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Johto Team vs Team Rocket Admins


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Red, blue, black, blond, and orange hair. Naruto squinted as he finally took the time to look at the Elites of Team Rocket. They all looked the same to him, except their leader who wore glasses. Naruto grunted as Celebi forced him back on his knees, there's something about defiantly getting up, when you know something would make it hard.

Ignoring Celebi's harsh treatment, he moved his gaze to the Johto Trio. Their Pokemons appears strong, and well developed.

The three didn't question what was happening, they seem to know of the situation.

A Typhlosion, Meganium, and finally a Feraligatr. A strong and dangerous combination. Those three had the power to counter any type of Pokemon. It was basically Three against 30 though.

The three starters started running at the Admins. Without requiring their trainer to tell them who the enemy was.

"It's too late to stop Team Rocket either way," shouted Team Rocket's pseudo leader. He turned to his colleagues. "Do not underestimate these kids!"

"Blueno, and Yeglo take that bastard a safe distance from here, and keep watch over HIM!" reminded the Leader as an afterthought. "Malbred, Ranger, and I will take care of these brats."

Their name matched their hair color making Naruto assume that they were using code names.

The blue, and blond respectfully nodded and retreated with Naruto who didn't seem bothered by his captivity. Their Pokemon retreated with them, they were the owner of Kingdra, and Labras.

Naruto couldn't move as Celebi kept him on a tight leash. Vulpix was dragged against the muddy remains of the floor as they left the battle premises. The Leader of Team Rocket really didn't want him to escape.

Naruto took a glance at the Johto trainers.

The battle had began.

Meganium was first to attack. It used Leaf storm, an area wide attack. The destroyed base was flooded by the storm, existing rubbles started flying everywhere, and mixing in with the leaves.

The Rocket Elites held their ground as the storm neared them. They were going to counter, but a counter quickly became impossible.

"Typhlosion help Meganium out!" shouted Gold. He glared at the Team Rocket Admins. They were the ones who had defeated him at Ilex forest, and now he was going to pay them back.

Typhlosion used flame thrower, and set the storm on fire. It didn't let up on its attack.

The Leaf storm was a fiery part of hell, and anything flammable was immediately set on fire. The attack torched all. It seem to have traveled softly toward its target, but that was only due to its monstrous size. The rain dampened its heat, but not enough to weaken its scorching touch.

The Three elites moved back as it neared. They couldn't possibly outrun such an attack.

Dewgong, Slowbro, and Gyarados all moved in front of their masters.

"Hydro Pump!" shouted the Leader. His glasses flying off from the wild storm's fiery wind. His black hair was rustled by the same storm.

Malbred, and Ranger saw their Leader's plan. They were going to face the attack head on. The Rain dance in use would more than even out the power-play here.

Dewgong, and Slowbro charged up with the already charging Gyarados. They coordinated quickly, and faced off against what once was a regular Leaf Storm.

Highly overpowered stream of water clashed against the fiery storm.

The attack dispersed leaving falling debris that were on fire, but the burning debris would quickly go out due to the rain.

The Rocket Admins didn't get a chance to celebrate their quick escape.

They didn't let up as Feraligatr attacked next Earthquake.

The remains of what was once a hideout caved in, and the ground started opening up. The rain didn't make it easy from slipping into the newborn pits.


Naruto was pressed on the grass. They were still beside the Lake of Rage. His clothes was muddy, but the rain was quickly cleaning him, not that his destroyed shirt was going to ever be worn again.

Vulpix was again pressed into another crater. It didn't look happy with all the mud that clung to it's fur.

The battle taking place not far from them was visible. He grinned madly at how strong Silver had gotten, and not to mention the other kid. Gold was definitely growing, despite how great he was already. The girl, he didn't know her, but her Meganium was pretty strong.

Naruto sneaked a look at Celebi was was carefully watching him. The psychic attack was still active keeping him stay on his knees. There were many methods to escape Celebi's psychic, but he wanted to see if he even needed to intervene. The teenagers were doing great, and their teamwork despite being obviously first time was great.

Vulpix didn't mind being drowned by the rain, it looked relaxed as it realized that he wasn't worried. The steam coming off of it was likely annoying it though.

