Pet Trainer


BE WARN, I HAVEN'T FIXED 2, and up, so expect errors, and lots of it.



A blond young man knocked upon a door. He wore a blue shirt with black pant.

He looked back down the hill, and questioned why the old man had his research facility/home in the outskirts of Pallet town. It was too unguarded, and would be an easy place to rob, not to mention help would take long to arrive if there was an emergency.

The door was opened by a slightly brown haired professor who stood in a white lap coat. The professor's hair was greying slightly. This was Professor Oak.

"My has it been two years already?" asked Oak. He motioned for the young man to enter. "Come on in Naruto."

Naruto walked in admiring the research materials in the lap. It had everything one needed to study Pokemon. He eyed a egg hatcher machine with interest before moving on.

"I came back as you requested old man," replied Naruto. He searched his pocket for his Pokedex.

Oak gave Naruto a confused look.

"To return my Pokedex for a newer one," said Naruto, "You are already losing your memories old man."

"Oh," replied Prof. Oak as he brighten up remembering the message he had sent months ago. He ignored the jibes about his age, and answered. "That's right I did send a message. Sorry for not remembering."

Naruto nodded. He took out his pokedex giving it to the Professor.

Professor Oak left the lab room to find the newer pokedex.

Naruto looked at three poke-balls in a lighted machine that held all three. He got curious and inspected the poke- balls.

"Those three are starters Pokemon for new trainers," said Oak appearing back in the room. He carried a black box.

"Really when are they starting?" asked Naruto looking at all three poke-balls.

"Today," replied Oak and opened the box. He handed over a new red pokedex.

Naruto inspected it before simply pocketing it. "I don't see what the point of the pokedex is."

"For my research of course," replied Oak with a large smile and his index finger pointing upward.

"You'll be happy with my pokedex then, because its mostly filled," replied Naruto. It was ridiculous how hard it was to find some of those Pokemon to fill up the damn Pokedex.

Oak's smile widen. "I know. Those Pokemon you've captured and sent via pc to me have greatly helped my research."

"As long as you keep paying me, and making sure my Pokemon eat daily, you can watch them in your backyard safari, and write about them all you like," replied Naruto. The professor was actually a big help when it came to money. The old man was loaded.

"You should go visit them. They probably miss you," said Oak motioning toward the back door.

"Already did. First thing I did," replied Naruto.

"Really!" asked Oak surprised that someone had broken in without him knowing.

"I caught a new Pokemon on the way here," replied Naruto changing the subject.

"What Pokemon?" asked Professor Oak curiously.

"Well it isn't anything rare, but I like it," replied Naruto, and pulled out a small pokeball that enlarged in his palm as soon as he clicked the center.

Oak breathed in in anticipation.

Naruto lightly tossed the poke-ball away from himself. The ball opened releasing a stream of red light that slowly took shape.

A Vulpix appeared staring at Naruto questioningly. It barely gave Professor Oak a glance, but the man was greatly interested in the small fox already. Its multiple tails moving and looking magnificent as it yawned.

"Its a baby," said Professor Oak as he inspected it closer.

"I know right," replied Naruto with a smile and picked the baby fox. "I usually avoid foxes, but this little guy looked so innocent and, scared that I just couldn't leave him in such a scary forest all alone. I would have felt like shit had I left him."

Professor Oak laughed, of course Naruto wouldn't have it in him to abandon a baby Pokemon.

"Grandpa I'm here!"

The door to the lap opened, and a teenage boy entered, or at least he looked like a teen, but Naruto quickly saw that the boy was younger than he looked.. The boy had brown hair much like Oak, and wore a black shirt with brown pants.

"Gary you're here already?" asked Prof. Oak, and looked at the clock that hung on the lab's wall, "You're a bit early aren't you?"

"I couldn't wait anymore," replied Gary, and walked right to where the Poke-balls were.

"Before you get your new Poke-mon I'd like you to meet Naruto Uzumaki one of the best trainers around, though still unacknowledged by the League or any Gym," said Oak with a straight face.

"I'm not a trainer," stated Naruto, "I simply make these weird animals into pets. Loyal smart animals with cool moves."

Gary stopped, and looked at Naruto with a calculating look. He looked Naruto over before bowing respectfully.

Naruto stared back with a blank face.

"Nice to you I'm Gary Oak," said Gary with a respectful tone.

Naruto Nodded, and said, "Just get your Poke-mon you're probably dying from excitement."

Gary smirked, and left to choose.

"There's an Evee, Squirtle, and a Charmander," said Oak to his grandson, and pointed at each poke-ball as he listed them.

"I'm choosing Evee. Grandpa you just gave the future Pokemon League Champion his first Pokemon," proclaimed Gary with a cocky smile.

Professor Oak smiled. "Work hard, and I'm sure you'll manage to become Champion."

"Thanks Grandpa," said Gary and ran out the door allowing Naruto, and Oak to see a group of people waiting for him. Mostly girls that were dressed as cheerleaders.

"He's really popular," commented Naruto. It was eerily similar to Sasuke's fan girls, only Gary seem to enjoy it.

Oak was in the refrigerator taking out drinks for himself, and Naruto.

