A/N: Alright here is the third rewrite of Trinity of Worlds, but this incorporates what was in Second Coming of Pain into a new story that began with an idea pitched to me by another author on the site Storylover213 and refining of other ideas by Holyknight5 and Gundamvid led to this current story. Instead of one Rinnegan user to worry about, so how about two and Lelouch is one of them. I know someone has already done a Lelouch possessing a Rinnegan, but mines is different where he isn't the only and they are not restricted to one world. This is a crossover spanning Code Geass, Naruto, Gundam SEED Destiny (eventually) and Gundam 00.

Summary after being found to be another possessor of the Rinnegan by a fellow Rinnegan user Lelouch and his sister are introduced to the Akatsuki Organization with the two branching out to form their own group under the same name with their intentions to create a better and gentler world, but of course they must be careful of another who has discovered the existence of other worlds.

Anyway on with the story…

Chapter 1

Two Sets of Eyes

(September 10th 2010 A.T.B.)

He heard crying mixed with screaming as a young boy who was nine years of age was hurrying through the forest wearing a black short sleeve kimono shirt-robe with black loose fitting pants, black sandals upon his feet. He wore a pair of black fingerless gloves with forearm protectors on his arms and a forehead protector where upon the metal headband was five vertical lines paired up together.

The redhead boy felt it through the rain, a powerful surge of charka unlike anything save for what he felt from his father at certain outbursts of power.

He kept going hurrying to the site where he felt the ripple of power eventually coming to a clearing where he saw a van turned over to its side. Around it was the bodies of seven soldiers wearing black and gray uniforms while near them were two men in black suits who laid dead as well. As the redheaded youth scanned the area his eyes came across a small seven year old girl weeping over a young ten year old boy who was lying down on the ground.

The young nine year old shinobi slowly approached the small ash-blonde haired girl who had her hair styled into a pair of small pigtails wearing a pink collar shirt and a white jumper who was crying over the motionless body of a ten year old boy who wore a white suit with the collar open and black pants. Unlike the girl he had black hair, but the closer the young shinobi got…he noticed something else.

"His eyes…are like mine…" The paled skin redhead muttered recognizing the purple eyes possessing the familiar ripple-like pattern within them.

The boy wasn't moving, but his eyes were open still and his body was very weak recognizing serve charka exhaustion. Whatever techniques the boy had been using nearly killed him, but he was quickly losing consciousness as his eyes were beginning to close.

"Brother, don't leave me!"

Nunnally vi Britannia said crying frantically while trying to keep her older brother Lelouch vi Britannia from what she believed was dying. But in fact he simply didn't have the strength to remain awake for much longer.

"Nunnally…you're alive…at least." Lelouch said before he closed his eyes.


"He's alive…" The nine year old boy behind Nunnally spoke.


"Whatever he did he completely wiped himself out so his body needs a lot of rest and medical attention."

Nunnally was alarmed by the appearance of the boy especially by the strange eyes he had, but whatever her brother had done indeed not only saved her…it had restored her completely giving her back her sight and her ability to walk.

"I know someone who can help him, but we should go?"

"Who are you?"

"I am Kouki…"

"I am Nunnally, but why are you helping us?"

"Because your brother has eyes just like mine…I think that means we're kin."

(January 15th 2307 A.D. AEU Military R&D demonstration field Africa)

It was a bright sunny day with not a single cloud in the sky as a demonstration of the Advanced European Union was conducting a live field demonstration of the AEU's brand new mobile weapon the AEU-09 AEU Enact being piloted by one of the best pilots they had Patrick Colasour. As the emerald green mobile suit made its debut by flying through the air while it skillfully destroyed gun placements set up around a simulated urban environment to showcase the unit's combat performance.

Watching from the stands was a young seventeen year old Lelouch vi Britannia wearing a brown jacket with a black suit minus a tie and had the collar open instead with a pair of sunglasses on his face. Lelouch was far from impressed with the Enact having witnessed better mobile suits in the past seven years than what was obviously a rip off of the Union's Flag mobile suit.

Besides although the pilot was a human he had seen better machines handled by better pilots, where the pilot of the Enact seemed more like a shows man than an ace combat pilot.

"And here I hoped we were see something more entertaining than this." Lelouch muttered thinking out loud.