Naruto relaxed, and waited for the inevitable last ditch plan that Team Rocket would pull. He already figured out what Team Rocket's acting leader meant now, when the man had tried to blow him up, and failed. The nonsense now made sense, Celebi's presence explained plenty.

Naruto looked at Vulpix's lazy form, it no longer seem to care about the situation, and was actually trying to nap in the middle of the rain storm.

The two Team Rocket Admins guarding them silently watched. The two looked extremely paranoid around him.

Naruto opened his mouth to speak, but before he could say anything someone attacked.

The two Admins were knocked across the grass-field. It was very fast, and if Naruto hadn't been looking he would have missed it.

A Scizor had punched the orange headed one. The business suit dressed Rocket admin was sent skidding on the grass. It was definitely a one hit Ko.

The Scizor then moved toward the still barely reacting Rocket admin and smacked his head with its claw. The Admin dropped, the same claw glowed and fired a Solar Beam at Celebi who was too concentrated on Naruto to notice.

Celebi dropped unconscious with the Solar Beam to the head.

Vulpix was upon Celebi instantly, and made double sure that the time Pokemon was out of the battle. Close Combat, a brutal assault on the evil Celebi.

Naruto himself got up and stretched. He looked at his rescuer, not that he had needed rescuing, but he needed to be polite. He returned Vulpix, before it could do more harm to the evil Celebi, revenge wasn't exactly a thing he supported.

Naruto's first thought was to toss a Pokeball at the unconscious Celebi. The ball instantly captured the fainted Pokemon, and teleported away. He couldn't carry more than six, and it was now in his Pc.

"It's been a while Blue," greeted Naruto with a light grin.

Gary was on a Pidgeot, and silently watching. The Scizor nowhere to be seen, it must have returned to it's Pokeball.

"I traveled across two regions to find you," stated Gary, he didn't look happy. He got off of his Pidgeot.

He wore a dark green leather jacket, with a white collared shirt underneath it, light brown pants with brown shoes. His light brown hair didn't dampen with the rain, but it was starting to. He had a small backpack hanging on his shoulder.

"Well I didn't know, I'm sure your grandpa would have let you know my location had you asked him," replied Naruto with a shrug.

Naruto casually looked over at the battle that had been happening in the distance, everything had gone silent. The Team Rocket Admins hadn't been very strong to begin with, only experience, and no talent.

"I challenge you to a Pokemon Battle, the Elite Four means nothing if I can't defeat you!" shouted Blue with his hand turning into fist. "I defeated them all, and every famous trainer worth my time, I bonded, trained, and struggled to reach new heights. I want to finally see if its enough!"

Naruto grinned at the determined expression on Blue's face. He reached into his Poke-belt and chose one member of his team. "I accept your challenge."

Blue smirked, and quickly signaled Pidgeot to prepare for battle. Blue hesitated a second before doing something else, he reached into his bag, and brought out a black shirt.

Naruto's smile widen as he remembered that he didn't have a shirt on. The explosion had destroyed it earlier.

He caught the rolled up shirt as it was tossed, and he quickly put it on.

"Although this isn't the best place, let's start that battle," suggested Naruto, and opened up his Pokeball. "This place won't look the same, I could just tell."

Latios appeared. It was floating in front of him with anticipation. Latios' serious expression was in place, as if knowing that this battle wasn't going to be easy.

Naruto's peripheral vision caught sight of the three teens. They had the Team Rocket Admins tied up, and had been walking toward him, but had stopped to watch what was unfolding. He had expected the quick defeat of the admins though, so he wasn't surprise much.

"On three, One, Two, ...-" Naruto snapped his finger.

Latios took off. Its mouth opening to attack.

Glittering stars shot out toward Pidgeot. Pidgeot took flight at an amazing speed, it was known to fly at Mach two, and it didn't disappoint. It definitely moved faster than the speed of sound.

Swift was a known attack to never miss, and it didn't.

Pidgeot was hit, but it was nothing more than a scratch. A slight touch on one of its feather.

Latios chased after Pidgeot. A sky battle, and both were infamous for their control in a aerial battle.