"That's my grandson for you," replied Oak, and then added, "Why don't you try the Pokemon competitions?"

Professor Oak handed a soda to Naruto, and opened his own.

"Too old," replied Naruto, "Only kids bother with that stuff."

Oak was glad he hadn't drank his soda yet otherwise he was sure he would be choking. "I'll have you know kids aren't the only one, and you're only nineteen."

"I might, but," replied Naruto, and opened his drink. "I simply want to make enough money, and settle down peacefully."

"You might end up meeting someone to settle down with," replied Professor Oak trying to convince Naruto, which wasn't that hard really. It was easy to get Naruto to try something. "I hear that the Champion for Sinnoh is quite the beauty."

"That's Sinnoh you delusional old fart," replied Naruto then added, "A continent away crazy."

"You could go to Sinnoh later on after the Indigo League, Orange, Johto, and Hoen," suggested Oak. He already knew the date each League would accept challenge, and he listed each League perfectly, so one would be able to participate in them all, one after another."

"I think I'll try the League here in Kanto here, and if I like it then maybe I'll try out the others," replied Naruto as he warmed up to the idea. "And put in a good word for me if you ever meet her."

"Of course," replied Professor Oak. "I'll call her later tonight, and tell her about all the rare Pokemon you have captured."

"That's not subtle at all!" yelled Naruto smacking the Professor's head. "And you know her?"

"Watch it I'm having enough memory loss without your help," reprimanded Professor Oak. "Know who?"

Naruto fumed, but managed to control himself. He waved a goodbye, and opened the door. A kid with a hat entered as he left. The old fart was crazy, and he was the only one that notices.

He sighed, and opened his pokedex. It showed the map, that was good at least. The first Gym would be at Pewter city for the Pewter Gym badge just passed Veridian city who had the Veridian Gym, but the Pokedex's map clearly crossed Veridian Gym out.

Naruto sighed again, and started walking. He took out his Vulpix.

"Walk with me, you need to make those legs of yours stronger," said Naruto to the small fox. "Being cooped up in a Pokeball won't make you any strong."

Vulpix yipped in acknowledgment, and started walking at his side.

"I already have a fox," said Naruto to the small fox. "Kurama is a Nine-Tails, but he hates being summon. Kuruma says that the world stinks, and that he prefers to spend his time sleeping, then again once he's out no one can beat him in battle so I usually just leave him alone unless I really need him."

Vulpix nodded. It was already looking tired from the walk.

"That settles it. Your going to be my first choice for every battle until I find a firestone to evolve you," stated Naruto. "That way you'll become strong fast."

Vulpix felt a overwhelming sense of pain heading his way in the future, but nodded.

"Its not as bad as it sounds," said Naruto calming the small fox. "But if Kurama wakes up, and sees you he won't tolerate a weak fox, so we have to make you strong to avoid headaches."

Vulpix simply nodded, and kept slowly trudging next to Naruto. His legs sore from overuse already.

"We'll rest here," said Naruto choosing a tree to sit against.

Vulpix collapsed on the ground, he was clearly exhausted from the long walk. The place had grass everywhere making it a nice place to rest.

Naruto unsealed a small scroll from his wrist. He opened the scroll before unsealing two bottles of water from it. He sealed the scroll back into the small seal on his wrist, and turned to his fox.

"Here," said Naruto. He offered a bottle of water to the small fox. He opened it for Vulpix.

Vulpix gladly got the bottle, and bit down on the mouth of the bottle before lifting the bottle upward with his head, and gulped the water the flowed down.

Naruto laughed in amusement. "A fire type happily gulping water."

Vulpix ignored the comment, and sat down relaxed. His eye lids lowered, and drifted off into La-la land.

Naruto laughed, and picked up the sleeping fox. He placed it on his lap, and drifted off to sleep leaning against the tree. The sun was just disappearing taking the last ray of daylight with it. He was a Jinchuriki, he could probably sleep in a blizzard peacefully if he needed to, a simple outdoor summer night wasn't anything he had to worry about.



Naruto eyes snapped open. He glared at the Pidgy that was many trees away pecking at a tree branch. Stupid bird thought it was a wood pecker, and was agitating his sensitive ears.

He looked around, and noticed that it was already day again. The sun was up above him bathing him in warm sunlight. Vulpix was still on his lap sleeping with a soft snore.

Naruto looked back at the Pidgy that had forced him awake, and nearly laughed out loud as he saw a familiar looking kid trying to catch it. He perked up as he spotted the kid's Pokemon. It was a Pikachu. A rare mouse type Pokemon.

Naruto silently chuckled as he watched the boy have trouble making his Pokemon obey. The Pikachu was headstrong, and too proud to be someone's tool.

Naruto woke Vulpix whose curious ruby eyes looked at him questioningly.

"Look over there," pointed Naruto toward the boy who had taken up to battling the Pidgy himself, but was easily overwhelmed with gust.

Vulpix tails wagged. Naruto took that as a sign of amusement.

The Boy picked up a rock out of frustration, and threw it at the Pidgy, and missed. The rock passed by Pidgy, and hit a Spearow. Spearow attacked back with vengeance.

