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When Sasuke saw Itachi for the first time, the first time in months – his heart nearly stopped. Susanoo's blazing form immediately dissipated around him, and Sasuke froze, trembling violently. His dark eyes – Itachi's eyes – widened, the Mangekyou Sharingan spinning furiously, as Sasuke tried, struggled, to see through the illusion.

Because only a genjutsu of the cruelest sort could fill him with that much emotion, that much feeling, when all he'd been attempting to do for the last three years of his life was shut it all out.

It was an ingenious illusion, one crafted precisely to hit him where it hurt, because seeing those dark eyes that haunted his every dream and waking nightmare – it was unimaginable.

And yet, there he was, the man who had filled Sasuke's early nightmares, the man who then flipped his world upside down and flitted through his dreams: his older brother, his precious aniki, Itachi Uchiha.

He seemed tangible, and real and perfect, so perfect, that Sasuke had a hard time dispelling the genjutsu. Everything about him was just as Sasuke had remembered (and he had remembered for he had obsessed over Itachi for every single year of his life, though the extent of the obsession ranged from adoration to murderous to perhaps something else that Sasuke didn't dare think about).

The angled jaw, the high contours of his cheekbones, the softness in those impossibly dark eyes, the slant of his eyebrows, the barely-noticeable quirk of his lips…

Right in front of him, right there, close, so close – if only he was real and he could reach out and touch him, run his fingertips against that cheek.

He was there, he was tangible – and he was speaking. And when he spoke, his voice was as velvety as ever and a shock cascaded through Sasuke's spine, wracking his very core, and he couldn't help but cry out.


"Sasuke, I-"


Sasuke frantically tried to dispel the genjutsu, as tears, real tears, streamed down his cheeks, mixing with the trails of blood.

But then warm fingers curled around his wrist, and Itachi was closer now, and tangible, and touching him – Itachi was touching him – and Sasuke's world exploded.

The rest of what happened after that was a blur, a haze of memories and rising spirits, and an expanding happiness that Sasuke hadn't known or experienced in ten years. He finally began to make sense of what Itachi was saying, the words being shaped by those perfect, perfect lips.

Madara… Edo-tensei… transferred some of my power to Naruto… layered genjutsu... Shisui's eyes… backfired on me… freeing me from Madara's control…

It was unbelievable, incredible, too good to be true.

How Itachi managed to convince Sasuke to abandon his revenge – when Naruto had been desperately attempting to do the same for years with countless vain battles to the death – was still a mystery to some.

But not to Sasuke.

In his mind, it all flowed very logically, very simply.

Itachi was back.

His big brother, the most precious person in his life – was back.

When with Itachi, Sasuke was no longer the powerful, vengeful, S-class missing-nin. He was just a little boy who wanted nothing but the acceptance of his older brother, who had no larger quest but to be with Itachi for as long as possible, whose entire life revolved around sticking to Itachi and never letting him go.

Itachi was a loyal ally of Konoha. Once the war had ended, Itachi wanted to reintegrate himself with the village.

The notion of vengeance puffed away from Sasuke's mentality like a shadow clone jutsu, and it was almost as if it were never there in the first place.

Itachi wanted to stay in Konoha. Sasuke wanted to stay with Itachi. By default, Sasuke would stay in Konoha as well.

He agreed to this almost instantaneously, his dark eyes never leaving his brothers. And then Itachi smiled, a warm smile that made his eyes crinkle and Sasuke's heart both leapt and melted at the same time.

He'd do anything if he could see that beautiful expression on his brother's face.

"Sasuke," Itachi had said softly, voice washing over Sasuke's battered form like water, easing the pain away, "I – I'm proud of you."

And then Sasuke had bolted, running straight at his brother, burying his face in Itachi's warm, firm chest, breathing in the scent of him, his hands unabashedly clutching at the strands of Itachi's long hair.

It was something he'd wanted to for years.

He had felt Itachi stiffen for a fleeting moment, and then relax, and then warm arms came to wrap around him, a hand stroking his back soothingly while the other was pressed against his head, Itachi's fingers barely tugging at his tousled hair.

"Nii-san… nii-san…" Sasuke had sobbed, and Itachi had held him tightly, and Sasuke had never felt more important, more loved in his entire life.

When Itachi had finally pulled away, Sasuke hadn't let him at first, tightening his grip on his brother's shirt, but Itachi had just smiled slightly, before two fingers poked lightly at Sasuke's forehead, a heart-wrenchingly familiar gesture.

"Sorry Sasuke, but there's still a war going on. Later, okay?"

This time, Sasuke knew he could hold Itachi to his word.


Getting Sasuke's punishment and missing-nin status revoked had been easier than expected. Though Naruto's screeching and relentless debacles with the exasperated Hokage, and Sakura's more diplomatic pleading had worked in his favor – it was eventually Itachi who had turned the tables.

Konoha owed Itachi, and even if the stubborn, crooked elders didn't acknowledge that, a mere narrowing of eyes of Itachi's part, allowing his Sharingan to morph into the Mangekyou – was more than enough.

Tsunade had agreed almost immediately, but Homura and Koharu soon caved in. They knew that Itachi had sacrificed more than anyone for Konoha; and they also knew that with his power, if he ever tried (though he was too noble and loyal to try) he could probably destroy it as well.

They also knew that Itachi weighed Sasuke's life as more precious than Konoha, something he'd already demonstrated ten years ago. So, much to Naruto and Sakura's combined delight, they let him off without too much serious punishment.


Itachi and Sasuke moved into their old home in the Uchiha compound, and the idea of such proximity with his older brother thrilled Sasuke. It was almost like the old times.

Sasuke joined the newly reformed Team Seven, and Itachi was instantaneously granted status as Jounin. Sasuke knew he wasn't willing to take on ANBU again for obvious reasons; which was all the better for them. As Jounin, Itachi was usually about as busy as Sasuke was with Team Seven. He was given solo missions most of the time, whereas Sasuke would either go on missions with either only Sakura or Naruto, both of them, or the entirely squad including Kakashi.

A part of Sasuke greatly craved missions with Itachi. A part of him was somewhat relieved he didn't have them. Sasuke knew the circumstances of his defeating Itachi, and he knew that Itachi greatly outclassed him and perhaps any ninja living in any of the Hidden Villages. Though he knew his brother would never look down upon him or mock him (all the previous mockery had been but an act) he still felt slightly embarrassed and jumpy at the thought of those dark, all-seeing eyes watching his every move, analyzing and assessing his technique.