The Pidgeot wasn't the average Pidgeot either. It was the size of a full grown Charizard, and the talons to easily crush a person. If that didn't tell someone that it was powerful at first glance, than not much would.

"You know what I learned during my journey?" asked Gary as he watched his Pidgeot lead Latios around. It was beautiful, and the rain didn't slow them down any.

"What?" asked Naruto, and kept his attention on Latios.

"That when you become strong enough, you don't need to keep shouting orders, your Pokemon could read your feelings or intent. They're magnificent creatures once you open yourself to them, Pokemon battles become easy to win, but its not something that I learned easily!" said Gary, and returned to watching Pidgeot use its agile body to move in ways that Latios couldn't.

Naruto's blue eyes concentrated as he became entranced by the battle.

Latios got tired of being lead on, and used psychic.

Pidgeot saw the attack coming, and whipped its body backward, and directly faced Latios.

Latios could almost see a smirk on the Pidgeot's face as it faded. Aerial Ace.

Latios whipped its body around much like how Pidgeot had done, and came face to face with Pidgeot. Pidgeot's aerial ace missed as Latios managed a close dodge, and countered with Crush claw.

Latios struck Pidgeot as it dodged the foe's Aerial Ace. Pidgeot's beak glowed, and struck before the force of the Crush claw sent it crashing into the grass below.

Latios shook its head in pain. Close Combat, a quick physical assault, but Pidgeot had moved extremely fast. The pecks from Pidgeot would have been equivalent to a drill hitting your forehead.

Latios floated above trying to regain its sense. Its head felt hazy, a planned attack maybe. Pidgeot could have struck anywhere, but instead it had gone for the head.

Pidgeot appeared from the grass. It didn't have any visible injuries, but it didn't mean that it hadn't been hurt. The crater on the grass field was proof to that.

The downpour was also disappearing, the rain was fading away, and a bright sunny day was appearing.

Latios charged. It moved away from the rapidly nearing Pidgeot, it needed a moment to clear its throbbing head.


Latios sensed Pidgeot, before it appeared. It opened its mouth, and fired the Solar beam it had been charging. Pidgeot was quick to react, but didn't dodge.


Latios knew it had to dodge the moment Pidgeot glowed, and took the attack head on. Pidgeot screamed in pain as it took the damage, but its eyes were on Latios. Pidgeot's beak glowed white, and opened.

Latios' own Solar Beam came back at it. It did a flip much like a plane, and dodged, but Pidgeot was doing more than just returning the attack, it was controlling Solar Beam.

The Solar Beam did a sharp angle turn, and struck Latios.

Latios was sent reeling down at the wet grass below. It used crush claw as it smashed into the ground to reduce the damage.

Latios whipped itself out of the crater seconds after it crash-landed. Its head looking for Pidgeot. It found Pidgeot, but it wasn't happy.

Pidgeot was glowing a light shade of blue, and aiming straight at it. It was to late to dodge, Latios lifted its claw. It took Brave Bird head on, the crater deepen as it was smashed back, but not before dealing back some damage.

Pidgeot's blue aura turned into a fiery looking flame as it smashed into Latios, and bounced back much like a rubber ball.

Blue streaks of lightning danced on Pidgeot's wings as it took the recoil, and the last minute Crush claw's damage.

Latios flew out of the crater quickly whipping out mud the crater, it was not going to give Pidgeot the time to use such powerful move again.

Latios was dirty as it took flight, and flew rapidly toward Pidgeot that was still taking in the recoil. Latios had patches of mud on its once clean white, and blue body.

The sun was out now. It was midday, and the day looked beautiful, but Latios couldn't care any less. It was focusing on Pidgeot.

Latios opened its maw, and used Ice beam. The streak of blue beam shot at the flying bird.

Pidgeot as predicted dodge. It dropped low in altitude, and was just barely keeping from touching the grass below. The ice beam viciously chased after it, and froze the grasses below.

Latios wasn't done. It flew right above Pidgeot, and used swift. It put all the power it could into the star like attack, and created a shower of stars.