"That was dumb," commented Naruto with a sweat drop, he then watched the boy run with Pikachu. Pikachu turned, and shocked Spearow, it had enough of Spearow. Spearow fell from the attack, and cried out loud.

"That just made it worse," commented Naruto as more Spearows appeared backing up the first Spearow. The Boy took his Pikachu, and fled.

Naruto thought about helping the kid, but decided to not butt in. Maybe the Spearow event will make Pikachu trust the kid.

Vulpix stood up looking at the darkening sky.

"Looks like its going to rain," stated Naruto. With a poof he had a umbrella over his head ready for the rain. He started walking for the town he had been heading for.

Vulpix stared at him in amazement before resuming to walking.

"You can ride on my shoulder once it starts raining, until then you'll walk," said Naruto with a smile, and lowered himself to pat the small fox. "Don't worry about the rain. I'll let you back in the Pokeball if you want once it starts raining."

Vulpix nodded.


Naruto entered Viridian city. The rain had stopped not long ago, and the sun was back out making it look like a beautiful day. A beautiful day would always come after the storm.

Naruto looked at his side to see Vulpix next to him.

"Come on, I'll take you to the Pokemon center," said Naruto, and started leading Vulpix to the Pokemon center.

The city was quite beautiful with tall buildings almost everywhere. Dozens of them were business buildings, which he honestly didn't know much of. It looked like a great place to live, that was all Naruto could claim.


Naruto turned upon hearing the voice and spotted Gary running toward him.

"Hey!" greeted Naruto with a friendly smile. The kid seemed arrogant, but to him Gary was an open book.

"I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" shouted Gary. "If I beat you, an experience Pokemon trainer than I could leave confidently for Pewter City."

Naruto scratched his head. He looked down at his Vulpix, and smiled as he came to a decision. "Okay, but only because you'll be a great help for my new Vulpix."

Gary grinned, and pulled out a Pokeball. "Alright a one on one battle then."

"But first we need a more private place," said Naruto looking at the street where people were passing by.

Gary nodded.


Naruto and Gary both stood at a nice open clearing. There were trees surrounding them, but not much. It was out in the out skirts of the city, so their battle wouldn't cause any property damage.

"Vulpix," commanded Naruto. The small fox jumped in front of Naruto. It faced Gary, and let out small steams of flames out of its mouth warming itself up for battle.

Gary threw his Pokeball. "Evee go!"

A brown dog like Pokemon appeared. It had a small white chest with brown eyes.

"Use quick attack Evee!"

Evee charged at Vulpix with a zig zag pattern.

Vulpix looked at Naruto for orders.

"Vulpix dodge, and use ember twice in quick succession!" ordered Naruto.

Vulpix dodged just when Evee was within arms reach, and threw a small fire ball at Evee's undefended back making Evee scream in pain. The second attack hit Evee's head silencing the yell. The small Evee collapsed unconscious.

The first ember had served to knock Evee's breath with surprise and the second had stopped Evee from getting any air and hurting its head. It resulted in Evee dropping unconscious.

Gary stood mouth open at the sudden loss before running toward his Evee.

"Evee are you okay?" asked Gary. He cradled the small Pokemon.

"Don't worry Evee will be okay. It was just Ember. The heat must have caused it to faint," explained Naruto to calm the young trainer. "Evee will be okay once it gets fresh air, the flames had cut off its air supply during the battle causing it to faint."

Gary nodded looking less worry. "I guess this means I need more training."

Naruto simply nodded and than looked to his small fox. "Great job Vulpix, I'm glad to see you handle the battle so well for your first."

"Evee we're going to go to Viridian forest, and get stronger!" proclaimed Gary. Evee yelled in agreement with Gary having woken up. It didn't even look hurt. "Then we'll beat that Vulpix."

Gary, and Evee both ran off leaving Naruto standing alone with Vulpix.

Naruto simply laughed. The kid didn't even let the loss affect him. At least the brat had guts.

"Come Vulpix we need to get to a Pokemon center," said Naruto. He picked up Vulpix and started heading for the center again.


"Oh my, that's a very healthy Vulpix," said Nurse Joy as she took a look at Vulpix.

"He's naturally strong," replied Naruto to avoid telling her how he kept Vulpix so healthy. The nurses would always want to know every time they treated one of his Pokemons. He wasn't going to tell Nurse Joy that he channeled chakra into Vulpix to help it develop faster.

"Well he's perfectly fine. All he needs is rest," said Nurse Joy and took Vulpix away.

Naruto nodded, and decided to find a chair to rest. A soft couch was just what he needed. As he moved to find his couch he spotted a familiar kid again. It was the kid with Pikachu, but it was obvious that Pikachu wasn't with him.

Naruto decided to avoid the kid for some rest.


Naruto woke up from the sound of kids arguing. He looked toward the source of the noise and spotted an orange hair girl yelling at the boy. Ash was his name apparently, and she wanted a new bike because he destroyed hers.

Naruto yawned. He stretched before getting off of the couch.

"Attention all listeners. There are Pokemon thieves within Veridian City. Kee-"

Naruto tuned out the warning from the speakers. He went up toward the counter, and picked up his Vulpix from Nurse Joy.