"Well on the plus side we can relax today." A new voice spoke as Lelouch looked up and saw a sixteen year old boy wearing a black suit with a red tie and a large pair of black sunglasses to hide his eyes while his bright red hair moved in the wind. Like Lelouch the redhead was bored out of his wits while questioning why they had had bothered coming, but as he told Lelouch they could take this as an excuse to relax.

"You certainly took your time Kouki…where were you?"

Kouki took his seat next to Lelouch who handed the black haired former prince a bottled soda while the redhead himself was carrying a bag of chips and his own soda.

"Where are my chips?" Lelouch inquired jokingly.

"I didn't think you were hungry."

"Where did you get those? I don't recall them having a concession stand around here?"

"I fast traveled back, grabbed a few snacks and came back."

"I am going to learn that technique some day." Lelouch said with a smile as he was interested in learning the technique Kouki and another shinobi they knew was capable of using thinking of the possibilities of its use.

"I am sure you will."

Kouki spoke with a half-smile as the redhead found the demonstration unfolding before him brining back some unpleasant memories.

It was barely mere months ago on May 26th Cosmic Era 71 (2306A.D.). It was during the time he had been a part of the ZAFT military of the PLANT colonies during the Bloody Valentine War between the Earth Alliance and the PLANTs.

It was a cover at the time, but Kouki had become a highly accomplished pilot and ZAFT elite red coat while he was sure to hide his Rinnegan eyes from everyone including most of those he had served with when he was a member of the Timber Team under Command Paul Timber, although one did discover his secret but she kept quiet about it.

Lelouch had joined him when Kouki joined ZAFT, but unlike the redhead the former prince took a different route. His strategic brilliance and natural tactical prowess earned him a position as an officer in the military which had Lelouch currently on Earth planning and conducting operations against the Earth Alliance.

His reputation was growing within the PLANTs, but more so among the Earth Alliance as the Black Demon whose tactics and strategies delayed and hindered the Earth Alliance Asian/Oceania Forces keeping them from assisting the force that invaded the Orb Union. His name was cursed by Muruta Azrael, the leader of Blue Cosmos and by extension the Earth Alliance.

Kouki was pleased with Lelouch's actions as he kept the Alliance on the ropes and weakened them.

Far into the war Kouki had arranged to meet with Patrick Zala and Ezalia Joule at December City where they were observing combat exercises of the new ZGMF-600 GuAIZ mobile suit near the ZAFT military academy. Lelouch wasn't present as he was at Aprilius One working at the capital for the day, so Kouki was alone among the current leaders of the PLANTs.

Patrick and Ezalia were discussing the capabilities of the mobile suit with some officers while Kouki was waiting for his chance to speak to Supreme Chairman Zala. Kouki was dressed in a ZAFT red elite uniform with his red hair already beginning to reach the base of his neck while he hid his Rinnegan eyes through special contact lenses. In place of his eyes he had purple eyes matching those of his mother.

As Kouki patiently waited another ZAFT red coat elite approached him placing a hand on his shoulder. The young redhead turned and looked at a young woman who appeared to be eighteen years of age with long brown hair hanging below her shoulders, blue eyes and a fair complexion. She was one of Kouki's closest friends at the PLANTs and a teammate on the Timber Team they had served together on, but she was also one of the only people within ZAFT who knew his identity after she discovered his secret by accident when he was caught trying to replace the contact lenses that hid his Rinnegan eyes.

Much to his surprise she kept his secret in exchange for wanting to know everything about him and where he came from…giving Kouki someone he could count on to help him keep his secret from everyone else.

"You seem a little tense than usual Kouki?"

"I do…sorry Mina, but it's just I really wish I could speak to Chairman Zala already. I told him I had information on the whereabouts of the Clyne Faction and I wished to share it with him directly."

"Is there something else?"

"Well" Kouki was hesitant. "Well someone I thought who loved me tore my heart apart a couple days ago a day before the Freedom was stolen."

"Oh I am sorry I didn't realize you were seeing someone?"

"Not anymore…she dumped like some used up toy she grew bored of."

"Who could do that" Mina said as her fists tightened.