There was one time though, when Itachi was assigned to the same mission as Sasuke, as a replacement for Kakashi. Sasuke had to control his hammering heart and the growing excitement mingled with anxiety that arose in his chest at the sight of his brother, clad in his ninja gear, looking like some sort of an angel, or God.

The Jounin vest and sleeveless shirt with dark pants was standard Jounin attire. But the way the sunlight hit Itachi's muscled arms as they flitted through the trees… the way his perfect hair streamed behind him as they leapt… the way he moved, with such fluidity and powerful grace… the way Sasuke could see the flexing of his calf muscles through the dark cloth of his pants… it was all too entrancing, too distracting.

And the way Itachi precisely and methodically dispatched of enemies – looking far too cool and calm, not a facial muscle out of place, not a drop of extra blood spilt or excess chakra wasted. He had perfected the method of killing, making it look like a flawlessly orchestrated art form rather than crude manslaughter.

Even Naruto was in obvious awe of him, dark blue eyes wide as they swept over Itachi's form in action. Sakura, on the other hand, had been reduced to a blushing pink disaster in that mission. Though she'd been a fangirl around Sasuke in her earlier days, even that couldn't compare to how she was with Itachi; with Itachi she was so infatuated that she couldn't dare to sputter out a few words in his presence, forget asking him out or complimenting him. She just watched him with perpetually glazed green eyes and a look of absolute adoration on her face.

It made a dark pang of something – something possessive – perhaps jealousy – flare up within Sasuke, as he watched Sakura – and Naruto – watch Itachi.

Sakura wasn't the only one though. Sasuke's fanclub had instantaneously diminished upon his return to Konoha, and Sasuke would have been glad; if not for the fact that every single one of the fangirls was now hopelessly in love with Itachi.

Itachi was a more pleasing source of affection. He was polite and pleasant unlike the perpetually scowling and scoffing Sasuke, he spoke to everyone in an amicable manner, he was taller and was considered more handsome.

Sasuke had caught even Shizune and Tsunade shooting him covert, appreciative glances every once in a while. Ino had declared him the 'hottest bachelor in Konoha', and Sasuke had caught her doing what he was sure could have been classified as stalking; she had darted off at the sight of him though. Ever since Itachi's return, Ino hadn't bothered to give Sasuke the time of the day.

Hinata, despite her longtime crush on Naruto, couldn't help but gaze dreamily whenever Itachi walked by. Tenten, despite the fact that she was now officially dating Neji Hyuuga, couldn't help but blush when she saw the older Uchiha, much to said Hyuuga's dismay. Even Temari – the arrogant, confident Temari, who continued her affair or whatever it was with her lazy lover – found herself speechless when Itachi, by chance, had spoken to her.

And all of that annoyed Sasuke, ignited a jealous possessiveness that raged within him like the never-ending flames of Amaterasu.

Itachi was his, god damnit, his alone. Those eyes, that smile, that face – it was all reserved for him.

Besides, Sasuke thought to himself rather smugly, Itachi had admitted that he cared more about Sasuke than all of Konoha – all of them – combined.


Sasuke gradually realized what was happening. He realized how wrong his fixation with Itachi was, how wrong his possessiveness was becoming.

But he couldn't help it – Itachi was perfect, so perfect. And Sasuke was addicted to him, in a far more dangerous and disturbing way than he should have been. And that addiction only intensified, and Sasuke knew that no matter how hard he fought, he would never be able to escape it, escape him, escape Itachi.

It was one of those battles, like most battles related to his brother, which he would always lose.


The Sharingan was an excellent dojutsu and an invaluable ninja tool. But sometimes, in his darker moments, Sasuke wished, in spite of himself, that he possessed the Byakugan.

They lived together, so Sasuke saw Itachi plenty. But then there was that one incident, where Sasuke saw more, more of his brother than he ever had, and it only left him craving, needing more.

Itachi had stepped out of the shower, with only a towel hanging loosely, wrapped around his hips. Sasuke could see his brother's hipbones peaking out. He could also see the in plain view, the curve of his biceps, the muscles of his chest, and the wonderful six-pack abs that flexed, ever so slightly, as Itachi toweled his hair. His damp hair lay loose around his strong shoulders, framing his face. There were rivulets of water streaming down his face, over his beautiful, solid chest, over the contours of his abs and soaking the towel, and Sasuke felt himself harden instantaneously, so quickly that it almost hurt.

His Sharingan had involuntarily activated, and the tomoe were whirring rapidly, as his eyes roved unashamedly over his brother's physique, the dojutsu ingraining the memory into his mind for eternity. His entire face reddened to the color of a tomato as he noticed what he'd been doing, and swiftly turned around and made a dash for his room, slamming the door behind him.

He hadn't missed Itachi's slightly confused expression, the quirk of an elegant eyebrow, directed at him.

Itachi wouldn't remain confused for too long. He'd figure it out eventually though, Sasuke knew he would. His brother was far too perceptive and far too smart for his own good.

That night, Sasuke jacked off for the first time in his life, to the image of Itachi, clad in a towel, dripping wet.

His Sharingan spun in his eyes as he grasped his pulsating member, and pumped it vigorously, his dojutsu replaying the images: Itachi's chest, the water droplets seeping into the towel slung around his naked hips, the loose sheet of hair that moved when Itachi tilted his head questioningly, the dark eyes that bore into his soul.

"Nii-san!" Sasuke bit out roughly, as he came, all over his hand, spilling seed everywhere.

After that incident, Sasuke never saw Itachi half-naked again. Though his Sharingan repeatedly provided him with the image, he couldn't help but wish, every time he heard Itachi turn on the shower, that he had Neji's dojutsu.

Just the idea of his brother's firm body under the spray of coursing water was enough to make Sasuke hard again.


Itachi wasn't a very physically affectionate person – especially compared to say, Naruto – who was always ready to sling an arm around Sasuke's shoulder – or Sakura, who would always touch him lightly on his arm, or brush her fingers through his hair if he permitted it.

But he did touch Sasuke occasionally, and the younger Uchiha nearly lived for those moments.

