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Chapter 6

Timeskip two months (one week before chunin exams)

"Come on Naruto-kun. Going to have to do better then that." Tomoya said as he deflected another black needle.

"I'm just getting started!" Naruto yelled as several thousand needles formed around Tomoya. Tomoya just grinned as the needles came towards him.

"Incinerate!" Tomoya called and the needles disappeared in a small puff of blue flames. Tomoya smirked as he felt a single needle penetrate his right arm.

"Good job you managed to get me once. You're ready for the chunin exams then. Have the next week off."

"Thank you Tomoya-Sensei." Naruto said bowing and picking up his trenchcoat. Naruto then turned and made his way home. That is until he saw a mess of silver hair carrying a red haired child. Naruto ran over to him.

"Is Ni-san ok?" Naruto asked

"He's fine. Just got hurt in the last training session." Kakashi said smiling down at his friend. Naruto recalled just how he met Kakashi.


"I-I have the Kyuubi sealed in me?" Naruto said

"Yes. I'm so sorry Naruto-kun." Anko said

Naruto stood up and ran from the house. Anko stood to go after him but a hand stopped her.

"Let him go. He needs time to think." Kurenai said

Naruto ran without looking. This caused Naruto to bump into a man. The two stumbled to the floor. Naruto bowed an apology never looking at the man. As Naruto turned to run away the man's hand stopped him.

"Come here Naruto-san." The man said. Naruto turned to see the man. He had silver hair that pointed in a single direction. His Hitaeate covered his left eye and a mask covered the rest of his face. He wore standard Jounin clothes.

"How do you know me?"

"We all know you Naruto-san. The name is Hatake Kakashi." He said with an eye smile

"Yeah you all know me, the monster." Naruto said looking down. He failed to notice the narrowing of Kakashi's eye.

"So I guess they told you finally?" Kakashi said shunshinning away

"Yea-Yeah." Naruto said failing to notice that Kakashi had shunshinned the two of them away

"Now tell me Naruto-san Why do you say you are a monster?

"I have that thing sealed in me!"

"Does that make you it? Or does that make you a man with a burden?"

"It makes me it." Naruto said

'Smack' Kakashi's hand came across Naruto's cheek causing Naruto to bite into his lip.

"Now you listen to me Naruto-san. I don't ever want to hear you call yourself that thing. You are not it. You are Naruto Uzumaki Not the Kyuubi no Kitsune. And I swear to Kami herself that if you ever call yourself a demon I'll show you what a true demon is like!" Kakashi said shouting

Flashback end.

Naruto bowed to Kakashi and continued on his way home. There he saw Anko, the woman he loved, sleeping on the couch. Lovingly brushing a strand of hair from her face, he picked her up. He carried her to her room and laid her down. Naruto turned to the living room and sat himself down on the chair that looked out over the village. Clouds were just rolling in and with them came the rain. Naruto sat and stared out into the quiet village as the rain fell.

Inside Naruto's mind

"DAMNIT! Why does the human mind have to be such a fucking pain!" A man with nine tails said (We know who it is so I'm going to stop calling him a man). Kurama growled as he took another turn. That turn brought him to a room where Naruto sat taking notes behind a large desk.


"Why Hello. What are you doing here?" the Naruto said looking up

"Oh just wandering."

"Well please return to your cage Kyuubi."


Naruto smiled and snapped his finger. Kurama disappeared and was back in a dark room. Two gold doors sat infront of him. Two more Naruto stood there and closed the doors.

"DAMNIT! That's the twelfth fucking time I've been sent back here! DAMNIT!"

Outside Naruto's mind.

Naruto just chuckled barely registering the screaming of Kyuubi inside him.