Pidgeot couldn't dodge that. It was pelted by Swift. In retaliation Pidgeot sped up. Its wings glowed, before it flapped toward Latios.

Four white streak were thrown at Latios. It easily dodge them, but that proved to be a mistake.

The white streaks exploded behind it. A powerful gust of wind hit it from behind, nothing that would hurt it, but it lost mobility. Enough for Pidgeot to repeat the same move, Hurricane.

Latios roared in pain as the streaks of white line hit home. They streaks exploded creating wind with enough cutting power to make it feel like it just through a grinder.

Latios could see stars already. It looked at Pidgeot, and saw that the massive bird wasn't doing to good either.


Latios glowed blue, and quickly caught the tired bird. It got right above Pidgeot who struggled to break free of the attack, but it was too late. Latios' arm glowed as it powered up crush claw, and opened its mouth.

Ice beam.

Podgeot's wings turned frozen, and psychic was lifted. Pidgeot as a result started falling straight down.

Latios flew down with Pidgeot, it used Crush claw to finish the fight, but Pidgeot wasn't going to have any of it.

Pidgeot used its remaining mobility to flip and face Latios, and instantly clamped onto its opponent with its giant claws. They were plummeting straight down to their trainers.

Latios smashed Pidgeot's large chest with its claws, but Pidgeot wasn't letting go. The frozen wings as well as it's claws weren't going to let go.

Latios charged up. Pidgeot's head whipped at it much like a viper, and its beak glowed. Close combat again.

Latios steeled itself, and felt the barrage of pecks land on its body.


Latios crawled out of the crater unable to to tell if Pidgeot was out of the battle. It looked back to confirm if the battle was over. Pidgeot was struggling to stand with its frozen wings, most of the ice had chipped off, but it wouldn't be able to fly.

Latios looked back at itself, and noticed that its belly stung. Mirror move. The Solar Beam it had used in the last second had partially deflected at it.

Pidgeot jumped into the air, and opened its wings out. It glided straight at Latios. The familiar blue glow shrouded its body, and its wings folded.

Latios opened its mouth, and used Ice Beam. The blue beam struck at Pidgeot, but Pidgeot took it head on, and smashed its head directly on Latios chest.

Latios felt its breath knocked out as it was thrown across the wet grass. Its chest had taken far more punishment than it could handle, a powerful attack like Brave Bird right after having its own Solar Beam hit it, at the same time plummet from the sky and brutally greet the Earth.

Pidgeot smashed into the grass again, and struggled up. Most of its body was covered in ice, and the recoil sparks danced around its body. It laid itself softly on the now dry grass, the rain had long evaporated, and was like any normal day.

Latios didn't get back up. The Blue dragon fainted, while Pidgeot struggled to remain conscious. Latios' body was hit by a light red beam, and it returned to its Pokeball.

Naruto held Latios' Pokeball with a soft look in his eyes, before putting Latios away to rest. He eyed the Pidgeot that had given its all against Latios. The Bird was returned to Blue/Gary who smiled proudly at its Pokeball.

"That was amazing." stated Naruto, and brought out his next Pokeball. "This is the first time someone has managed to defeat one of my Team members."

Blue smirked at him. "Pidgeot trained hard for this moment, this victory, we're so close to achieving it. Defeating your Latios means we're no longer dreaming of victory, but its now a possibility."

Naruto nodded. "Typhlosion your up next!"

Typhlosion appeared from its Pokeball. Flames erupted from its back as it warmed up, and confidently stepped forward.

Blue quickly brought out his next Pokemon. Pidgeot was no longer in the condition to even fight a newborn Pokemon. He needed someone strong to take out the Typhlosion. "Snorlax send his Typhlosion packing home."

Snorlax appeared. It's massive body was definitely big, but Typhlosion wasn't exactly small. It was still smaller than Snorlax, but not by much.

"Snorlax, use everything you have against Typhlosion!" yelled Blue and pointed at Typhlosion. He knew better than to underestimate one of Johto's famous Pokemon.

Typhlosion attacked first. It disappeared from where it had stood, and delivered a powerful Thunderpunch directly onto Snorlax's stomach.

