Ya'll lmfao! I haven't been on here in so long! Five years! The memories! Why were these stories so dramatic lmao! I can't believe this.

I used to have so much fun on here. This place got me through a lot of rough patches.

ANYWHO. I'm grown now! Kind of? I'm 21 at least. I'm not sure how to be an entire adult but that's besides the point!

I'm not sure if you guys are still on here, BUT. I am FINALLY going to be sharing my own original (as in not fanfiction) story with my own ocs! It's turning out to be really dope! If you guys are interested at all in checking out my knew work, come see me on !

I forgot you can't put links in here so you can either review and tell me you want the link or search me up!

Type in: Yaia N. Rose

The first chapter or two will be free so you can decide whether you want to be a patron or not.

I would really appreciate it! I'd love to here from you guys anyway. You all (good and bad) were such great motivators and I need that back in my life.

Well I hope you read until the end! Hope to hear from you!