"Now take care," said Nurse Joy with a wave, and smile.

"Yeah," replied Naruto. He still felt a bit creeped out that every Nurse Joy looked so similar. He could see their small "Differences" due to his ninja training, but they all looked so similar that he wondered if they had some kind of insane dominant gene or something.

Naruto left the center with Vulpix on his shoulder. He channeled fire nature chakra into Vulpix. Vulpix's red coat lighten turning into a beautiful shade of red. It practically glowed.

"Hey you stop right there!" shouted a commanding voice.

Naruto stopped, and turned to see who called. Vulpix too looked curiously.

It was Officer Jenny on a motorcycle.

"Yes? Officer," asked Naruto. He didn't like the suspicious look in her eyes.

"You look suspicious enough to be a Pokemon thief, and that Vulpix is obviously being forced to obey you," said Jenny, and pulled out a Pokeball ready to fight should he attack.

Naruto sweat dropped along with Vulpix.

"I'm not a Pokemon thief ma'am, I'm just passing through with Vulpix here," replied Naruto. Vulpix yelped in agreement.

Officer Jenny locked eyes with Naruto, and stared at his eyes. Seconds passed with her staring at him. Naruto started to lose his nerve, and was about to look away when she spoke.

"I'll need to see ID of course," she said.

"Sure," replied Naruto, and started to pull out his Pokedex, but that was as far as he got before Officer Jenny's radio went on and she leaped onto her motorcycle driving off, and leaving him standing uncertain of what just happened.

"I think its safe to say she was weird," said Naruto to his Vulpix. Vulpix nodded in agreement.

Naruto shook off the weird experience, and started heading for Veridian forest. Once he pass through the forest he would reach Pewter city, and finally get his first badge. He wondered if Gym leaders were as strong as he heard. It wasn't that he never battled before, just that he never battled a Gym leader.

Naruto felt at home in the forest. It felt almost like Konoha's forest, but with smaller trees. He smiled softly as he remembered home, and his past world. His line of thought ended when an idiot dressed in a Samurai suit jumped in front of him.

"Are you from Pallet town!" asked the Samurai.

Naruto thought about it. He was from Konoha, but that place didn't exist. He had landed in Pallet town when he had arrived, so technically he was born there in some twisted way. Yes, he was from Pallet town.

"Yeess...," replied Naruto slowly, and made sure to drawl his voice out. He wasn't worried about the Samurai attacking him or anything, but the idiot was screaming in a forest full of territorial Beedrills, and many other bug Pokemons.

"Great! I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" shouted the Sumurai, and brought out a Pokeball. "Pinsir come on out!"

"Okay then," replied Naruto. Vulpix took that as his cue, and jumped in front of Naruto. "I'll just put you in your place, and get to Veridian."

"I won't lose to another Pallet trainer," stated the Samurai. "Pinsir use tackle!"

"Lesson one Vulpix. Never let yourself get hit unless I tell you otherwise," said Naruto to his fox.

Naruto watched as Vulpix followed his order, and dodged all of Pensir's attack.

The Samurai seeing his Pokemon fail to hit Vulpix changed tactics.

"Pinsir use bind to try, and catch it!" yelled the Samurai.

"Use ember to keep Pincir away," ordered Naruto.

Vulpix immediately used ember creating a small circle of flames around it. Pincer stopped due to its weakness against flames. It stood uncertain what to do next.

"Use Ember again," ordered Naruto taking advantage of the Pincir's confusion and the Samurai's lack of experience to figure a way for his Pincir to win.

Pincir dropped unconscious from an unusually strong ball of ember. The Pokemon was withdrawn.

The Samurai stared at Vulpix than at another Pokeball that he had before sighing.

"You win. I don't think my Metapod can win against your Vulpix," said the Samurai.

Naruto smiled. "Well thanks for warming up Vulpix."

The Samurai slumped in defeat.

"Come on Vulpix," called Naruto getting Vulpix to follow.

Naruto looked at his wrists. He looked at the black wristbands that he had and felt the ones on his ankle. He always kept his body fit and that meant carrying a large amount of weight on himself at all times. He couldn't let himself become weak just because the world didn't have anyone capable of beating him. He preferred to stay at tip top shape no matter what.

He looked at Vulpix and smiled. Maybe it was time he gave Vulpix a wristbands as well and teach him balance by having him jump from tree branch to tree branch.


Naruto and Vulpix both exited Viridian city. Vulpix collapsed on the ground extremely tired. Naruto picked him up and laughed. Vulpix had four black bands on all his legs.

"You'll be incredible strong in no time," said Naruto to the small fox. He released the seal on Vulpix making the fox relax in his hands. He himself didn't want to carry the heavy fox so he had released the seals.

"Naruto!" called a familiar voice again.

Naruto looked toward the voice and spotted Gary.

"Hey," greeted Naruto with a wave. He could already see why the kid had been expecting him.

"Grandpa told me that you'd be here," said Gary, "He told me about you deciding to fight the Gyms to."

"So did you beat this City's Gym leader?" asked Naruto curiously. Vulpix also stared curiously.

