Harvest Campaign Report

Spartan: 023 Daisy

From the moment we arrived on Harvest, it was apparent that any attempt to retake the planet would be a lost cause. Soon, the Covenant had forced us back and we were left with no choice but to abandon the planet… We found her just after the order was given to retreat. A woman with long silver hair and dark red eyes whose incredible power was unlike any I'd ever seen before. If not for her… I have no doubt that none of us would still be alive.

Spartan: 117 John

I heard about the woman a short time after Harvest. We first met a short time after the fall of Reach. I'll admit, right from the start… we all knew she was different.

UNSC Artificial intelligence: CTN 0452-9 Cortana

To simply call her incredible would be an understatement. She was, as it were, one of the goddesses themselves, stepping right out of the pages of legends. The Valkyrur, Selvaria Bles.



Gallia: Ghirlandaio Citadel: year 1935

"Ahhh, I could get used to this," General Damon declared sitting himself on the throne once resided in by Prince Maximillian, "It's my throne for a day!"

"General, you look like you belong there, considering what you've accomplished," a soldier declared standing next to the general.

"Ahhh, yes, after dealing the final blow to the empire, I proceeded to capture the Valkyria alive. I doubt that there is greater glory to be had then that," Damon declared gazing at Selvaria Bles. The once proud Valkyria now stood, her arms bound behind her and two armed guards on either side of the now seemingly helpless woman. "Now that I think about it, that promotion to Marshall may not be far off."

"General, when did the forces transporting the prisoners leave?" Selvaria asked suddenly.

"Well, let's see," Damon replied scratching his chin, "I'd say about three hours ago."

"Excellent, that should be enough time."

"Enough time for what! You're just a bird in a cage now. A cage from which you will never emerge! Have you forgotten yourself, Witch!"

"You are the one who forgets, General," Selvaria replied as a blinding blue light, "witness the power of the Valkyria's flame. Fueled by the dying embers of her own life… it blossoms into Hell's own inferno!" she cried as the aura erupted into a massive blue flame. Within minutes, the entire Citadel had been encased with flame and all who had been caught in the blast were dead… or at least… so it was thought.


Planet Harvest: year 2525

Three marines ran desperately for cover as the covenant suddenly ambushed them. Two made it, but one was not as lucky as a plasma round hit him, blowing him to pieces.

"Darn it! They finally give the order to pull out and now this!" their leader, Sergeant Hauser, shouted angrily, "well you can forget it. I'm not dying here!" he shouted as he and the surviving marine turned and returned fire on the encroaching covenant. A couple more marines soon joined their lines and a fierce battle had soon erupted in the streets. Even with the reinforcements though, the covenant soon began to break their lines, killing a far more marines then the marines were taking down of them.

"No!" Hauser shouted as the sky suddenly filled with covenant drones preparing to fire down on the defenseless marines. Suddenly, gun shots began to ring out and the drones began to drop one by one. In a building above the marines, a Spartan wearing red and black armor continued to gun down drones with a shotgun. The gun ran out of ammo, but the Spartan quickly cast aside the shotgun, pulling an assault rifle from her back and continuing the attack as she did. The drones fell one by one to the well placed bursts of the assault rifle.

"Now we're talkin! Alright boys, let's give our chief petty officer some back!" Hauser ordered as the men prepared to resume their attack. However, all the fighting suddenly stopped as a blinding blue light suddenly engulfed the area.

"What the…" the Spartan said staring down into the light in shock. The light soon cleared, revealing a beautiful woman with long silver hair who lay on her stomach, seemingly unconscious. For almost a minute, both covenant and human stared at the strange woman who finally stirred and climbed to her feet, gazing over the strange aliens before her, her dark red eyes showing both surprise and confusion at the strange place she now found herself in and the even stranger creatures that now faced her. An elite was the first to begin firing again, aiming a plasma pistol round for Selvaria's head which the Valkyrur easily dodged.

"I guess I can assume that you are not my allies," Selvaria declared as her blue Valkyrian flame appeared around her. Two elites charged at her with energy swords, but she quickly ducked under the attacks, kicked up, and snapped the arm of one of the elites who dropped his sword. Selvaria quickly seized the plasma blade by its handle, running through the second elite and taking his sword as well which she used to decapitate the remaining elite. "I do not know where I am, or how I have come to be here, but it appears that I will have to wait until a later time to discover those answers," she stated simply as she moved her head to the side, barely evading a fuel rod cannon that struck the wall of a building. She faced the covenant again, but turned her head when something suddenly rolled against the back of her legs. Her eyes widened with surprise as she gazed down… at a Valkyrian lance! Looking at the wall that had just fallen, she saw that the building inside had been some kind of church… a Valkyrian shield was still attached to a stand which hung off a broken portion of the wall. A second stand lay next to it, large enough to hold the lance.

With no time to think, Selvaria quickly cast aside one of her swords, picking up the lance and firing a beam of blue light into the covenant which blew several of them away. Caught off guard by the attack, the Covenant hesitated for a moment, giving Selvaria just enough time to grab the shield. She held it up just in time to block the Covenant's resumed. The Covenant were surprised to see that no matter what they fired at the strange woman, her shield blocked it without receiving a single scratch!

"I have no time for this," Selvaria sighed, "bow before the Valkyria's flame!" she shouted as a large burst of blue light shot from the shield, engulfing dozens more of the Covenant forces. Faced with the unfamiliar and apparently superior opponent, the Covenant finally determined to retreat, leaving the humans to wonder what had happened.

"That was… incredible," the Spartan declared. She had witnessed the entire battle as it had occurred from her position above the ground. A noise behind her caught her attention. She sidestepped just in time to evade the shot of a Plasma Pistol, but found herself tackled out the window of the building by a drone who slammed her hard into the ground and raised its pistol for the kill. Before it could fire, however, a flash of blue light cut through it, blowing it away from the downed Spartan. The girl climbed to her feet and removed her helmet, revealing herself to be a lovely young girl with bright blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. A mix of fear and awe crept through the Spartan as she stared into the shining red eyes of the Valkyrur.