four weeks~

Ichigo laid beside Grimmjow. They shared a tent because Ichigo still wasn't use to being with other people. Grimmjow happily let the other hybrids stay with them letting the pack grow bigger. Ichigo huddled closer to the warmth that was beside him. Ichigo felt something wet touch his nose and he opened his eyes.

Yelling Ichigo fell from the bed. Yachiru looked down at him and giggled.

"Hey squirt what are you doing here?" Grimmjow walked into the tent.

"I was waking up kitty" she said happily before bouncy out of the tent.

Grimmjow closed the tent and zipped it up. Ichigo took the hand Grimmjow held out to him.

"Kenpachi needs to keep a better eye on her"

"I think Ikkaku was watching her"

Ichigo blushed as he looked at Grimmjow. They liked each other but didn't go any farther then kissing but most of the time Grimmjow did it just to piss Shiro off. Grimmjow stood in front of him with just his pants on. Grimmjow had sweat on him all over suggesting that he had been helping someone out.

"Ok" Ichigo murmured.

"Hmm what's wrong Ichigo?" Grimmjow leaned in closer. "Your face is red'

"It's nothing" Ichigo looked away.

His body was burning and Grimmjow being so close didn't help. Grimmjow pushed his nose into Ichigo's hair and breathed in.

"You're going into heat Ich" Ichigo blushed harder. "Where are you going?"

"To find some pillows"

"Not with you smelling like that"

"It's not like I can get rid of the smell"

"I can" Grimmjow's voice was husked.

Ichigo melted at the sound. He had enough. Ichigo jumped at Grimmjow crushing their lips together he moaned at the taste. Grimmjow moved his hands from Ichigo's waist down to his butt lifting him up, Ichigo wrapped his legs around Grimmjow's waist.

"God Grimm I want you"

"I want you to Ich. You don't know how long I waited for this'

"I think I do"

Ichigo connected his lips back to Grimmjow's. He tilted his head so that they could be closer. Grimmjow bit and snapped at Ichigo and Ichigo loved it. Grimmjow had Ichigo's top off of him before they landed onto his bed.

"Grimm hurry"

Grimmjow looked down at Ichigo. He was already being submissive and Grimmjow loved it. Grimmjow slowly pulled Ichigo pants down until they were half way down his thighs. Licking at the boy's neck leaving kiss marks to show that Ichigo was his. Ichigo arched into Grimmjow's hand as he folded with Ichigo's growing erection.

Ichigo groaned and pulled Grimmjow back to him for a kiss. Grimmjow twirler his tongue around Ichigo's then slowly moved down the boy's body, licking and nibbling as he went. Ichigo could feel the scorching kisses that Grimmjow was leaving it also left him wanting more. Grimmjow moved between Ichigo's legs and looked up to see chocolate eyes looking down back at him in a lustful daze.

Grimmjow removed Ichigo's boxers, releasing his now painful erection. Grimmjow watched as a dot of pre cum slid down the shaft. He stuck his tongue out and licked it up then licked back down. Grimmjow pulled Ichigo's erection into his mouth sucking and licking and loving the sounds Ichigo made.

Ichigo arched as Grimmjow engulfed him in his mouth. He couldn't stop the sounds that left his mouth. He was already panting and breathing hard. Grimmjow's tongue was a sin just like the rest of him. Grimmjow ran his tongue up and down Ichigo's shaft as he played with his balls and rubbed his cheek against his hair.

Grimmjow moved his hands up and down Ichigo's sides and finally stop at Ichigo's nipples. Grimmjow plays with them, pinching and pulling until both of them are hard.

"Grimm…..Ahh" Ichigo arched as Grimmjow scraped his teeth along his dick.

Grimmjow pulled back licking his lips looking up and Ichigo and held out three fingers. Ichigo opened his mouth right away sucking quickly to get them ready. When Ichigo was sucking on his fingers Grimmjow went back to the weeping cock in front of him. Licking up the tasty juices that dripped out. Ichigo moved his hands to Grimmjow's hair as he bobbed his head up and down.

Grimmjow pulled his fingers back and lifted Ichigo up off the bed slightly putting pillows under him to hold him up. Grimmjow licked Ichigo once move before pulling away.

"Are you ok?"

Ichigo whimpered and Grimmjow smirked. Slowly moving Grimmjow circled his fingers around Ichigo's entrance and pushed one in. Grimmjow lifted Ichigo's knees and braced himself with his hand on Ichigo's thigh. The boy's ants were gone and same with his. Grimmjow moved his finger in and out trying to find the sweat spot.

Ichigo whined when a finger penetrated him. It was dull but the pain was still there. It got worse when Grimmjow added a second finger. The pain subsided quickly while Grimmjow scissors-crossed them. He did add the last one until Ichigo was meeting the thrusts of his fingers. Once he added the third one Ichigo stiffened Grimmjow sensed this and came up to kiss him.

Ichigo kissed Grimmjow back letting the kiss and tongue distract him. He slowly stretched out even more. Grimmjow pulled his fingers back out and crawled up Ichigo to kiss him, licking his bottom lip Ichigo opened for him and they entwine their tongues.

"I love you Ichigo"

"I love you too Grimmjow"

Ichigo rolled over into his stomach and lifted his butt into the air. Grimmjow morphed around him biting the scruff of Ichigo's neck and pushed in. Ichigo cried out. The feeling of being full was weird but knowing that it was Grimmjow and no one else made him happy.

Grimmjow waited for Ichigo to adjust then he started to move. First it was slow then the thrusts got faster. The sounds Ichigo made was music to Grimmjow's ears. Ichigo wrapped his tail around Grimmjow's as the heat pooled in his stomach feeling closer and closer to his release.

"Grimm" Ichigo moaned

Grimmjow started to thrust faster until Ichigo screamed his release. Grimmjow pounded into him a few more times before cuming inside Ichigo.

Grimmjow fell on Ichigo's spent body and rolled them both into their sides.

"Hmmm Grimm?" Ichigo pressed back into Grimmjow.


"You know the chances of me getting pregnant are very high"


"You don't mind?" Ichigo rolled over and looked up at him.

"No I wouldn't mind having smaller versions of us running around" Grimmjow laughed lightly and hugged Ichigo.

Ichigo rubbed his stomach. "Neither would I"

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