"Of course, and I'm here for a rematch against your Vulpix," said Gary, and pulled out a Pokeball. "Another one on one battle."

Naruto looked at Vulpix who was already tired from the training he put him through. "Well Vulpix is unable to battle right now, but I could use another Pokemon just this one time since you waited just for us."

Gary frowned, and held his Pokeball in thought debating whether he wanted to fight a possibly older, and more experienced Pokemon. "What Pokemon will that be?"

Naruto mentally thought about who he should bring out. He didn't have any regular Pokemon with him beside Vulpix. He whole team would make rare Pokemon collectors shit themselves. He hated going overboard on a newbie, but Vulpix was tired from training. He pulled out a blue Pokeball, and tossed it out into the battle ground.

The Pokeball released a stream of red energy that quickky gathered, a Suicune appeared in between them. Its purple colored cotton candy like mane flowed as if the wind was constantly shifting it. It stood proudly, and its eyes facing forward at Gary. Suicune had two white streamers for tails that flowed elegantly beside it. It had a diamond like crest on its head, and the wind started blowing from the north. Suicune's presence instantly made the atmosphere feel better.

Gary stared at the legendary dog Pokemon in awe, and shock before he smiled widely. He pulled out his Pokedex. He certainly hasn't expected much from Naruto, but his grandfather was right about him.

"Suicune the Aurora Pokemon and one of the three Legendary Dog Pokemons along with Entei, and Raikou. It is a water type Pokemon, and is said to have been created with Entei, and Raikou by Ho-Oh."

"Evee come on out!" said Gary bringing out his Evee. He eyed Suicune as an obstacle. He didn't think he would win, but he wasn't one to back down from a battle.

"Just be prepared to lose," said Naruto. He looked at Vulpix. "And watch the battle carefully Vulpix because you'll be aiming to be as powerful Suicune."

"If I beat him there will be no doubt that Evee, and I are the best duo!" proclaimed Gary.

Naruto simply chuckled at the kid's enthusiasm.

"Evee use toxic!" shouted Gary.

The small brown Pokemon ran toward Suicune and, spat out toxic hoping to get Suicune poisoned.

Suicune jumped aside letting the toxic hit the ground. The ground sizzled from the toxic attack.

"Suicune use Tail wind," ordered Naruto.

Suicune's white tail extended, and whipped hitting the air. The wind distorted slightly from Suicune's speed with its tails.

Evee found itself hit by a controlled wind that had hit it like a whip, and rolled hitting the ground with a thud. It struggled getting back up before falling back on the ground.

Gary saw the difference in power quickly, and withdrew Evee, and kept himself from feeling depress for losing once again. He quickly reminded himself that his grandfather had warn him about Naruto's prows in Pokemon battles. "Good try Evee, but Suicune is still out of our league."

"I'm sure you can be a match for Suicune someday," said Naruto, and lifted Vulpix up. "And Vulpix he's getting stronger to."

Vulpix yipped in agreement.

"I'll beat you one day!" proclaimed Gary, and left again.

"Glad I didn't crush his confidence," said Naruto to Vulpix who was looking at Suicune.

"Suicune meet Vulpix," said Naruto introducing the small fox.

Suicune gave Vulpix a silent nod before returning to its Pokeball.

"Don't worry about Suicune Vulpix, all of those big bad Legendary Pokemons have attitude," said Naruto to Vulpix with a laugh, and started heading for Pewter city.

Vulpix nodded.

"How about I tell you how I caught Suicune," offered Naruto to Vulpix.

Vulpix nodded.

"Well I was passing by a lake when I spotted him. He caught my interest as soon as I saw him. He tried to outrun me of course, but I was simply too fast to outrun. After running for a day he finally stopped, and confronted me. He was really arrogant at first since he planned his stop very well.

He had stopped on top of a lake, and so did I. He used the lake's water to his advantage, and was beating me, but Kurama decided to wake up at that moment, and had eagerly entered the battle. At first Suicune was shocked by Kurama's appearance, and had decided to use his most powerful attacks on Kurama.

Bubblebeams, Aurora Beam, Tail wind, Blizzard, and so much more. He had actually managed to hurt Kurama a little before he collapsed tired, and defeated. The lake had turned into ice when the battle ended.

I captured him then, but he was really pissed about it. He ignored orders, ran off for days sometime, but he always came back, until slowly he just stuck along with me. Now he sleeps and sometime leaves to take long strolls," said Naruto finishing his tale. He looked at Vulpix, and nearly deadpanned upon realizing that his Pokemon had fallen asleep.

"Oh well," muttered Naruto and entered Pewter city.


Naruro had Vulpix recover in the Poke-Center.

"Your Vulpix had been quite tired, but seems incredibly healthy for its age," said another Nurse Joy.

Naruto took Vulpix's Pokeball and nodded. "Well I think he's just naturally strong for his age."

"Or it could be what you feed him," replied Nurse Joy with a suspicious gaze.

"Berries mostly," replied Naruto.

"Oh that explains it. Your Vulpix must get all its required nutrient from the berries," replied Nurse Joy.

