A/N: This chapter is a bit of a set up chapter and sadly doesn't feature (she'll be back ) River but kind of allows me to unravel some of the darker themes in the canon as well as the subject of his sexuality. Thanks :)

It was another morning after. After he and River have their escapades and general shenanigans he feels empty. It's that shitty in between time where he doesn't have a roommate to seduce or impress anymore. It's just him and his ship, anchored in galaxy far away from everything.

"I'm in my pants and I'm talking to no-one and I haven't got anyone to save or fix. I miss my wife."

The Doctor didn't really believe that she was his wife, but then again she had to be. It was witnessed they were in love. The fasting was observed by all of time and space simultaneously. Somewhere deep inside the Doctor thought that if he didn't name what they had that he wouldn't feel as vulnerable to the constant enigma that surrounded his little family unit. Who he really missed was Amelia. I don't have time for this. Constant phone calls to the console plagued his sex life, which was really all he had after Rory and Amy left. He was slowly falling into his old habit of avoiding the biggest loves in his life and the Doctor thought that that day was a good day to confront his fear with his darling Amelia Pond.

There was an ominous blue door that wasn't his. When the golden knocker met his gaze he shivered a little bit at the thought of seeing this house again. The Doctor for once didn't want to cause a scene that would result in Amy being sectioned by the next door neighbors.

What the hell.


She was obviously confused at his appearance, but the shadow cast over her brow quickly turned with the flash of her vanishing thought. With the ambivalence clear the Doctor decided it was his turn to mutter something non-threatening.

"Hello Amelia."

Amy took in a long drag of air.

"Listen I know you think it's been a long time since I saw you, but it hasn't, at least not for me."

Amy sighed and waved the Doctor into the house with a sad half grin. The Doctor thought if melancholy had a face that it would be that of the round faced ginger standing ahead of him. It's been a considerable amount of time since he last saw her, but the pallor of her face and the sticky dryness on the corner of her eyelids suggested that she had seen him much more recently than he initially suspected.

The kettle made a bubbling noise. The Doctor took a seat at the island in the kitchen. She made some tea with milk and sugar. Domestic was probably one of the slightly overused words in his vocabulary, but the Doctor could think of no other word to describe this moment in time besides sad.

"What's happened to you Amelia? You're wearing full length trousers", the Doctor chuckled into his tea, looking her up and down.

"Look , if you've come to criticize me about my slightly more conservative and less rude form of dress you should know that I'm a grown woman and you are incredibly late. Well I guess Rory's late now", Amy sighed into her wrist.

Why is she wearing a watch? It's the 21st century.

"I know what you're thinking Doctor and fuck you. There is no use trying to prove myself to you. It's what a stupid girl would do. It's what River would do actually. I was always so impressed with her when I was young, but now I realize she was just trying to demonstrate she was more brilliant. It's absolutely true, but you were already in awe. It was waste of time and a bit demeaning. You're here to speak with me about my daughter's relationship with you like a legal agreement and I can tell you I'm not qualified. After you finish that cup I'll ask if you'd like another. You will accept and say your last words before you leave. You will never come to this time again, so fly Her right, yeah?"

"What are you Amy, like 25 years old? If we could just back up for a second and maybe grab Rory and talk about this in orbit…"

"Doctor I'm 30 years old and you really need to stop being so distracting. Please. I don't want to be whisked away. You abandon people. I knew It was too good to be true, but I could feel it deep down in my gut that you would let her down."

"Amelia I can only help if I know what the bloody shit you're talking about! I would never abandon you or the rest of my family. The only family I have."

He took a step back from Amy's burning stare. So god damned stubborn.

"Oh really? Why don't we take a bet? If I win you can stop doing a shit on everyone's life. You're made out to be a hero because you never turn your back on the universe, but apparently you'll turn you back on the two beings in the universe that need you most. I'm sorry I'm angry with this you. Just don't. "

The kettle whistled as if it was boiling along with her temper.


Dejected, the Doctor shut the door behind him and kicked the red car parked in the drive.