Angels V.S. Demons

Summary: Amu is an angel from above, and has been sent to earth to complete a "mission." Ikuto is a demon sent from below, and he too has been sent to earth and complete a "mission". These two are supposed to be rivals, but what happens when they both fall in love? AMUTO!

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Chapter 1

Regular P.O.V.

"Miss Hinamori, the director is ready for you." A nervous-looking assistant told Amu.

"Oh, thank you." Amu replied, getting jolted from her day-dreaming. She was day-dreaming about what it was like to be human, those creatures on Earth, the ones she would watch over.

As she walked into the hallway, she saw beautiful art; diamond chandlers, and crystal plants. She gazed in wonder at all the pretty things, that even a high class angel like herself, could never afford. Finally she got to the office. She knocked, and heard a voice tell her to enter. She pushed open the dark wood doors.

"Miss Hinamori, Amu. I have a task for you." The director said, leaning forward.

"Yes, Mr. Director. May I ask, what is this task?" Amu questioned.

The director smiled. Amu shivered. She had heard rumors of the director's smile. His smile could kill an angel, if he tried hard enough.

"Nothing big, just kill all of the demons on earth." The director explained, as if this was the most easiest task he could give.

"K-kill demons? But they are almost immortal, like us angels! Mr. Director, it is almost impossible to kill them!

"Now, now, who said you were going to do it alone? You get this." The director gave her a necklace. It looked like a lock with hearts around it, forming a big clover.

"The-the Humpty Lock… but sir, with all due respect, what will this do?" Amu asked, confusion spreading over her face.

The director laughed, a cold laugh that brought more shivers from Amu. "Why, you have to find the Dumpty Key. The person containing the Dumpty Key should probably help you. Oh, and the Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key are the only objects that will help you transform into your true self. (A.N. Such as Amulet Angel, Amulet Clover, etc. So basically just Character Transformations.)"

"Yes, Mr. Director, sir, I accept this mission." Amu said.

"Great. I'll see you back here in the heavens after you finish this task. However, if you don't get back here in three years time, you will lose your social status, and you wouldn't want that to happen huh?" the Director told Amu, now with a smile on his face.

He loved these kind of games. He was the person who would play these games. The victim would always lose, and he would get his power, but he felt that this Hinamori girl was different. He liked that, so he called her in. It would be interesting to use a different Angel once in a while, he was bored after all.

"When do I leave Mr. Director?" Amu asked.

"Right now." He responded, and snapped his fingers. Suddenly the pinkette in front of him was gone.

Amu's P.O.V.

I was suddenly falling from the sky, and at a fast pace too. I willed myself to open my Angel wings. However, they weren't there! I was not going to fall face down on Earth. No way, I was going to land like a proper person.

Finally, my wings responded to my command, and I landed on Earth. I looked down at the lock in my hand. I looked down at myself. I didn't have on any angel clothing, so I guess I had to look like a human. I look down at my feet to see where I landed. Looking down at my feet, I found a letter, sent from the director laying down in the grass. I opened it and read:

Dear Hinamori Amu,

I am pleased to tell you that you have been enrolled in Seiyo Academy. Don't worry, this is where most of the demons lie. Good luck, and I'll see you in three years.

Great, now the only thing I had to do was find a place to stay. That wasn't going to be easy, since I didn't have any money or anything in particular. I stuffed my hands in my pockets, and found my wallet. I looked inside. I had enough money too last me ten years. That was more than I expected, but I didn't say anything.

I turned around and walked towards a bus stop, until I heard a motorcycle. I turned around to see….

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