"Lacus Clyne"

"WHAT" Mina said as she was clearly shocked by this revelation about Kouki's secret girlfriend. "You mean…the girl you have been seeing was Lacus Clyne?"


"Whoa and she dumped you."

"After ripping my heart out of my chest and tearing it in two yes" Kouki answer bitterly.

"How close were you two if you don't mind me asking?"

"I suppose luckily we didn't get to the part where we…well you know…intimate." Kouki replied while he didn't enjoy the subject, but on the offhand he was glad at least things didn't progress that far.

Mina was thankful things didn't progress that far, but just the same she felt angry at the pink haired songstress. "What a whore…I swear if I see her I am gunning her down."

Kouki was a little surprised by Mina's change in attitude, but something else was about to happen as the young coordinator was unknowingly being targeted by a pair of ZAFT soldiers hiding in the ground while one was holding a concealed handgun equipped with a silencer. One of them was a middle-aged ZAFT officer with a bald head, a mustache and gray eyes while the other was a blonde haired green coat soldier standing in front of the officer trying to help better conceal the weapon he was armed with.

"If he knows anything about Clyne we need to kill him before he can tell Patrick then in the confusion our men in the mobile suits will take out Patrick and the rest of his followers." The ZAFT officer replied quietly to his subordinate as he tried to take aim while trying to keep his weapon concealed.

"Lacus will get hers I'll assure you." Kouki said trying to calm his friend.

"But damn I want to punish that bitch myself, how dare she take advantage of you like that. You…deserve a lot better than whore."

"What do you mean Mina?"

"Well you see"

Mina began to explain as her cheeks turned red, but as she moved closer to the younger man before her she noticed something in the corner of her eye as some light reflected off of a metal object. She realized it was a gun and the blood drained from her face when she realized it was being pointed at Kouki…with no time to waste she knew the weapon was about to fired so she did the only thing she could do. She pushed Kouki out of the line of fire and took the four rounds of bullets meant for Kouki as she felt four bullets hit her abdomen.

The son of Nagato could only watch as Mina fell against him with four gunshot wounds in her stomach and chest. As the girl lay against him with Kouki holding her up his hands became covered in her blood as did the front half of his uniform.

Kouki turned and saw the men responsible as everyone else was already taking notice as he gently laid Mina's body on the ground, but before they could shoot and kill their intended target the young coordinator. Yet using speed beyond what a human was capable of using a burst of charka from his feet he flew straight at the gunman while pulling off his ZAFT military coat revealing the undershirt under the coat now ripping away as pair of additional arms appeared on his right shoulder.

One of them seized the man as one of the newly appeared arms unleashed a dozen mechanical tendrils while the other arm became a small, but surprisingly powerful, arm-mounted cannon. One shot from the cannon ended the other man's existence leaving him with the imprisoned ZAFT office he had at his mercy to interrogate.

"You were aiming for me weren't you…WHY?" Kouki snapped.

"We couldn't let you reveal what information you had on Lady Lacus."

"You bastard"

"Besides the Clyne Faction will finish you all right here"

The officer said as one of the GuAIZ mobile suits advanced on the observation platform where Kouki, Patrick and other members of the radical party were gathered preparing to fire its MA-M21G beam rifle. Kouki turned his head and saw the danger and noticed the other mobile suits in the area doing nothing.

As the shot was fired Kouki preformed a rapid series of hand seals before summoning a creature to take the beam rifle shot. Directly in the path of the beam shot a giant turtle was summoned taking the shot resulting in the death of the summoned creature, but Kouki, Patrick and Ezalia as well as everyone else's lives were saved.

As the smoke cleared following killed summons's disappearance Kouki rage was building up within him as he began surrounding his body in lightning-element charka before running towards the edge of the observation deck and leapt into the air towards the GuAIZ.

Breaking the man's limbs as he saw the GuAIZ mobile suits preparing to attack; Kouki rage was at an all time high as he shoved both hands forward.

"Shinra Tensei!"

A powerful gravitation force knocked the three mobile suits to the ground violently destroying some of the demonstration covers and walls behind them, but the machines down for a moment Kouki clapped his hands together.

Moments later his body surged with even more electric current as he moved faster than what even the eye could track in conjunction with its Chakra Propulsion ability, but while on course towards the downed mobile suits, utilizing its ability from the Asura Path, Kouki summoned an additional set of arms above his left shoulder. Grabbing one of the new grown arms with his right hand he proceeded to pull open the arm revealing a cluster of segmented missiles.