Snorlax skidded back, and groaned. It was quick, and bear hugged Typhlosion as it skidded. It didn't hesitate in its counter, and used Zen Headbutt.

The ground under Typhlosion opened up, as Typhlosion had just practically been nailed down by the force. It growled in pain, and clutched its head.

Snorlax smashed head with Typhlosion, and promptly let go. It wobbled back drunkly as it left itself dazed.

Typhlosion shook its head, and growled. It ran on all four legs and tackled Snorlax onto the ground, and came face to face with the sloth Pokemon. Typhlosion opened its mouth, and fired Overheat on Snorlax's head.

Snorlax immediately pushed off Typhlosion, and screamed in pain from the powerful flame base attack.

Snorlax smashed its right foot onto the ground. Everything around it started collapsing. The ground was opening up, and leaving the field of grass looking like a rocky field.

Typhlosion jumped from place to place, and avoided the now rough terrain. It took a deep breath, and used Bulk Up. It turned to Snorlax, and nodded to itself. It needed more power to even make that Pokemon curl, instead of groan.

More Bulking up if it wanted to get through that thick layer of fat.

Snorlax roared at Typhlosion, and started a slow run that quickly turned into a full blown sprint, with enough momentum Snorlax curled into a ball. The sheer size was dangerous, Typhlosion wasn't going to let itself get crushed by a lax Pokemon.

The rubbles meant nothing to Snorlax's Roll Out, it bounced like a basket ball, and neared Typhlosion. Typhlosion could already see Snorlax's mastery over its Roll Out.

Typhlosion jumped from where it stood, and let Snorlax roll pass it. Snorlax bounced back as predicted, and tried again.

Snorlax's rebound lowered its speed, and power. It was obvious one couldn't possibly due a perfect reverse, not without slowing down first.

Typhlosion saw the brief window of weakness, and moved in close with a counter. Another Thunder Punch. The two attacks met head on. Snorlax pushed forward against the steel wall that it smashed into.

Typhlosion grunted as its fist took in all the power in Snorlax's roll out, and pushed back harder. The ground beneath Typhlosion started to give in making Typhlosion push harder. Its foot dug in, and the flames on its back roared to life.

Snorlax's body was sent reeling back through the air, before landing flat on the destroyed battle ground. Yellow electricity sparked off of its body.

Typhlosion grinned toothily when it saw Snorlax trying to get up, and failing from paralysis. It wasn't one to miss such a opportunity, and opened up its mouth.

A light orange flame gathered in its mouth, and attacked. Blast Burn, a secret move known to a select few, the attack made a direct hit on Snorlax who had been unable to dodge.

Snorlax's entire body was smothered in the flame, the flames gathered around it, and became completely hidden in the fire. The area around it turned charcoal black. Typhlosion's Blast Burn was abruptly stopped when a solar beam nearly struck it.

With Blast Burn cut off, Snorlax became visible. Its body was black much like one would be after falling in a charcoal pit. Snorlax didn't look happy, and its normally expressionless face was angry. Despite it looking only angered, it was obvious that Typhlosion had done some serious damage, but Snorlax was a Pokemon known to have Health to spare.

Snorlax started an all out sprint towards Typhlosion, it was now truly riled up, furious even. OutRaged.

Typhlosion dodged the furious swipe it did at him. The attacks only got faster, and Typhlosion ended up taking more, and more hits from the surprisingly fast Pokemon, but Typhlosion quickly adapted and started fighting back.

Typhlosion's punches were sparking with each contact, using its Thunder Punch, while Snorlax's entire body glowed, and grew stronger with each passing moment. Typhlosion got absorbed into the battle, it pounded Snorlax's charred face, and was swiped at in return. Typhlosion was winning, the paralysis that Snorlax had was hindering it.

Typhlosion lunged at Snorlax, and pushed it to the ground. A Solar Beam struck its face immediately, the white beam split off from Typhlosion's face, but it didn't deter it. Typhlosion shut Snorlax's mouth up with another Thunder Punch, and caused Snorlax's own attack to explode in its mouth.

Typhlosion was thrown back from the explosion, and got up shaking itself to take away the ringing noise in its ears.

