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Expectedly Unexpected


Four years had passed since Usui Takumi left for England. It was a tough decision we both have to face but with love and faith, I know we can endure it.

We didn't have any means of communication with each other, just a promise to hold on to. I live my everyday life like I used to before meeting him. But deep inside me, his existence kept me breathing and my heart beating.


The wind swept by, making me shiver for a moment. I watched the river from the old bridge where Usui and I used to hang out.

I always make sure I dropped by here every day, just to remind myself that I have a reason to live. Some part of me hoped that, one day, Usui will be there waiting for me. Disappointment and longing always comes next when I found the empty bench.

But that day, it sure was expectedly unexpected.

The wooden floor softly groaned and the most beautiful music in my ears played: The voice of the person I've been dreaming of these past years.

"Ayuzawa Misaki..." he said.

I didn't look back. A smile threatened to spread across my face at the same time my eyes stung.

"I miss you," he added softly.

"Me too," I answered, still viewing the river.

Warmth engulfed my body as Usui wrapped his arms around me from behind.

"I was afraid my mind's playing tricks on me," I whispered.

"You're not being creative," he whispered back to my ear. His warm breath sent tickles down my spine.

He spun me around to face him. He was more handsome than I remember. Seriously, how can you become more handsome than you already are, perverted alien? I wanted to ask him. But I held my tongue; he'll just end up teasing me.

He held my burning face, "I miss this –" he kissed my forehead, "–and this, and this–" he said as he kissed both my cheeks. "And this–" he showered me with quick kisses all over my face.

"S-stop it, pervert!"

He paused and looked at me into my eyes

"But most of all, I miss this," he touched my lips with his thumb.

He slowly leaned closer, keeping my eyes captive of centimeters more and we would be kissing.

A sudden vibration in my pocket jolted me. My phone was ringing.

I realized that I had my arms around Usui's neck which made me blush even more. I retrieved my traitor arms and fumbled with my pocket.

"What?" he asked, his voice was full of silent questions as to why I pulled away.

"No, no..." I said as I pulled my cellphone from my fitted jeans pocket. I held it out to his face, "It's ringing."

Usui chuckled, "Go on. But I'm not letting you go." He tightly hugged me by my waist.

I sighed. I looked at the caller; it was Suzuna. "Hello, Suzuna?"

"Nee-san, Ryuu-kun's missing!" Suzuna almost yelled.

"WHAT?!" my heart jumped to my throat. I struggled to untangle myself from Usui while he, seeing my reaction, dropped his hands immediately. "H-how did that happened?!" I demanded.

"His teacher said during play time outside the classroom he just disappeared. They searched the whole school and nearby places but they couldn't find him. They said that by nightfall and they still haven't found him, they will call the police. I'm searching in the parks now too," Suzuna explained breathlessly.

"I'll look for him too. Where's mom?"

"She called this afternoon; she said she'll be staying over her friend's house tonight. I didn't tell her anything, she'll just going to worry so much."

"Okay, that's good. I'll search this area. Call me if you have any news." I talked so fast I hoped she understood.

"Got it!" And she dropped the line.

All the excitement and happiness upon seeing Usui melted away. Adrenaline pulsed through my body and I felt like crying.

No, please. I can't lose him, my mind chanted over and over again. I turned to Usui, "Sorry, I-I have to go. We'll talk some other time!" I started to sprint but a strong hand stopped me.

"Hey, wait! What's wrong, Misaki?" Usui's forehead was creased and concern dominated his face.

"I-I'll tell you later, I promise. Just please let me go, I need to find him," I pleaded. He let me go. But I couldn't forget his sad face as I made a mad dash.

I went to the place where Ryuu-kun and I usually sit under the moonlight while eating his favorite crepe.

Please, be there, I prayed.

My heart felt like it was about to burst beyond relief when I saw a small figure sitting alone on the bench. I rushed towards it.

"Ryuu!" I huffed as I stopped in front of him.

His cute little voice trembled, "Mommy?"


Published: 23 January 2012

Edited: 16 September 2013