The most common, of course, was when Itachi poked Sasuke's forehead, his two fingers leaving a burning impact despite the lightness of the brush. This was always accompanied by a playful twinkle in his older brother's eyes and a slight smirk that made Sasuke want to come there and then, right on Itachi's beautiful face.

A part of him was ashamed that he could even think of such things – and ruin the innocence of Itachi's sweet gesture. He was disgusting for thinking of his brother in such a lewd way, when Itachi was anything but. His brother was perfect, and untouched as far as Sasuke knew (and thank Kami for that because Sasuke wouldn't be able to deal with the idea that Itachi had perhaps had a lover that he didn't know about; fortunately, neither Itachi, nor Deidara during his fight with Sasuke, had ever deemed it necessary to enlighten the younger Uchiha about the true extent of their relationship and the hidden acts that had surmised in the Akatsuki headquarters once – twice – thrice – or was it four times?).

There were a few other times Itachi touched him – ruffling his unruly hair a few times, though less often than the finger-poke. He had also put his arm around Sasuke, a total of three times (yes, Sasuke had kept count) giving him a quick squeeze, and allowing Sasuke to feel that blissful feeling of having a part of Itachi's chest pressed against his back. Itachi had touched his face, just once – a mere brush of fingers against Sasuke's cheek to wipe away a trace of blood – but he'd been so close, and his eyes had been locked with Sasuke's, and they'd been full of concern.

Still, Sasuke found himself craving Itachi's touches, and wanting more. Sometimes he even surprised himself at his own boldness. After that one hug which had burned itself into Sasuke's memory, the younger boy had always wanted to hug his brother more. However, he was no longer a child, but a grown-up shinobi. He couldn't pester Itachi for attention now, no matter how badly he craved it.

He almost envied his younger self, as he thought about the days where he could carelessly attach himself to Itachi's arm, grab Itachi's hand, snuggle into Itachi's chest, or even have Itachi carry him around town, with his legs clamped around his brother's back and Itachi's warm hands on Sasuke's thighs.

The idea of Itachi's hand on his thigh made him hot again – though he knew, again, that that had never been how Itachi had meant it. And his young, innocent self had certainly never thought of it in such a way either. It was shameful.

Sasuke often found himself plotting ways to make Itachi touch him more. Though he knew Itachi carrying him was out of the question now – he once deliberately slashed his leg with a kunai after a mission, and limped home, trailing blood onto the wooden floors. Itachi had demanded that he see a medic, but Sasuke had steadfastly refused, and resisted the Mangekyou Sharingan glare that Itachi threw his way.

Finally, the older Uchiha relented, and proceeded to attend to Sasuke's wound himself. Sasuke forced himself to make a few protests, though inside, he was feeling smug and somewhat disgusted with himself; he'd capitalized on Itachi's protective nature to manipulate his brother for his own benefit.

It was funny; his entire life, Itachi had manipulated him, even if it was for his own good. Sasuke alleviated his guilt at the fact, though any notion of shame he was feeling entirely shattered at the first touch of Itachi's fingers on his leg.

Itachi had rolled up Sasuke's pants, and had cleaned the wound, and was now wrapping it. And no matter how meticulous his brother was, Itachi couldn't prevent the few brushes of his fingers against Sasuke's bare calf, especially when Sasuke jerked his leg with mock pain, so that it pressed into Itachi's hand. Itachi then firmly cupped Sasuke's calf with his hand, to stop the boy from thrashing, and Sasuke found himself having a boner right there. His heartbeat quickened, and he was thankful that Itachi was so focused on healing his injury. If his aniki's gaze had drifted up even by a few inches, he would have undoubtedly noticed the tent in Sasuke's pants.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) Itachi would never even considering looking at such a private area of his brother's body.

Sasuke considered injuring himself on the next mission a little higher, perhaps the inner thigh – and then dismissed it. If anything, he valued Itachi's respect and trust. He wouldn't want Itachi finding out that his precious otouto was secretly a pervert who lusted after his aniki.

That night, Sasuke moaned to himself as he jacked off, recalling the feel of Itachi's hand on his leg, and wondering what it would feel like if that same hand had drifted higher.


The dreams eventually grew more vivid, more graphic, more obscene, and even more perverted.

Sasuke imagined Itachi's hands all over him, the feel of the rough calluses against his bare skin. He imagined them everywhere – grazing across his ribs, fingers flickering over his collarbones, hands sliding across his back, the inside of his thighs. He touched himself, pretending that his fingers were Itachi's fingers – Itachi's fingers digging into his waist, pinching his taut nipples, slipping between his buttocks, wrapping around his hard length.

He imagined touching Itachi – running his hands over that hard chest, and those glorious abs, feeling the muscles flex under his hands and his fingertips… feeling the silky hair as he pulled at it in abandon… feeling Itachi's cock pulsate in his hand.

He imagined the taste of Itachi's lips, the feeling of Itachi's tongue pushing into his mouth and sliding against his own, the feeling of Itachi's teeth scraping against his lips, his neck, his chest. He imagined what that omnipresent beautiful smirk would feel like, pressed against his bare skin.

He imagined Itachi's dark eyes, Sharingan spinning, watching him, as Itachi sucked and licked and bit Sasuke's body.

He imagined the taste of Itachi's member, as he took his older brother in his mouth and sucked and licked. Itachi would beg for him then, his voice hoarse and raw, and Sasuke could even hear the husky please.

Sasuke – otouto – please – for nii-san…

His dark eyes would be full of pleasure – and Sasuke had never wanted anything more than to bring pleasure to his brother. The Sharingan would be clouded with lust, lust for Sasuke, and Itachi would buck his hips against Sasuke's mouth, his fingers pulling at Sasuke's hair. He would cry out, and come in Sasuke's mouth, and Sasuke would swallow him, licking up every last drop of his delicious, delicious aniki.

Sometimes, if he dared, Sasuke imagined what it would be like if Itachi went down on him. He knew that wouldn't happen – even in his make-believe situations, he knew Itachi would dominate, that Itachi was stronger than him, that Itachi had ego.

But sometimes he liked to pretend that if he played it right, if he tugged at Itachi's heartstrings and played on Itachi's obvious love for him – that maybe this dream Itachi would agree. Because Itachi loved him. Itachi doted on him. So Sasuke's wild mind only rationalized that since Itachi loved him so much, he would make love to him, with his cock, and with his mouth. He would dote on Sasuke – the way Sasuke wanted him to.

