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Criss-Crossing worlds

Chapter three

Mike woke the next morning feeling sick in the stomach. He washed his face in the bathroom sink to help wake himself up. The cold water trickled down his neck and soaked into his pale grey shirt turning it into dark charcoal shades. When he looked in the mirror he realized he looked as bad as he felt. Dark circles rimmed his bloodshot eyes and his hair looked like something had built a nest in it. He wiped away the water with a soft towel then made his way to the kitchen. The tiles were cold on his feet as he stepped quickly through the kitchen and shoved some bread in the toaster. The smell of cooking bread quickly filled the kitchen and he inhaled deeply loving the scent. Mike opened the fridge and pulled out some butter and a jar of jam. He kept most sweet things in the fridge since the time he'd left the lid half on and hundreds of ants had gotten all through his cupboards. The toast suddenly popped up then Mike took them and smeared the toast with the spreads. Munching on his breakfast Mike walked to the living room and turned on his T.V to find out the weather forecast. He had to go out grocery shopping today and also had to pick up some CDS he had ordered a while ago. The Reporter appeared on the screen and stated that it was going to be a cloudy and cold day so rug up if you're going outside. Mike finished the last of his toast and had gotten up to clean up the crumbs left in the kitchen when the next news article started playing. Mike stopped and watched the T.V curiously. His stomach twisted as he realized what the report was about. The crash he saw. "A tragic accident took place last night when nineteen year old Annie Peterson was driving back home from work when another driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into her car. Twenty-two year old Mathew Blake and his sixteen year old cousin and passenger Megan Blake lost control of the car and tried to swerve away but the left side of his car hit directly into Annie's car. The impact sent Annie's car flipping onto its roof. All victims died at the scene. Both families are very distraught. We send them our condolences." Mike sat down on the arm of the couch and drew in a shuddering breath. He remembered the blood all over the windows and down the side of the cars and the hysterical wails from the two people by the body bags. Mike sat there blankly for another ten minutes before realizing he had things he needed to get done today. He cleaned up the crumbs then got ready for his day out.

"It's him I swear."
"No it can't be."
"Trust me it's him."
"No I don't think it's him."
"Let's go ask then." Mike could see two kids out of the corner of his eye; they were whispering frantically to each other and standing huddled together like penguins near a rack of CDS. He was waiting for the store owner to come back with his order of CDS he came to collect.
"No way!" He saw one grab the other by the arm and drag them towards him. "Hey let go of me!" the kid tried to pull away but just got dragged forward until they were standing right next to Mike. "Excuse me Mr?" Mike turned to face the two kids. One was a boy with spiky black hair, had cufflinks on his wrists and wore eyeliner. The other was a girl with dyed white hair with a French Cap on and a suit like jacket covered with badges. They both looked to be only 12 or 13. "Yeah?" he replied pleasantly. The boy's mouth curved up into a wide smile.
"Are you Mike Fielding from The Mighty Boosh?" The boy already knew the answer. Mike smiled at the boy,
"yeah that's me." "I'm Tom and this here," He pulled the girl forward from behind him where she was hiding, "is Gemma." He turned and slung an arm around her shoulders forcing her to step forward so she stood next to him. She shyly looked up at Mike and smiled,
"Hi Gemma" Mike held out his hand and Gemma's eyes widened, she shook Mike's hand and a smiled spread across her face showing a dimple in her left cheek. Tom started bouncing on the balls of his feet. "We both are huge fans of The Mighty Boosh; we stumbled across it once when she was staying at my place. It was one of the best nights of my life." Tom had a glint in his eyes and Gemma just stood in a silent awe staring at Mike. Tom's personality seemed far too jovial for the eyeliner and cufflinks.
"C-can I get a photo please?" Gemma Pulled out an iPhone and was holding it in both hands. Tom squealed and practically launched himself in the air like a rocket. "Ohmagod! Please?" He swung on Gemma neck like a monkey pulling her down a little. She pulled herself back up and sneakily elbowed Tom in the ribs and he stopped bouncing on his feet quite so drastically. Mike laughed at the two, "Yeah of course you can." The trio shuffled into a line and Gemma held the phone up. Mike and Gemma smiled and Tom pouted making a duck face. Gemma took the picture then looked at. "Tom you moron, you just had to make that face didn't you?" she laughed turning the phone round to show the picture. Tom giggled and shrugged, "Hey I'm a strange child….hey Mike, could you possibly sign my cufflink?" Tom showed Mike his right cufflink. "Sure I can." Mike took the permanent maker Tom pulled out of his pocket and signed the cufflink. He looked at Gemma. "Is there anything a can sign for you?" Gemma's eyes widened and she searched herself quickly eventually pulling out her iPhone, "could you sign the back of this?" Mike scrawled his signature over the back of the phone. Gemma smiled a true smile and thanked Mike. The kids bid goodbye to Mike and left giggling to each other. Mike smiled at them, being a kid was so easy. The owner finally came out with his CDS.

"Sorry for the wait, that will be 25 pounds." Mike pulled out his wallet and handed the man the money. "Thanks." He took the small plastic bag off the counter and left the store feeling a lot better than that morning.

Julian waited patiently in the lobby. He had been sitting there for an hour or so. So far he had cleaned out his phone of old messages and notes, re-straightened his tie about 28 times while listening to nearly every song that was on his iPod. He took out his headphones and packed the iPod into his bag. "Mr Barrett?" a lady said from behind a desk nearby. Julian jumped up and walked over to the desk, "yes?" The lady handed him a slip of paper. "Mr Barlavet will see you now." she said with a sweet smile. "Thanks." he walked towards the lift and clicked the up arrow. The slip of paper had Floor 6 room 15 written on it. The doors slid open to an empty lift so Julian pressed floor 6 and lent against the wall. The opposite wall of the lift had a mirror on it. He checked his teeth and hair then stood back straightening his jacket. There was a ding and the doors slid open to corridor. The walls were white and the Birchwood flooring stretched onwards all the way down the corridor. Doors lined the walls each with a number clearly painted on it. 13, 14, 15. He stopped outside the door. 'Do I knock or walk in?' he thought staring at the 15. He chose to knock twice then opened the door. In the room were three people sitting at a table. "Mr Barratt, welcome."

Mike Turned into the car park slowly. There were small children running round everywhere and mothers tiredly calling them to come back. Shady looking teens sulked in the corners with cigarettes and angry looking drivers waited impatiently for the exit to be cleared of pedestrians. He parked his car quickly and made his way into the supermarket to begin his weekly shopping. The supermarket was absolutely packed full of people. Mike weaved in-between shoppers through the shelves picking up the things he needed. Paper towels, milk, bread, the usual. Mike picked up a packet of matches and a distant memory formed in his mind. It was from when he was about eight and Noel was a bit older. Noel had come home with packets and packets of matches and wouldn't let Mike in their bedroom for ages. Finally he let Mike in to help him with something. In the corner of their room were all the matches from the boxes piled up in a heap. Noel was using the boxes to make a castle using super glue to stick them together. He had told mike to hold up a part of the structure so he could stick it all together. Everything was going smoothly until noel slipt with the glue and accidently stuck Mike's hands to the boxes. The amount of trouble he got in for that. Their parents didn't throw the castle away because of how creative it was they only forbid Noel to go near superglue again. "Excuse me I need to get to that shelf." Mike came back from his memory and moved quickly out of the way of a grumpy looking woman. She had a toddler with her who was making quite a fun game of throwing as many items as it could reach out of the trolley. The woman picked up the items and told off the child angrily shoving the items back into the trolley. Mike walked away from the now screaming toddler and continued his shopping.

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