"I think I'm going to go," said Naruto and waved a goodbye to her. Nurse Joy reluctantly waved goodbye.

Naruto stepped out of the Pokemon center and headed off for the Gym.


Naruto entered the Pewter city gym. It looked like an official battle field. He brought out Vulpix.

"Are you a challenger?" asked a young man that entered the gym from behind him.

Naruto turned and smiled.

"Yes, are you the Gym leader?" questioned Naruto. The guy was pretty tall with brown hair that stood on ends and his eyes were closed for some reason.

"I'm Brock the Gym Leader," replied Brock with a nod.

"Uzumaki Naruto," replied Naruto, "I'm here for the Gym badge."

"Good I need to let my Pokemon stretch anyways," replied Brock with a confident tone.

"Great so you accept?" asked Naruto.

Brock nodded, and led Naruto into the battle arena.

Naruto looked toward his side, and watched a mini look a like of the Gym leader walk to the sidelines, and entering a safe zone.

"Hello I'm Forrest, and I'll be the referee," said the look a like of the Gym leader. "The rules are simple, each trainer is allowed to use two Pokemon only. You may switch your Pokemon whenever you want during the battle. The battle ends when your Pokemons are unable to battle."

Naruto nodded. Vulpix jumped in the battle ground ready to battle.

"Onix go!" said Brock bringing out his Pokemon.

Vulpix gulped at the intimidating size of the Onix.

"Relax Vulpix you can beat it," said Naruto confidently.

"Your Vulpix does look strong, but it can't beat my Onix. Its at a disadvantage," said Brock.

Naruto laughed. "Don't worry about Vulpix."

Brock nodded. "Onix use body slam."

Onix charged at Vulpix. It threw its body toward Vulpix who felt like a train was going to hit it.

"Jumped on Onix, and hit it with Ember!" ordered Naruto. He never hesitated in a battle. He wasn't the type to freeze up, and try to think of a plan, he was the type that created plans during the heat of battle.

Vulpix followed orders, and ran up toward Onix's face before releasing a ball of flame. The ember was a direct hit that caused Onix to scream in either pain or rage. It thrashed trying to get Vulpix off, but the small fox balanced itself on Onix's head, and keep on using ember.

"Use Ember on your own tail Vulpix, and than use tail whip on Onix's head," said Naruto. Vulpix's flash fire ability to not get hurt by flames was coming in handy.

Vulpix ignited its many tails. The tails prepared to deliver painful lashing.

"Onix use dig," said Brock ordering his Onix.

Onix spun, and threw its head ground first forcing Vulpix to stop from using its fiery tail whip.

Vulpix landed on the battle ground waiting tensely for Onix to reappear.

"Vulpix don't stay still. Keep moving," ordered Naruto.

Vulpix started dashing across the battle ground.

Brock was caught off guard by the move, but he was even more surprised by Vulpix's speed. The small fox seem to leave after images from spot to spot.

"Vulpix use Extra sensory," ordered Naruto. He didn't see the battle moving on if Onix didn't rise back up.

Vulpix nodded, and stopped. It closed its eyes.

Brock prepared to give a order to his Onix, but stopped in surprise when Onix thrashed out of the ground in pain.

"What was that?" he asked confused.

"Its a Psychic attack," replied Naruto. "Vulpix hit Onix with tail whip now!"

Onix was still in pain from psychic attack, and was an easy target for Vulpix.

"No!" yelled Brock in surprise as his Onix was pummeled with a direct attack that was reinforced with flames.

"Onix is unable to battle. The winner is Vulpix," said Brock's look alike.

Naruto smiled. "Great Job Vulpix.

Brock had Onix return to its Pokeball.

"That's the first time I was defeated so cleverly," said Brock. He brought out another Pokeball. "Geodude come on out."

"Don't let him hit you Vulpix," warned Naruto. Geodude was a rock type, and was super effective against a Fire type.

Vulpix nodded in acknowledgment.

"Geodude use smack down!" said Brock. He was realizing that the opponent was someone very experienced in battle.

"Get close, but avoid being hit," ordered Naruto. He watched the Geodude swing at Vulpix only to repeatedly miss. His own confidence making Vulpix fearless as it faced off against the experienced enemy.

"Grab Geodude's arm with your tails, and use ember!" shouted Naruto right when Geodude was preparing for another attack.

"Use roll out to get out of the hold," shouted Brock quickly. The trainer was too clever.

Vulpix was forced to let go when Geodude rolled its body rolled on the ground aimlessly.

"Ember!" ordered Naruto. The Geodude was still rolling.

"Geodude defense curl," shouted Brock, "Than use roll out again."

Geodude's curled up taking the attack head on. It was already resistant to the attack, and easily ignored it before it started rolling, and gathering speed as it neared Vulpix.

"Vulpix make sure your tails are burning," ordered Naruto.

Vulpix's tails lit once again from its own ember. It dodged Geodude's roll out as Geodude didn't give it time to retaliate.

Geodude spun around, and started rolling toward Vulpix again.

"Geodude stop!" warned Brock. It was about to be struck like a baseball.

Geodude struggled to halts its movement, but that was all the opening that Vulpix needed, and was upon Geodude quickly.