And so he thought of Itachi on his knees, watching him languidly, with his mouth wrapped around Sasuke's cock, and his hands gripping Sasuke's hips, and Sasuke would explode, almost instantly, the power of his orgasm causing spots to blur his vision and tremors to rack his body for minutes after.


Sometimes he dreamt of worse things, worse than even the blasphemy he was already dreaming of. A part of Sasuke was glad that his clan was no longer alive, for there must have been some sort of clan law regarding incest and the punishment that would befall an Uchiha for thinking of his sibling in such a salacious manner. After all, it was common knowledge that many Uchiha siblings had been fratricidal. Incest was probably never even considered.

The darker fantasies though – that were engendered in the darkest part of Sasuke's soul, the part that Orochimaru and Madara had festered – made even the ones about Itachi sucking Sasuke off seem tame.

These were fantasies where Itachi was still the evil, domineering sadist that Sasuke had thought he once was. And though Sasuke never wished for his brother to be like that again, this dark and cruel Itachi was hot and played a pivotal role in some of Sasuke's fantasies.

This Itachi would fight Sasuke, and decimate him thoroughly, before slamming him against a tree, a wall, the floor – anything – and rip of his clothing – with bare hands or a kunai, based on how perverted Sasuke was feeling during the fantasy.

Then he would touch him, all over, roughly, and Sasuke would moan in abandon.

And then Itachi would fuck him – he would fuck him thoroughly. It wouldn't be like in the fantasies where Itachi would ask gently before entering Sasuke, where he would prepare him with his fingers first, and then enter him slowly, his eyes full of concern and his lips brushing Sasuke's ear and breathing soothing words.

Don't worry otouto… it's going to be ok… am I hurting you, Sasuke?

In these fantasies Itachi entered him by force, practically raping him, insulting him all the while.

Foolish little brother, Itachi would mock, did you really think you could defeat me?

Sometimes, Itachi would subjugate Sasuke, pushing him to his knees and forcefully shoving his cock into Sasuke's throat. He would thrust into Sasuke's mouth, his fingernails digging into Sasuke's hair.

To Sasuke's shame and horror, in most of these fantasies, Itachi would be clad in his Akatsuki cloak. The feeling of Itachi's fingers trailing over his flesh would be mixed with the cold, hard scrape of metal against skin, as Itachi would always be wearing his ring.

It frightened Sasuke how detailed and vivid his fantasies were at times.

It was sick, really, the extent of his imagination, and though the darker Itachi thrilled him, Sasuke couldn't hold back the wave of nausea and disgust he felt towards himself after the last remnants of post-orgasm euphoria had floated away.


Once, when Itachi was out on a three-day mission, and Sasuke was in no danger of being caught by perceptive Sharingan eyes, he did something he'd never dreamt of doing.

He made a kage bunshin and henged it to look like Itachi. He knew his brother well enough, and had memorized every detail of Itachi face and voice and demeanor. He'd even seen him shirtless.

The bunshin Itachi was almost perfect, and even though Sasuke knew that no mere shadow clone could ever measure up to the pure perfection that was his brother – it was as close as he would get.

Sasuke kissed the clone of Itachi, touched him, trailed his hands all over Itachi's body. Then the clone, guided by his own twisted desires, touched Sasuke.

It was enough to drive him off the edge – the sight of Itachi licking him and kissing him, the feel of the hands that were shaped and sized perfectly to match Itachi's – gliding over his chest and stomach, caressing his sides and hips, till they grasped his cock.

The sight of Itachi jerking him off, and then sucking him dry.

The sight of Itachi's eyes – first dark and then bleeding with the Sharingan – for Sasuke's fantasies were sub-divided into Sharingan eyed Itachi and dark-eyed Itachi – gazing at him lovingly while Itachi's fingers traced teasing, tantalizing patterns on the skin between Sasuke's thighs.

The sound of Itachi's voice, teasing and then urgent as he lived out some of Sasuke's tamer fantasies.

The feel of Itachi's hard body as Sasuke ground his hips desperately against his older brother.

The feel of Itachi's cock as it slammed into Sasuke from the back, as his aniki's teeth bit into his shoulder.

It seemed real – so real – and Sasuke's world nearly came crashing down when he realized that it wasn't.

Still, the clone technique was an addiction, and Sasuke secretly praised Naruto for giving him the idea (perhaps his praise would have been transmogrified to something else, had he known that Naruto's kage bunshins were actually carbon copies of himself, and that Naruto was engaging in the same acts with his Sasuke clones as Sasuke was with his Itachi clone.)


Over time, Sasuke grew more daring. On Itachi's next week-long mission outside Konoha, the clone Sasuke created was clad in a familiar red and black Akatsuki cloak. Its eyes were blood red and full of malice, the lips lifted in a mocking smirk. The clone was fingering a kunai, and Sasuke bit his lip, drawing blood.


"Are you alright?" Itachi asked, dark eyes narrowing slightly.

Sasuke cursed; trust Itachi to pick up on even his slightest wince.

"I'm fine," he lied flatly, but of course, his brother wouldn't let him go.

"You don't seem fine. Did you get injured on a mission?" Itachi questioned him.

"Nii-san, really, it's nothing," Sasuke rolled his eyes, slightly excited by Itachi's overbearing concern.

You're pathetic, a voice in his head, which sounded annoyingly like Naruto, told him.

Shut up, stupid dobe, Sasuke argued back, before flushing: he was arguing with Naruto in his head! There was something wrong with him.

Of course, that was a given anyways, especially considering that he had occupied himself with visualizing the sight of Itach's flushed face and imagining the sound of his older brother panting and gasping while Sasuke rode him to his limit; something which was entirely impossible, but still created quite a delicious fantasy which he could indulge himself in under the pretext of meditating.

"Don't lie," Itachi told him, his voice edged with a hint of steel, though his eyes were still soft and concerned, "You've hurt your chest, Sasuke."

"I haven't, Itachi, really I – " but Sasuke's breath was literally stolen away when Itachi took a step towards him, and with a nimble flick of his fingers, unbuttoned the first two buttons of Sasuke's shirt, pulling the cloth aside.