Leaping to the air the Rinnegan user unleashed them upon one of the surprised mobile suits focused mostly on its torso area before landing top of the down GuAIZ mobile utilizing another Shinra Tensei to crush the torso section effectively crushing the pilot to death. Rushing to the other two machines as they were getting up to stop the young man who suddenly was displaying superhuman powers and abilities beyond anything they could have ever been prepared for.

Leaping onto the torso of the second unit Kouki utilized the tentacles of one of his Asura Path arms to tear open the cockpit hatch before swiftly killing the pilot with the same tentacles and throwing his body out allowing him to seize control of the mobile suit. Just as the third unit recovered standing up once more Kouki violently attacked the machine before punching into the cockpit to kill the pilot.

With the battle over Kouki disembarked the machine as the extra arms he had called through channeling the Asura Path power vanished leaving his light blue undershirt torn apart by the arms' appearance. He didn't waste time as he quickly return to the side of his friend who had been dying…taking a bullet meant for him.

"Oh god...Mina, please...just hang on." A tearful Kouki begged as he was cradling her body in his arms. "MEDIC WE NEED A GOD DAMN MEDIC HERE!"

More of her blood was spilling onto him soaking a good portion of his body, but upon closer inspection he realized to his horror that one bullet had hit her kidney, stomach and lung close to her heart. The wounds were fatal…worse yet, there was nothing he could do. He wasn't able to summon forth the King of Hell to heal her and he didn't know or possess any techniques to save her with. He knew his father was developing the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique which could bring back the recently departed, but he didn't even know how to use it. Lelouch was the only one who could use it, but he was on Earth.

'No god damn it…there has to be something I can do!'

"Kouki…huff…*cough*…Kouki…" Mina called out weakly trying to reach for his face.

"I am here…it will be fine…you'll be fine." The tearful fifteen-year-old replied with tears pouring down the sides of his face.

"No I won't…right…don't lie."

"No…you'll be…" Kouki said struggling with his words not wanting to accept her inevitable death.

"I'm glad that I could protect my most precious one…" The dying soldier said as blood began to pour out of her mouth.

"…Mina…please resist! Don't die!"

"…I…know that I'm going to die, but promise me…one thing."


"Just don't lose your kindness and heart, so to remember…(cough)…make me into one of your Paths. Like you had done with your mother, so whenever you see my face you'll remember that promise."

"WHAT…NO…I…" Kouki said as the idea of violating her in such a way disturbed him.

"Please…promise me."

"I…I…swear…I'll make you the Deva Path."

"Thank you…I…love…you…" Mina said with a smile as her eyes rolled back before passing away on the spot.

Kouki broke down completely into tears screaming into the heavens while holding Mina's dead body as the people around him watched on in sadness and pity.

Although he was still alive and his actions saved Patrick Zala and others who were indebted to him especially when they were amazed by his superhuman abilities proclaiming him to be an existence that surpasses coordinators, although most of them were sorry for the young man's loss.

(Present day)

'I couldn't save her.'

Kouki thought bitterly to himself as even with all of his power and all of the resources he would gain as a result of the service he had preformed that day it wasn't enough in the end and he had made very little difference. Yet he wondered why he was even here, what he was going to do now, the war was over…Patrick Zala was dead and he along with Lelouch were wanted criminals although the full depth regarding their abilities was well hidden and anyone who had known was now either dead, executed for war crimes, or hiding with him and rest of the remnants of the Zala Faction.

"The pain helped me grow up…I have become enlightened becoming a deity in the process."

Once more the words of his father echoed in his mind.

'I have endured all of pain father, but…I just…don't feel enlightened or truly have a grasp on what I should do. How do I bring peace?'

His thinking was interrupted by Lelouch who tapped his shoulder.

"Are you alright?"

"I am fine…sorry I was just lost in thought."

"I see…"

Lelouch said recognizing that the demonstration reminded him of what had happened at December City. He had heard about what had happened and he pitied his friend and Rinnegan brother for his loss wishing he could have been there for him. But before the former prince could say anything the chatter of a man sitting behind him gave him pause and Lelouch didn't want to risk anyone overhearing them save for them revealing any sensitive information.