Snorlax was no longer getting back up. The explosion would have knocked anyone out, even someone like Snorkax.

Typhlosion sat down. Its legs were hurting, and its entire body was aching from Snorlax's furious assault. Typhlosion felt relief wash over it when it felt the familiar sensation of being returned, and Naruto's voice proudly congratulating it.

Naruto pocketed Typhlosion's pokeball, and pulled out Lugia's ball. He looked at Blue who was saying something to Snorlax, who had already returned to its Pokeball.

"Lugia, show them why your the master of the sky, and sea!" shouted Naruto, and tossed out Lugia's ball.

Lugia's magnificent form took shape in the air. Its large body effortlessly flying, as it took in its surrounding.

What once had been a large open field of grass was nothing more than a burned, and remodeled ruin. There were patches of ice from Latios, and Pidgeot's battle, destroyed grass field from Snorlax's Earthquake, and burned grass from Typhlosion. Creators from both battles. The landscape was already unrecognizable.

Naruto could see cameras surrounding them. Flying cameras, and people from the distance. They had been there since Latios' defeat. People had been arriving to watch the battle.

The Team Rocket Admins had been taken in by office Jennys, and were keeping people from nearing the unsafe battle ground. He wasn't the only one to notice it either, Blue had long noticed the people flocking to watch their battle.

"This is what happens when the Champion of the Elite Four battles!" shouted Blue, and spread his arms open. "I didn't just defeat the Elite Four, I defeated Lance during my time trying to find you, and became Champion of Hoen, and Johto!"

Naruto grinned at the surprising revelation. He had been wondering why the battle hadn't been interrupted yet, and that piece of information explained it. His goal to defeat the Champion was still the same, and this only got more simpler. Lance may have been strong, but Blue defeated him. Now Blue was his goal.

Blue brought out his next Pokemon. A Dragonite appeared, it looked as powerful as the tales about it were. A powerful dragon that few had ever managed to capture, and even less had tamed a Dragonite.

"Hoen, and Johto's Pokemon League is known to be the strongest of all the regions!" stated Blue with pride, and looked upon his Dragonite. "Two regions, we battle it out, and only the strongest of both region is crowned Champion. Do you know what this means Naruto?"

"No," replied Naruto uncertain where Blue was taking the conversation at.

Blue grinned, and looked proudly at his Pokemon. "It means that right now, I'm the most powerful trainer in the world!"

Dragonite took that as its cue, and attacked, it took off into the air as nothing more than a blur. The flying Dragon was as expected, fast. Dragonites had been known to be able to fly around the world in less than sixteen hours.

Lugia swerved in the air, and dodged Dragonite's attack.

Lugia moved like a viper through the air, twisting, and firing off an Aero Beam at Dragonite. The colorless beam missed, Dragonite was agile, and circled around the beam, while at the same time closing the distance between them. A brave, and confident maneuver that few would try.

Dragonite opened its powerful jaws wide open, and a green sphere gathered in its mouth. Dragon Pulse.

Lugia let Dragonite think it would get a hit.

Just as Dragonite released the attack, Lugia simply phased out of existence. Dragonite's eyes widen in surprise, before it was slammed by Lugia from behind. Extreme Speed was exactly what its name implied.

Dragonite couldn't keep up, and was quickly being shot with quick bursts of Aero beams. It dropped to the ground immediately. It couldn't get a clear view of Lugia who was disappearing from place to place. It was fast, but it wasn't as fast as Lugia. It needed a wide spread attack. Dragonite opened its maw, and a orb of orange shot out of its mouth, and into the sky. Draco Meteor, it was wide spread, and hard to dodge. If it didn't hit, it would at least slow Lugia's flash appearances.

The orb exploded up high into the sky, and remains of it scattered, before it rained down like a meteor. It was a beautiful attack, almost like firework.

Lugia slowed to dodge the meteors that were everywhere just as Dragonite had wanted.

Dragonite quickly Locked On Lugia. It wasn't going to let a faster opponent from winning. Having a clear sense of idea where Lugia was, and were it was going, Dragonite used Thunder Bolt. The yellow streak of thunder shot out of Dragonite's horn, and toward Lugia with a hundred percent accuracy.

