3 years later – 24 years old

The grim news came when her parents told her that the Lopez's were selling their cottage. It was like déjà vu all over again, except this time she wasn't just losing a best friend but a family too; at least that's how it felt. It also brought the sad truth to her, that she may never see Santana Lopez again. Last she heard the girl had come back from Penn State but moved out of Laguna but to where she didn't know.

A week ago she ran into Quinn Fabray a store in West Hollywood. When she heard the familiar "charge it" she quickly looked around in hopes of it being the girl of her dreams, but it wasn't. She would have rather it be a complete stranger other than Santana's best friend. Once Quinn spotted her the two girls talked for a few minutes then decided to go for a cup coffee. They talked for a little while, neither bringing up Santana although Brittany had wanted to ask her she refrained from doing so.

Now she found herself standing on the back deck over looking the water as she remembered all the memories that took place so long ago. Deciding to go for a walk she let her feet lead and just followed along. The first place they lead her was to the Lopez cottage. Standing outback she looked up at kitchen and remembered walking in on Santana trying to bake which was a joke in of itself.

Next she found herself sitting on her rock looking out at the water then at the rock next to hers. Then she walked over to the tree where their initials were carved. Looking at her watch and noting the time she headed back for her cottage but found herself standing on the dock. This was their place, their spot where they hung out on the boat and tanned and floated in the water, sometimes swam in the rain.

When she got the news she knew that she didn't want anyone else to live in that cottage, something about it help a place in her heart. So she checked her bank account and realized she had enough saved for the down payment and was now set to meet with the real estate agent who was selling the cottage on behalf of the Lopez's. Finally she sat down on the edge of the dock and dipped her feet into the water and swung her legs a little, staring off into the lake. She was so deep in thought she hadn't heard the person come up behind her standing on the other end of the dock looking at the now brunette.

The person cleared their throat but Brittany was to entranced by memories of her and Santana to notice. Finally she clued into someone's foot tapping and when she turned around she was met my deep brown eyes. Standing up and dusting herself off, sliding her flip flops back on she walked over and shook the women's hand.

"Brittany Pierce, sorry about that was just thinking." She grinned as the women shook her hand back.

"Not to worry dear, but I have another meeting to attend to shortly so we'll have to make this quick." Brittany nodded. "I'll keep this brief, another offer has been put on the table from an anonymous buyer." Brittany looked down and nodded, in a way she had gotten her hopes up. "The buyer has informed me that they are willing to meet with you in order to come to an agreement of some sort instead of constantly going back and forth through me. If this is alright with you I can get the meeting set up as soon as possible."

Brittany looked up and nodded. "A meeting would be great this place means the world to me." After a few more minutes of discussion the two women walked back to their cars and went on their separate ways.

Two Weeks Later

Once again Brittany found herself sitting on the dock, feet dangling in the water lost in a daze. She was once again meeting with the real estate agent, hoping to put a final deal on the table. She knew she could make her life easy by just talking to the Lopez's directly and that both Jimmy and Julie would find a way to sell her the cottage but she didn't really want them to know.

She picked up a near by rock and skipped it across the water before she finally heard the woman behind her clear her throat and then say, "are you the other potential buyer on the Lopez cottage?"

Brittany moved back, stood up and slipped her sandals on before looking up at the woman who had just brought her out of her gaze. "Sorry to bombard you like this but Susan told me you had a meeting today and I asked her to let me try and talk this over with you instead. Brittany looked out onto the water and answered, "that's fine, it's beautiful isn't it." She said referring to view from the dock. This caused the woman to step forward slightly and take a closer look at the view, Brittany.

Feeling the woman's eyes on her she went to turn around. "No offense but something caught your eye that you're staring at?" The woman stood there still staring as Brittany turned around slowly. "I can understand one look at this place and you fell in love with it but I've loved it since I was…"

"…six years old. The first time I saw you sitting on the dock all sad and crying, mad because my family had moved in." Brittany looked up and the two lost girls were seemingly found again. "Santana?" Brittany questioned.