"So this is the Enact, the first AEU mobile suit that runs on solar energy."

"The development of the AEU's orbital elevator is definitely lagging. They probably want to make up for that by making their mobile suits state of the art."

A new voice spoke as Kouki looked over his shoulder and saw the first person who had been talking to himself moments ago was a young man with long brown hair tied into a ponytail wearing glasses while his friend who had just shown up offering his comments wore a black suit possessing short blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Well...look at this, should the ace of M-squad be showing his face here?" Billy Katagiri commented as his friend Graham Aker took a seat next to Billy on his left.

"Of course I shouldn't be here…"

After taking his seat Billy continued their conversation.

"You know the AEU got some nerve alright, announcing a new model at the same time as the Human Reform League's tenth anniversary ceremony."

"So what do you think of this machine anyway?" Graham inquired.

"To be perfectly honest it's just a knock off of our Flag model, only the exterior design is original." Billy replied, but to their surprise they were overheard by the pilot of the Enact who began snapping at him.

"YOU there! I can hear you…what did you just say…well COME ON!" Patrick shouted from the open cockpit of his machine.

"Well at least it has good sound pick up." Graham remarked half-jokingly.

"I guess so…" Billy replied with a good laugh.

As the two enjoyed a slight bit of rumor something high above them was approaching, a blue and white mobile suit belonging to no known country. Eventually the two behind Kouki and Lelouch took notice of the approaching new machine which drew the redhead's attention and within moments Lelouch and everyone else's.

"A mobile suit…incredible I didn't know they had another new model."

"That can't be one of theirs." Graham pointed out noticing the design was too damn different to really belong to anything the AEU could possess.

'A mobile suit, but it looks like the Gundams produced by ZAFT and the Alliance.'

Kouki thought who was now far more interested in the machine approaching than anything else.

"What is with that light?" Graham asked himself while Kouki and Lelouch's curiosity steadily increased as the two watched the machine make a smooth landing using no known kind of propulsion system neither one of them had seen before. It landed facing the crowd, but it turned around while standing in place to face the Enact. In the audience Kouki took notice of an AEU officer attempting to contact the pilot.

"Enact can you hear me, Enact…Patrick…damn I can't get through." The office said while Graham and Billy overheard it as well. "What's going on here?"

"Communications are out?" Graham noticed while a soldier was stepping down the steps standing behind them.

"Everyone we have been advised to evacuate." The soldier announced confirming what Graham and Kouki as well as Lelouch had suspected.

"It's not an AEU machine…then whose is it?"

Billy said while trying to figure out just who produced the machine before them, but around the same time Patrick reentered the Enact while attempting to get some answers from the GN-001 Gundam Exia standing in front of it.

"Alright who the hell are you…from the Union or Human Reform League? Well either way you are a party crasher and you weren't invited and now you are going to pay the PRICE!" Patrick declared as the Enact was ready for combat against the unknown mobile suit.

"What the hell is that idiot doing out there? Doesn't he know how much money it took to develop that thing?" The AEU officer the two teenagers had observed earlier said realizing Patrick was going to attack the unknown.

"It's a good opportunity…it will just raise the value of the Enact, besides Patrick Colasour is our military's top ace right…his personality could use a little work through."

'Heh…that so called ace is going to get his ass kicked I just know it.'

Kouki thought knowing full well based on what he had seen of this ace's skills he knows ZAFT recruits could run circles around this guy in GINN trainer units and take him down with ease.

"Ten bucks say he goes down within ten seconds." Lelouch whispered to Kouki.

"You're on…" Kouki whispered back.

"Hey you do you have any idea who you are messing with? I am Patrick Colasour of the AEU…I never lost a single mock battle because I am that special."

'Gundam…please kick his ass already and shut him up.'

The redhead thought again unable to stand Patrick's boasting.

"Just don't say I didn't warn you." Patrick shouted as he drew his machine's sonic blade and held it towards the Gundam before charging at it. "Well come on" Patrick shouted again as the GN-001 Gundam Exia remained motionless until the last moment where it drew out its GN blade and in one swift move sliced off the Enact's left hand holding the Sonic Blade.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Graham exclaimed while Kouki was grinning.