Sasuke's mind chose to rocket off onto another tangent, where this action was followed by Itachi leaning down to run his tongue over the wound, before unbuttoning the rest of Sasuke's shirt and trapping him against the wall. Dream Itachi was just pressing his body onto Sasuke's when the real Itachi, obviously having no inclination or even thought to do such a thing, spoke.

"How did this happen?'

"Naruto and I were sparring and – well, we get kind of rough," Sasuke supplied instantaneously.

What was he supposed to say?

I was having sex with a shadow clone that was transformed to look like you, and propelled by my somewhat masochistic fantasies concerning you, it felt me up with a kunai.

"You should get this healed," Itachi stated, eyes glancing over the half-healed gash, before flicking up to Sasuke's face.

Sasuke's breath caught, and he wondered what it would feel like if Itachi touched him, under the pretext of healing his wound. This prompted another fantasy – the one that fell under the 'Itachi "healing" Sasuke's "wounds"' category.

"I-it'll heal on it's own," Sasuke said, struggling to keep his cheeks from reddening, "Sakura's been really busy at the hospital – I don't want to bother her. It's unnecessary and I can bear the pain."

Besides, I wouldn't want to get rid of this – it's a testament to our violent, passionate, murderous night of lovemaking.

Itachi decided to let the subject drop, rolling his eyes slightly, and poking Sasuke on the forehead.

"Idiot," he murmured, before grinning slightly, and Sasuke cursed himself for blushing.

He couldn't help it. Itachi had such a beautiful, charming smile, and on the few occasions that he did smile, it was just – breathtaking.

Though Itachi was, by default, breathtaking. He was hopelessly gorgeous, and way too attractive for his own good, and Sasuke knew that he wasn't the only one who felt that way.

Sasuke then felt Itachi's eyes flicker over his neck – and damn it – he should have had the sense to at least cover the love bites!

But then again, when a clone that looked like Itachi was sucking at his pulse, most of his mental capacity was rendered obsolete.

A knowing look entered Itachi's eyes, and Sasuke could have kicked himself. Of course his genius brother would figure it out. It would take an idiot not to.

"Sparring with Naruto, hm?" he asked, all too knowingly, a slight smirk tugging at his lips.

Sasuke hated him at that moment. He knew what conclusion Itachi had drawn, and perhaps he couldn't blame him; his relationship with Naruto was certainly not the typical 'best friends' relationship, and their spars and bantering could get a bit to intense, both verbally and physically. Sasuke knew this.

But why did Itachi seem so accepting of it?

Why wasn't there a hint of anger, or jealousy, or possessiveness – or heck, even though Sasuke would die a million times before having to see that haunting look of melancholy in Itachi's beautiful eyes – why couldn't he be slightly disappointed?

"Yeah," Sasuke echoed, his eyes dropping down, "Sparring with Naruto."

He turned around and walked away, knowing that Itachi would be able to read the change in his body language, which though subtle by normal standards, was drastic by emotionless Uchiha standards.

"Sasuke," Itachi called, and when Sasuke continued walking, he was stopped by a gentle but firm hand on his shoulder, a grasp that made his stomach flutter.

"What?" he bit out, angrily.

He knew he shouldn't be angry. It wasn't Itachi's fault. It was his own stupid fault for falling so irrevocably in love with his brother when he knew it couldn't, wouldn't be reciprocated.

But he couldn't help it. Though the clones satisfied some of his sexual frustration, they couldn't make up for the deep ache he felt in his heart, the desire for more. He knew he should be thankful he had Itachi with him – considering their past history, that in itself was a miracle and was also the reason he could never entirely hate Orochimaru, because despite everything, the snake bastard's jutsu had bought Itachi back.

He wanted more. He wanted everything. He wanted Itachi to hold him and kiss him and make love to him and whisper into his ear how much Sasuke meant to him.

It was Itachi's fault for being so damned attractive and caring and skilled and just – so perfect.

And Sasuke wanted him, more than anything in the world. He wanted his aniki.

He knew Itachi loved him unconditionally (though that may change if Itachi found out about Sasuke's fantasies; he'd be horrified). But there was a difference.

Itachi loved Sasuke, more than anything in the world. But Sasuke was in love with Itachi.

As Sasuke continued to agonize mentally, Itachi had grabbed his chin and turned him around to meet his eyes.

"Tell me what's wrong," Itachi said softly "Sasuke…"

Itachi's eyes were gazing into him with such care and such love, it made Sasuke's heart throb.

He immediately felt terrible for having snapped at Itachi earlier, but the forgiveness was already in his brother's eyes.

"Itachi, I'm so-"

"Don't worry," Itachi shook his head, letting go of Sasuke's chin, and Sasuke missed his touch, "Just tell me what's the matter. I'm sure I can fix it for you."

"You can't," Sasuke said immediately, truthfully this time.

It was true. Itachi wouldn't love him, not like that. Itachi wouldn't touch him, not like that.

"Is it about Naruto?" Itachi asked, and though Sasuke considered using that excuse, he couldn't lie about his feelings.

"No! It's not – Naruto! Naruto and I aren't – what you're thinking!" Sasuke spat, "We don't – we're not –"

"Alright, alright, calm down," Itachi said, before placing his hands on Sasuke's shoulders, and dipping his head down so their gazes were level.

Sasuke wanted to kiss him then, so badly, and had to actively clench his fists to stop himself from jumping Itachi.

His brother looked so delectable and he was standing right there, with his hands on Sasuke's shoulders.

"Sakura, then?" Itachi asked, tilting his head.

"NO!" Sasuke yelled, "Itachi – just – no!"

"There's someone else?" Itachi looked confused, "I thought those two were the only ones you may have-"

"Just drop it, okay!" Sasuke said bitterly, "Please, nii-san… just drop it…"

"I can't drop it when I know it's been hurting you, Sasuke," Itachi murmured, "I haven't bought it up before, but I've noticed. The past few weeks – you've been acting – strange…"

Fuck, Sasuke thought, he's noticed. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

"So tell me, Sasuke, what's wrong?" Itachi asked, a finger flicking against Sasuke's cheek. It was barely a touch, just a graze, a whisper – but Sasuke felt himself tremble.


"Come on, Sasuke," Itachi nodded, "You can tell your aniki anything."

The verbs reverberated in Sasuke's head, causing a pang in his heart.

