Criss-Crossing worlds

Chapter One

Rich walked down the dirty London street back to his apartment quickening his pace as the cold that hung in the air began freezing his cheeks and nose. Reaching his home he searched his pockets for the keys finding them in his jacket pocket. He unlocked the door and stepped inside narrowly missing a gush of water from the broken gutter above the door.
"When will someone fix that?" he wondered to himself closing the door.
Rich had barely been in the room for half a minute before the phones deafeningly loud ringing echoed down the hall.

He inwardly groaned when the voice of a telemarketer met his ears.
"Hello sir, I am calling to ask you a few questions about your internet provider-"
"I'm happy with my internet provider, thank you and I'm not interested in answering your questions thanks." He slammed the phone back on the receiver before the man could reply.

He yawned, walked to the kitchen to make a large cup of coffee and put the news on. The news tonight was dull, the same old sports report, followed by yesterday's top story, in this case the kitten that got stuck in its owner's roof for two days, so he finished his coffee and had a long hot shower.

The clock beamed 11:17pm when Rich finally collapsed onto his bed. He slept peacefully for the next ten hours completely unaware that he wouldn't be getting a peaceful sleep after tonight.

Dave sat bolt up-right in the dark. Groaning he fell back into his pillow,
"It's your turn," his wife groggily mumbled from next to him. With a Bollo like huff he got out of bed and dragged his feet to the next room. He walked in and turned on the lamp and saw his nine month old daughter sitting in her crib crying for human affection.
"Aw Violet come here." Dave lifted his daughter out and sat in the chair next to the crib cradling her in his arms. After fifteen minutes of cooing, nursery rhymes and even three or four crimps Violet had fallen back to sleep. Dave laid her in the crib, turned off the lamp and quietly left the room and tiptoed back to his own bed.

He checked the time and moaned, 11:34pm.
"Was she alright?" he kissed his wife on the forehead and slid back under the covers,
"perfectly." Snuggling up to her they soon fell back into a much-appreciated sleep.

Julian sat in a cosy warm chair half way through writing out a Guitar solo. He yawned and stretched happily content with his progress so far. Julian picked up his mug for a sip of tea then sighed finding it was empty.
"More tea." He mumbled putting the sheet music on his coffee table and the guitar back in its stand Julian got up to make himself a cup.
He began making the tea and pulled out a tin taking three short bread biscuits and put them on a plate.
The kettle filled the kitchen with steam as the water boiled.
He filled the mug adding sugar and milk and carefully walked back to the chair not wanting to spill his drink. He sipped the hot sweet liquid savouring the taste. The short bread cookies were finished quicker than he expected.

After his relaxing break Julian put the mug and plate in the kitchen sink and began getting ready for bed. When clock struck 11:45pm Julian had brushed his teeth and was lying in bed starring at the ceiling. After a thought he rolled over and scribbled on the note pad he kept on his bedside table.
He absolutely could not forget about the appointment he had tomorrow. He rolled over and whispered good night to Julia then let sleep engulf him.

Noel paid the taxi driver and began walking to his front door. Once he was inside he shook out of his jacket and threw it on the coat stand.
"Mm home sweet home." He mumbled to himself walking straight to his bathroom. Tonight was freezing and he was freezing. Right through to the steam from the hot water cascading from the shower head quickly filled the bathroom and seeped through the crack at the bottom of the door. Once Noel was finished showering he went straight to his bed, hair towel dried and wavy.
He was half asleep when his phone began ringing. He sat up and looked at the clock to see it was 12:13am.
"Ugh come on!" he tiredly rolled over and picked up the phone from the bedside table and put it to his ear.
"NNNNNNOOOOOOOEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL! What's going on buddy!" he now held to phone at arm's length and was rubbing his ear cursing.
"Why are you calling? It's midnight." Noel grumbled holding the phone to his other ear.
"Oh yeah um...I had to ask you if you um...I forgot..."
"How about when you remember what it is you had to tell me you write it down and show me later."
"Okay…good idea… bye then Noel."
"Good bye." Noel hung up the phone then unplugged it and threw across the room in annoyance.
"He's pissed which means endless drunk calls all through the night." He grumbled to himself before lying back down in bed.

Mike sat in his car waiting for the red light to turn green. He looked across to car next to him. A mother was yelling at her children who were fighting in the back seat. She seemed to notice him instantly and gave him a glare that could shrivel a flower. Thankfully the lights turned green and Mike quickly hit the accelerator and drove away from the glaring woman. He turned left and continued on down the street only to groan in annoyance. At the end of the street there was a road closed sign
"Tonight of all nights… I just want to be home." He looked at his watch. 12:24am.

The cars were being redirected by policeman to turn around and head back the way they had come. When he got closer he slowed down and wound down his window to ask one of the policemen what the hold-up was. He looked down the road to see what had happened and his breath caught.

It was a car crash. A horrific one. Two cars had smashed into each other. One lay upside-down and the other had all of its left side smashed up. The upside-down car had saw marks where firemen had cut off the metal to free the driver. Both cars had blood spattering on the front windows and along the left side of the car that stood the right way up. But what made his stomach twist were the three body bags on the ground. Most of the ambulance vehicles blocked the view of the accident but Mike could see past them from where he was.

"ANNIE!" a figure rushed past his car window followed by two others.
One stopped in its tracks near the front of his car but the other two kept running. One fell to their knees when they saw the body bags and began wailing. The other grabbed them and pulled them into an embrace.
Mikes attention was drawn back to the person standing near his car. They hadn't moved from where they'd stopped running and Mike could their breath coiling around their face before drifting off into the cold night.

A tapping on the passenger side window made Mike jump. He wound down the window to see a policeman holding a torch.
"Sir you're going to have to turn around, you can't go through here. I'm sorry for any inconvenience."
"Yeah that's fine." Mike replied distractedly looking back at the person.
The policeman nodded then straightened up walking away from his car. Mike performed a U-turn and drove slowly back the way he'd come.

As he performed the U-turn he caught a last glance at the person. It was a young girl, maybe 14 or 15 years old. Tears covered her cheeks and her bottom lip was quivered with each inhale she took. She shook where she stood and her eyes never moved from the other two people who stood wailing and holding each other.

Mike drove home concentrating on driving. When he finally shut the front door it was around 1 am.
He sat down and turned on his T.V for a distraction but he couldn't pay attention to what was playing so he went to bed.
Mike tossed and turned trying to sleep but he couldn't get the scene of the car crash out of his head.
The crying girl, the blood, the state of the cars or the two wailing people crouching near the body bags. It was so horrific. Mike had never seen anything so terrible in his life.

He eventually found sleep but it a restless and uncomfortable night.

A/N: I don't know if they live in houses or flats so I just guessed. Also Julia is Julian's partner.

Updated A/N: Yes I know it's been a very long time since I last updated this story and I'm so sorry for letting you readers down. I will be editing the other chapters of this story and finishing it, but I can't say how often I will be posting new chapters as there are other stories I am currently writing and want to finish too.