Naruto smiled proudly at Vulpix who had seen an opening, and took it. "Vulpix use your strongest tail whip."

Vulpix's tails glowed before it lashed out repeatedly on the rock Pokemon. Geodude's body landed hard on the battle ground from the sudden impact that propelled it back. It struggled to stay floating before dropping unconscious.

"Geodude is unable to battle the winner is Uzumaki Naruto!" said Forrest in awe at having seen his brother lose. It was the first time he'd seen someone use their Pokemon so incredibly well before.

Brock took back the Geodude into its Pokeball, and brought out a badge.

"Congratulation you earned the Boulder badge," said Brock, and walked over to Naruto.

Naruto took the badge, and inspected it before showing it to Vulpix who was thrilled to see it.

"Thanks Brock," said Naruto with a smile.

Brock nods. "I learned some new things from you. I've never battled someone so creative before."

"Well that's because I'm awesome," replied Naruto with a grin, before looking at his Vulpix, "And Vulpix is to."

Brock's mood lighten up from Naruto's personality.

"Thanks I have to get going now though," said Naruto, and waved a goodbye to Brock, and his brother. Vulpix yipped a goodbye before following Naruto.


"Mt. Moon," commented Naruto as he stared at a dark tunnel entrance that would get him to the next Gym badge. Cerulean city was just beyond the mountain.

Vulpix trailed behind him using his tails to light the path by burning his own tails with ember.

"Keep on practicing Vulpix. Once you can ignite your tail on will, then you would have mastered controlling your tails. If your tails could heat up than they can also burn," said Naruto to Vulpix who nodded, and kept trying to use the new move that they unintentionally created during their battle with Brock.

They soon made it out of the cave's exit, and into the light. Naruto spotted a sign that pointed to Cerulean City. There were extra writings on it.

"Ash is a loser."

Naruto chuckled when he read it before moving on. He didn't know those two had a rivalry, but apparently they did.

Looking down at his Vulpix Naruto asked, "How's your tails?"

Vulpix responded by closing its eyes, and making the six tails it had light up into flames.

"Still too slow. Keep at it," replied Naruto.

Vulpix nodded, and went back to burning its tails, and memorizing the feeling to recreate it without lighting its own tails with ember.

Naruto smiled. Vulpix had already forgotten that it was wearing weights again. It had already adjusted to the weights, and was quickly becoming very strong.

"I think its time we had a break," suggested Naruto to Vulpix who collapsed on the ground in relief.

Naruto lifted Vulpix and chose a nice grassy clearing and unsealed several bowls for his Pokemons and bags of Pokemon food. Each bag had a name on it listing whose food it was.

Naruto smiled at Vulpix. "Your about to meet all of my Pokemon's Vulpix beside Kurama."

Vulpix nodded, and watched.

Naruto brought out five Pokeballs. Three blue ones, a green one and lastly a grey one. He tossed them all up in the air and releasing the Pokemons inside.

Suicune, Lugia, Latios, Rayquaza and lastly Mewtwo. The five looked incredibly dangerous from the power they radiated.

Suicune spotted the food, and silently made its way to eat. It ignored the others beside giving a single glance at Lugia.

Lugia stood on its legs, and extended its neck to look at Vulpix with its piercing eyes before moving on to eat. The food bowl had yellow Pokemon food made especially for it due to its taste. Its white body, and blue coloring making it a beautiful Pokemon to meet.

Latios was a cheerful one, and floated toward Naruto and Vulpix. Its wings were sharp, and its blue eyes that were full of mischief. Its body seem to melt with the air due to its blue color.

Rayquaza simply sniffed the air, and before moving toward a large bowl full of food. It's beautiful green, and ancient body slithering effortlessly through the air. The ancient yellow, and red lines on its body glowed with its movement.

Lastly Mewtwo stood on its legs much like a person would, and eyed its surrounding. Its long tail moving slightly. It looked toward Naruto with narrowed eyes before looking at its food that had been placed on a small table. Mewtwo's eyes glowed before his food were levitated, and floated toward it, and eating it one by one.

"Everyone meet Vulpix," said Naruto introducing the small fox.

They all looked at Vulpix before looking away uninterested.

"He's weak," stated Metwo having decided to speak.

"He was just an egg not long ago," replied Naruto with a smile. Mewtwo was upset from having lost a battle, and getting captured.

"Are you no longer trying to get home?" questioned Mewtwo. Its eyes narrowed.

"Yeah, I sorta simply decided home is where your friends are," replied Naruto, and scratched his head.

"Should have realized that before deciding to capturing us all," replied Mewtwo looking slightly upset.

Naruto scratched his head in embarrassment. The reason he had captured all of them was because he had believed at least one of them had the ability to open dimensions, and take him back home, but that idea had failed when he met a Professor that had unknowingly informed him that no Pokemon existed that could do that. Not even Arceus the creator Pokemon. Dialga and Palkia could open dimension, but just a specific one that they were created from. He had then gave up on returning home, and started a new path.

"Mew you aren't going to hold it against me are you?" asked Naruto. He had caught Mewtwo not long ago, but Mewtwo believes him to be some evil psychopath out for world domination.