My aniki, he repeated to himself, feeling a warm sensation at the words, he's mine. He just admitted it.

Not the way you want him to be, the Naruto-voice pointed out cockily.

Fuck off, usuratonkachi!

A part of Sasuke should have been relieved that Itachi, though he'd guessed what was bothering Sasuke accurately (how much more did he know? He couldn't know about the clones, right? Sasuke was horrified by the very thought), had no clue whom it was pertaining to. Another part of Sasuke wished that he would guess, that he would know – just so Sasuke wouldn't have to keep it all bothered within him.

It's not Naruto or Sakura, you stupid idiot! It's you nii-san! It's always been you! You're supposed to be a genius! How can't you tell that it's you I'm in love with?

He'd envisioned telling Itachi many times, but had never dared. He didn't want Itachi to be disgusted with him – or worse, be disappointed. Itachi was too kind, too thoughtful to be outright angry. He'd probably distance himself from Sasuke, or worse, act like nothing was wrong.

Basically, it would screw things up, and not in the way Sasuke wanted them to be screwed.

Still, with Itachi gazing at him with such concern, it was all Sasuke could do to prevent himself from blurting it all out.

"I – it – Itachi – it's just –" and to Sasuke's horror, he found his eyes tearing up.

No! I can't! I can't cry in front of him! I can't show weakness!

"Sasuke?" Itachi seemed shocked at the tears, "Sasuke – are you crying?"

"Shut up! I'm not-" Sasuke's protests were cut off, as Itachi reached up, his index finger wiping away a tear.

His eyes were a mix of compassion, and concern.

"It's not a crime to cry, you know," he said softly, "We shinobi think that we must suppress emotion at all stages. But sometimes, it helps, to just let it out."

He'd said it – exactly what Sasuke wanted him to say – and he was so non-judgmental…

"God knows I did enough, after the massacre – after I – left you," Itachi said, and it was Sasuke's turn to be shocked.

He remembered seeing Itachi cry – that one time – but to hear him admit it out loud was something else altogether.

"I-it's stupid," Sasuke said, and Itachi wiped another tear away.

"It's not stupid if it's bothering you, otouto."

Oh, the things his brother said to him…

Itachi then placed a hand on Sasuke's head, ruffling it slightly, before pulling the younger Uchiha to his chest, his other arm wrapping around Sasuke's shoulders.

Sasuke's breath caught in his throat, as he inhaled the musky scent of his older brother, felt the hard planes of his chest, his beating heart, under his cheek.

He was close – so close – and yet not close enough.

It was unfair, and Sasuke finally let the tears fall, his heart both breaking and soaring as Itachi hugged him tighter, before letting go of him.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," Itachi said, "But just know that no matter what it is, I'm here for you when you need me, ok Sasuke?"

"Y-yeah," Sasuke sniffled, feeling like a child, "Thanks – Itachi…"

"Anytime," Itachi smiled, before tapping him on the forehead.

That night, when Sasuke was jerking himself off under the sheets (this time to fantasy #27: ANBU!Itachi molesting him on their joint mission in an inn of a nameless village; Naruto, a few miles away, was subsequently jacking off to fantasy #33: CurseSeal!Sasuke fucking OneTailed!Naruto under the waterfall at the Valley of the End) the door of his room creaked open.

Sasuke froze mid-thrust, biting his lip to stifle a moan, as the fantasy rapidly changed track to fantasy #4: Normal!Itachi sexing him up in his own bedroom.

But more importantly - why the fuck was Itachi entering his bedroom at night?

Sasuke knew in his mind, that Itachi just wanted to check on him because of what happened before. And his heart swelled at the kindness and concern his brother was showing. But still, a part of him was mildly mortified. He'd been quite and he'd stilled his hand. Itachi wouldn't have heard anything, right? He wouldn't be able to see the bulge, not from the way the blankets were bunched over Sasuke's form, right? Worse – he wouldn't be able to – smell – Sasuke's arousal, would he? The notion terrified Sasuke.

But Itachi didn't sense anything extraordinary, and he certainly wasn't going to drag the sheets off of his apparently sleeping little brother.

Sasuke squeezed his eyes shut, feigning sleep, wondering if he could fool his brother. As a child, he'd never been able to. Sasuke felt his bed shift, as a weight settled down on his right side, near his head. He could feel Itachi's warmth, smell his delightful scent, and his brother's presence in his bedroom only served to make Sasuke's cock twitch.

Thank Kami the Uchiha don't have Byakugan, he thought to himself at the moment.

Itachi didn't do anything, just sat there for a few moments. Then suddenly, Sasuke felt a hand, brushing a few strands of hair away from his forehead. It was a completely platonic touch, but it had Sasuke biting back a gasp due to his aroused state. Then, seconds later, Itachi leaned down, till Sasuke could feel his brother's breath ghosting against his forehead.

Itachi then kissed him – a brief brush of velvet lips against the skin of Sasuke's forehead – before getting up, and leaving.

It was platonic, entirely platonic – and Sasuke knew this. But Itachi had left none too soon, because a few seconds and a hard thrust later, Sasuke came hard and long.


"I wonder if you can use Tsukiyomi on yourself…"


Sasuke cursed inwardly. He had not meant to say that aloud.

Itachi was looking at him in shock.

"I mean – I just want to test something," Sasuke said, and it wasn't exactly a lie, "It wouldn't be torture. I just want to check out some – modifications."

"What kind of modifications?" Itachi asked.

Modifications which would let me live through 72 realistic hours of you "raping' me.

"Oh, nothing important," Sasuke tried shaking it off, "Forget I said anything…"

"No," Itachi shook his head, leaning forward slightly, "If you're trying to modify that jutsu, I think I should know. I have more experience than you, so I can guide you and stop you from doing anything dangerous."

"I can do it myself!" Sasuke scowled, a bit miffed.

"I don't doubt your abilities, Sasuke," Itachi smiled, "But you know how much I care about you."

Sasuke's heart fluttered at that, and he thought, perhaps he could tell Itachi – enough so that Itachi could actually help him (because Sasuke didn't think he'd be able to modify such a high-level technique without Itachi's help and Itachi was an expert at Tsukiyomi and genjutsu) – but vague enough so Itachi didn't understand what Sasuke was actually hinting at.

