Kaichō wa Maid-sama! 2005 © Fujiwara Hiro

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Expectedly Unexpected


Ryuu threw himself on me; burrowing my warmth. I tightly embraced him.

"Why did you run off from school?"

"B-because...I want to see mommy but I couldn't find the way to our house."

I sighed and sat him back on the bench. "Ryuu, running off from school is a bad thing, do you understand?" I lectured him softly.

He nodded.

"You made teacher so worried. Don't do that again, 'kay?"

He nodded obediently.

"Promise?" I held out my pinky and he enthusiastically intertwined his little finger with mine. He smiled widely, showing his crooked baby teeth. "Now, seal your promise," I tapped my lips and he bumped his little lips on mine.

"Wow, a kid just beat me to it," a figure beside me emerged.

I stood up and chuckled.

"Who is he, mommy?" Ryuu tugged my hand.

Usui's eyes widen. His face was full of surprise. "He just called you mommy," Usui stated.

I gave him my deluxe we'll-talk-about-it-later stare. I ignored Ryuu's question and lifted him in my arms, "Let's go home first, alright?"


Usui offered to carry Ryuu when he fell asleep. They looked so much alike. They had the same blonde hair and green eyes. I chuckled to myself.

"What's so funny?" Usui asked.

"Nothing. It's just that he look so much like you. He's like your splitting image," I explained.

He didn't answer though I knew what was running in his head.

We arrived at our house safely. I informed Suzuna and she was on her way back.

"Where do I put him?" Usui inquired.

"Oh, right this way." I made my way to my room and he followed closely.

My room was now decorated with Ryuu's drawings, toys and his clothes sprawled on the floor.

"You can put him here. Thank you," I pulled the covers on my bed and made way for him as he laid Ryuu carefully. I took off the little guy's coat and shoes. I tucked him under the blanket, sighing in relief as I watched his peaceful sleep.

"This is your room, right?" Usui spoke.

"Yeah, he couldn't sleep without me beside him so he sleeps here," I explained, bending down to pick up the mess.

"Misaki..." his voice was soft and full of questions.

"Yeah?" I turned to him.

"Ryuu is..." he looked at with some strange combination of sadness, confusion and frustration.

"My son," I finished the sentence for him.

He exhaled, looking ready to throw his own body out the window.

"Well, at least that's what the papers say," I grinned at him.

"What?" His brows furrowed deeper.

"Ryuu is the son of my mom's friend. She died giving birth to him and with no other family to take care of the child, we decided to adopt him. I mean, I adopted him." I looked fondly at my son, caressing his blonde hair gently.

When I looked up, Usui was grinning ear to ear.

I scoffed, "What, you seriously thought I already given up on you and married someone else?"

"No, actually, I thought he was my son. Seeing my own image on him and he looks like three or four years old, the same time I was gone; remembering the last night we had together...:" he ranted off.

"Oh, shut up!" I felt my face getting hotter. He laughed softly and snaked his hands around my waist.

"He kind of reminds me of you. Not only by his looks but the way he always follow me; trailing behind like stalker," I chuckled. "His thoughtfulness, he's just like your smaller version so I didn't hesitate about adopting him."

Long paused.

"But if I were really was pregnant back then, I would do any means of getting to England, possible or impossible, just to drag you back here with my own hands and forced you to marry me!" I added while I playfully shoved him.

Usui laughed and crushed his lips on mine, "That is why I love you, Ayuzawa Misaki." He looked at me alluringly, "So, what about giving Ryuu a sibling or two?"

"Pervert..." I mumbled and teased him with my kisses. I wrapped my hands on his neck and pulled him closer.

"Mom?" a ruffled voice from the bed called.

'Yes?' I turned to Ryuu without letting go of Usui.

"What are you doing?" He asked curiously.

"I am welcoming your daddy back," I smiled at him as his big, emerald eyes sparkled with joy and excitement.

"You're my daddy?" He looked at Usui with so much love I knew Usui wouldn't disagree.

He withdrew his hands around me and gave Ryuu a big hug, "Yes. I'm your daddy. I'm home."

"Yay! Welcome back, Daddy!" Ryuu's cheer rang out through the house.

And that's how my family instantly became whole.


Published: 24 January 2012

Edited: 16 September 2013