The woman nodded and gave a slight wave with a smile. Both woman stood still not knowingly what to say or how to act. "Want to go for a walk, discuss business." Santana asked causing Brittany to nod. They walked for awhile and found themselves at their secret spot that even after Santana's accident their parents still had been unable to find. They sat down on their respective rocks and looked out onto the lake.

"I like you hair the darker blonde works for you." Santana smiled. "You going to let me have my cottage or am I going to have to hurt you?"

Brittany spit the water out of her mouth and moved closer to the edge pulling Santana into the water. "Why didn't your parents just give you the place?" Without answering Santana started to swim and Brittany followed her until they reached the little cove.

"Wanted to do it own my own, didn't want mommy and daddy just giving me the cottage although they would have. I wanted it to be my own investment." Brittany nodded in understanding.

Half hour later

Both woman were lying on the beach when Brittany finally broke the silence. "What are you honestly thinking about?" She whispered.

"That you ran into Quinn not to long ago, although she didn't tell me what you guys talked about or that you had dyed your hair. What you thinking about?"

"That even though I haven't seen you in six years or spoken to you this doesn't feel as weird as it probably should." Santana nodded in agreement.

"So does that mean your going to let me buy the cottage?" Brittany looked over at her and smiled.


"Maybe yes or maybe no?"

"Just maybe." Brittany smiled.

"Jesus!" Santana said with a little laugh.


Santana looked over at her and gave her a dirty look. "We aren't little kids anymore. "

"No we're 24 and bigger kids than we were then."

Little While Later

The two had gone back to the Pierce cottage and were sitting at the table talking about old times and about where Santana was living. "I just needed out of Laguna and away from my parents, when I came back from school they couldn't realize that I wasn't their precious fragile daughter anymore. So I moved down the coast a little to Huntington Beach. You should come by some time, go surfing. I always thought Laguna was amazing but Huntington is just as awesome."

"Once and Orange County girl, always an Orange County girl." Brittany smiled at her. "So are you seeing anyone." Brittany said quickly before taking a sip of her drink.

Santana shook her head. "Not right now, dated around a little bit but I haven't found the one yet I guess and I'm to busy with work and the likes to really care how about you."

"Met the one when I was six years old never been able to get over that." She mumbled so incoherently that Santana couldn't understand her.

"What'd you say?"

Brittany shook her head nothing. "Lets go down to the dock and watch the sunset for old times sake. Knowing that Brittany wasn't going to give Santana an option she nodded and stood up and extended her hand to Brittany who took it. They walked down to the dock laughing and joking around before sitting down the way Santana had found Brittany earlier. Silence consumed them for a little while before Brittany figured that if she didn't say anything now than she might miss her chance and she wasn't about to loose it again.

"I met the right person for me when I was six years old. Most beautiful girl you've ever seen. Beautiful smile that made me fall in love with her, probably the minute I seen her even if I didn't know it at the time."

Santana looked over at her. "What happened if you two were so perfect and she was the one."

"She went off to school where I was supposed to go and I went where she was supposed to go and we sort of just grew apart, I realized after it was to late that she meant the world to me. Even if I didn't get to see her or because of the distance I didn't care as long as I could say to someone who asked me if I had a girlfriend 'yeah I do the most amazing person and most beautiful kind hearted woman in the world,"

Santana blushed a little. "I'm sure she felt the exact same way so I guess the question is we're both finally in the right place at the right time what do we do? What are you honestly thinking now?"

Brittany leaned over and kissed Santana softly mumbling. "That." Santana smiled into the kiss and moved closer to Brittany running her hand through her hair. "I have to be honest, I've never for a second stopped loving you and I want you to know that."

The girl nodded. "And I'll never stop loving you, just thought you should know." She smiled.

The two finally broke away. "The first summer your family moved up here was the summer that changed my life." Brittany took Santana's hand in hers and entwined their fingers.

"That maybe so but our last summer together was the summer that changed it all. That was the summer I knew I loved you more than I have anyone or anything else and I wouldn't change any of it for the world." This time it was Santana's turn to kiss Brittany and they ended up laying on the dock for hours. They found themselves laying in the dark looking up at the stars and the moon and knew that no matter they would always be connected to one another just as it seemed the stars and the moon were.

The End

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