Everyone was shocked by the speed of the Exia as Patrick tried to counterattack.

"You bastard you just don't get it do you?" The Enact backed away firing several shots from its rifle, but the Exia sidestepped him before taking off the rest of its left arm with a swipe of a beam saber it wiped out before hacking off its right arm with its GN blade while Patrick continued ranting.

"I am special…I won two thousand of these mock battles."

The Exia delivered the final blow as a beam saber strike took the machine's head off defeating it, but leaving the pilot alive. The crowd was shocked, but Kouki wasn't. He knew a skilled pilot when he saw one and the pilot of the Gundam must be quite skilled to have swiftly disarmed a mobile suit so quickly like that.

"Excuse me!" Graham said grabbing the binoculars being held by a spectator sitting directly in front of him.


"I said excuse me!" Graham repeated as he used them to get a closer look at the Gundam trying to find some kind of markings anything to identify it. Ace pilot found something as he scanned the mobile suit was the marking on the machine's head with the words Gundam upon it. "Gundam…is that the name of the mobile suit or something else?"

Kouki's smile widen as he knew it was the latter, likely a series of mobile suits.

'Maybe coming here was fate…maybe the answers I seek lie with the machine before me.'

"A Gundam?" Billy replied uncertain of what else to make of it.

As suddenly as it came the Gundam floated up into the air before turning around and flying away heading towards the Orbital Elevator while emitting more of those unusual particles and light from an odd engine on its back.

"Again with that light?" Graham commented while Billy added.

"How can it fly without a propulsion system?"

As it flew away an outraged Patrick climbed out from his crippled Enact looking to pick another fight with the Exia regardless of the fact he didn't have a mobile suit to fight back with.

"Where is HE? WHERE DID IT GO? My name is Patrick Colasour!"

"Well…the Enact deserves high marks for pilot safely." Graham noted while surprised Patrick escaped unharmed. "But that mobile suit is a whole other thing, was this meant to hamper the AEU's military buildup or was it meant to be a warning. But whatever the case, the AEU isn't going to be taking something like this lying down."

Graham pointed out as at that moment the sound of alarms filled the air as the military forces of the AEU were being deployed to engage the unknown mobile suit.

Kouki stood up with Lelouch following him as the two made their way out deciding to leave, but the two intended to discover more about these Gundams and the organization they hail from…one way or another. Deciding to observe the two he had heard chatting up behind him the redhead closely observed Billy and Graham believing they might likely be more appraised of the situation than he would be.

"You're in a good mood?"

"Oh yes…just when I thought this would be a boring demonstration."

"I'll keep an eye on things here…I'll leave you to find out more." Lelouch said reading Kouki's mind knowing what he was thinking.

"Indeed…I'll meet back with you around here."

"Alright, just don't take too long...remember you owe me money." Lelouch added with a smile.

Kouki grinned before he said.

"Heh I think that took longer than ten seconds."

After that Kouki followed them as he proceeded to eavesdrop on their conversation while ensuring his presence remained hidden to Graham and Billy as the two sat in their vehicle.

"So that mobile suit is exposing the AEU's undeclared fighting strength."

"Yeah it looks to me trying to show the world that the AEU has more military power than allowed by the treaty limitations. This is a check and a warning."

"And why would it want to do that?" Billy inquired.

"That's something you're going to have to ask of that Gundam thing, but you know I can't see the AEU keeping quiet after this."

'I'll find out for sure, but I'll need to be quick.'

Kouki said as he thought on the location of the second Gundam apparently on the ground providing long-range sniper fire support. Once he was certain no one was around Kouki body was drew into a flowing ripple that formed around his body vanishing into thin air. He reappeared seconds later near where a green and white mobile suit was currently lying against a cliff. It had seemingly completed its task, so the young redhead acted fast and tagged the Gundam with a small white tag on the top of the right arm near the shoulder armor hidden from obvious view he hoped.

Taking cover Kouki watched the Gundam fly away likely rejoining its companion as the two were leaving the area.

Kouki watched as his interest in the Gundams grew wondering what exactly their purpose was and what the aim of the pilots was.

'Lelouch my brother…I think we may have the answer as well as the means we have been looking for to create a better world.'

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