A/N: Heres the first chapter of my revised Pariahs must stick together. The first chapter will be again 10 years of Naruto's life.

Chapter 1: Why would you want to talk to me?

October 10. The day the Kyuubi was sealed. The day the Kyuubi was killed. The day a child was born. The day of the festival. The day where one childs life always gets worse. It would be assumed that as time went on the blow the Kyuubi caused in its rampage would lessen, that is not true. It seems every year the way the person, who Kyuubi was sealed in, is treated worse and worse. It has been ten years since the Kyuubi. The first six years of this child's life were hard. He lived in an orphanage.

Year 3

Naruto, the child of the Kyuubi as some called him was locked in the basement of the orphanage. The orphanage had a leak on the bottom floor directly over his bed.

"Move bed please?" Naruto asked

"No. Demon's like you deserve no comfort." The matron responded

Year 4

Naruto's clothes are ripped and dirty. He had asked to be given new clothes he got the same response as the last time. Naruto sighed and sat in a corner away from his bed.

"Why, why won't anyone visit me?" Naruto cried out in the corner.

Year 5

Naruto had been planning to run away, but it was on his birthday of his fifth year. That a small fire started in the orphanage. He was not alerted of the fire and the fire spread into his basement. Naruto awoke to the smell of smoke. In fear Naruto ran. He had been digging a hole outside using his hands and had made quite a distance. He crawled in it and waited. Soon water began to wash inside the hole. Naruto quickly had to climb out covered in mud. As he climbed out an anbu jumped down and collected his drenched body. Naruto tried to get away but he couldn't.

Year 6

Naruto was kicked out the year before. Once again it was his birthday. Naruto had managed to remain hidden in shadows and was rarely seen. It was on this day that a drunken shinobi saw him. The shinobi yelled out "The demon is here." He called and the shinobi attacked him. Soon other villagers and Shinobi attacked him. One girl was hiding in the shadows trying to sneak past the villagers. She was pleased that someone else distracted them. It wasn't until the screams began that she realized they were hurting someone. She wanted to go help, but she could see the Hokage and anbu on their way. She quickly stalked away from the shadows and disappeared. One anbu saw her and he grimaced from behind his mask. One thought entered his mind. 'Run away you bitch. I'll find you tomorrow and teach you a couple lessons.'

Year 7

The Hokage had signed Naruto up for the academy after explaining that he would be untouchable as a genin. To attack him would be to attack all the shinobi in this village. His wounds from last year had caused him to remain bedridden, not from the physical pain, but instead from the emotional pain. The hokage had set him up in an apartment Naruto was pleased by this. Unfortunately whenever Naruto spoke he never once referred to himself as a human. On His birthday this year Naruto was not able to run away. The villagers once more ripped into Naruto's body adding many more scars to his body. Before they could kill him off the Hokage appeared and saved him.

Year 8

Naruto had started the academy. He had gotten faster at running and hiding. He was afraid of this day every year. He was hiding in a corner, and some shinobi were hiding just above him. He was aware of their presence but he did not feel anger. There was a scream suddenly and a woman appeared running away from the villagers. The two ninjas jumped forward and wrapped her in rope and she was dragged away. Suddenly anbu appeared where she was being dragged away and they stopped their escape.

Year 9

Naruto snuck out of the village and hid away from the villagers. This year the villagers couldn't find him and settled on trying to hunt down the snake mistress as they called her. Unfortunately for them she was a chunin now and could legally fight back. Three unfortunate villagers were brutally marred.

Year 10(present)

There was a major uproar in Konoha on October 10th and despite the craziness Naruto felt at home. He knew that his life was this, pure insanity. When it was not it was painful. He felt at home causing trouble and it was for this reason Naruto had caused the uproar. The more problems the leading parties of Konoha had with the commoners the less Naruto was hurt. Naruto sat on the hokage mountain watching the chaos below. He was humming quite happily. An anbu appeared behind Naruto. The woman's cat mask barely glinted in the moonlight.

"Having fun Naruto-san?"

"What can I say Cat-san? A demon's place is in chaos."

"Since when did you become a demon?"

"I always was."

"Did you cause all this Naruto-san?"

"Why would I not? It's always fun to watch the villagers squirm." The anbu sat down next to him.

"Why do you do this?" A ninja appeared behind them. The ninja wore a beige trenchcoat, a fishnet shirt and a skirt.

"I want them to suffer the way I've suffered. While I refuse to physically attack them I can always screw with their mind."

"Cat-san. All clear in sector nine." The girl said

"Thank you Anko-san. Could you please take Naruto-san home?" She said standing up

"Of course." Anko said reaching down to lift Naruto. When her hand touched his shoulder, Naruto slapped it away.

"Do not touch me." Naruto snapped

"Fine! Can you stand?"

"Can I stand? What am I an invalid? Of course I can stand." Naruto said standing

"Just go. I'll stop you from anyone hurting you."

"Please I've heard about you. Your name is in every back alley. Snake Mistress. Snake Whore. Snake Bitch. I'll be safer alone. I always am." Naruto said and jumped off the mountain

"What just happened? Did that just happen? What the fuck?" Anko whispered and jumped after Naruto

Naruto made it home without Anko ever finding him. When Anko made it to Naruto's apartment she found him sleeping in his bed.

"Crazy shit moves to fast to catch." Anko said and jumped off to go report to the Hokage.