"Well, Tsukiyomi lets the user manipulate the world, right?" Sasuke said, "So I was wondering if I could get a clone to use it on me. Would that work?"

"A clone," Itachi considered thoughtfully, before adding, "But why would you want to do that – that technique – it's a terrible thing, an atrocity…"

His tone was suddenly dark, laced with regret, and his eyes were filled with pain and guilt. Sasuke knew he was remembering the times he'd used it himself, on Sasuke.

The look in his eyes was so heartbreaking that Sasuke wanted to hug him, though it also instigated fantasy #55: Angsty!Guilty!Itachi "apologizes" to Sasuke by blowing him in the middle of the blood-splattered Uchiha Compound.

Yes, Sasuke was going to burn in hell. But since that had been pretty much confirmed after he'd tried killing Naruto in Orochimaru's lair, he figured he had nothing to lose by construing more heinous fantasies.

Still, Itachi was waiting for an answer, and Sasuke sighed, before speaking.

"I just thought – since it's 72 hours of anything the user wants it to be – it could be turned into a more – positive experience too, right?"

He regretted the words as soon as they'd left his mouth. Itachi's head had snapped up to look at him, and there was an incredulous expression on his handsome face.

Then a glint entered his older brother's eyes, and the beginning of a smile.

No! Fuck, no! Stupid hormones – fuck I can't believe I said that! He can't be thinking what I think he is!

But Itachi could read Sasuke like a book when it came to most things, and he smiled mischievously, another one of those heart-flutter-inducing smiles.

"Three days non-stop, Sasuke? Don't you think that's a bit much?" Itachi teased.

"I – I have no idea what you're talking about!" Sasuke yelped, flushing.

How did he know? How the fuck did he figure it out?

"Oh, I think you do," Itachi smirked, "But with his stamina, I'm sure Naruto would be up to it if you asked him-"

"Wh-what? N-nii-san! You-" Sasuke was at a loss of words now, and his face had turned the color of a ripe tomato.

Itachi's eyes were sparkling.

"I would never have guessed, Sasuke," he said, his tone teasing, before he reached over to flick his forehead, "Ecchi."

"I'm not banging Naruto!" Sasuke near-screeched, and he couldn't believe that Itachi had put him in a situation that had forced him to utter 'banging' and 'Naruto' in the same sentence.

"Ah. Hence the need for genjutsu," Itachi nodded understandingly, though Sasuke could tell he was still teasing.

"NO! That's not – no!"

"Calm down," Itachi laughed, "I'm just teasing you."

"Nii-san!" Sasuke couldn't help but pout slightly, a hint of the age-old whine creeping back into his voice. He quickly fixed his expression, but Itachi had already noticed.

"You're cute," he murmured, fingers ruffling Sasuke's hair, "You remind me of yourself when you were younger. You used to look at me like that all the time…"

There was a trace of adoration in his voice, a nostalgic smile tugging at his lips, and his eyes were warm, so warm, as they gazed at Sasuke.

Sasuke felt himself blushing.

"I'm not a kid any longer, nii-san," he mumbled.

"I know you're not," Itachi said sincerely, "You've grown so much Sasuke, it's incredible."

Sasuke's heart swelled at these words – so Itachi acknowledged that he'd grown? So maybe, just maybe-

"But sometimes, to me you're just – well, I can't help but think of you as my adorable little brother," he finished.

His words pierced Sasuke like a kunai.

Adorable little brother.

That's what he was to Itachi. That's what he'd always been, what he'd always be.

So why – why did he have to feel so differently about his older brother? Why couldn't it be easy on him? Itachi wouldn't be so thrilled if he knew what his 'adorable little brother' thought about him at night…


Sasuke didn't know what kind of insane impulse drove him; surely it was that same idiocy that had propelled him to seek the snake-bastard in the first place – but the next time Itachi inquired about his strange behavior and bouts of melancholy, Sasuke told him.

Well, not exactly.

"There's just – there's someone…" Sasuke had mumbled, more to himself.

He couldn't believe that he was about to enter this discussion with Itachi of all people. But he couldn't help it – Itachi had asked so sweetly, and he'd felt almost compelled to tell his older brother.

"And?" Itachi asked gently, sitting down on the couch next to Sasuke.

"I can't tell you who it is-"

"I wasn't asking."

"…hn," Sasuke crossed his arms, and looked away, heart thumping rapidly.

He then felt a familiar weight settle across his shoulders, as Itachi put an arm around him.

"It's upsetting you, isn't it?" Itachi asked, "Tell me what's wrong. Maybe I can help you."

Sasuke's breath caught in his throat and he immediately construed fantasy number – what was it, seventy? He'd lost count. Basically, it was of the Protective!Itachi "comforting" Sasuke variety.

"Tell me what's wrong. Maybe I can help you… what could I do to make you feel better?" Itachi asked breathily, cupping Sasuke's face in his hands.

"You – you can't give me – what I want…" Sasuke murmured, tearing his gaze away.

"If it makes you feel better, Sasuke… I'll give you anything that you want…" Itachi promised.

"A-anything nii-san?"

"Yes, otouto," Itachi whispered, leaning in to drop a soft kiss on Sasuke's lips, "Anything. Just ask for it…"

"…and that's what big brothers are for," the real Itachi said, jolting Sasuke out of his reverie.

"….he doesn't – care for me that way," Sasuke admitted.

The words seemed innocent enough. They could refer to anyone. There was no way in hell that Itachi would guess that Sasuke was referring to him. Sasuke then realized that he'd just let it slip that the person was a 'he', which really cut down the possibility of Itachi thinking it was Sakura or any of the other kunoichi. Though Sasuke figured it wasn't really a problem, since Itachi seemed to suspect it was Naruto, and had already guessed that his younger brother was gay – or bisexual.

There are many shinobi in Konoha, Sasuke reasoned to himself, he won't even imagine that it's him.

"Are you sure?" Itachi asked, "Have you spoken to him? I don't pretend to be an expert in this field, but-"

"You're an expert in everything, nii-san," Sasuke muttered.

Even sex, he added mentally, you're an absolutely genius when it comes to-

Itachi just smiled, and continued.

"Sometimes it helps if you talk these things out."

"No. It's not going to help. He doesn't feel that way and he never will. And don't bring up Naruto, because it isn't him!"

His voice came out sharper than he intended it to, and far too bitter.