"I'm Mew two," stated Mewtwo angrily.

"Your a Mew. A bit different, but still a Mew," replied Naruto with a smile.

Naruto found himself being pulled by Mewtwo's psychic powers, but Naruto's eyes glowed before psychic pull stopped.

"Give it up, you can't beat him Mew," said Lugia as he telepathically broadcasted his thoughts. "He didn't capture you for world domination, he doesn't need us for that, he could do it himself single handedly if he chose to."

Mewtwo calmed, and stared into Naruto's eyes. "Those eyes what are they?"

Naruto deactivated them, and smiled. "It's a secret."

Mewtwo glared before calming himself again. "Where is the Nine-tails?"

"Why do you want a rematch?" asked Naruto.

Mewtwo shook his head. He was sure he would still lose if he challenged the fox again.

"He's asleep. He was impressed with you you know," stated Naruto with a large grin.

Mewtwo narrowed his eyes as he remembered his first lost ever. The crushing power of the Nine-tails against his enhanced psychic powers.

"Kurama isn't impressed easily," said Naruto casually. "And I can imagine how hard it must have been to face him."

"You sound as if you faced him," replied Mewtwo.

"Well I did. I actually beat his butt. He won't admit it of course, he's too proud," replied Naruto with a smile.

Mewtwo gave Naruto another look before returning to his food. He felt a bit more trust towards the blond

Naruto turned looking for Vulpix, and spotted Latios carrying him around. At least Latios was friendly.

"Yo Rayquaza how you doing?" asked Naruto as he patted the giant snakelike Pokemon.

Rayquaza gave Naruto a bland look before returning to his meal. A Pokemon of a few words, or nine at all.

"You can at least talk to me. I know you can, I won't stop trying until you do," stated Naruto with a large smile.

Rayquaza paused before looking back at Naruto, and sighed. It gave him a single nod before returning to eat.

Naruto laughed. Rayquaza was the easiest to breakout of his shell, but also the most quietest.

Naruto walked back toward Mewtwo who was eating silently.

"Hey Mew why did you attack me that day anyway?" questioned Naruto. He could ask now that Mew wasn't crazy with rage anymore.

"I was confused," replied Mewtwo. It had been searching for a place to rest when it had spotted a Latios being captured. It had quickly assumed that Latios was forced, which had been partly true. Forced by a real persuasive conversation, which he realized later after being captured also.

"I'm glad you attacked," said Naruto to Mewtwo. "Otherwise I wouldn't have met you."

Mewtwo grunted in response.

"Mew your free to leave if you want," stated Naruto. He had actually given Mewtwo the opportunity to leave after having been healed, but had refused.

"I told you I'll leave after I beat the pet fox of yours," replied Mewtwo with his eyes glowing.

"Okay," replied Naruto with a smile. Mew liked him otherwise he would have tried to crush his skull first instead of pulling him. It was a start at least.


"Well that was part of the family," said Naruto cheerfully.

Vulpix yipped in agreement mainly due to Latios's cheerful reaction to Vulpix.

"I have Kyogre, and Groudon to, but their asleep. I actually captured many Legendaries," explained Naruto. "When I first arrived, and learned that some Pokemons can open up portals I automatically assumed one of them could send me back home. So I started on a two year quest to capture all the Pokemon's of legend hoping that one could send me back home."

Naruto stopped talking upon seeing Cerulean City.

"We can finally get the next badge," said Naruto before he stopped and looked at his Vulpix. "Wait for it."


Naruto spotted Gary coming toward them driving in a car.

"Hey!" greeted Naruto. Vulpix greeted him to.

"You ready I'm definitely taking down your Vulpix this time," said Gary. He jumped out of the car.

Naruto sighed. He was starting to see a pattern develop.

"Vulpix why don't we put Gary back in his place," said Naruto to Vulpix.

Vulpix yelped in agreement and jumped forward in anticipation.

"Evee come on out!" yelled Gary.

Evee appeared battle ready.

"Evee start out with quick attack," ordered Gary.

Naruto let Evee near Vulpix. "Vulpix use Tail Fire!"

"What!" yelled Gary in surprise.

Vulpix's tail ignited into flames, and whipped it into Evee, it was a devastating blow since Evee ran into it.

Evee landed burned across the clearing. Gary ran to Evee with a worried expression.

"What was that?" yelled Gary as he picked Evee up, and inspected the burns caused by Vulpix's tails.

"A new attack of course. Your Evee is the second to fall to it besides an Onix," replied Naruto and picked Vulpix up. "Since you entered to help Evee I guess the battle is over."

"Next time Naruto," called Gary from the car that was already racing away.

Naruto sighed. Next time would probably be the same. The kid will probably tell his grandfather about the new move to.

"This Gym is supposed to specialize on water type Pokemons. Its going to be hard," said Naruto to Vulpix as they neared the city.


Naruto woke up. He yawned and looked around him. He was in the Poke-center of Cerulean city.

He robotically went to the counter and had Vulpix return to him from Nurse Joy. Nurse Joy tried to get his secret to having healthy and strong Pokemons and him dodging her questions. Things were starting out okay.