Lugia quickly saw that it wasn't an attack that could be dodged, and took the hit. A normally super effective move, and would have knocked out any other Pokemon, but Lugia had multi-scale. Its scales cut the attacks power by half. It grunted from the pain, and saw Dragonite looking weakened.

Lugia glowed a soft blue just as the attack ended, and was instantly directly above of Dragonite. Lugia flapped its wings, and unleashed a blizzard.

Dragonite, and everything surrounding it froze into solid ice. The chilly wind continued, it didn't stop, and reached everything. The lake that had been out of reach froze, the entire field of grass. It must have been at least eighteen acres, all frozen with one move.

Naruto, and Blue didn't fear the blizzard, it swept around them leaving them untouched. A testament to Lugia's mastery over its attack.

Lugia stayed in the air watching carefully to know if the battle was over. Unfortunately Dragonite didn't give up so easily, it's frozen form glowed red from within the ice. Lugia knew that move, it was Out Rage.

The ice shattered like glass, and Dragonite flew up directly at Lugia. It was lost in rage now.


Gold watched the battle, and ignored the surrounding world around him. He was thankful that Lyra had answered all of Officer Jenny's questions about Team Rocket.

He, and Silver had been captivated by the battle from the start. The battle was on a whole new level, he was seeing the world's strongest Pokemon trainer face off against another trainer that seemed to be famous.

Officer Jenny didn't ask Lyra to many questions, and believed the answers given. One added bonus due to the Pokemon Champion's presence.

Jenny had set up a blockade around the Lake of Rage. Camera crews, and reporter had showed up quickly to report on the end of Team Rocket, but upon seeing the Champion Battle they forgot all about Team Rocket.

Gold watched Lugia and Dragonite battle it out in the sky. The two clashed with such power that he could see the air displacement, small shockwaves from their clash. His keen eyes could only keep track of so much, he sometime lost track of their movements, it was only due to his training with Typhlosion that he could see such a fast paced battle.

Dragonite's reflexes were amazing, it was the only thing that allowed it to fight on even grounds with Lugia who had superior speed.

Gold brought out Typhlosion, and let it watch one of the most amazing battles in history. Silver, and Lyra did the same. This was a new height for trainers to reach, it wasn't impossible anymore. It wasn't impossible to train your Pokemon to be strong enough to freeze an entire field in an instant.

Pokemon could fight at Mach speed, it wasn't just a idea. These two accomplished it. Typhlosion's dash that was so fast it looked like teleportation, and Snorlax, a big Pokemon thought to only have raw power, also obtained speed that was to fast for the eye to see.

Latios, and Pidgeot. The two had demonstrated sky battle that seem unreal, speed without sacrificing power. This battle was unraveling, and with each move that the two Pokemon made a new myth like scene played out.


Lugia, and Dragonite smashed into the frozen land. Lugia kicked Dragonite with its legs, and took off into the sky. Dragonite followed behind with its mouth open, a familiar green ball of energy gathered in its maw.

Lugia dodged the Dragon Pulse, and flipped to face Dragonite. It folded its wings forward, and made both touch.

Dragonite took a sharp dive as soon as it saw Lugia gain enough space to counter. It aimed to smash into the ice, and avoid getting directly struck.

Lugia's wings generated a small spark, it was all the warning Dragonite got, before a streak of Thunder struck out.

Dragonite smashed into the frozen land, before a blinding white flash followed.

Lugia's keen eyes saw Dragonite saw Dragonite barely escape the attack, but unfortunately ice was a conductor, and the Thunder still hit. The thunder may have been watered down due to the distribution, but it was still a painful shock.

Dragonite didn't immediately rise to fight, instead it stayed in there.

Lugia waited for Dragonite to make the first move. It couldn't simply go after Dragonite who could easily retaliate. It would only take one more wrong move to end the battle. Both were starting to slow, and both knew it.

A dark red ball of energy shot out of the ice, and flew upward, directly at Lugia.

Lugia easily dodged it, and started moving as fast as it could, before Draco meteor did what it was known for.