Itachi was silent for a moment, before speaking.

"Does he – have someone else?"

"I don't know," Sasuke shuddered at the thought, "I don't – think so. But he might have a secret lover somewhere. What would I know?"

The thought made him cringe and want to Chidori something.

Itachi bit his lip, and in spite of himself, Sasuke found the action incredibly sexy.

"Well," Itachi said softly, looking into Sasuke's eyes, "I think that whoever he is – he has to be pretty stupid to not want you… that is, if you're sure he doesn't."

Sasuke knew the words were meant to comfort them, and that Itachi had meant them platonically. But he couldn't help it as the fluttering feeling in his stomach intensified.

"Really nii-san?" he asked, "Do you really think – that I – that I'm –"

"Of course," Itachi said sincerely, "You're one of the most skilled shinobi in our village. Don't doubt yourself."

"That's not what I meant," Sasuke said, his shoulders drooping slightly. Itachi pulled him a little closer, and Sasuke wanted to clamber onto his lap just then, like he had when they were younger.

"Fishing for compliments?" Itachi teased, "That's unlike you."

"I'm not-" Sasuke protested, flustered, but Itachi didn't let him finish.

"Well you're a very handsome young man, if that's what you were asking," Itachi said indulgently, winking.

Sasuke's head was reeling at this.

Did he just – Did Itachi just say that?

Sasuke soon got over the breathlessness and excitement – of course Itachi had only meant it as an encouraging older brother trying to boost up his otouto's morale. That didn't mean Itachi was attracted to him, or anything along those lines.

But that wink…

Sasuke had never seen Itachi wink before. Winking was a very playful, Naruto thing to do. Seeing his usually stoic older brother do it gave him a strange but familiar tightening feeling in his pants.

Sasuke didn't know what to say, so he crossed his legs tightly and cuddled up close to Itachi. It wasn't something he'd normally have dared to do, but at that moment he couldn't help it.

To his pleasant surprise, Itachi allowed this, and patted his head lightly.

"Don't worry Sasuke," Itachi murmured, his breath tickling Sasuke's ear and making a shiver run down his spine, "I'm here for you, okay?"


Sasuke gripped the table, his knuckles whitening. The hard body behind him rammed into him, sending a spiral of pleasure coursing through his body.

"Nnnh.." Sasuke moaned, "Nii-san…"

Itachi's lips scraped at the juncture between his neck and shoulder, before moving to Sasuke's ear, his tongue tracing a hot, wet path up.

"Fuck…" Sasuke gasped, "Itachi… harder…"

His brother obliged, thrusting into him with more force, as a slender, perfect hand trailed up the inside of his thigh.

"Itachi – please," Sasuke practically whimpered, as the hand glided up, Itachi's knuckles grazing his hardness.

"What do you want, Sasuke?" Itachi asked hotly, before nipping at Sasuke's ear.

"I want – you to – touch – me," Sasuke managed between pants, as Itachi continued to fuck him from the back.

"Touch you?" Itachi asked, a hint of teasing entering his voice, "I am already touching you, otouto…"

"Aniki… please… you know what I mean…" Sasuke begged, as the pace of Itachi's thrusts increased.

"No, you'll have to be specific," Itachi murmured, his tongue running along the shell of Sasuke's ear.


"Where, Sasuke? Where do you want me to touch you?"

The dirty talk was doing wonders to his already erect member. Sasuke thought he would burst from it, as Itachi continued to speak to him in that husky, breathless voice he knew so well.

His fingers were still at Sasuke's thighs, before they traced a trail upwards, playing with his dark curls.

The sight of Itachi's fingers playing with – that – was in itself orgasmic.

Unable to stand it much longer, Sasuke grabbed his brother's hand, moving it so that Itachi's fingers were positioned around his cock.

"So impatient, Sasuke," Itachi laughed softly, before thrusting again, hard and strong.

At the same time, his hands wrapped tightly around Sasuke's cock, and squeezed.

"Aaaah!" Sasuke cried out, jerking his hips forward from the combined sensation, "Itachi!"

Itachi's pace grew quicker, and he slammed into Sasuke repeatedly, his cock hitting points that made Sasuke feel like exploding from pleasure. His hand stroked Sasuke, pumping him to his release.

"Do you like that?" Itachi was whispering hotly in his ears, "Do you like what your nii-san is doing, Sasuke? Do you want more?"

"Nnnnh," Sasuke moaned, closing his eyes to savor the sensation, "More… Itachi… please… harder…"

He was so caught up in his lust that he didn't notice any of the things he should have.

There was a reason why there was a rule that shinobi should always be on their guard.

It was only when his clone of Itachi suddenly froze, before poofing away, leaving him alone and devoid of that pleasurable sensation – that Sasuke realize that something was amiss.

His eyes snapped open only to meet the beautiful, dark ones of Itachi.


His brother… the real Itachi…

Sasuke's heart nearly stopped.

Itachi who was supposed to have left for a mission. Itachi who had walked in on him being fucked by a clone that had been transformed to look like him.

There was a hope – a slight possibility – that Itachi hadn't seen the clone, or heard that much.

But Sasuke knew, with a sinking feeling that this wasn't true. Itachi had seen everything. Itachi had seen how he'd moaned and begged for his brother. Itachi had heard Sasuke's voice gasping and pleading him for more. Itachi had seen the expression of pure pleasure on Sasuke's face as the clone fucked him. Itachi had seen how hard Sasuke's cock was as the clone stroked him.

It was obvious – from the look on Itachi's face.

Itachi never displayed such shock or surprise, not openly. Usually it was a minimal reaction, just an eyebrow raising by a fraction, or his eyes narrowing.

But this time, Itachi was staring at Sasuke with an expression of such unadulterated shock – his dark eyes wide and full of tumultuous expressions, and his mouth slightly open.

And Sasuke's world shattered.


He'd been caught be his brother. Itachi knew everything now. Sasuke could practically see the gears turning in his breath, the realization dawning upon him.

It would soon be followed by horror or disgust or hatred. Sasuke couldn't bear to stay for it.

He couldn't face Itachi – not now.

He pulled up his pants swiftly, grabbed a shirt, and bolted, smashing the window in front of him.

The glass cut his arms and shoulders, but he didn't care. All he cared about was getting away from Itachi as fast as possible.


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